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  1. Awesome MOC !! I really like such functional models. Also loved the minimalistic design. Thanks for sharing !!
  2. Very cool !! Love your creativity !
  3. Very creative ! It looks so simple, but on closer look it's incredibly well thought !!
  4. Couldn't agree more. Brilliant MOC ! That photo showing the internal mechanisms neatly tucked away should be censored
  5. Chinese government has been actively encouraging copying of successful non-Chinese products for years. And it's not limited to toy market alone. Many years ago, FBI had raided a Chinese national working in Lucent who had been secretly sending IP to Huawei. They found his basement full of unauthorised Lucent routers, which he had been systematically reverse-engineering from. I know of this first hand since this was a colleague's friend. Huawei also stole software from Cisco, to the extent that some Huawei routers would give an error message to contact Cisco support What is pertinent is that Huawei was doing this for years with support of the Chinese government. Today Huawei is one of the top telecom companies in the world and it is a leader in some tech segments. This is the path for many Chinese industries. They took the shortcut path until they became big and successful enough to run a legitimate business. This is why there is resentment against China. Problem is the non-democratic setup there, which prevents any legal fights (by outsiders) against unethical practices. Over time, the government in China understood the image issue, and started to crack down on malpractices. But the crackdown is still very much selective and based on convenience. We say that Cada is a legitimate business, but many on the forum are not comfortable with it, since it is a culmination of many years of unethical business. Cada sources it's bricks from another company which is essentially riding on the shoulders of others who created the ecosystem via unfair means. So, it is clearly not about the Chinese people or culture, which is no worse/better morally than other countries. The problem is the non-democratic government.
  6. Interesting unconventional idea !! Good to know it works very well also ! Have saved it for future.
  7. I guess I am a little late here Just saw the video and looked at the MOC in some detail. An amazing creation with so many functions !! Absolutely loved it.
  8. This is really awesome. So simple, yet so engaging. Thanks for sharing !
  9. iLego

    bird automaton

    Wow, awesome idea !! Thanks for sharing this beautiful creation.
  10. Clean, simple and elegant.
  11. Very nice walking robot. Simple and elegant. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Maybe the strategy is to put a higher sticker price and offer bigger discounts. People will be happier paying 300eur with 33% discount, than the same 300eur with 15% discount.
  13. Never imagined someone making a cycle out of this set. Really admire your creativity !!
  14. Just saw the video. This is really cool !! The motion is very interesting and even the human figure made from such few pieces is so good !