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  1. Very nice, the shaping is excellent and I love how you integrated the bumblebee stripes into the blue section. I'm waiting for TLJ sets to be released so I can get a couple of those windscreens for a ship I'm working on.
  2. Kaboozle

    [MOC] NCS Arrowhead

    A Neo Classic Space one-man ship. NCS Arrowhead by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Side by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Engine by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Birds eye view by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Underside by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr C&C appreciated.
  3. Kaboozle

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    The new Ideas set, Old Fishing store, has a few pirate parts, namely the wheel and anchor. All the sand green 1x2s and reddish brown parts look useful too.
  4. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    I am working on a MOC of Scarif from Rogue one but I have been unable to find any reference material for the Citadel Tower, which is sort of a key part of the Scarif base. If anybody knows anywhere were i can get good reference for the Scarif base in general, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Kaboozle

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Haha, good joke, and nice microfighters.
  6. Man, you love making polls, don't you. I don't own either of these (But I've ordered the new battlepack) but I thinkI prefer the new one, for two reasons: 1- Death Troopers are awesome, even though it would be better if they were the same ones as in the shuttle 2- Odd numbers in battle packs really annoy me
  7. Kaboozle

    2017 Lego Star Wars UCS set vote

    Actually, there kinda is. Your Star Wars might include the prequels, but @kibosh's doesn't. It's just not a part of the Star Wars saga that he likes.
  8. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    Great, thanks. Oh, I'd not thought of of that, thanks.
  9. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    I don't really see the need, as most of the battle appears in the Battlefront DLC, but the Citadel isn't easy to see in the game. I do plan to go see the movie again, partly because it's awesome and partly because I can't really remember how the walkway looks.
  10. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    Thanks, Ellis, those are great.
  11. I just got your name

  12. Kaboozle

    Which is the best Rogue One set?

    I have all the first wave Rogue One sets,with the exception of the Tie Striker and buildable figures, and the At-St is definitely my favourite, though Krernnic's Shuttle is a close second. I've always loved walkers, especially the At-St, so getting a LEGO version is awesome.
  13. Kaboozle

    LEGO Star Wars Figbarf (Wave 1.0)

    Ohh, never mind. I just thought that the sniper rifle was some sort of heavy blaster.
  14. Kaboozle

    LEGO Star Wars Figbarf (Wave 1.0)

    Very nice, they all look great. I'd say the Imperial Spy looks more like a special forces trooper, though.
  15. I recently bought the At-St, Hovertank, First Order SF Tie Fighter, U wing and Krennic's Shuttle. Altogether it cost roughly £170.
  16. Kaboozle

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thought I'd try my hand at Star Wars photography. Stormtroopers by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Heavy Trooper by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Phasma by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr Phasma 2 by ~Ben Stansfield~, on Flickr
  17. Waiting for the next pirate theme

  18. Kaboozle

    A 'Lego Pirates' Movie

    Exciting! How will you be releasing it, on DVD or on YouTube?
  19. Kaboozle

    Pirate theme getting worse

    I was into other themes at the time of 2009 and also at the time of POTC so 2015 pirates along with a couple of small older sets is all I've got.
  20. Kaboozle

    Pirate theme getting worse

    The sad truth is that LEGO is trying to make money and Pirated simply is not that profitable, apart from with AFOLs and some TFOLs, so they don't really have much reason to keep it for longer than one wave. Hopefully the new POTC movie wil make pirates more popular.