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  1. RI software has end of life 2024. No one can confirm yet if the unique features in RI will be ported over to Spike. LEGO Education is announcing something new - Spike 3 - and I don’t know yet what that announcement entails.
  2. What do you all think? 😁 Some people keep guessing it’s Wall-E 😂. This is for users and fans of Rebrickable! More details here -
  3. The Technic AR app may really only be playable with a few specific sets, but you can still use to to bring your creations to life with the augmented reality environment. Ain't that cool? My second one is integrating the pullback motor to a sidecar that can be attached to Motorcycle 42132. Either side works depending on where you are in the world. =) Looking forward to everyone else's pullback hacks.
  4. Let’s see some hacks 😉 I’ll start with my mod to the Speed Champions Mopar Dodge Dragster (76904). I’m looking to add the pull-back motor to more Speed Champion sets so I can have a drag race with same scale cars. The challenge is definitely the size of the cars so maybe I’ll start with the SUVs. Also tried the Technic AR app and sadly it does image recognition and only works with either the Mustang or the Porsche Formula E. 🤨 Wish it would work with any car too.
  5. I have used this similar simple solution with my 6DoF Arm and it held up pretty fine. I didn't use any "bearings" for the banana gears like it was done with the Big Red/Liebherr or others' robotic arms. The banana racks in my MOC are primarily just where the arm glides over. I think if the weight is evenly distributed between your wheels, the simpler design should not be an issue. Testing this with real physical model will give you the confirmation.
  6. How do you attach the 2L beams? From the pictures, it seems impossible to do as I don’t see a way a finger could push those beams to the pins once the upper part is in place. It is a very clever way nonetheless! I may borrow this one someday 😉
  7. Based on your initial design, I imagine this will really be huge. I sure hope it will be stable enough to stand and “walk”. I too have a big robot moc in mind that I’ll be working on once I get more free time. I think I now have enough parts and electronics to make it work. And now having hub-to-hub officially supported is great! I will take what I learned from upgrading Blast to a biped and see how it works with a bigger version. Will watch out for your updates and maybe can learn from each other. 😉
  8. Thanks! With the forums merged, there’s more to see for sure.
  9. Yes it’s now merged to this forum. And clearly it worked, coz the Mindstorms topics are getting more views. 😉
  10. Thanks! I thought so too 😃. I’m still experimenting on code for its movements. I would like it to still be able to do the activities for Blast.
  11. The contest is very interesting. Wish I knew about it during the submission phase. Good excuse to try vision AI and combine it with LEGO. I’ll check out the rest and cast my vote. Good luck with your submission!