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  1. The cheapest when it's on sale is on Zavvi (US) for $349 + free shipping. It seems to go on sale on and off quite a few times already. Those of you may want to keep an eye out. While the Johnny 5 B-Model is no longer available on Rebrickable, I suggest checking out the other B-models like my WALL-L =).
  2. ninoguba

    RIS 51515 HexaPlod Mk1

    Nice, looks like this can be a beetle =)
  3. Got any videos of the arm in operation?
  4. Just wanted to share my latest alt-models for the Fast & Furious Dodge Charger (42111) here for those who hasn't seen it. The first one is my recreation of Owen Shaw's Flip Car or Ramp Car as seen on Fast & Furious 6. It has working regular steering and crab steering modes, with HoG controlling the front and a locking lever for the rear. It also has working front and rear suspensions as well as stow-away lights. Hope you can catch the other details that mimic the movie model. The second is an F1 inspired model with an almost all-back bodywork (if only those exposed pins and axles are all black too). This one features a working steering with HoG strategically placed inside the driver's cockpit and working independent suspensions all around. Here are the links for the instructions made available on Rebrickable: Thanks for viewing and appreciate any feedback!
  5. ninoguba

    Orange Robot (6DoF, 2 EV3s)

  6. There is a post by Nard on the Spike/Mindstorms FB groups that does exactly that. You may want to check it out.
  7. Have to make do with what few gears available on the set. Turned out great. Thanks!
  8. Here’s my alt-build for 42099. It’s the new deployable remote trap vehicle from the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 movie. It’s the big version of the one included in the Ecto 1 Creator set. I’m also working on the MOD so the ghost trap door will have the correct hazard stripes and open at the center. Feedback welcome. Build instructions and custom programming will be available on Rebrickable when ready.
  9. Yes but they will not have the custom parts so you will still need to switch.
  10. You can get the parts list from Antons Mindstorms and load it on Studio.
  11. Sharing here my latest MOC of WALL-E powered by LEGO Control+ hubs and motors and controlled by LEGO Powered Up app. This is actually a recolor mod of my original b-model MOC for set 42100. All play features remain the same as seen in this demo: Full details, build instructions, and programming guide available on Rebrickable. WALL-E - WALL-L (Liebherr-Class) - Let me know if you have any questions or any feedback. Appreciate it, thanks!
  12. Yes, I recall being able to intercept events from the accelerometer input but haven’t gone far as interpreting them for control of the arm. I’ll check if I kept some notes and share with you the event codes.