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  1. [WIP] 2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical

    And what about these parts for steering - they are relatively cheap:
  2. [WIP] 2017 Ariel Nomad Tactical

    Tumbler tires are too wide for this vehicle, IMHO. But if you take it just as inspiration, so why not :)
  3. Many funny entries :) 22: 10 15: 6 18: 4 9: 3 10: 2 2: 1 Good luck!
  4. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    I've added Mini Xerion on rebrickable, so you can build it.
  5. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    Yes, it's directional gearbox for steering. In neutral position it blocks steering arms of rear wheels. Unfortunately this clutch gear has too much play because of those inner "spokes". There should be at least twice as many of them to make this system more responsive. I'm not fan of modified parts, but in this case maybe I sould make exception and add some spokes to those clutch gears.
  6. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    I wasn't here for a while (again). Thanks for your honesty. I'm still working on that skidder, but there are some complications in that build, that I have to solve, and proportions are the least of them. Anyway, I have all motorized functions done, but they don't work flowlessly, so I need to adjust them. And next step will be complete rebuild of front section. In last three weeks I was working on something else. We had local multi-theme and multi-MOC competion. Here are my Technic MOC built for it: Alternative model of 42035 - Go-Cart Update of 8842 Go-Cart - my main focus was on proportions, including functional motor. Therefore I decided to build it, rather then use actual motor parts. And finaly Mini Claas Xerion. Focus was on shrinking actual model and letting it recognizable. There are most of function present - 3 modes of steering, positioning of cabin and completely functional crane. I also have an intention to make instructions for all those three small models.
  7. Hallo, I've made some digital inspirations for future project of our LUG - MicroCITY. Inspiration comes from existing blocks of flats built in our city in 1950s, modified and adjusted to fit in modules of 32x32 baseplates. Built in LDD, rendered in Bluerender.
  8. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    Thanks for your reply. I know your buggy, like it, and also my former colegue have it on his shelf ;) It was bit of inspiration on the begining for my build, too. Anyway, I didn't want to copy it, just to make it's performance as close as possible to your buggy, with the same motorization, but in different look and setup. So I would like to avoid placing motors into the swingarms, but rather find another solutions to lower friction. Firstly i want to use small turntables as swingarm pivots and rebuild gears between motors and main axle. Then i will see, if it helps enough, or i'll have to improove it more. My actual build with all motors and full battery box is around 1140g so it looks like it's not that bad, as i thought. I've just made prototype of stiffer rear swingarm with turntable in it looks promising.
  9. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    As building skidder have very slow progress and is still far from finish, i've started another buggy. It's bigger, have all wheel drive, two L-motors for drive and one M-motor for steering. Shaping is almost done, but performance is poor, so i have to improve it. Firstly buggy is too heavy, i don't know, how to lower the weight of it without affecting stiffnes and look and I'm affraid, that two L-motors will not be enough. Second problem is, that all wheel drive is not smooth enough, there are lot of friction, so I'll have to rebuild rear arms and maybe scrifice front wheels drive. Any suggestions are welcome.
  10. You only need to buy 2 Claases for those 18 missing dogbones ;)
  11. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    Nowadays I'm working on something different from my previous builds. And also it's "for the first time" in many senses. It's my first attempt to make C-model, first attempt to make motorized MOC and it will be my first above 1000 parts MOC(it's not yet, but it'll be likely). It'll be c-model of 42054, Skidder. My intention is to make 3 motorized functions and some manual functions. Manual functions will be steering by HOG, pendular suspension lifting(and maybe tilting) of blade, rotating and closing of claws, motorized functions will be positionig and extracting of the boom. Today I have main chassis and proportions of model, but it's still bit messy. I have to rebuild front end to make it more rigid and to make manual functioncs work flawlessly, and mainly I have to build rear end with boom and all motorized funcitons.
  12. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    I've add my buggy on rebricable. Some pics of "final" setup:
  13. Nico71's Creations

    Nice car, it reminds me retro-futuristic world of Fallout games(with exeption the fact, that that world was ruined).
  14. [WIP] Ultra4 Buggy + Black Edition

    Now it looks way better and should save passengers rolling down the stairs :D
  15. Muffinbrick's Technic Corner

    Thank you for kind words, I appreciate it . I like your version, this simple decolorization looks very nice! Problem with those 62.4x20 wheels is, that they contact when steered, so this part of the cabin cover should be built differently. I have some ideas how, but I'm affraid that this will weaken construction of cabin, when it is not very strong already. And one more "problem" - front suspension is not willing to return, when pressed. I don't know, if it's only because of weak springs, or if it's fail in this construction . I'll try to replace by as pivots of arms, but i'm not sure, if it'll work. Any other suggestion?