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  1. This is great! Really deserves a v2 so you can give it the finishing touches it deserves!
  2. I’m changing 8 - so prefer to get some springs than buy 8 new ones
  3. Hello - has anyone found a replacement spring for the shock absorbers? I am looking to turn some of the old blue shocks into the more new stiffer strength and wanted to know if anyone has sourced replacement springs. Thanks
  4. Yes it’s a lot for a Cada set considering they are also hard to resell. Will have to wait for the instructions to see if a Lego version is possible with some modifications.
  5. Here you go: Technic Tread Sprocket Wheel Small 57520 • Technic Gears
  6. Great build so far - I have been building in Lego following the Cada instructions. I had some trouble with the Gauge Cluster being to flimsy and falling apart when changing gears so made a modification using ball joints with axle. See below some photos for those interested. Ill post some final photos when complete. Thanks
  7. @langko @astyanax A big thankyou for all your hard work on designing and providing the instructions. I think this brings the total Pagani's in Australia up to three, with Langkos two! Mine is built with 99% Lego and 1% off-brand - I really wanted to build in Lime green, so I sourced the custom rims, lime arches and a few of the pins and connectors which match better than Legos. An excellent build and highly recommended.
  8. The new Batman shadow box set, has two in the new metallic colour as well as the original tan - maybe it was for that set considering it is predominately black.
  9. Thanks for the part list! Can do some early planning to recreate in Lego
  10. could you share some details on the epoxy resin you use on stickers? thanks
  11. Ahh - will have to wait and see the instructions :)
  12. Is the yellow suspension part also new? Looks like the new wave selector and suspension part will make some changes required to make it in lego bricks.
  13. Aston Martin use a neo yellow/green with some of their cars - could be for a race car
  14. Is it the Pneumatic Cylinder 1 x 5 with 2 Stepped Inlets the small yellow one in the model ?