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  1. iLego

    Where to buy?

    The description mentions "Lego compatible", so it's clearly not the original. Ironically, the site is honest enough to say it's duplicate Lego, but at the same time it's selling stolen IP
  2. iLego

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I like the helicopter. It looks great and the functions are also good. There is creative part usage to get the shape. I may just attempt to reverse engineer based on the box picture. Should be fun.
  3. This almost sounds like a bug. Isn't there something like "Lego EV3 customer service" to help out in such cases ?
  4. iLego

    [MOC] Spooky Train

    That's scary dr_spook
  5. iLego

    New Mindstorms Forum

    With tags, would it be possible for the same thread to be visible in multiple forums ? For instance, a PF2 discussion is relevant to both train and technic, and perhaps also to robotics forum. An interesting mechanical linkage may be of interest to both technic and robotics forums. It would be nice if tags could make it possible.
  6. General comment. Be careful if the urge to buy is stronger than the urge to build.
  7. iLego

    [MOC] Demolition Excavator

    Can you please provide some details on the custom cyinders. Where to get them ? How much do they cost ? Their power compared to regular Lego cyinders ? How to mate them to Lego parts ? Thank you !
  8. Thank you JJ2 for the information and advice.
  9. Wonderful use of custom electronics to improve performance. Can you please provide some tips on how to mechanically mate 3rd party motors with lego, especially the driving motor with lego gears. I live in a region where lego PF components are not available. And buying from bricklink is too expensive due to international shipping and import duties. So I want to try out non-lego motors and see how far I can go.