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Found 5 results

  1. Colony Name: Tortuga Ownership: Sea Rats Location: Sea Turtle Island (Island #10, West Prio Sea ) Island Description: Much of the coast of this Island disappears completely below the waves at high tide, and the surrounding sea is very shallow, allowing only smaller ships to near the island, with exception to a small rocky portion to the northern side. The Island interior--that which stays above water at all times--is dominated by coconut palms and other salt-tollerant species. The small island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year.
  2. As the Island of Windfall is slowly but steady growing into a lively town, people have been opening up shops. One of these People is Alfredo, the other inhabitants of windfall tend to call him the Gatekeeper. But that's mainly because he happens to live in the gatehouse, he's not an actual gatekeeper. ...Although he does keep an eye out for shady characters entering Windfall through the main gate. In this sense he might as well be some kind of gatekeeper. (Alfredo is the grey-bearded character) Anyway, Alfredo is an old geezer, his days of wild adventures are over. He now spends his days using his extended experience to correct and draw sea charts. When it comes to maps, Alfredo is known to be most accurate. Countless cruises through the Prio Sea have earned him a valuable knowledge about the geography of the area. That brown door is Alfredo's front door...his only door as a matter of fact. The gatehouse is one of the smallest houses on Windfall but Alfredo finds it to be big enough for his needs. Most of the time he's outside, selling his charts or conversing with fellow Windfall inhabitants. - - - - - - - - I hope you like it, there's more to come later. This Island is consuming a lot of resources and time but I'm happy to finally be able to present something.
  3. At the most northern point of Windfall Island stands a small fort... Saber_Fort_1 One of the first constructions at the Eye of the Bay. Windfall is now able to accommodate troops. Saber_Fort_5 Saber_Fort_3 Saber_Fort_2 This is only a temporary construction though. I intend to completely revise the northern cliff of the Island (I want it to be a cliff, not the low plateau that it is now).
  4. This thread encompasses all builds within Windfall, on the island of Stéphanique Name: Windfall (Island) Ownership: Nation of Oleon Location: Stéphanique (Prio Sea Area) Mayor: Sebeus I Who can own property in Windfall: Maybe later Who can freebuild in Windfall: Maybe later Flag: Map: Description: One of Oleon's first settlements on the Island of Stéphanique was founded on the small Island within the large bay characterising Stéphanique. The discovery of a small Island within the great bay. Since the discovery the construction activities have been going on non-stop. Oleon is building a town here that will last. (See Colonisation of Windfall) Builds on Windfall Island: Artisan: The Gatekeeper: Alfredo's sea chart shop Forts: Saber Fort: Small fort located on the northern side of the Island (licensed) Forts in protection range: Fort Henri: Medium fort located in Lavalette Vessels stationed here: Dancing Ember: Class 2F Cutter, licensed Note: This settlement is a little bit different from most other settlements considering the Island itself has been build already. This means that freebuilding on Windfall will only be possible if you come over at my place to do so.
  5. Oleon has begun the construction on the Island Stéphanique. Stephanique has one very large bay, which is actually kind of a river delta. iIn the middle of the bay lies a small patch of land. That piece of land was the latest destination of the Beatrix on what might be her last expedition under the command of Captain Sebeus. Making land... After some exploring in the waters around the Island (looking for suitable docking area's) the construction began. A temporary harbor was set up to allow ships to deliver manpower, supplies and construction material. It is certain that this project will consume a lot of time and resources but let's hope it will be worth it.