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  1. nine09nueve

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Hear Hear Lord Wardancer... well said :)
  2. nine09nueve

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Liking the small cannon for the dwarves - I've seen a beautiful 4 barrelled one but it is a bit of a "cheat" to put together... do you have any close up views? Are you on Flickr?
  3. nine09nueve

    Giant boar

    I've got some animals built - shall I post them in the sub theme too?
  4. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    That is a very lovely throne design - I am so stealing it... BUT you are missing a hole in the bottom of it aren't you?? *edit: Oh... sitting!
  5. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    I'm guessing they also worship the frozen cheese of the sacred grove too yeah? :p
  6. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    So loved the cheese table... it REALLY looks like cheese on a table... not sure why vikings can't use plates though... just saying!
  7. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    Ah yes - tbh I didn't look as closely to the wheel as I needed to... hmmm that is something to think about (will get back to you when I have a breakthrough - either mentally or with a drill bit through a small round tile!)
  8. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    Echo this - grindstone is awesome idea... maybe have the back element flipped the other way so that you have smooth on both sides of the stone? Keep up the good work D
  9. nine09nueve

    Viking Advent Calendar

    This is ALL kinds of awesomesauce! Can't wait to see more and more... plus my 8yo loves them too! Win win
  10. Medium Azure Citadel Baharroth Blue is very VERY similar to it. Could it be closer with some mixing... probably - but I painted a couple of coats onto a lego base of dark azure without white undercoat and it was really good without having to do much else. Much love D p.s: What techniqueâ„¢?
  11. nine09nueve

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    How do you know this Exetrius?
  12. nine09nueve

    Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    Love the idea of these... how on earth are they going to fit enough pieces to build a giant or an ogre in a minfig bag?! :)
  13. nine09nueve

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Boy is that Dwarf slayer confused though... dragon tattoo on the chest - rhino on the hammer and a boar as a belt buckle! :)
  14. Does my stuff count as Niche castle?
  15. nine09nueve

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Erm - not now you've proudly announced to the aftermarket that you're collecting an army of them... no! :)