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  1. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    Thanks! I try to have full interior and lighting in all buildings :)
  2. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    Thanks for the kind words :)
  3. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    Yes, it will be a thousand or two brown tiles as well ^^
  4. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    Some more photos from the library and the dungeon. I have used a few thousand dark tan slopes already into this project ^^
  5. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    I always start a MOC smaller because I know in the end it will be doubled in size ^^ Thanks :) Yes, I want it to have a lot of story telling, especially down in the caverns.
  6. BoneredBricks

    WIP Castle Aventale

    Hi, 1 year ago i started to build on my first castle fantasy MOC. I would like to share it here and hope you all enjoy but also feedback if you have any ideas or different apporaches to design etc :). I hope to be done with it next year for Skærbæck Fan Weekend in Denmark. Dimensions are 2x3 in grey baseplates. It will be fully modular and equipped with lights. It will have a system of caverns underneath the caste with tunnelsystems, dragon lair and a dungeon. A few photos Great hall exterior wall by Gustav Friberg, on Flickr High Priest by Gustav Friberg, on Flickr IMG_2143[1] by Gustav Friberg, on Flickr More photos and videos on my instagram Gustav Friberg 🇸🇪 (@bricks_de_gothia) • Foton och videor på Instagram I hope to update as the build progresses on this forum. Thanks :)