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  1. Thank you @Pattspatt for the teardown photos !
  2. This will work fine for light loads. I think the request was for a mechanism which can take more load.
  3. iLego

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Loved the truck. It's very nice !
  4. Wow, this is an awesome build !! The steering is simply ingenious. Amazing for a B model. Photo teardown will be good. Such an MOC deserves a challenging set of instructions. Trivializing with a one-part-in-each-step baby instructions is almost irreverent to this thoughtful MOC. A recreator will also find it a lot more satisfying build after sweating it out a bit.
  5. iLego

    General Part Discussion

    Can the small linear actuator be washed ? Dust is a problem in my area. I have washed a few of the assembled models and they have become like new. Even the mechanisms have started working smoothly. I put them under running water and scrubbed with a soft brush. Obviously not everything can be washed. In this context, I wanted to know if the small linear actuator can be washed. Thank you.
  6. Very aptly put But I suspect humans would have found some other topic to fight over if this one did not exist.
  7. iLego

    GBC balls

    Sorry for bumping up this old thread. What is the latest best option for alternative GBC balls ?
  8. Thanks for sharing this. Lots of interesting ideas there.
  9. Very nice ! Elegant design and efficient parts usage.
  10. Looks like a lot of fun !! And thanks for the mandatory under chassis picture
  11. iLego

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Sorry for quoting the picture, but this is one picture that's worth seeing again and again. I have always wondered why Model Team was discontinued. Some basic functions combined with gorgeous looks was a fantastic combination. So many wonderful Model Team like MOCs are made and fans drool over them with oohs and aahs. One would have thought they will sell very well.
  12. Well 42114 was at least good for something Jokes aside, very nice MOC. I really liked the way you combined the different motors with the differential. Both fun and educational. Looks awesome and functions great.
  13. iLego

    [MOC] [Control+] Oriole Rig

    This looks awesome ! Love the fact that shape has been rendered almost exclusively with Technic pieces. Could not watch video now. Will check it out later.
  14. I would also pay and probably thousands of others as well. But I have little hope since Lego did not bother creating a proportional joystick for PF, which also would have sold well.
  15. Outstanding MOC ! Very clean and elegant design and just the perfect parts usage to get both the functions and the look. Thank you for sharing.