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  1. The Last of Nergoue

    Every flight begins with a fall (Avalonia Mini-Challenge)

    Great Vignette, although i think you caould have put some dark grey behind the one slope. the cobblestone and trees look awesome though!
  2. The Last of Nergoue

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    This looks fun
  3. The Last of Nergoue

    Avalonia mini contest entry

    Wow, that tree is really great looking!
  4. The Last of Nergoue

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    when will challenge three be out?
  5. The Last of Nergoue

    The Road West

    great moc, the base is nice as well as the coloring in the path, but i think mixing another green in with the olive might have added to the it looks.
  6. The Last of Nergoue

    CHALLENGE II: Category A: High Ridge Gates

    I love the architecture, but i feel the rockwork is a little too messy
  7. great moc the contraption is very interesting looking!
  8. The Last of Nergoue

    [Book 3] Challenge IIB: Highway from Hell

    great work, i love the lighting!
  9. The Last of Nergoue

    Flockwood's forgery

    very nice moc, the snowscaping as well as the texturing with the stonework is great!
  10. The Last of Nergoue

    Opening of the PrenmĂ´r Quarry

    looks great, although i feel like the back side is a bit sharp and flat.
  11. The Last of Nergoue

    CHALLENGE II: Category B: Fun and Games

    great moc the fence between the people and the contestants, the usage of the wands (at least i think they are wands) is great!
  12. The Last of Nergoue

    Book III, Challenge II, Category A: Aid for Nocturnus

    great moc! the colors are nice, although i think maybe putting a color underneath the cobblestone and have a small amount of light bley/dark bley on top of it.
  13. The Last of Nergoue

    Gnomish Warehouse of Kashgar [VAR - Freebuild]

    great build the architecture looks very nice!
  14. The Last of Nergoue

    De Fiori Forge

    looks great, the lighting is good and the utensils look very nice as well
  15. The Last of Nergoue

    Bath-house in Barqa [Ch II Cat C]

    very nice the flooring looks really good!