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    <p> My favourite LEGO theme is Star Wars from which I recently purchased the new UCS Millenium Falcon, very about that! </p>

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  1. Frike

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    I'll comment on the goats, they are very cute and seem very fitting! Oh, and they also make me very jealous! ;) As for the building, I think you've found a nice balance for the texture on the ground floor. I might have to go and add some colour to break up the grey of my own similar WIP build. I also didn't think that black panels would work so well against the white walls on the second floor but I quite like it.
  2. I really like how you created a convincing shield wall with a relatively small amount of figures. I have been planning to make something similar and might resort to borrowing your idea with an old ruin. It creates a nice and narrow passage when surrounded by beautiful trees!
  3. Frike

    MOC Cyberpunk/SW Room

    This moc looks fantastic! The lighting elevates an already incredible MOC and creating that view using a tablet is very clever. I might just be in love with this build.
  4. Frike

    MOC: Hologram from Home

    I'm very jealous of your collection of Mimban troops!
  5. I really like the build and it's so full of detail! I just feel as if would be difficult to physically reach some of it. :)
  6. That Fantasy Castle looks amazing! I am impressed at the amount of detail captured in such a compact model. However, that has its share of pros and cons. Thinking back on when I was a kid playing with Castle sets, this one contains all the cool things to play around with. But I can't imagine actually reaching most of the stuff! I can't tell if there are some hidden hinges or something but I think that set could *really* benefit from being able to open up. It looks absolutely amazing for a display piece, just the right size to sit on a shelf over here - but I feel as if being able to remove the roofs and different floors would not be quite enough for playability in my opinion.
  7. Don't worry. I'm Swedish and it's still closed here too.
  8. Wow, I'm sure this will be incredibly useful!
  9. Is B&P open again in the US? It's still unavailable on the website here.
  10. Frike

    At-St (Movie Accurate)

    I don't have much faith in those mixel joints supporting all that weight at all.
  11. Frike

    The Ride of the Rohirrim

    That looks like an incredibly suitable addition to a Rohirrim army! The helmet would probably look a bit big next to the official Rohan soldiers but especially with the beard I think it works very well.
  12. I think the giant looks better if you can appreciate that it is literally a brick-built and up-scaled minifigure. I am personally quite impressed at the shapes and proportions. That aside - I'm probably gonna get this set because of the centaurs and parts but I'll definitely dismantle him, poor thing.
  13. I saw it on Flickr just a moment ago, congratulations on 10k!! I sincerely hope we get your castle as a set in the future!
  14. Frike

    Springvale Watch

    What a wonderful build! I was immediately struck by the colour of the wall and tower, not the typical bluish gray - and it works very well! I really like how you created depth with the masonry bricks below in the bottom right corner too. And the colourful foliage works very well in conjunction with the rockwork that looks like it has some thought behind it. It's easy to make rockwork into vertical strokes of slopes but you've used many different types of curved and sloped pieces to achieve much more natural and round looking shapes, well done! Lastly, I know I'm in the minority but I actually prefer nougat coloured figures over yellow. I'm very jealous of those figures (and shields!), I only have the Crown Knights from the Fantasy Era myself.
  15. That Sheriff's Office looks good! The build looks well polished and clean. There are enough details to make it interesting but not too many which often makes a build look crowded.