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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody ! So today, I'm really happy to present you the car I've worked on day and night for the last 3 weeks : a Porsche 919 Hybrid, my dream Porsche ! So the model features : - Direction with a HOG and a working steering wheel - Independent suspension on each axle - Realistic door opening mechanism - 4 speed sequential gearbox - V4 fake engine with turbo. The design : I worked a lot on the design, trying to make it look as close as the real model. Functions : Front suspension are done like this : This system allow a small travel and it lets enough space to place the gear rack just under the shock absorber, so the front axle is really compact. The door are opened by a simple mechanism using 6L links. The most important function is the 4 speed sequential gearbox. It use NLF77 shifting system, slithy modified to make it smaller, like so : The V4 engine is just above the gearbox, to save some space. The gearbox is not really special, except the fact that the 2 driving rings aren't close to each other ( a bit like the 42056, except the fact that it works ) Full flickr gallery : Video :
  2. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Architecture Skylines - Budapest, Hungary

    A few months ago, I built an LDD MOC of the Hungarian Parliament building. That was originally part of a Budapest Skylines MOC I was working on for a long time, but the sizes of the buildings was too big. Since then I abandoned the project until the announcement of the Dream Skylines contest at Rebrick. Since then I have been working at this, and I am quite proud of it. So without further ado... Being the city I grew up in, Budapest is very close to my heart, which is the point of the Rebrick contest. As a child, I traveled to so many parts of the city, and being great with maps, I learned to know the city better than most people. Even when I went to live in Chicago and London for extended periods of time, I can recall a mental map of Budapest and its notable places so well that I can draw and build places from memory. The most iconic buildings and monuments of Budapest were so tough to put in a 8x36 stud Skylines model for several reasons. One, there are simply too many wonderful buildings that are of worldwide renown. I had to leave out several places, such as St. Stephen's Cathedral, Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church, the Hungarian State Opera, and Heroes' Square. The other reason is that whereas the skylines of many cities are made up of tall, towering structures such as skyscrapers, the buildings of Budapest are on the low, horizontal side. There can not be any building taller than the Parliament and St. Stephen's Cathedral, both being 96 meters. That number signifies 896, the year in which Magyars settled down into the area which then became the Hungarian Kingdom. These two buildings being the tallest in the entire city represents church and state at equal levels, both figuratively and literally. The only way other buildings can be taller is by being situated on top of hills, which are common on the western, or the Buda side of the city. The Citadel on Gellért Hill and the Buda Castle are examples of this, both looking over the Danube and being a prominent part of Budapest's vista. The Parliament may seem to share similar elements to my previous MOC, but in fact is a completely new build with different building techniques. This is the part of the whole model with which I struggled with the most. I redesigned it at least 20 times to get the version which finally satisfied my perfectionism. I had to make this structure small enough to not lose all the detail that its real life counterpart is decorated with. The Széchényi Chain Bridge, while I admit is a bit oversized, is something which I just could not leave out of this model. It is probably the most iconic structure in perhaps all of Budapest. Here is the entry on the Rebrick contest. Unfortunately the moderators would not let me use these pics that you see here. The blueprint papers may be acceptable, but perhaps the black and white brick outline is doing too much. So instead I had to use raw LDD screenshots, which I now admit, are a bit underwhelming. If you are curious about building techniques and details, don't be scared to ask! But I will not share instructions, since it would be hard to build this model, since many pieces are not available in these colors. Unless you want to upset the purists and paint a BB-8 head sand green...
  3. The Chosen One

    Makuta the corrupted maskmaker

    Hello! I finally made something for Rebrick Makuta contest. Pictures are clickable. Any comments are welcome and good luck to all, who participate!
  4. Hello, this is my entry - Porsche 914. My model has flat four-cylinder engine, realistic rear suspension with trailing arms and double wishbone front suspension, openable: hood (with prop), trunk (in which the roof is stored) and doors (with fixation), and also very nice seats, adjustable working steering wheel, sun visors (which are also parts of the roof) and rising headlights (controls from passenger compartment). Roof in the trunk With roof Interior Rear supension and flat engine My favorite feature - rising headlights:) I hope you like it, more photos on my flickr: