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  1. iLego

    [TC15] Project Cockpit

    This is so cool ! When all movements are done simultaneously, it will look really natural. Looking forward to the video.
  2. Nice mod. The red version looks great. I think the red soft axle is probably the only rare part. May look ok with black axle also.
  3. What !! You risked the life of a Technic mini figure
  4. Perhaps you could make the first "not smooth" track work if the train wheels were "grabbing" the rails using a rubber band or Technic suspension spring ?
  5. What if the wheel (or rather rim) size is kept same but we use the bigger tyre from 42000 ?
  6. iLego

    GBC with Golf Balls !!!

    I love all the crazy stuff people do with Lego. The versatility of Lego is amazing.
  7. iLego

    [MOC] Compact 6x6 Pickup

    Now that this topic has anyway been bumped, I can ask a couple of questions with less guilt. It looks like power to the rear differential is going directly instead of going through the middle differential. Why is it done this way ? Is it to support independent suspension between the two sets of wheels ? Also, what exactly is the purpose of these parts: I have not seen the parts in real life, so was unable to get a feel for them.
  8. Glad to see Technic invading into other themes as TLG tries to make things more functional. This modular set has the Technic suspension arm being used as a tow arm for a city scale truck. Also uses this Technic piece which has ironically not appeared in Technic sets so far.
  9. What a nice truck !! I will surely be building it and playing with it ! Looking forward to the instructions.
  10. iLego

    Technic Walker

    Very cool !! Both the walking mechanism and differential control are interesting and educational. Do put on rebrickable if you get time.
  11. This is indeed amazing. Your problem solving skills are inspirational
  12. iLego

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    This is so cool ! It looks simple enough at first glance, but when I look carefully, I can see so many small details which add up to make the whole thing work. I really admire the skills needed to make these working Technic contraptions.
  13. iLego

    Where to buy?

    The description mentions "Lego compatible", so it's clearly not the original. Ironically, the site is honest enough to say it's duplicate Lego, but at the same time it's selling stolen IP
  14. iLego

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I like the helicopter. It looks great and the functions are also good. There is creative part usage to get the shape. I may just attempt to reverse engineer based on the box picture. Should be fun.
  15. This almost sounds like a bug. Isn't there something like "Lego EV3 customer service" to help out in such cases ?