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  1. Wow, the amount of functions inside it are staggering !! Very cool creation !
  2. iLego

    Working Steam Engine

    This is wonderful. Absolutely loved it !!! A fairly simple construction, but works so well. I really need to build this with my son. I don't have too many system pieces, but hoping to manage it somehow. And thank you so much for sharing extra images showing the airflow.
  3. Really outstanding model !! Looks fantastic. Good functions. Full of thoughtful details. The three outdoor photographs are also a nice touch.
  4. iLego

    jakobĀ“s ladder

    Another cool mechanism! Thanks for sharing. Its fascinating.
  5. Very cool !! Absolutely loved the hypnotic movement.
  6. Awesome mini crane !! Thanks for the free instructions.
  7. Very cool idea. Would have been happy to see it on any other day of the year also.
  8. iLego

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. The mini yellow crane is really special !!
  9. Great mod !! And thank you so much for all the interesting details in the presentation !
  10. iLego

    Scania truck

    Good question. Can't see any legitimate way of making the connection. Or perhaps it's a new piece we are unaware of.
  11. In this survey, many of us have expressed our love for interesting mechanisms and hence our dislike (or non-preference) of the recent spate of technic cars. But how many of us have expressed the same with the wallet ? Seems like many of us end up buying anyway. TLG will obviously listen to the wallet more than the survey.
  12. Ingeniously creative !! It has so much unconventional usage of parts. And looks awesome as well !
  13. Wow, this last truck is just awesome !! Also, loved the earlier propeller plane. All these wonderful (and ingenious) alternates enhance the value of the original set so much !
  14. Indeed, it is insanely fast !! Integrating hobby RC with Lego gives interesting results