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  1. muffinbrick

    MOC - muffinbricks alternates of 31070

    Thx :) Finaly I made instructions for Hotrod
  2. Here is my alternates of nice set 31070 - turbo track racer: First one is older, Racing truck - for which I also share LDD instruction here. Second one is actual build - Hotrod. Instructions will be shared soon.
  3. muffinbrick

    [MOC] Aston Martin Vulcan

    I've seen it on rebricable. It looks realy great, maybe i try to build one. Thanks for sharing instructions
  4. muffinbrick

    Digital MicroCITY

    I decided to use this old post to add some new dogital builds in the same scale. First one is inspired by St.Michal Chapel in Kosice.
  5. muffinbrick

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader- 42054 C model

    Your C-models going better and better. I'd wondered, how you have done backhoe with limited count of actuators, and you've done it great. You deserve special C-model tag for those rows of C-models ;)
  6. muffinbrick

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    What do you mean "smaller size"? It has 2500+ parts, 42054 was under 2000.
  7. muffinbrick

    [MOC] Street legal buggy

    This one is two studs narrower, then standard configuration.
  8. muffinbrick

    [MOC] Street legal buggy

    Plus 1 to this. Other then that, it looks nice, most of all I like rear axle and overall shape. I would put HOG on the rear frame of the roof, but it just matter of taste and it's good as it is, too.
  9. muffinbrick

    Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    This is how it looks from the side, without and with BB. Maybe I'll try to put rear shocks one stud higher on the body later, but now I'm ok with how it is. Thanks As I've said before, your Class 1 buggy was one of my inspiration to build something with two L-motors. I'm really happy, that my theories, how to improve it's capebilities work well. There was some points of struggle to build it, as I wanted, but most of them I solved somehow, so I'm optimistic now to finnish it in short time.
  10. muffinbrick

    Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    There is some progress on my RC buggy, it's not finnished yet, but I've made improvements on biggest performance issues. First of all I've shortened wheelbase(one stud in hinge of rear arms plus steeper angle of them). I've completely rebuilt rear arms. They are now stiffer and hinged by small turntables from inner side plus pin from outside, independently from driving axles. Now there is lot less friction in drive. When motors are unconnected, buggy rolls rather freely, when you push it forward. Before those changes it stopped almost immidiately. I also made some changes in front axle. I canceled front wheels drive, mainly because of poor steering angle. Now it's way better. I also adjusted position of suspension springs and their connection to body and arms. They had tendencies to bend, actual solution is better, although it's still not perfect. There are still lot of work to do, most of all I need to find proper position of battery box(and necessity of rebuilding frame little bit). Other than that is just to put somewhere M-motor for steering, finalize roof and make some final additions(steering wheel, seat, maybe driver :)) And finally I'll have to find som ways to lower weight.
  11. muffinbrick

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Nevermind, my post was reaction on Silvavasil's post, but I was too slow in finding image of that part. Yes, from those new pics of rallye car it looks like those panels are medium blue more likely, then dark azure. I can't tell, if it's good or bad, it mostly depends on every AFOL's collection. For me it's better, because I don't have 42070 and don't plan to buy it(maybe only if price will drop significantly unde 200€).
  12. muffinbrick

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    No, it looks like this: which is not new. Edit: I'm too late :P
  13. muffinbrick

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    I don't know, if it's just me, or there is no big LA on MACK A model, but two of them on B model
  14. muffinbrick

    [MOC] Calypso Hughes 269b/300 Helicopter

    It looks only as a sketch, but it's not bad. Somehow it reminds me old TV series for children - Skippy, the bush kangaroo :D