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  1. Hello everyone. I want to introduce you my moс Nissan 240sx. My purpose was to make a model with remote control. so that the car is compact with pop-up headlights and fast enough on l-motors Dimensions: Length - 41stud Width - 15 stud Height - 11stud 858 Parts Used Functions: - 2l motors for driving -servomotor for steering - Pop-up car headlights using Polarity Switch and pf light - Opening trunk and hood Instrucion
  2. An interesting project. I'm wondering how you implement - Distance sensor. In the future, I want to make an automatic parking system out of sensors, but so far there are no sensors for this (
  3. Hello everyone. I want to share my invention with you.This is a gearbox in which a black 36-tooth gear acts as a switch. I have not seen such a mechanism before, so I want to believe that I invented it 1st gear has a ratio of 12:20 2nd gear 20:12. You can see how it works in the video.
  4. Previously, the model had front suspension with floating differential. I had to remove the suspension because it was impossible to make an axle for the engine
  5. Hello everyone! I want to introduce you to my new moс. This is a 2006 Honda Integra. This mos is more experimental. My purpose was to make a model with a sequential gearbox on car with 56mm wheels. dimensions: length - 50stud width - 19stud height - 14stud (15,6 from surface) weight - 1150gr functions: working steering wheel 4 in-line engine 4-speed gearbox doors, hood, trunk open working rear suspension Instruction:
  6. Hi guys I want to introduce you to my moc in scale 1:11 Features : - 4 cylinder engine - 4 manual gearbox - Independent suspension - Everything openable more photos (in the near future I will add more photos)
  7. Thank you for criticism of friends, maybe next time I will do everything based on your instructions , I have no one to not take offense , I just do not even know how to use eurobricks
  8. I do not have more details and I do not know english and dont unterstand you))
  9. thank you for the feedback , model on 2 L Motors , how it goes , you will see a couple of days ) )