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  1. Wow, this last truck is just awesome !! Also, loved the earlier propeller plane. All these wonderful (and ingenious) alternates enhance the value of the original set so much !
  2. Indeed, it is insanely fast !! Integrating hobby RC with Lego gives interesting results
  3. I feel that people who rebuild tend to be more lasting customers. They will have a more sustained interest in Lego. Is Lego marketing foolishly targetting short term profit numbers (horizon of few years) instead of long term (horizon of decades across generations of customers) ? Only time will tell.
  4. My guess is that the phone's optics cannot provide sufficiently shallow depth-of-field (to blur the background), so the software is blurring the background. And, of course, the software is dumb.
  5. iLego

    [MOC] 1995 Ford F-150

    Wow, amazing number of functions !! In fact the number of functions implemented is more than I would have ever been able to imagine Also, the rate at which you are coming out with MOCs is phenomenal !
  6. This is a great project !! I think I will have to read the topic a few times to fully appreciate all the details. Building large and yet functional structures out of Lego is always a challenge. Your dedication and persistence is inspiring.
  7. iLego

    Lego Spirograph Spiralograph

    This is really cool !! The generated patterns are awesome !
  8. Wow, such a clean build ! Can't imagine so many motors and the hub is stuffed inside.
  9. iLego

    [MOC] Classic Police Car

    Looks fantastic !! Would love to build it and keep on my desk. Unfortunately, missing a lot of parts.
  10. iLego

    GBC General Discussion

    This is a great idea. I really liked it. The gate opens for the next ball only after the first one has reached a certain distance. I think that's really cool.
  11. The yellow truck looks awesome !
  12. iLego

    Brushless Buggy

    I am really curious to know how you mate the motor with Lego axles. Also, how the motor attaches to the Lego chassis. Some details of these will be very helpful. These are the most troublesome areas for any 3rd party power-train. Thanks !
  13. iLego

    [MOC] Inverted spirograph

    This one is really nice ! One additional level of gearing is adding a lot to the final images. They look awesome.
  14. iLego

    Technic Pub

    This buggy is really nice. Would love to see more of it as well as your other creations.
  15. The pendular suspension truck is also quite nice. I liked that you shaved off the steering part to improve ground clearance. Alternative solutions are possible, but I think it's ok. Many of us have too many of that part
  16. Wow, the garbage truck is very nice ! Great idea of having minifig scale technic vehicles.
  17. Wow, the number of functions is staggering !! Looks like everything is packed very tightly. I can imagine it would have taken multiple iterations to get everything to fit together perfectly. Well, the final result is surely worth it ! And yes, would love to see a video of it in action. Thanks for sharing !
  18. Wow, ingenious use of parts !! Very inspirational !
  19. Very cool contraption !! I love all such "unconventional" usage of Lego. Thanks for sharing.
  20. iLego

    Torn Between Supercars

    Actually this is the crux of the issue. All problems we have with China are due to the non-democratic setup there, whether the minor Lego issues or the bigger geopolitical ones. The car itself is going to be fantastic ... it is after all a Brunojj1 design.
  21. iLego

    Technic Pub

    Sure, that's we do all the time because of parts shortage (or laziness ). But I was talking about building colour consistent MOCs. The examples you have shared are fantastic builds. But I would not be surprised if the parts for them also come from a large number of sets (or supplemented by bricklink), especially the first two ones.
  22. iLego

    Technic Pub

    I just realised that 42069 has only 38 dark purple parts out of the total 2382. It would have been so nice if it had been released with common colours instead. We would have had the wheel arch in red, black, or white. The purple palette is so limited, and the colour itself is not universally appreciated. Because of so many different colours being used across technic sets, it is impossible to build a colour consistent MOC even if you own a decent number of sets. Bricklinking almost becomes compulsory. Adults have the luxury of having that freedom, but kids will mostly not be able to buy from bricklink. Are all these diverse colours needed to make the sets look attractive on shelves? I am not convinced.
  23. Thank you @Pattspatt for the teardown photos !
  24. This will work fine for light loads. I think the request was for a mechanism which can take more load.
  25. iLego

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Loved the truck. It's very nice !