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  1. Is it the Pneumatic Cylinder 1 x 5 with 2 Stepped Inlets the small yellow one in the model ?
  2. Maybe the rigid hoses for the middle part and curved plates on edge ? it looks a bit similar to what they did with the new star wars ucs landspeeder.
  3. Amazing just like your senna really love your builds! Given that black is a pretty common colour this would be a great candidate for instructions if you consider making :)
  4. This is awesome! I hope you can share the file for instructions would love to build
  5. I like it - probably closest resembles a mclaren for me!
  6. Next mod needs to be be a colour change using medium blue parts! The real car has launched.
  7. The actual car has launched. Medium blue would have been more suitable
  8. I can't believe it's not assembled properly - even on the box art you can tell
  9. I was expecting it to be medium blue, given all the new recolours from the monster jam truck
  10. If it's a McLaren - we could see orange/medium blue colour combo in line with the Monaco Gulf liverly they used. GIven the use of medium blue in the monster truck and some of the new parts I am hoping this is the case.
  11. I wonder if we get the F1 concept car rather than a team car as all the regulations are changing.
  12. This is awesome! I wonder if a land rover green and grey color scheme would work with the parts available
  13. This is super cool - i think ill get this set and have a go at building myself!
  14. There's another new part from the lego dots: I think it's used as a hinge maybe?
  15. The 13/14 panels look really good. not a huge fan of using the flags.