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  1. miniman

    [Moc] Red Lions Castle

    I love it!
  2. Try this page: (I used "Fine Detail Plastic" and similars whatever they were called earlier.)
  3. Your minifigures are inspiring. Good work as always.
  4. miniman

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    My childhood... :) I love you MOC!
  5. I like your customs, and it is a really good one.
  6. miniman

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    This is fantastic. I love almost everything, the colours, the scene, the actions, the overall size, all the related small and bigger parts. Masterpiece. I'm going to save it for inspirations, if someday...
  7. miniman

    [Moc] The Council of Wizards

    Fantastic creation. I love it. But! You should read more books...
  8. miniman

    [MOC] the french castle

    I love it! :)
  9. I've found some "36036 - Medium Dark Flesh Lower Body, Skirt".
  10. miniman

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    Nice MOC, and I love the idea. But I think playing backward is not. You struggle too much with separating the parts, and this way the video is longer then it should be. IMO. Following.
  11. Professional!
  12. miniman

    Ideas for CMFs

    The first one reminds me the giraffe costume...
  13. miniman

    [MOC]Atlan's Throne

    Fantastic! I love it.
  14. Nice start. I will follow it.