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Found 3 results

  1. Ahoy, mateys! Here's my Challenge V - Category C entry. Witness the return of the Colonial MinionsTM *evil laughter in the background* Don't Tread on Meeeee!! After their unsuccessful attack on the Marderian fortress of El Peñón, the remaining Eslandian Black Bats were ordered to refresh and regroup on the Southern shores of the Isla de Medio - away from the awful fighting. Unfortunately, no place is really safe from the mayhem those dreadful Colonial MinionsTM are capable of spreading wherever they happen to show up. And as it so happened, they did. Of all the places in the Brick Seas it had to be here. Exactly now. And the camp the Eslandians had set up was right in their way. Well, actually, more in the pathway their latest pet decided to take... Seemingly a fish in a wet suit. What exactly it is and where they got it from, no-one really knows. One thing is for sure, though - it's ridiculous in every aspect. And yet terrifying enough to turn the feared Eslandian crack troops into a bunch of screaming chickens as they are trying to escape the incomprehensible menace that's coming down on them... About: I absolutely wanted to mobilize the Minions for this category, there was just too much potential here to forgo this opportunity The idea for the 'monster' is based on the Futurama reverse scuba suit - ridiculous enough to be translated into bricks. As usual, all can be built - and maybe I'm going to build this land fish thingy for real... a friend of mine said it'd be a worthy decorative object for her flat... well... I hope you enjoyed this latest chapter in the Menacing Minions Book. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH4B] Bon Voyage!

    Ahoy, fellow fleet protectors and plunderers! After the prequel, here's the continuation - Cat. B entry incoming! Bon Voyage! A week after the events in the green navy's HQ back in Terr... let's not do this again – green capital city – the esland... seriously?! – THAT nation's treasure fleet was on its way. The Kings Port Advertiser featured that awareness poster in its latest edition, the fleet had left Nell... that green island in the East – smooth, Mr. Narrator, smooth... without any incidents, and what was best of all – there were no rumors out on the streets about a large convoy filled with gold whatsoever. The green chief's plan had worked out. Kudos on that, Mr. green chief! Time to relax and have a look at one of the treasure ships en route, shall we? What have we got... this one right here, yes, the Santa Clara. Once famed expedition ship of whatwashisname Ivo Fortesque, now commanded by his son Pedro, and assigned a task not less important than the discovery of new shores – the collection of the riches of said shores. Yes, the Santa Clara, here she is. ...wait, is she being boarded by Oleanders? Ah, no, this is just a patrol, obviously helping the fleet to steer clear of the reefs and shallows in the tricky northern waters of LeBellan. Yes, Oleanders, what friendly folks, by the way much nicer than those uptight and arrogant Corries... but let's not go there. Back to the Santa Clara. Well, it seems she and the rest of the fleet will soon be on the final stage of their journey, on the finish-line so to speak, only save waters ahead – what could possibly go wrong now?! Bon voyage! … wait... I just thought I had seen something in the water... … WHAT THE...!!! What is this? What is going on?? Is this a... are those those... MINIONS??? *looses it* It seems... they've come up with a... device – wait, is that their toy from the sewers, but in big?! – and have drilled right through the hull of the Santa Clara... now vacuuming and shoveling the gold right into their dive boat! And nobody is taking notice!! They... they are sneaky geniuses!!! Oh my gods, actually, I'm not even mad, that's amazing!!!! *grabs popcorn* Well, it seems the narrator is gone for a while, so let me continue from here. Nice to meet you, let me show you my overhanging bowsprit... Ahem, let's better have some more pics of the MOC, after all we've barely just met... And lastly, the ships - together with their 'toy' versions: About: Well, where to start... as usual all parts exist, both vessels can be built. I finally managed to finish the Santa Clara, complete with a full hull - which in general is maybe the most annoying thing I've ever 'had' to build. Credits for the technique go to cb4 and Frank Brick Wright. As you can see the upper part of the ship merely rests on the lower hull, which might not seem that stable per se, but something tells me this works... Next, the 'device' - it's sort of a diving vessel, propelled mechanically, and - as the narrator has already pointed out - equipped with a circular saw and a drill for sneak attacks from down below. In case you're wondering where I got the idea from... well, I kind of grew up with it, as the 'Tauchboot' is prominently featured in an old GDR comic, that I've always loved. And the best thing: once the minions dive off, the cut out part of the hull neatly falls back in place... hopefully - otherwise the Santa Clara is doomed So, in the end it seems those Minions are to be reckoned with after all. Still not sure whether this qualifies as protecting or plundering the fleet Hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  3. Ahoy, mateys! Here's my Challenge IV Cat. A entry - witness the return of the dreadful Colonial MinionsTM *evil laughter in the background* What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! Somewhere in Terelli... no, it is Tereli... no no no, it must be Terrelli... oh well, never mind... Somewhere in the capital of Esland... andia. Hmm... no, that's also not quite it, not really simply somewhere in the capital of Eslan... d'oh... ria... Alright, now: In the office of the Secretary of the Eslandian...doliander...ser... ahh, screw this... In the office of the secretary of the Green Nation's Navy. 'Have I made myself clear?' The Green Chief skeptically looked at the guy standing in front of him. 'Why again did I hire him?!' He thought. 'Okay, one more time. Here are two letters. The one in my left hand is meant to be brought directly to the admiral of the Esland... of our fleet. The letter in my right hand is for the chief editor of the Kings Port Advertiser for immediate printing. In short: The letter in my left hand goes to the fleet, the letter in my right hand to the newspaper. Do you understand?' The guy looked at him with a smile that strangely hadn't changed during the whole conversation – what a weirdo. Oh, sorry for that comment, I'm only the narrator here. Anyways, the guy went '…!' 'Right' the Green Chief now remembered the reason for hiring that fellow. 'You guys don't talk much. Yes, yes, yes. Splendid.' He couldn't have sent an official courier to the harbor, it was simply too dangerous these days, as there were spies and corrupt officials everywhere. It's Esland... olia after all. Sorry, another narrator comment. Where were we? Right... Dangerous. And the treasure fleet needed to be absolutely safe! So hiring a bunch of weird guys unable to talk as messengers – nobody would suspect a thing. Brilliant! 'Now, get going!' Confident with his plan, the Green Chief put on a smile, too. 'What could possibly go wrong?!' he thought. Oh, narrator here – again In case you're wondering what's inside these letters... Well, the one intended for the admiral contains a map with the route the fleet is meant to take from Nelissa/Nellisa/Nelisa/Nellissa. And the letter going to the Kings Port Advertiser contains sort of a poster add, reminding every green citizen to keep their mouths shut about state secrets – you know, matters of national security and such, pretty standard these days. Oh, narrator here once more, just FYI, that strange yellow fellow dude wasn't alone: It seems there's a whole bunch of – what shall I call them – minions living underneath the city in the sewers. Effing weird, if you ask me. But no one ever does, so, well, just have a look at them, and I'll leave you to it. Narrator out. And an overview of the map side: Last but not least, a detail of the poster side: about: Well, this was quite some fun bringing back the Colonial MinionsTM. Do they look like guys with a plan to you? Wait and see. You might wanna remember their strange toy for Cat. B What else... The poster is based on a WWII awareness poster, a simple google search will surely show it. As always, all parts exist, and the entire structure can be built, I think - it all fits diagonally on a 32x32 plate. With the right amount of clutch power the sewer water and the sea part with the ship should hold in place, as they are attached to the wall and additionally supported by bars. I hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!