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Found 9 results

  1. Ultrament

    My new GBC module

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, so comment on any questions and request for GBC modules. Just a few days ago, I was on Rebrickable for a little bit, and thought of finding GBC modules. Well, I wasn't very lucky, because the only one I could find was a back-forth style lift. It was made using the First Responder set. I did not even have that set, as my largest Technic set was Street Bike. I decided to get my Street Motorcycle set, and make this:
  2. I grew up building Lego but with adulthood, I moved to riding/fixing motorcycles. I own 4 and amongst them 2 BMWs. I like the mechanical specificity of them; the flat twin, the suspension (telelever, duolever, paralever). A couple of years ago, I had a sudden urge to build Lego again and I bought one, then two 42036 sets. I don't especially like the original model, but all the pieces were there to build my own. I started with the idea to have a paralever in the back, a duolever in the front a gearbox of some sort and an engine that would evoke BMW; in this case a longitudinal in-line 4. I didn't have much other pieces than the ones from the sets, so this is what I came up with: With no specific parts to build on for the rear arm, it ended quite bulky, but does the job. There's a working 2-speed gearbox with foot control and the front suspension works just fine. Since I had bought two sets, I had to build a second one. With even less pieces at hand, it had to be even simpler. I went for a Ducati hypermotard inspired theme, with a V twin and a nice rear single arm. Both models are tough enough for kids to play with and differ substantially from the original. And that's all for now. Cheers!
  3. What started as a basic color change of 42036 to red, quickly turned into me building my ultimate superbike. Something close to the 1299 Superleggera or Desmosedici RR. Just clean lines and simple functions, although I'd like to add a gearbox but space is tight - Single-sided swingarm - Drive chain moved to the inside - Front/rear fenders added - Dual-shock rear suspension - "Carbon" rims and brake discs w/ calipers - Radiator added
  4. Since I recently got LEGO Technic set 42036 and didn't built anything out of Technic for a long time I've decided to rebuild this motorbike into vehicle with four wheels. It was bigger challenge than I expected. I had to use few uncommon asseblies: replace front wheels by gears with chain replace connector in crankshaft by liftarm replace pair of bevel gears by bunch of connectors - this solution was proposed by Victor Imaginator Finished dragster features just V4 fake engine with moving pistons. I planed to add steering but I didn't have enough parts for it.
  5. Good day ! Two days ago I finally got the 42036, but was dissapointed. The reasons were the enormous gaps in the bodywork, horrible looks without the stickers and missing details. So I decided to make it in white and fix it in general. After some hours of work I got this modded model. List of modifications: brakes levers and discs filled gaps in the body changed to white&black added chrome changed the yellow shock absorber part for a LBG one added a grille + some tubes rear lights numberplate decent seat tensor for the chain neon underlights Bricksafe Enjoy! LDD file coming soon LDD
  6. 42036 Street Motorcycle - recenzja + speed build Review comes from my blog. You can chec my FB, Youtube or Instagram. 42036 Street Motorcycle is a set that allows to build two motorcycles (two-wheelers geek I am more than a Lego :)) - "chaser" as the primary model and "naked" as an alternative. Motorcycles were repeatedly used by TLG. The first set is 857-1 Motorbike with Sidecar [/ url], 1979. Since then Lego has released 26 models of motorcycles. Closest to the vehicle being reviewed seems set from 2010, that is, 8051-1 Motorbike [/ url]. It seems that last year's model is much poorer than its older brother (I lean on the pictures, then I do not have that motorcycle). Series: Technic Released: 2015 Set: 42036 Pcs: 375 PPP: 0,05 € Model weight: 0,333 kg Set weight (box with bricks and instructions): 0,556 kg Alternative build: yes Price: £17,99 / $19,99 / 19,99€ / 159,99 zł Parts list: - Bricklink - Brickset The box The box has dimensions of 35 cm x 19 cm x 7 cm and weighs just over half a kilogram. As for the set consisting of 375 elements is quite a lot. The box is kept in a characteristic dark color. Front of cardboard includes a large photo of the main model against some road in the mountains. Furthermore, we can see the logos and Lego Technic series and information about the kit, you can build two vehicles. The back of the box is interesting. The greater part of the back of box is picture with a beautiful optional model (I am a fan of "naked" bikes) and two photos showing the functionality of the bike, which is moving the chain and the pistons in the engine. One of the long sides as usual, represents one of the elements in the scale of 1: 1. This time we can see Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Smooth Small Long, Side A with 'LT1' Pattern. There is no name of model on the box. I'm writing about model built over a year ago and do not remember how many bags of elements was in the box. The content is: - Bricks - Two instructions (one for model A, the second for model B) - A sheet of stickers An instruction is the book measuring 21 cm x 16.5 cm and consists of 80 pages. Besides the construction guide consisting of 43 steps, there is a place for advertising Lego application, Technic website and three models in the series. Parts list is located in the manual model B. The set doesn't have new parts, only a few in a new color - Medium Blue. 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A - 2 pcs 87080 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side B - 2 pcs 64393 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 6 Long Smooth, Side B - 1 pc 64681 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 5 Long Smooth, Side A - 1 pc 32192 Medium Blue Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 - 135 degree - 2 pcs 64683 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 3 Small Smooth Long, Side A - 2 pcs 64391 Medium Blue Technic, Panel Fairing # 4 Small Smooth Long, Side B - 2 pcs The build As I mentioned in the introduction construction is moderately complicated. During shooting video it took me a little over an hour, without shooting the video would go much faster. Building process in manual is clear and well described, so there is little room for error. [media] [/media]Traditionally, I ask ror youtube like and subscription. I have no spare elements, they lie somewhere in the drawers. BL indicates that the backup should be eight elements. Finished model Summary Kit 42036 is successful. In the box you will find two interesting models (I will separatly review model B), with an attractive design and colors. The motorcycle is very well designed - really gives the impression of a strong "chaser". The only flaw is a V engine, not seen in this type of motorcycles. Vehicles as a set for 20 euro have a lot of functionality: riding riding we have amortized both wheels, steering wheel, rear wheel driven four-cylinder engine, moving the kickstand allowing expose model on the shelf without worrying that falls over. In addition, the kit is the doner of many parts in interesting colors - blue panels, red liftarms, wheels, tires and the whole handful of Technic bricks. The model is also solidly built - dropping on the wheels, even from a height of half a meter has not caused any damage. Pros + Two nice bikes + Robust construction + A lot of parts in a new color + Doner of parts + A lot of functionalityi Cons - V-engine in "chaser" motorcycle but it's nothing, a half-minus If I made mistakes forgive me, my English isn't perfect.
  7. Hi everybody! Today i present to you my new MOC - Supermoto bike (alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle). I hope you will like it!
  8. One more alternate build of 42036 Street Motorcycle... And LDD file is available for download Chopper.lxf
  9. Wasn't crazy about the color scheme so I decided to change it up. I like this much better.