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Found 18 results

  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Lavalette on the island of Stéphanique. Name: Lavalette Ownership: The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) Location: Stéphanique Mayor: Henri Hollande (Captain Genaro) Who can own property in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, holders of a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their property seized. Who can freebuild in Lavalette: Anyone Who can dock a vessel in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, all royal ships of Oleon, any ships with a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their ships seized. Coat-of-Arms: Maps: Map of Stéphanique Current Lavalette Development Plan Background: Safely nestled in a natural harbor, Lavalette is the first settlement built by the Royal New Terra Company (RNTC). Situated with an enclosed harbor to the north, steep mountains to the east, and a large lake to the south, Lavalette is surrounded by natural defenses. Lavalette is named after the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele. Most of the population is Oleanders, but foreigners are not uncommon. Relatively undeveloped, many experts believe the settlement can boast large shipyards as well as huge plantations for the recently discovered peppercorn plant. Despite the rumors, the RNTC has remained relatively quiet regarding the settlement's potential and long-term plans. Current Plans: As of now, only the plans to make Lavalette a town have been released to the public. The town is small, mostly divided into a grid pattern, and surrounded by basic fortifications. On a small peninsula overlooking the bay, a fort is planned. Most of the initial buildings are expected to be very simple. Nothing too ornate, with many buildings built out of local materials in a quick manner. Most initial structures will be residences and commerce and artisan properties designed to help support initial settlers as well as pave the way for large expansion in the future. Examples would likely include lumber yards, quarries and stone masons, brick factories, stucco and plaster producers, to support construction as well as bakers, blacksmiths, and merchants selling basic necessities to keep the settlement well fed and functioning. Incentive Programs: All tax revenue for licensed builds in Lavalette will be refunded in full. Please PM Captain Genaro at the end of each quarter to receive a refund for said quarter. All licensed artisan, commerce, and factory builds will be reimbursed 50% of their license cost until further notice. Any build prominently featuring peppercorn will be reimbursed 50% of its license cost until further notice. The RNTC will purchase any build in Lavalette for 200% of the license cost. Builders who build and license 7 properties in Lavalette will get the chance to purchase a share of Preferred Stock in the RNTC. Of the 7 builds, at least 3 must be medium or 1 large and 1 medium. All incentives are cumulative. Properties:
  2. Captain Genaro

    An Unexpected Reunion

    Previously: New Arrivals and Old Rivalries Lavalette Bakery The Beginning of the End I decided that I've neglected the dear captain long enough and I also wanted to try to build a RNTC building in the style of Kolonialbeamter's homes in Lavalette. Didn't quite turn out how I was hoping, but it was fun to build and I enjoyed creating the street paving scene in front (just a little something to show the young town under construction). Comments and criticism are most welcome. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I've told you, sir, our orders are to allow no one in without the Major's permission" replied the private for what seemed like the hundredth time. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "And do you understand that I have a ship that needs refitting and I have no intention of wasting my afternoon because some mercenary refused to let me carry out my duties!" roared Captain Anthony Genaro. "And if you don't step aside this instant," but before Anthony could finish, the door swung inwards. After a brief pause, two RNTC soldiers exited through the door, closely followed by an officer who, despite his seemingly confident posture, was constantly eyeing everyone with a suspicious look and glancing into the shadows as if expecting something. The RNTC soldiers quickly passed through the street-pavers as Anthony, still fuming from his exchange with the sentry, entered the Hall of Science, his lieutenant following behind him. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Upon entering, Anthony looked around, hoping to see a sign that could point him in the right direction when his lieutenant politely coughed. "First door on the left, sir." "Yes, yes, of course, thank you, Jean,' replied Anthony. "I fear I'm still heated from that exchange and my wits haven't quite returned," continued Anthony as he knocked on the door. A muffled voice replied, asking for a few moments which Anthony and Jean spent in the hallway, Genaro examining a globe while Jean seemingly stared into the abyss. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Lieutenant? Lieutenant Anthony Genaro?" cried a voice from the door. "Why of course it's you!" Turning, Anthony's face lit up when he saw who it was. "Seamus Byron" Anthony exclaimed, butchering the pronunciation of the Corrish name. "Why, my friend, what ever are you doing here?" After a quick kiss on both cheeks, one of the Oleander customs that Seamus still found uncomfortable after many years, Genaro continued. "But I must correct you, it's Captain Genaro now. Has been ever since the year thirteen. Allow me to introduce my lieutenant, Jean Gascon," and, allowing a brief how do you do (fortunately for Seamus, no kissing this time), Genaro turned to Jean and said "Seamus here was once the finest schoolmaster in the fleet. Oh, yes, I remember the way he taught those mids back on Le Royale. Practically had them reciting sines and cosines for months on end." "Yes, but I warrant not one of those young gentlemen will ever have trouble navigating by the sun and stars," replied Seamus giving the Captain a friendly smile. "Come in, come in," he said guiding the pair into his office, a large room with shelves and tables filled with every conceivable rock and mineral you might find on the western half of Stephanique. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "I see you've given up the sea life" said Anthony as he looked at a pile of maps and geological charts strewn about "and apparently your sense of order and cleanliness." "You must excuse the mess," said Seamus. "I'm sure you saw the company's major on your way in. He just came in here demanding that I tell him if some flower is native to the island. As if I'd know, being a geologist in my youth" Seamus said to Jean. "I told him the botanists were examining the plantations and that he'd have better luck there, but he demanded that we go though every book and map as if Von Miller made reference to flora in Essential Minerals. I tell you, that man must be mad." Seamus briefly paused to put shuffle some papers before turning back to Anthony. "But you must forgive me, here I've been monopolizing the conversation and with nothing to offer to drink!" apologized Seamus. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Not at all, my friend, think nothing of it," Anthony replied waving off the matter. "And though I'd love to catch up with you, I fear now is not the best time. I simply stopped by to pick up the geological report and any mail for Breshaun, but now I must be off to the blacksmith to see what he can do about our rudder." "Of course, of course, perhaps dinner then, if you're free this evening. And of course mister Gascon and your officers are all welcome" said Seamus. "I should like nothing less, but this evening I fear I have an engagement with the governor. Perhaps tomorrow though," suggested Anthony. "I shall hold you to it," replied Seamus, shaking Anthony and Jean's hands before seeing them to the door. An Unexpected Reunion by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Additional Pictures:
  3. Déclaration du Roi portant établissement de la Compagnie pour le Commerce de la Nouvelle Terre Royal Charter for the Royal New Terra Company His Most Holy Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, here directs The Intendant Général des Finances to establish The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) for the purpose of protecting Oleon’s mercantile enterprises throughout His Sacred Realm. ARTICLE I: Overview ARTICLE II: Assets ARTICLE III: Treasury ARTICLE IV: Region of Trade ARTICLE V: Common Stock ARTICLE VI: Preferred Stock Be it done, that on the Sixteenth Day of the Twelfth Month of the First Year of His Divine Reign, King Philip the First bestows this Royal Charter upon the Royal New Terra Company. Vive le Roi FAQ: Examples of Stock Price and Dividend Calculations Other Relevant Information RNTC Officials Directeur: Pierre Lavalette Genaro (Captain Genaro) Lieutenants: N/A Current Holders of Preferred Shares: List List of RNTC Settlements: Lavalette, Stéphanique List of RNTC Monopolies: Wine, silver List of Public Filings: Q1 617 FY 617 Q1 618
  4. Just a couple of microbuilds that will be licensed using some of Oleon's awards from Chapter V (yes, it's hard to get things licensed with our bureaucracy). These mark my first attempts at building in microscale, and comments and criticisms are most welcome. 1) Lavalette Glass Factory With the rapid growth of the colonies, traditional artisan glass blowers simply were unable to keep up with demand. To address this shortfall in supplies, some decided it was time to go large-scale and devote entire factories to the production of glass. Capable of producing both sheet glass and blown glass, the factory is a constant hive of activity. Its location along the river makes it easy to ship the vast quantities of bulky sand needed to keep the facility operating at full capacity. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr 2) Temple of Tyche Profit before piety is how most in Oleon view Veleanders, but this is an unfortunate misnomer. True, Vele isn't known for worshiping the three major deities, but to suggest that they are no better than a greedy green is simply unfair. After all, each Veleander knows that their commercial success wouldn't be possible without the blessings of Tyche, the goddess of fortune and luck. And given the prevalence of Veleanders in the RNTC, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company's stronghold is home to the largest temple to Tyche in all of New Terra. Though some may look at the gold-plated statues and marble exterior as extravagant and wasteful, Veleanders know that a small payment to honor Tyche is sure to reap dividends in the future. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  5. Hello guys! It's been a while since I've built something semi-substantial! Well... The story goes that the King wanted to make a gift at RNTC so he hired a foreign renown architect to build a clock tower. But the citizens of Lavalette disliked this ugly and blunt building, believing that it is not representing the actual grandeur of Oleon. - And here I present you the ugliest building in Lavalette. That dull clock tower. Of course it is a gift from our gracious King but I believe his staff chose the architect poorly. I mean we are Oleanders, not some cave dwellers! They say the architect was a Corrish one. You know, time-lovers etc... pfff. All I can say is that time is a burden when you have friends, good food and good wine... - You are absolutely right! Well, we did our part for international understanding... now... what do we do with it? - It should become the victim of a certain earthquake as soon as possible. Hopefully the King won't notice (or won't care). - I'll drink to that... tonight! Well, that happens when you hire an architect of another culture to build you a public building This is going to be licensed as a medium Education building in Lavalette. Thanks for watching!
  6. Ahoy there, fellow BoBS'ers. Nothing much today, just another little scene along the river a bit upstream of Lavalette. Up And Down The River While barrels full of peppercorn are floating downstream towards Lavalette - okay, sometimes they get stuck - the other direction is not less frequented. Here you can see a dedicated crew transporting a waterwheel to the side of a sawmill currently under construction a bit further upstream. As hard a task that might be - fortunately, there are always people who seem to have an even nastier job - apparently good enough an opportunity to make fun of those poor souls... There isn't really anything more to describe here About: Nothing much to tell here either... As usual, all can be built... and also as usual, placing those minifigs was the most annoying part. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  7. Being a shareholder in the Oleander RNTC, it is only up in my interest to supply them with ship, and with an order appearing - especially with those fairly interesting terms they are offering - I had decided to order my shipyards to build a decently sized New Terraman that, while having plenty of cargo space, is still able to defend itself against potential attackers as well as sail as quick as a frigate. Their efforts have been successful while still maintaining their usual speed. This new Terraman has been built following the plans of a small fifth rate, slightly widened, but the gunports haven't been cut out - what this means is obvious. It has a lot of cargo space, and could, if the need arises, be transformed into a frigate with the use of a saw. We decided it would be best if we kept the guns on the quarterdeck and forecastle, or better say deck - to protect the cargo we have decided to completely cover up the lower deck and only allow access to it through the hatches; light can also get through into the great cabin through a skylight above it. In short - speed and manoeuvrability of a frigate, a full extra deck for cargo as well as 16 guns of 9 pounds each to defend itself. So, here we go: Off course, a new ship needs to be celebrated. While the Captain discusses the plan of the next target destination with one of the Officers on board, a bunch of regular Sea Men, a couple Officers and some others have started doing just that. Not everyone is that lucky though. I dare calling her a curvy lady! The Stern, not much to say about it. One might know my personal Frigate - that one is just a little bit shorter and thinner than this one, but I think it is well visible that they are both from the hands and hammers of my shipyards. For the time being, Esprit Fortune will likely be licensed as a 5T by the RNTC, but I certainly expect it to be at least a class 6, and, depending on the definition, maybe even a class 7.
  8. Captain Genaro

    Hold Your Breath [OL FB]

    Previously: New Arrivals and Old Rivalries Lavalette Bakery The Beginning of the End An Unexpected Reunion Unfortuantely, not even a RNTC major can outrun fate for long. Comments and criticism are welcome. "Eight, nine, ten," counted Philip before he suddenly gasped as he almost lost his balance. Ever since he arrived at Lavalette Philip had been practicing holding his breath, his current record being forty-three seconds, for Philip was part of several shipments of former prisoners of the Order. Men who, for the most part, hadn't done anything worse than offend the wrong person at the wrong time. So when the RNTC official arrived at the prison with the offer to commune their sentence in exchange for five years of hard labor, almost all eagerly signed up. After all, Philip told himself at the time, anything is better than rotting away in one of the Order's prisons for the next fifteen years. But after arriving in Lavalette, Philip started to have second thoughts. You see, to get peppercorn from the inland plantations to the mills, warehouses, and docks of Lavalette, the company was building canals and roads, but until the infrastructure could be complete, they sent barrels of the stuff down the river. Genius and foolproof is not for the rocks, banks, and shallows where the barrels perpetually got caught. Each day, Philip and his cohorts would wake up, roll up their trousers, grab a six-foot pole, and wade into the river, searching for stuck barrels to dislodge. Even in the dry season, it was dangerous work. Piranhas and alligators tended to stick to the warmer waters deeper in the jungle, but it wasn't uncommon for men to be bitten by deadly river snakes, to lose their footing on a slippery rock and drown, or to just disappear, possibly from natives, possibly from drowning, or possibly from one of the river sirens that lure unsuspecting workers to their watery grave (NOTE: The RNTC strongly condemns the circulation of these wife-tales and gossip. Lavalette is a wonderful place without the dangers of Indian attack, wild beasts, or imaginary phantoms. For more information, visit or contact your local RNTC representative). Hold Your Breath by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Fleeing into the jungle didn't seem like much of an escape to Philip, and he still wasn't willing to surrender his relative freedom to return to the Order's dungeons. Still, as someone who wasn't able to swim very well, holding your breath seemed like a valuable skill for a river-worker. And that's what Philip practiced every day as he pushed the massive barrels of peppercorn off the rocks and into the center of the fast-flowing river. But this one barrel simply wouldn't budge Push as he might, it just seemed to get stuck more and more. Not one to give up, Philip waded closer to the barrel. Odd, Philip mused, that's a rather expensive looking boot, what is it doing in the river? Moving forward a few more feet, Philip's question was answered when he saw the leg the boot was still attached to. Philip froze for a few moments, staring at the long-dead body of the RNTC officer. I better tell somebody, Philip thought, but not until I get these barrels loose. Hold Your Breath by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Without figs or barrels: Hold Your Breath by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  9. Captain Genaro

    The Beginning of the End

    Previously: New Arrivals and Old Rivalries Lavalette Bakery Hopefully a mildly entertaining story. Comments and criticism are welcome. The steady clicking of the galloping horse, interspersed by the animal's hard breathing and the rider egged his steed on broke the otherwise tranquil jungle morning. "Faster, faster now!" exclaimed the breathless rider as his destination, the now sprawling brickworks of Lavalette, came into sight. After a few hundred more yards, the jungle completely gave way as massive open fields filled with drying bricks each separated by a myriad of kilns and the immense warehouse filled what had, as recently as three months ago, been a pristine jungle. P1110221 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Halt! Halt and identify yourself!" roared a sentry as he lowered his musket. Then, recognizing the rider, he shouldered his weapon, snapped to attention and crying "Major, Sir!" saluted the rider. Pausing to take a few deep breaths, the Major patted his horse's neck, then quickly dismounted and hastily returned the salute. "What is this?" panted the Major. "Sir, I don't quite follow." "What is the meaning of this!" demanded the Major, his breath returning. After a brief quizzical look, the sentry hesitantly responded. "It's a brick factory, sir. You see, clay, sand, shale, and other ingredients are stored and mixed in the warehouse there. Then, workers fill barrels with the mixture and take it out to drying fields where frames are laid out and filled with the mixture," "Yes, I know that," snapped the Major. "Why was I called out?" "A raid, apparently. All I know is the sarge, I mean Sargent de Vele ordered us to fall out and when we got here the fields were a mess. But sir," continued the sentry, "I believe the factory manager can tell you more." P1110228 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Ordering the sentry to watch his horse, the Major departed and headed for the warehouse's entrance. As he walked closer past a workman refilling a crate with coal that had spilt and aggressive, tense soldiers, the Major felt a rush of excitement. His whole life, his whole career, he had been left to listen to others tell war stories. Even as his comrades marched of to fight in the Juniper War, his regiment had been reduced to mere watchmen after some idiot duke convinced the King that St. Vele, a city that hadn't been captured, much less invaded in over three hundred years, needed additional troops. But now, walking among the wreckage of half-dry bricks, the Major felt hopeful. Even a mere Indian raid seemed exciting to him, especially since valor and distinction here could do much for his career in the RNTC. P1110229 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Major, so glad you could come," cried the factory's manager, a thin, sweating man (everyone from Vele seemed to sweat profusely in the jungle climate) as the Major approached. "Disaster, absolute disaster! An entire day's work ruined! Ten acres, ten acres of brick reduced to nothing more than bits and pieces!" "Calm yourself, man" replied the Major. "Calm down and explain what happened." "Look around, can't you see what happened" exclaimed the manager. "The workers arrived for their shift and as soon as we got here absolute ruin and not a soul in sight. Major, security is your responsibility and I demand that you bring the culprits to justice." "But no damage to the buildings or kilns, just the bricks that lay out in the open?" questioned the Major. "Rather peculiar, is it not? I mean, wouldn't a native at least attempt to enter the warehouse or destroy a kiln?" "How am I supposed to know what a savage thinks?" the manager replied. "Just get me results! Someone must pay for destroying two and three-fifth doubloons of inventory!" Sighing, the Major said "Very well, as you can see my men are already on patrol. Now, if you could please provide me with your report, form 23-FB5 I believe, I will bring it to town and return with troops to search the area. No, no, this will never do. You've given me 34-FB2, which only applies to extreme weather conditions, and this supplement, ah 4-2 does not include the name of the assistant manager. I'm sorry, but you must do this all over." If there was one thing the Major learned from his time guarding St. Vele, it was that businesses could be just as bad as bureaucrats when it came to paperwork. P1110231 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The manager disappeared inside to fill out the proper forms while the Major decided to wait and watch the workmen. After a few minutes, however, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. Every minor rustling in the trees made him feel uneasy and he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. Still, no harm could come, right? After all, there was a platoon of men here with him now, not to mention the workmen and a heavy, easily barricaded oak door behind him. The Major was convinced that a voice was whispering his name, beckoning him, calling him to, do something, but what? "Must be the heat, must be the excitement and the heat, yes that's it" the Major told himself. "Major, Major" the voice continued. The Major continued to look around, but unable to see anyone the Major was left meekly whispering "who's there?" "We know what you did," replied the voice seeming all around him. "We know, Major, we know your secret. Now, repent or die! Repent or die!" the voice roared from behind the Major. Drawing his sword, the Major cried out and hastily turned to face his opponent. But looking around, there was nothing. Nothing, that is, except for a single, solitary flower. "Hades' Shade" whispered the Major to himself as he felt his knees start to give and his head spin. For ever Oleander knew the stories, often told by older siblings to frighten young ones. Yes, Hades' Shades were often used to decorate cemeteries and temples, as it was believed that the bright red flowers would help open an entrance to the underworld so the dead could continue their journey to Styx. But the flowers also had a far more sinister meaning. Legend states that the Priests of Hades, the Order's assassins, would use a single red flower to mark their next victim, helping to prepare the soul to depart, thus ensuring an easy kill, and as an added bonus, psychologically tormenting the victim. P1110235 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The Major soon heard footsteps and bent down to pick up the flower. Placing it inside his coat, he stumbled back before leaning on the warehouse's wall. "Search the jungle," stuttered the Major. "No one's here, sir" said a private after peering about behind the warehouse. "Nothing here but a few trees and a couple hundred yards of open brick fields." "But the voice, you must have heard it. Someone has to be here," replied the Major. The soldiers looked around, awkwardly before a workman spoke up. "No one heard anything, Mister Major, sir. You sure you feeling quite right in the head?" "That's impossible, surely..." began the Major before his words trailed off. "Private," continued the Major, some strength returning. "Private, tell the manager to have his men send the report, and gather the men and escort me back to the fort at once!" P1110237 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Overview P1110223 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  10. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Fort Henri

    Hello again, here's another result of my landlubbing endeavors: Fort Henri On the northern shores of the Baie de Tyche, overlooking the town of Lavalette, lies the company's fortress at Lavalette - more commonly referred to as Fort Henri, after the town's first mayor - Henri Hollande. Its construction began as soon as the first settlers arrived, and now it protects the growing settlement and the entire bay. Fort Henri is one of the first forts in New Terra featuring a semaphore mast, which allows the garrison to communicate quickly with similar stations around Lavalette, even reaching as far as Windfall, increasing the chances for a successful defense in case of an attack on the island. For now, the fort is only equipped with light field guns, but the RNTC has plans to invest in additional defenses once the settlement grows. About: My first attempt at a star-fort, and I think it worked out alright. As usual, all can be built - if you have the 15.000 bricks necessary Oh, and most of the building time here went into the surface pattern/foliage Although its footprint is far larger than required for a large fortress, it'll only be licensed as a medium, because... that's what it looks like in my eyes. Thanks for watching! C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  11. Lavalette_Barracks.lxf by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon decided to fund the construction of an RNTC barracks in the city of Lavalette, as a goodwill gesture after the incident on Ile Sous le Vent. Knowing the RNTC was not a company to make enemies with, Brandon heard that the RNTC needed a barracks in Lavalette, to house the many private RNTC soldiers that had just arrived, and decided to fund it. He also provided the plans for the house, in the architecture of Lavalette. Now that the barracks is finished, Brandon decides to meet with an RNTC representative to discuss the prospects of a settlement on Ile Sous le Vent, one that Brandon has already made plans of. However, as he is not allowed to form settlements on RNTC territory, he knows that he must speak with the company first. Brandon hopes the RNTC can forgive and forget the incident, and will hopefully agree to the idea.
  12. Ahoy! Without long introduction, let's get right to it: Pioneers at Home Providing affordable, clean housing for their workers and families is one of the top priorities on the RNTC's development plan for Lavalette. Because a content worker is a productive worker. Therefore, simple but solid, standardized residences with enough separate space for two families are being built en masse, offering a new beginning - a new home for the pioneers working for the company. As you can see, after a long day of work on the plantations that are starting to pop up around the city, even a new home far away from their old lives is a home worth enjoying to return to. About: Well, it's a simple house, and it is meant to be just that. The design is something I'll try to recreate in future Lavalette builds. Nothing else to say - move along! Thanks for watching anyway, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  13. Hello, fellow land-lubbers and spice enthusiasts, one last build for the month, still in time! New Spices for the Old World After the huge commercial success following the introduction of peppercorn to the Île de Zeus - and its echo in the Old World - the RNTC has decided to use the prime agricultural conditions of Stéphanique to turn this relatively new spice into a cash crop. Here you can see workers bringing in the first of three possible harvests of the year. The fruits are collected at different stages of ripeness, in order to produce differing final products. Also, some part of the harvest will be transported back to the facilities in Lavalette by land, while the other part will be sent down the river in barrels, drenched in water, as a base for yet more varying products. The officials of the RNTC are confident that the demand for pepper in the Old World will skyrocket - and flush gigantic amounts of cash into the company's treasury. Plans for the massive expansion of the peppercorn business in Lavalette are on their way. About: This one... took a while. It's my first big time attempt at depicting vegetation, and all these silly little bits of green and grey had to be placed one after the other... I wanted to show a plantation that's been 'cut' into the jungle, as Lavalette is still in an early stage of its development, I thought this would fit better than simply to show a field full of peppercorn plants. And I'm quite content with the result. The only thing I have issues with is the rendered water here - two layers of transparent plates and tiles... but the result is rather boring. Hmm... next time I have to try something else, maybe something with less of a regular pattern. Oh, and the palm leafs are attached with clips to this part here. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  14. Captain Genaro

    Lavalette Bakery

    Previously: New Arrivals and Old Rivalries Just a small bakery in Lavalette. Comments and criticism are welcome. The one nice thing about working at six-thirty in the morning, the dockhand thought to himself, was that you didn't have to deal with the full heat of the sun. That and there weren't any ladies around to hear you curse every time a chest fell on your foot, an experience this particular dockhand could tell you from quite a bit of experience wasn't pleasant. P1110216 (2) by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Fortunately that experience did not repeat itself this morning, as the dockhand successfully carried the black sack of flour several blocks from the bustling quay to the new bakery. After briefly pausing to enjoy the smell of bread baking in the warm, humid tropical air, he continued to the bakery. Arriving at the door, he gently maneuvered his arm against the latch until he felt it give way. With a gentle push, he opened the door and upon entering announced "flour from the docks, sir." P1110218 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Just a moment, one moment now" cried the baker. "I'll be with you in a moment;." Seeing that the baker was busy attending to something baking in the oven, the dockhand set the sack down and looked around. It was a simple shop with a few loaves of bread resting on crates, several sacks in the corner, and the baker's son helping to kneed the dough. "Now then, how may I assist you fine sir?" asked the baker. "But of course, you must be from the docks" continued the baker, answering his own question before the dockhand could even open his mouth. "The usual amount then" continued the baker as he took out a small purse and began counting coins. "And there you, are five-twelfths doubloons" said the baker as the dockhand put four of the coins into a small bag he would return to the ship's master while sliding the fifth into his pocket. P1110220 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Thank you kindly" said the dockhand tipping his hat. "And before I go, how much for a croissant" he said, pointing to the delicious food that, only a moment before was sitting in the oven. "This is embarrassing, but I'm afraid those aren't for sale" relied the baker in an apologetic tone. "Those are for the funeral." A puzzled look came over the dockhand's face as he asked "funeral?" "Yes, Father Leon's funeral, oh and to think his leg was just starting to get better. What terrible luck. But I digress. Apparently," the baker went on. "Apparently Charon's obol isn't enough for this fellow. Heck, I've never heard of giving the dead food for their voyage, but if the Company wants to pay for the dead to eat, so be it." "Surely the living need to eat more than the dead," replied the dockhand. The baker apologetically shrugged his shoulders before saying "the best I can do is to offer you a baguette. But now, you must excuse me. I fear my son is not properly kneading the dough." Two overview shots. P1110215 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr P1110212 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  15. Ahoy, y'all, today just a small scene... to get into the mood for some landscaping. Pioneers at Work With the first structures in Lavalette being erected, and more settlers arriving daily, the need for building materials on Stéphanique grows strongly. At the same time, in order to prepare the land surrounding the settlement for cultivation, large areas of the region's forests have to give way. So, naturally, the RNTC has hired a decent number of lumberjacks to deal with the tasks at hand. About: Not really much... just wanted to try out some foliage design, and depict the basics for settlement development. However, what was most frustrating in this was getting those chains right Thanks for looking, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  16. Nothing fancy, just what the title says. A small RNTC boathouse and warehouse at the beach of Lavalette, built to progress this settlement and ofc to make our RNTC investors happy. Storywise, we see Don Santos, a former Eslandolan experienced with Trade Companies was employed to help managing things, a well paid RNTC guard (that's why he is happy) and two random sailors. P.S: Sorry about the bad pictures. The weather was awful
  17. Ka-ching, fellow shareholders - and a classic ahoy, fellow BoBSers, I've gone land-lubbing for a while in preparation to get the Royal New Terra Company started, and this here is the first thing that came out of my endeavor: The RNTC School of Business in Breshaun The officials of the Royal New Terra Company meant business. Only a few weeks after the Duke of Vele had managed to gain the full backing for his plan from the High Council, His Majesty signed a royal charter for the company. Now, wheels were set in motion, preparations already made were carried out, and first ventures established. Among the first was the founding of a business school in Breshaun, hopefully soon enabling the RNTC to recruit its elite from a pool of qualified personal. For this purpose one of the newly erected upper class buildings West of Breshaun's harbor was purchased, fitted with a bell-tower, and equipped with the company's insignia. Now, all that was left to do was waiting for the school's director to arrive. About: This started out as a factory building, to be honest... but soon it became a study in half-offset-building, and it turned out to be quite good looking - well, at least from my point of view - so it had to get some more elaborate function. Coincidentally, at that point Bregir had just posted his Royal Society School in King's Harbor... aaaand voilà - business school What doesn't really come across is that the roof is actually shaped slightly concave - darn... 'cause that took a lot of time As usual, all could be build. The building itself, however doesn't have an interior - partly because of the hideous looks of the walls from the inside - and for the big part because I just couldn't be bothered Thanks for watching As always, C&C welcome Oh, this MOC is a starting gift for the RNTC. Vive le Roi!
  18. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] Home Alone

    Ahoy, fellow KPA-subscribers, Build #1 after the MCRA-results have hit the news - and some jaws the floor. No MCRA-result build, though - something bigger! Well, introducing something big, at least... or contributing to introduce it. Anyway, for now enjoy this here Home Alone Joy was in the air. After many weeks without any news at all, the bulk of the Oleander fleets finally arrived safely in the trading ports of Halos. Some early reports had already hinted at great riches they would haul in. But these reports were all rendered trivial by the sheer unfathomable amount of trading goods from New Terra that was really being shipped in! So there finally seemed to be enough capital around to go through with an ambitious plan the Duke of Vele had proposed to His Majesty. A plan that involved great financial risk. But one that in return also promised even greater profits for all courageous enough to embrace it. And, most importantly, this plan offered the chance to gain a more effective grasp on Oleon's colonial possessions, and promote settling in the New World. There was much at stake. And it meant a break with some traditional habits. A fact that wasn't to everyone's liking... About: I tried to achieve a rather dark atmosphere - matching the Lord Chancellor's mood. And I quite like it, given that there's no after editing involved. What else? Well, all-Lego scene means lots of parts involved (13000+), but it's not detailed at all Hmm... maybe one day I'll build a true temple in this style. And last, but not least: Credits for the candleholder-design go to Garmadon C&C welcome Oh, and stay tuned for more! Vive le Roi!