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Found 12 results

  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Lavalette on the island of Stéphanique. Name: Lavalette Ownership: The Royal New Terra Company (RNTC) Location: Stéphanique Mayor: Henri Hollande (Captain Genaro) Who can own property in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, holders of a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their property seized. Who can freebuild in Lavalette: Anyone Who can dock a vessel in Lavalette: Holders of Preferred Stock of the RNTC, all royal ships of Oleon, any ships with a Royal Charter or a decree from the Directeur. Violators may see their ships seized. Coat-of-Arms: Maps: Map of Stéphanique Current Lavalette Development Plan Background: Safely nestled in a natural harbor, Lavalette is the first settlement built by the Royal New Terra Company (RNTC). Situated with an enclosed harbor to the north, steep mountains to the east, and a large lake to the south, Lavalette is surrounded by natural defenses. Lavalette is named after the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon, Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele. Most of the population is Oleanders, but foreigners are not uncommon. Relatively undeveloped, many experts believe the settlement can boast large shipyards as well as huge plantations for the recently discovered peppercorn plant. Despite the rumors, the RNTC has remained relatively quiet regarding the settlement's potential and long-term plans. Current Plans: As of now, only the plans to make Lavalette a town have been released to the public. The town is small, mostly divided into a grid pattern, and surrounded by basic fortifications. On a small peninsula overlooking the bay, a fort is planned. Most of the initial buildings are expected to be very simple. Nothing too ornate, with many buildings built out of local materials in a quick manner. Most initial structures will be residences and commerce and artisan properties designed to help support initial settlers as well as pave the way for large expansion in the future. Examples would likely include lumber yards, quarries and stone masons, brick factories, stucco and plaster producers, to support construction as well as bakers, blacksmiths, and merchants selling basic necessities to keep the settlement well fed and functioning. Incentive Programs: All tax revenue for licensed builds in Lavalette will be refunded in full. Please PM Captain Genaro at the end of each quarter to receive a refund for said quarter. All licensed artisan, commerce, and factory builds will be reimbursed 50% of their license cost until further notice. Any build prominently featuring peppercorn will be reimbursed 50% of its license cost until further notice. The RNTC will purchase any build in Lavalette for 200% of the license cost. Builders who build and license 7 properties in Lavalette will get the chance to purchase a share of Preferred Stock in the RNTC. Of the 7 builds, at least 3 must be medium or 1 large and 1 medium. All incentives are cumulative. Properties:
  2. The court day finally came, the infamous pirate Harrison Torn was conducted to the Hotel de Ville of Lavalette, then brought to a small room. He looked around and asked "where's the jury, where's the audience?" "There's no jury, no audience, only me and monsieur l'inquisiteur." Replied the judge in a cold, monotonous voice, then he added "shall we proceed, monsieur l'inquisiteur?" The man behind the small desk said "Your honour, the man you see here is accused of piracy, he was caught in the act by one of our fleet, I hereby ask a fast and severe punishment." "Very well, the evidence against him was overwhelming, send this man to the gallows." "But...I...I protest" stammered Harrison Torn. The inquisitor intervened, aloud, "the culprit said he's filled with remorse and he has no objection to the sentence." The judge nodded "Right. Next!"  The execution and funeral of Harrison Torn was a lovely affair. Lavalette had recently built a new gallows just up the coast (actually a converted smugglers crane). The pirate himself gave a moving last speech, something along the lines of "It's not bloody fair..." Tragically, most of it was lost to the noise of the wind. Death of a pirate by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Harrison Torn's body hung there for a week or so as a warning to other pirates, before it was cut down by a small group of locals, who preferred their rum without import tax. This has been a collaboration between myself and @Bodi. Let it be a lesson to anyone else considering piracy in Oleonaise waters.
  3. A small prospecting build I made for Stéphanique. I tried experimenting with some of the new (well, new for me) ball-joint connectors to create the rock. I'm not sure how well I succeeded, but it has given me some ideas for future rockwork techniques. With the arrival of royal troops in Lavalette, Major Wolfgang Hochstetter was much happier, though his perpetual scowl didn't betray it. Company officials had been complaining for months about the lack of a geological survey, but until now he never had enough men to defend both the settlement and the survey teams. Now he did, and the men were surprisingly eager to volunteer for the duty. Hochstetter assumed it was their eagerness to earn his respect, but the truth of the matter was that it took them far away from the major and any other officers who might expect them to stand at attention and remain sober while on duty. Of course, it wasn't all fun and games. Bugs from rivers and putrid ponds swarmed the men and for some reason the survey men insisted on leaving the nice shade of the trees to clime around on rocks boiling under the hot tropical sun. Still, the soldiers were well prepared and with some liquid fortitude they managed to endure their difficult task. A Hard Day's Work by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  4. Ahoy there, fellow BoBS'ers. Nothing much today, just another little scene along the river a bit upstream of Lavalette. Up And Down The River While barrels full of peppercorn are floating downstream towards Lavalette - okay, sometimes they get stuck - the other direction is not less frequented. Here you can see a dedicated crew transporting a waterwheel to the side of a sawmill currently under construction a bit further upstream. As hard a task that might be - fortunately, there are always people who seem to have an even nastier job - apparently good enough an opportunity to make fun of those poor souls... There isn't really anything more to describe here About: Nothing much to tell here either... As usual, all can be built... and also as usual, placing those minifigs was the most annoying part. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Fort Henri

    Hello again, here's another result of my landlubbing endeavors: Fort Henri On the northern shores of the Baie de Tyche, overlooking the town of Lavalette, lies the company's fortress at Lavalette - more commonly referred to as Fort Henri, after the town's first mayor - Henri Hollande. Its construction began as soon as the first settlers arrived, and now it protects the growing settlement and the entire bay. Fort Henri is one of the first forts in New Terra featuring a semaphore mast, which allows the garrison to communicate quickly with similar stations around Lavalette, even reaching as far as Windfall, increasing the chances for a successful defense in case of an attack on the island. For now, the fort is only equipped with light field guns, but the RNTC has plans to invest in additional defenses once the settlement grows. About: My first attempt at a star-fort, and I think it worked out alright. As usual, all can be built - if you have the 15.000 bricks necessary Oh, and most of the building time here went into the surface pattern/foliage Although its footprint is far larger than required for a large fortress, it'll only be licensed as a medium, because... that's what it looks like in my eyes. Thanks for watching! C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  6. Ahoy! Without long introduction, let's get right to it: Pioneers at Home Providing affordable, clean housing for their workers and families is one of the top priorities on the RNTC's development plan for Lavalette. Because a content worker is a productive worker. Therefore, simple but solid, standardized residences with enough separate space for two families are being built en masse, offering a new beginning - a new home for the pioneers working for the company. As you can see, after a long day of work on the plantations that are starting to pop up around the city, even a new home far away from their old lives is a home worth enjoying to return to. About: Well, it's a simple house, and it is meant to be just that. The design is something I'll try to recreate in future Lavalette builds. Nothing else to say - move along! Thanks for watching anyway, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  7. Hello, fellow land-lubbers and spice enthusiasts, one last build for the month, still in time! New Spices for the Old World After the huge commercial success following the introduction of peppercorn to the Île de Zeus - and its echo in the Old World - the RNTC has decided to use the prime agricultural conditions of Stéphanique to turn this relatively new spice into a cash crop. Here you can see workers bringing in the first of three possible harvests of the year. The fruits are collected at different stages of ripeness, in order to produce differing final products. Also, some part of the harvest will be transported back to the facilities in Lavalette by land, while the other part will be sent down the river in barrels, drenched in water, as a base for yet more varying products. The officials of the RNTC are confident that the demand for pepper in the Old World will skyrocket - and flush gigantic amounts of cash into the company's treasury. Plans for the massive expansion of the peppercorn business in Lavalette are on their way. About: This one... took a while. It's my first big time attempt at depicting vegetation, and all these silly little bits of green and grey had to be placed one after the other... I wanted to show a plantation that's been 'cut' into the jungle, as Lavalette is still in an early stage of its development, I thought this would fit better than simply to show a field full of peppercorn plants. And I'm quite content with the result. The only thing I have issues with is the rendered water here - two layers of transparent plates and tiles... but the result is rather boring. Hmm... next time I have to try something else, maybe something with less of a regular pattern. Oh, and the palm leafs are attached with clips to this part here. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  8. As the Island of Windfall is slowly but steady growing into a lively town, people have been opening up shops. One of these People is Alfredo, the other inhabitants of windfall tend to call him the Gatekeeper. But that's mainly because he happens to live in the gatehouse, he's not an actual gatekeeper. ...Although he does keep an eye out for shady characters entering Windfall through the main gate. In this sense he might as well be some kind of gatekeeper. (Alfredo is the grey-bearded character) Anyway, Alfredo is an old geezer, his days of wild adventures are over. He now spends his days using his extended experience to correct and draw sea charts. When it comes to maps, Alfredo is known to be most accurate. Countless cruises through the Prio Sea have earned him a valuable knowledge about the geography of the area. That brown door is Alfredo's front door...his only door as a matter of fact. The gatehouse is one of the smallest houses on Windfall but Alfredo finds it to be big enough for his needs. Most of the time he's outside, selling his charts or conversing with fellow Windfall inhabitants. - - - - - - - - I hope you like it, there's more to come later. This Island is consuming a lot of resources and time but I'm happy to finally be able to present something.
  9. Ahoy, y'all, today just a small scene... to get into the mood for some landscaping. Pioneers at Work With the first structures in Lavalette being erected, and more settlers arriving daily, the need for building materials on Stéphanique grows strongly. At the same time, in order to prepare the land surrounding the settlement for cultivation, large areas of the region's forests have to give way. So, naturally, the RNTC has hired a decent number of lumberjacks to deal with the tasks at hand. About: Not really much... just wanted to try out some foliage design, and depict the basics for settlement development. However, what was most frustrating in this was getting those chains right Thanks for looking, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  10. At the most northern point of Windfall Island stands a small fort... Saber_Fort_1 One of the first constructions at the Eye of the Bay. Windfall is now able to accommodate troops. Saber_Fort_5 Saber_Fort_3 Saber_Fort_2 This is only a temporary construction though. I intend to completely revise the northern cliff of the Island (I want it to be a cliff, not the low plateau that it is now).
  11. This thread encompasses all builds within Windfall, on the island of Stéphanique Name: Windfall (Island) Ownership: Nation of Oleon Location: Stéphanique (Prio Sea Area) Mayor: Sebeus I Who can own property in Windfall: Maybe later Who can freebuild in Windfall: Maybe later Flag: Map: Description: One of Oleon's first settlements on the Island of Stéphanique was founded on the small Island within the large bay characterising Stéphanique. The discovery of a small Island within the great bay. Since the discovery the construction activities have been going on non-stop. Oleon is building a town here that will last. (See Colonisation of Windfall) Builds on Windfall Island: Artisan: The Gatekeeper: Alfredo's sea chart shop Forts: Saber Fort: Small fort located on the northern side of the Island (licensed) Forts in protection range: Fort Henri: Medium fort located in Lavalette Vessels stationed here: Dancing Ember: Class 2F Cutter, licensed Note: This settlement is a little bit different from most other settlements considering the Island itself has been build already. This means that freebuilding on Windfall will only be possible if you come over at my place to do so.
  12. Oleon has begun the construction on the Island Stéphanique. Stephanique has one very large bay, which is actually kind of a river delta. iIn the middle of the bay lies a small patch of land. That piece of land was the latest destination of the Beatrix on what might be her last expedition under the command of Captain Sebeus. Making land... After some exploring in the waters around the Island (looking for suitable docking area's) the construction began. A temporary harbor was set up to allow ships to deliver manpower, supplies and construction material. It is certain that this project will consume a lot of time and resources but let's hope it will be worth it.