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    A Team Van

    Hi again, Not too much to say about this one. I wanted to build an A Team Van, so I did. Features - 1x L motor at 1:67 - 1x Servo - 1x M Motor for side door - 1x M Motor for back doors - functional doors & hood - battery access under van - working front lights - 42Lx17Wx16H (chassis, in studs) - 1242g Any comments are appreciated. Thanks
  2. Congrats to the winners! Very high standard of models to choose from for this contest.
  3. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks for the nice comment brickless, I hope you enjoy the build.
  4. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks mistakecargo. For a mid-sized model I was shocked when I found out how many parts the van contained.
  5. Chade

    A Team Van

    This model is up on Rebrickable for anyone interested.
  6. Chade

    [MOC] Formula Future racer

    The styling on this is very good! Great job
  7. Chade

    [MOC] Electric Fan 1:1 replica

    This is awesome! Love it. What parts are you using for the blades?
  8. Chade

    [TC10] Backhoe

    Probably never. I just don't have the patience and the parts to build big.
  9. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks Lox Lego!
  10. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks BusterHaus I don't think it's quite at HoF standard, but thanks very much for the mention!
  11. Wow, thats a very impressive C model with very nice styling. I didn't think it was possible to change a motorbike into a dragster
  12. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks DugaldlC and Legorigs Yeah, there are a few inaccuracies in the model, the biggest one being the DBG on the top of the van. Funds are a bit tight ATM so I had to work with what I had, thus DBG was out. Actually I don't think the shaping would have been as good if I used another colour. Other issues: the elevation of the red stripe should have started after the front door not the side door, the stripe should have been thinner (half beam) across the front and side, the front lights should have a split through the middle and been a bit smaller, the spoiler should have a gap etc etc. What I concentrated most on was the shaping of the van, and included details where possible. Sometimes accurate detailing didn't come across well in technic form (or simply didn't work), so I modified it where necessary. It's still very much a learning process, but I'm having a lot of fun with this new hobby . Sorry, that went on longer than I meant it too...
  13. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Btw, what does the star in front of the topic heading mean? I thought it indicated that it was my topic when I signed in, but I've realised that's not the case.
  14. Chade

    [MOC] Mitsubishi L200

    Very nice model! The inward curve of the door and the clever use of flex axles really give the truck shape.
  15. Chade


    All I can say is WOW! Amazing.
  16. 1: 10 20: 6 30: 4 25: 3 6: 2 16: 1
  17. Chade

    [TC10] Backhoe

    I'm a big fan of your models Lipko, and this one is great! Love the photos too. Good luck in the competition.
  18. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks for the comments! I could only fit 3 seats due to the sliding mechanism of the door.
  19. Chade

    A Team Van

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Actually, I was desperately trying to get panels into the model to get the weight down. I couldn't due to connection issues. Luckily it turned out OK with beams. I should have instructions on rebrickable sometime in the future. Strangely enough, I found myself humming the theme tune when building it
  20. I got almost exactly the same message. I'm OK with it. They asked my permission, my name's connected to the models, and all images and videos appear to be linked to the source.
  21. Hi there guys, I've just been alerted to a Germany Ebay user selling other people's MOC's at quite a high price. This includes quite a few of Madoca's models, Agrof's Class Buggy, my Mini Truck, and I think metulskie8 Classic Car Name: Legotechnicwelt4 I'm not good on ebay, can someone tell me how to report and remove this page? Thanks!
  22. Thanks for your responses everyone, it looks like it's been taken down. Brunojj1, I love your passion but yeah, violence might be a wee bit too far...
  23. Hi there, Hope everyone is having fun building cranes for TC8. This MOC was created as I'd just bought the horrifically expensive rechargeable battery box from the LEGO shop, and I wanted to incorporate it into a build. I decided to build something compact, and the below picture is the result. This chassis was designed around the new MX5 convertible at 1:12.5 scale. While it's very simple, I'm quite proud of the fact that I managed to fit all the power functions into it, while keeping it to scale. The height of the car (not including seats and windscreen) needed to be a maximum of 8 studs. The turning circle is tight on the car as well. I then tried to build the body, and this is where things became a lot harder and more frustrating. The build is OK, but nothing great. I wanted to use more panels, but I found them bulky and quite unwieldy for a model this size. The car is also a bit blocky and dense, maybe using flex axles through the body would be better? I don't know. The model has nothing fancy, only the doors open and close and power functions (L motor, servo, Battery & IR receiver) which steer and move the car. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks. More images at
  24. Chade

    [MOC] 1:12.5 RC Car

    Thanks for the nice comment SH Kim! I'm glad you're enjoying my MOCs, it's great to hear if people are building them. I recommend never using clutch gears on any of my models as it significantly affects performance. I'm glad the instructions are clear enough, it's a bit of a headache creating them on disassembly. Oh, and welcome to Eurobricks :)
  25. Chade

    [TC10] Lil Excavator

    It's so small! Amazing job getting pneumatics into it.