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  1. miniman

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    I love it! It is fantastic. I especially love the true scale of this moc!
  2. miniman

    [MOC] Aztec Pyramid

    I love the theme and I love this MOC.
  3. miniman

    [MOC] Battle of Nagashino, 1575

    I love it! :)
  4. miniman

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    I love it. You captured the style well.
  5. miniman

    Olivia’s Get-Away

    I love it! :)
  6. miniman

    [MOC] Lava Citadel

    Simple and beautiful.
  7. miniman

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    OMG! Well planned, well built and fantastic!
  8. miniman

    [MOC] Queer Lodgings...

    Fantastic. :)
  9. miniman

    Minas Morgul: Heroic Rendition

    Fantastic job!
  10. miniman

    MOC: Old 20's Vehicles

    Maybe it's the wrong place but these are fantastic.
  11. miniman

    [Moc] Gaugamela 331 BC

    Nice MOC. :) I love it.
  12. miniman

    Triptych. God Of War

    I love it. :)
  13. miniman

    Ideas for CMFs

    Please make an appropriate barded horse for the Jouster! He is nothing without a horse. Thanks.
  14. miniman

    Ideas for CMFs

    I love this series too, especially the Jouster, but all ideas is fantastic. You should work for TLG! I'll wait for the next one until I have to...
  15. miniman

    [MOC] Taking an ice-bath

    I like it! :)