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  1. Pinnacle

    Buildings, scale 1:25, created by Pinnacle

    Thanks. Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for your kind words.
  2. Pinnacle

    Buildings, scale 1:25, created by Pinnacle

    Tower of Babel VIII Building the MOC. (03) Finally, the Tower of Babel has reached its highest point. That is to say, the point that Pieter Bruegel depicted in his painting of the Tower of Babel. The original painting can be seen in the 'Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen' in The Netherlands. It doesn't mean that the Tower is almost finished. On the contrary. I have still to do the third part of it. Especially the outer walls with the evenly ascending gallery or stairway are far from finished. Eleven years seems a long time, but I did not build every day of course. Sometimes a whole day, and sometimes I didn't build for weeks Fact list. Start of construction: March 14 2011. Dimensions: In bricks: 303 x 294 Height 232. In mm: 2424 x 2352 Height 2227 mm. Amount of bricks used so far: 443267. Weight: 645 kg. Number of hours worked: 1468.
  3. Pinnacle

    New Bricks and Pieces site

    You take the words right out of my mouth. I’m also a builder and need a lot of bricks and parts to make my MOCs. Therefore, I barely visit a LEGO store and is BrickLink my primary source for parts. I wonder why TLG don’t want to sell parts in bulk. Afraid they will sell less sets? I have no idea.
  4. Pinnacle

    Color Explosion

    This is gorgeous. Simply bricks! I like this so much...
  5. Pinnacle

    Do you only buy lego?

    That is certainly a point you have. The problem of separating the LEGO parts into LEGO parts and non-LEGO parts when you want to sell your LEGO for some reason. A brick 2x4, for instance, is a brick, provided it has the same quality as the genuine LEGO brick. For me, as a builder, there will be no difference. But for potential buyers, it can make all the difference in the world. That is why I stick to the original LEGO parts as long as TLG make these parts. But only when I can buy pieces that LEGO doesn’t make, I see no problems doing so. Because then you see in a moment the difference between LEGO and non-LEGO
  6. Pinnacle

    Do you only buy lego?

    I didn’t know that. Thanks. It goes that LEGO didn’t make uneven parts because it is too difficult for little children. But now, older kids play also with LEGO bricks, and even many adults create great things with them. So I think it is time that TLG will reconsider this argument and make more uneven and 'difficult' architectural parts. In my opinion, it would be more challenging for more people to build with LEGO bricks.
  7. Pinnacle

    Do you only buy lego?

    So far, I have only LEGO parts used in my MOCs. But my main goal is building things and as another company can make parts that TLG doesn’t and have the same quality as the genuine LEGO parts, Then I will not hesitate to buy those parts. I think about nx5 or nx7 bricks and plates and arches, door and window types, and so on. When it comes to architecture, there are lots of different parts I can think of…
  8. Pinnacle

    Would you rather build in person or online?

    I have to say, I like both. At first, I want to draw my MOCs with a LEGO-drawing programme. And when I’m satisfied whit the virtual result, I start with the realisation of the actual MOC. It is the ideal combination for me, and it works very well.
  9. Thanks for your quick response This was a fast and straightforward solution to solve the problem. Thanks a lot.
  10. I have a little question. I was making a kind of mosaic and used 5000 round plates 1x1 in different colours. Now I want to change all those plates into square ones 1x1 but while retaining the colours. What is the quickest way to do so?
  11. Pinnacle

    Do you sell your MOCs?

    No, I never sell MOCs. I don’t even sell parts. This is due to two main reasons. At first, my MOCs tend to be rather large and therefore, too costly for most buyers. But foremost, I have parts that LEGO made a long time ago and are hard to come by nowadays. Yes, I am an old guy, and I had many years to collect all those parts. And now I have the pleasure of it. My advice: don’t sell your parts if you are a typical builder. There will be a moment you will regret it. Unless you are a seller, of course.
  12. Pinnacle


    Since LEGO was available in The Netherlands in about 1957, it was enormously popular from the first moment. I was ten years at that moment and got my first LEGO on my birthday. And I loved it immensely. And all my friends also got LEGO. And as far as I know, almost every dutch child got the plastic bricks. And this has been going on until now. Also, almost nobody throws their LEGO away. It travelled from father to son or brother to brother. Or it was stored in attics or cupboards to be found later on. I think that thát one of the reasons is that er so many LEGO is around in The Netherlands.
  13. Pinnacle

    Lego colors - coming and going

    Reading this topic, I begin to understand the problems LEGO have with pleasing every possible customer. So many AFOLs, so many wishes. Speaking for myself, The only colours I really want are Red, Reddish brown, Dark red, Tan, Dark tan, White, Grey, Black, Sand red and Sand green. Bur others want to have as many shades of purple. Or all kinds of transparent parts. But then with all the parts imaginal. Slopes, Plates, tiles, Arches, and so on. It all depends on what type of MOCs one wants to make. Of course, how more colours, the better it is. But has TLG the capacity, and do they have the will to make all the part forms in all the known colours? That is the question.
  14. Pinnacle

    Buildings, scale 1:25, created by Pinnacle

    In principle, you're right. But I like to take pictures, and therefore I use the right colour preferably. And the Tower will not really be finished because the painting of Pieter Bruegel shows red brickwork on the top of the Tower. That brickwork is not entirely red but also contains brown and dark red bricks. So that I can also use reddish-brown arches. Arches that can not be seen are mainly black. One has to improvise sometimes.