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  1. bradleybrand

    LEGO Racers 2 - Your Cars

    I usually picked pre-existing cars. But did anyone ever build any custom cars and vehicles? I don't think it was even possible to build the already existing pre-built vehicles with the available pieces. This is my attempt at a police vehicle. Photo uploaded on Flickr - click here. Look forward to seeing any of your creations.
  2. bradleybrand

    LEGO Avatars?

    Okay, so I had an idea. I do not know if such a feature exists somewhere. I found nothing in a basic Google search. So now I will explain my idea. For online websites such as forums, etc, users use their own avatars or select an avatar. Eurobricks, Steam, GOG, etc. In games such as LEGO Racers 2, players can create their own minifigures choosing their face, torso, legs, additional stuff like helmets, etc. I want the ability to create my own LEGO avatar. The ability to choose from different faces, torsos, legs, etc. The ability to change colour too. I understand some people may make some avatars the same as others. Does such a feature exist? Can anyone who likes projects create such a thing? Would be awesome to have.
  3. bradleybrand

    Brickville 2014

    Love this as has more of a classic theme.
  4. bradleybrand

    Town Layout Index

    Updated index please?
  5. bradleybrand

    [MOC] Small Town Houses

    My issue with this site is when I come across images on Google Images and try to check them out of Eurobricks, the image links have long expired. :/
  6. bradleybrand

    MOC: New Mannum Town Centre

    Any bigger pictures or latest?
  7. bradleybrand

    Minifig-scale cars

    It would be nice to see these vehicles for sale somewhere, with all the parts.
  8. bradleybrand

    Custom Military Minifigs?

    On BrickLink, an Electro-MOC Diesel HUMVEE MOC is $29.99, then shipping is $22.75. I need to find UK based stores for cheaper delivery costs. Same with modern warfare minifigures. seems like a good store actually, checking that out.
  9. bradleybrand

    Custom Military Minifigs?

    I am a fan of both WW2 and modern warfare. Is there any good websites you recommend or places?
  10. Does anyone know any good websites where I can buy good custom military minifigures for good price, for the UK? I have been searching around recently.
  11. bradleybrand

    MOC: Mercedes van, Mercedes GD, APE and police car

    That police car is wonderful! I love cop cars with front doors and back doors, more realistic.
  12. bradleybrand

    [ MOC ] Modern Fire Brigade

    Not sure about the piece count, but that would make a great set! :)
  13. bradleybrand

    MOC: Brewery and Bottling Plant

    That's genius! I've always experienced difficulty with making LEGO industry because I never know what things a factory would have. You have done a great job here, well done!
  14. bradleybrand

    Stud City Police Precinct Headquarters - my brother's MOC

    Brilliant! Has great stairs for access to upper floors too.