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  1. This was definitely my favorite episode of The Book of Boba Fett so far and up there with some of my favorite Mandalorian episodes. It didn’t do a ton of favors for the overarching storyline of this particular series, however, but I honestly don’t really mind. As for possible Lego set discussion, I’m still expecting some sort of Rancor based set for the $70 TBOBF slot in June. I’m also hoping for a Lego Mantis with the Fallen Order sequel/spin-off news. It’s the one major Star Wars property not to have gotten any Lego sets in the last couple years and I really loved the first game. Fingers crossed that it’s the $160 set this summer, though I really doubt it. Maybe next year…
  2. The Stud

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    I was planning on sitting it out from Ninjago this year but these descriptions sound very interesting. DOTD-done-right is something that I’ve been wanting for years and it seems like that might be what’s happening here. I only really skimmed the descriptions of the sets themselves but the figures (and what they mean for the overarching Ninjago storyline) sound intriguing. Hopefully we get some Star Wars and Marvel news soon!
  3. I enjoyed the Battle of Scarif set when it was still out, especially because I got it for 20% off, but I wouldn’t pay much more for it. I ended up disassembling it because it was a great parts pack, so I’d recommend just Bricklinking the figures at this point. The exclusive Cassian and Shoretrooper are great!
  4. Really, we could be seeing either leaks or official pictures anyday now. We already saw the March sets this time last year, but it’s possible that Lego might be holding off a bit this time around since three of these sets are tied to The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, so they might have to tie those reveals in with the show.
  5. Nice, that was one of the few Rogue One sets I missed and Chirrut is the only main character I’m missing from that movie. I’m pretty sure Lego only included one of those orange kyber crates in the Hovertank because the Battle on Scarif set that came out a few months later included one as well.
  6. Just those three for now, but fingers crossed that Force Ghost Obi-Wan will be included as well.
  7. The Stud

    10298 Vespa Scooter

    A Lego Vespa? Well, I’m glad to see Lego doing more sets for The Book of Boba Fett.
  8. Looking back at the Summer 2021 rumor list from last spring, this year’s summer wave does look a fair amount larger. I suppose it makes sense: for starters, there’s the elephant in the room with COVID. Also, 2021 was a fairly small year for mainstream Star Wars all things considered. There was still The Bad Batch, Visions and lots of interesting stuff going on in the books/comics with The High Republic and War of the Bounty Hunters, as well as the first Boba Fett episode at the very tail end of the year, but I’d argue that most of those things were not particularly mainstream or viable for Lego products. Comparatively, this year looks pretty big for Star Wars, with 4-5 shows coming to Disney+, tons of announcements coming from the first Celebration in three years and a good amount of video game content with the long-awaited release of Lego TSS and rumors of Fallen Order 2 dropping at the end of the year or early on in 2023. Hopefully Lego capitalizes on some of that. I’m just trying to get everything from the D+ shows. Not only because I’ve really enjoyed them thus far, but also because we don’t know if Lego will ever go back and do more sets for them later on with so much new content coming out. That’s why I tried to get most of the anthology film sets (still missing a few sets from both Rogue One and Solo though) and why I regret not getting any of the Rebels sets when they were out, as Lego has never revisited those properties thus far. I’m someone who has really enjoyed the last two summer/fall waves for Lego Star Wars, so hopefully this year continues that trend!
  9. Great, thanks for the heads up! I’ll probably wait until I’m done with the semester to pick up a copy then! I can’t help but wonder if some of the sets we get this summer will include some of the characters from the game that either don’t exist at all in Lego form (like Cody or Babu Frik) or characters that haven’t been in sets in a while (such as Qui-Gon or just about any version of Padme.) Granted, with all the playable characters and all the delays of this game, it probably doesn’t necessarily mean anything. (Like I said a few pages ago, a good portion of those first sets from summer 2020 with TSS codes on them are already gone lol.) I’m just more interested in sets from the Disney+ shows, so no hurt feelings if this guess is way off lol.
  10. It makes sense. TROS had like five major planets that were traveled to. And TLJ and TROS have never been covered in a Lego game before, so there's a definite possibility that the developers put a special emphasis on those films. Does anyone know if you can only get the Blue Milk Luke polybag when you pre-order the game, or will it be included with the Deluxe Edition regardless? I'm trying to plan out when exactly I'm going to get the game since I still need to finish my The Complete Saga playthrough.
  11. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looks like my prediction was correct as well. I'm trying to collect all the Lego sets for the Marvel and Star Wars Disney+ shows, so while I was pretty likely to get this anyway, this just gives me extra incentive to!
  12. That would make more sense to me, but looks like the April date is confirmed! For all you Cody fans, he’s a playable character in the game.
  13. $530 is such a specific amount I have to imagine that it’s supposed to be a $350 set and they just switched a couple numbers around. It’d fit with the current $350 MBS set every two years patten. Also, a new picture of The Skywalker Saga Character Pack has shown up on the game’s pre-order page, showing Mando and Grogu, Jyn Erso and Hunter. And according to some dataminer, the game is due for April 5th, which I’m a bit skeptical about, but the sooner, the better in my eyes. Hopefully they ramp up promotion soon regardless. Also, am I the only one thinks it’s hilarious that by the time this game comes out, a good number of the Lego sets that promote TSS on the box (particularly the summer 2020 ones) will have retired already?
  14. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’d take a grain of salt with those shutdown rumors. Some people that supposedly know people working on set have claimed that the HR article is talking about a shutdown that already occurred earlier this month, not currently. I still think the movie’s production is cursed, but I wouldn’t lose all hope that the film is coming out this year.
  15. Since the other TBOBF set that we know about is coming out like three months later, I’m guessing that Lego had more material to work with for that set. And yes, the whole “Disney hates Slave/Huttslayer Leia and is censoring the outfit” narrative is definitely false. If I recall correctly, the whole “controversy” sprung from some parents complaining that there was a bunch of scantily-clad Leia figures clogging up the Star Wars toy section (like @jdubbs pointed to) and didn’t want such a toy to be presented to their children. It was super blown out of proportion. Lego does minifigures in swimsuits all the time; the only reason they haven’t done a new version of Leia in this outfit is because there’s been no new ROTJ Jabba’s Palace/Sail Barge sets in years. Anyway, I can’t wait to see these March sets. We should be seeing them anytime in the next few weeks.