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  1. Oh I'm ever so sorry, but I lost my internet shortly after posting the build and was thus unable to link it here. I hope I haven't caused any trouble.
  2. Franco Clarke

    [CH5-C] Terror from the depths

    I am glad this was well received, and that you all liked it! Thank you, I'm sure the wreck could be salvaged with the appropriate winching gear... if they don't encounter another beasty Thanks, The head was mostly based on the techniques lego uses on it's own sculptures, just to a much lower standard. Thank you, it was watching you construct your LDD ships that convinced me this would be possible!
  3. Franco Clarke

    [OL - CH5C] Don't Tread on Meeeee!!

    I love how this has come out, the fish balanced on those spindly legs looks so funny, and perhaps a little frightening at the same time!
  4. Franco Clarke

    [OL - CH5D] Skirmish at sea

    Great work, my favourite is the Mardieren sloop, I like the colours and shaping.
  5. Franco Clarke

    [OL - CH5B] Keeping the Keep

    It looks even better now that it is completed, I love how the boats sink into the waves!
  6. Beautiful building, the mix of textured and plain bricks makes an interesting surface, for the more simple structure.
  7. The days when the ships of men controlled the seas are at an end. No longer is a large vessel able to sail with complete security. For a new monster has risen to rule the waters of the world. Some say it was summoned by one of the warring Empires, by science or magic. Others claim it is an ancient entity that has awoken from a deep slumber. No man can sail the seas without fear of attack. At any moment the waves may begin to boil, and your boat dragged below. Or at once your ship is seized by unholy jaws and crushed with the strength of 1000 cannons. No matter the size, no matter the firepower, crossing the oceans has become suicide. Just a little entry to the sea monster category, using a quickly assembled warship and a load of tentacles! I hope you all like it!
  8. Nice work, I like the flag pole, looks just like the ones they still use today!
  9. Franco Clarke

    [OL-FB] The Gatekeeper

    Beautiful work so far, I can't wait to see how the whole builds looks together!
  10. Franco Clarke

    The road underhill [OL]

    It looks really good now that it's complete, the overhanging leaves add to the image of a sunken track. Perhaps the large crates have lots of padding for the precious cargo, and hence are lighter than they appear?
  11. Franco Clarke

    [OL-FB1] Old Enemies

    Thank you, I always enjoy adding 'effects' to my photographs to make them more dramatic.
  12. Franco Clarke

    [OL-FB2] Wilbeck's Fleet

    Thank you all, I am glad you liked this year's start, and build. Thank you, I do like building in 'classic' style (perhaps because it's easier than being realistic ), and I do plan on making other little pirate nests!
  13. Franco Clarke

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Fort Henri

    Lovely fortress, I'm sure Lavalette will be in safe hands! I like the texture on the courtyard and how the building nestles into the terrain.
  14. Franco Clarke

    [OL - FB] RNTC - New Spices for the Old World

    You've done a great job on the foliage here, especially considering how LDD makes things look less natural. However I can agree that the water needs some work.
  15. Franco Clarke

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Pioneers at Home

    I really like this build, such a nice little house. The layered plates give a really nice brickwork effect, and the white curves on the ends add some really nice shaping. I look forward to your future builds.