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  1. bradleybrand

    100% Custom Layouts?

    I don't reguarly check these forums, but thank you guys for all your great replies.
  2. bradleybrand

    100% Custom Layouts?

    Wow, thank you for the share! AFOL TV is cool. Yeah, I know of the issue. I miss the LEGO years. Yeah, that's true. I have never been so keen of micro-cities though, much preferring minifig scale.
  3. bradleybrand

    100% Custom Layouts?

    I understand the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection is impressive and gorgeous, but it seems that every LEGO town/city is filled with these. I search on YouTube for "100% custom LEGO town" without any luck. Growing up throughout the early 2000s, my LEGO collection consisted of 90s and 2000s. As a kid, with not so much LEGOs, my creations were simple but nice. The same goes for LEGO sets, in 2005 we saw set 7240 of the Fire Station. LEGO towns/cities don't have to look as impressive as the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection to gain my interest, even more simple MOCs catch my eye. Does anyone have any mostly custom towns/cities? Or know of any?
  4. bradleybrand

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection (MOCs)

    I can speak for me and many others, we would love to see your amazing LEGO creations. It sounds a great idea to take brand new photos of them. Thank you for sharing them. LEGO Racers 2 was a great part of my childhood, I love the Racers series.
  5. bradleybrand

    LEGO Racers 2019 Collection (MOCs)

    Are you able to provide new working image sources? As these images are no longer available, sadly.
  6. bradleybrand

    Classic Town

    Thank you very much, looks fantastic!
  7. bradleybrand

    Classic Town

    Early Years Summary I was born in 1994 and as I got older, I purchased my first 2nd hand LEGO collection. Without even knowing during the time, I had the parts for various unbuilt LEGO sets. Back then I just built my own creations, taking advantage of some LEGO set baseplates. My early LEGO collection consisted of many Classic Town parts, pieces and minifigures. This was a more simpler, less stressful time. LEGO sets and creations were very basic and simple, but would also have a very special place within my heart. Surprisingly, a lot of early LEGO sets even had excellent playability and functionality. I took advantage of some LEGO set baseplates I used to construct my very own LEGO creations, as well as other various LEGO Classic Town pieces. Whilst my very own creations were not very spectacular, I still got tons of fun and enjoyment from them. With pocket money, birthday money, Christmas money, I would purchase various LEGO sets. My very first major LEGO set was the LEGO Fire Station 7420, which my dad got for me. So LEGO Classic Town / LEGO Town / LEGO City were my favourite. Now that I am a adult - a AFOL - I have greater funds in purchasing old vintage LEGO sets. I purchase sets I once had, sets I wanted as a child, as well as interesting sets which I wanted to experience as an adult. I have both happiness and sadness because so many LEGO sets I would of loved as a child, but never had the chance to experience whilst I was in my play years. But I also understand I would not want to be a "spoilt child", but LEGO was my main hobby of my childhood. I would not do anything else other than LEGO, with minor exceptions like watching TV, playing on the PlayStation or computer, playing with plastic toy soldiers. As a child, certain pieces were so precious and rare to me. If I had a certain piece I really liked, I would treasure this so much. Whereas today, one can easily go onto BrickLink or eBay to purchase such pieces. But as a young child, such pieces were like gold dust to me. So my early LEGO towns consisted mostly of my own creations of my own style - open top buildings, with LEGO set buildings of open backs, with LEGO vehicles. All these early buildings were simple creations of great playability and functionality. Likes and Dislikes of Classic Town I love sets of the LEGO Classic Town theme! I love the four stud wide vehicles for both cars and trucks. As a child, it did not matter as much that these sets only seated one LEGO minifig per time. But as I got older, this became a problem with LEGO sets of all themes. I admired the LEGO Adventures theme for their sets which seated two LEGO minifigs. I also understand that budget was a big problem for all fans of LEGO, so I feel like some interiors of LEGO Classic Town sets were too basic. This gave collectors the ability to possibly even make their own creations for inside their LEGO Police and Fire stations, but it would have been nice to see LEGO include more interiors. The open back buildings were very appealing to me. Searching for MOCs Now... I have reached the main part of the article. On YouTube, I have tried searching for LEGO MOCs in the style of Classic Town, but so many LEGO MOCs seem what I call - "advanced LEGO creations". Sure, they look very impressive! But it would be cool to see people's LEGO MOCs which are more compatible with early LEGO, which would go nicely with LEGO Classic Town. Perhaps LEGO fans do not see the need to share their simple and basic creations, as they highly lack in comparison to modern LEGO. Do you know of any LEGO MOCs which are more simple, a suit the LEGO Classic Town theme? Perhaps, you have built some yourself? Perhaps a LEGO Classic Town vehicle MOC or building MOC? I would love for you guys to redirect me to them!
  8. bradleybrand

    Your ideas for future city buildings

    I really love vehicles which can seat at least 2 minifigs. Maybe a future project could be to have a 2 seater cop car. Maybe prisoner seat in back.
  9. bradleybrand

    LEGO Racers 2 - Your Cars

    I usually picked pre-existing cars. But did anyone ever build any custom cars and vehicles? I don't think it was even possible to build the already existing pre-built vehicles with the available pieces. This is my attempt at a police vehicle. Photo uploaded on Flickr - click here. Look forward to seeing any of your creations.
  10. bradleybrand

    LEGO Avatars?

    Okay, so I had an idea. I do not know if such a feature exists somewhere. I found nothing in a basic Google search. So now I will explain my idea. For online websites such as forums, etc, users use their own avatars or select an avatar. Eurobricks, Steam, GOG, etc. In games such as LEGO Racers 2, players can create their own minifigures choosing their face, torso, legs, additional stuff like helmets, etc. I want the ability to create my own LEGO avatar. The ability to choose from different faces, torsos, legs, etc. The ability to change colour too. I understand some people may make some avatars the same as others. Does such a feature exist? Can anyone who likes projects create such a thing? Would be awesome to have.
  11. bradleybrand

    Brickville 2014

    Love this as has more of a classic theme.
  12. bradleybrand

    Town Layout Index

    Updated index please?
  13. bradleybrand

    [MOC] Small Town Houses

    My issue with this site is when I come across images on Google Images and try to check them out of Eurobricks, the image links have long expired. :/
  14. bradleybrand

    MOC: New Mannum Town Centre

    Any bigger pictures or latest?