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    <p> My favourite LEGO theme is Star Wars from which I recently purchased the new UCS Millenium Falcon, very about that! </p>

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  1. It's nothing more than a poor attempt at gaining Instagram followers or whatever. Just ignore it. The link is indeed a poor picture of an Islander from the 90s on top of what I assume to be an even poorer picture of a supposed Snow Warrior. Even if it was real, I care very little for these "leaks" and I fully believe that this crap has no business here. Whatsoever. Rant over.
  2. Frike

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    Excellent work!! My favourites are the seamstress and beast master. May I ask how those amulets attach to regular minfigures? For instance I notice that you only equip them in conjuction with a cape for example. I have been looking for something just like that but these "mini doll" pieces seem to have gone right under my radar (for the past four years ).
  3. This gave me Dragon Age vibes, and I *love* getting Dragon Age vibes! Not that they have a monopoly on ancient magical ruins, far from it. Perhaps it's the colours or something. The moonbird looks amazing, the rocky wings look like actual wings. You hit a very nice balance with the translucent blue pieces too! And I also think that you have done the terrain very well. I especially like the fallen leaves on the ground, they look great on the rocky steps.
  4. Your figures are as colourful and coherent as always, you've really nailed these combos! I'm a huge fan of the dragon breeder especially.
  5. @Aurore I just found sheep on B&P back in stock for the first time!! I did add pieces to other projects but I got so excited that I forgot about that white hairpiece.
  6. Glad to see that I'm not the only one struggling to find sheep back in stock on B&P. I have been checking very regularly but they are always sold out it seems. Do you remember what set that white hairpiece is from, it looks interesting. I already picked up a couple of those dark brown doors too (set 76386), was thinking of using them for my stables in the future!
  7. Hey guys, this baseplate discussion has gone way off-topic. You are still in the thread regarding Latest impact of other themes on historic themes. It's time to consider dropping it or moving it elsewhere, this is not the appropriate space.
  8. Are we actually getting a proper sheep mould? That is huge!!! Edit: Brickset has an image of set 10775.
  9. Those new Harry Potter sets appear to have some exellent elements, especially if you are a fan of Fantasy. For example I'd love to get my hands on multiple copies of that Basilisk to create a Hydra - gonna have to explore how feasible that would be. And the small flying creatures look like a ton of fun too, Pixies I believe they were called? It's just too bad that LEGO sets are getting increasingly more expensive over here.
  10. Hey, at least you guys have LEGO stores where you live. It kind of sucks big time when the *only* option is hoping to snag a deal (that is not a robbery) from BrickLink primarily.
  11. Frike

    Dragon Lands: The Faerie Wars

    I know that it is somewhat frowned upon when old threads like this get necro'd but I have to agree with the above sentiments. I love it every time the "Dragon Lands" series appears because it is exactly what I would want from a (Fantasy) Castle theme. For context I grew up with the "Fantasy Era" sets from around 2007 and this resembles everything I loved about it. The clear distinction between the good humans and dwarves (this time with added elves too!) vs the evil trolls. Dragons. I love the heavy emphasis on dragons. And all of the builds actually look like they could be a real set - it's great!
  12. Frike

    MOC Medieval Haven

    I love all the detail and (heavy) vegetation! Will definitely take inspiration from your album on Flickr.
  13. Frike

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    I'll comment on the goats, they are very cute and seem very fitting! Oh, and they also make me very jealous! ;) As for the building, I think you've found a nice balance for the texture on the ground floor. I might have to go and add some colour to break up the grey of my own similar WIP build. I also didn't think that black panels would work so well against the white walls on the second floor but I quite like it.
  14. I really like how you created a convincing shield wall with a relatively small amount of figures. I have been planning to make something similar and might resort to borrowing your idea with an old ruin. It creates a nice and narrow passage when surrounded by beautiful trees!
  15. Frike

    MOC Cyberpunk/SW Room

    This moc looks fantastic! The lighting elevates an already incredible MOC and creating that view using a tablet is very clever. I might just be in love with this build.