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  1. wow that’s super cool. I’m not usually super into technic stuff, but it suits the x wing very well, a lot better than their new ucs x wing. And you did it all with one set!
  2. WoodwardBricks

    [M4-23 - Rogue Clone] - The Escape Pod Encampment

    Thank you! Its shape lends itself very well to utensils, so I'm surprised that I haven't seen it used like such before.
  3. For the minifigure habitat category of the contest, I've decided to create a market scene on the colossus ship from the Star Wars Resistance TV show. I've always loved the style of that market and I wanted to transform it into LEGO. The canopy covering the market is one of my favorite parts, consisting of multiple capes draped across a net. This is my very favorite part. I've been attempting more and more complicated SNOT techniques lately, and this resistance graffiti is one of my best so far. I think it turned out really well, and it posed a fun challenge for me to recreate in lego without stickers. Here are the minifigures in the build. A Klatooinian gorgmonger along with his gorgs, based off of Bolza Grool, although in olive green rather than his true coloring, Jarek Yeager, and an Ugnaught vendor (who has no name in the TV show but appears prominently in one of the episodes). Enjoy the rest of the pictures!
  4. WoodwardBricks

    [M4-23 - Rogue Clone] - The Escape Pod Encampment

    Thank you! The palm tree and reeds are actually both inspired by the flowerpot gwp. The pieces lent themselves well to the shaping I wanted to achieve! Thanks a lot! I’m very proud of those sloped plates. And that utensil was a pain to position without any attachment!
  5. Trooper CT-672 finally broke free of the empire's control. He commandeered an escape pod from his star destroyer and crashed down on the nearby planet of Aynaboni (the same planet the "Bad Batch" had a mission on). CT-672 (for lack of a better name due to his recent escape) has set up his camp near the crash site and plans to relax off-grid without the harsh schedule of the empire thrust on his back. I enjoyed shaping the rocks and shores of the island, which are based on the planet Aynaboni, although with many liberties taken due to its limited amount of screen time. My favorite technique was using dice pieces to create the escape pod. Make sure to check out my Flickr! It isn't much right now, as it is a new account, but I plan on putting more MOCs there later. https://www.flickr.com/photos/198191610@N04/ Enjoy!