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  1. The Stud

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes, this is very exciting! I just watched all of the Dark Knight trilogy for the first time recently so this is coming out at just the right time for me. It’s $10 more expensive than 76119 and the recent 60’s Batmobile, I hope it comes with an extra figure. Some version of Christian Bale’s Batman will come with it obviously but I wonder who else they could include. Surely, they won’t just include the same figures in both sets, so I’m hoping they include Heath Ledger Joker in the smaller set. Imagine how much it would fly off shelves if he did. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Catwoman to appear as well.
  2. I’m not sure if Vader’s Castle is still available, but if it’s not, then those are the only current sets to include Vader, yes. They’re the only sets with ROTJ Luke right now, but there’s a lot of other sets with Luke from ANH and ESB out right now. That’s definitely up there too! I’m excited to get an extra one in the Advent Calendar.
  3. The leakers that said we could be seeing Lego SW minifigures soon was not kidding lmao. It didn’t even take a full day. Both of these new figures are absolutely gorgeous. Greef is a great representation of his Season 2 look and I am also glad that he looks less plain than his counterpart from the Razor Crest. (Sidenote, but I also hope we see more of the character himself in Season 3 or one of these other D+ shows.) Coming from someone who generally likes the newer stormtrooper helmet mold, I think the Mortar Stormtrooper is one of the best looking Star Wars troopers we’ve gotten in minifigure form. It’s just so detailed, and it makes me really hope for an Incinerator Stormtrooper as well at some point. Between these figures and the ones from the Bad Batch set, this summer’s selection of Lego Star Wars minifigures is already looking to be pretty spectacular.
  4. The figures look absolutely spectacular. I was not expecting arm printing! My only gripe is that Tech’s helmet looks oversized IMO. The set itself also looks much better and I love the box art.
  5. So 2023 is the 20th Anniversary of Lucasfilm Animation and I had the fun idea of concocting a hypothetical wave Lego could release to coincide with that occasion. This hypothetical wave would have eight sets based off TCW, Rebels, Resistance and The Bad Batch. (Sorry CW ‘03 and Forces of Destiny fans!) The Clone Wars: AT-TE ($100): An updated version of the 2013 set. This would be depicting the Battle of Yerbana from TCW S7 so a little barricade from that scene could also be included. The figures would include Obi-Wan Kenobi [the dirt printing version], Commander Cody [New!], x2 212th Clone Troopers [New!], and x2 Battle Droids. Captain Rex’s Y-Wing Fighter ($60): Figures would include Captain Rex [New!], ARC Trooper Jesse [New!], a 332nd Trooper and R3-37 [New!]. Separatist Shuttle ($40): A remaster of the original set. This one would be somewhat based off of that Season One pirate arc. Figures would include Count Dooku [slightly updated from 2013], Hondo Ohnaka [New!] and two Battle Droids. Rebels: The Ghost ($130): The flagship set of the wave and a better version than what Lego put out in 2014. This one would be more in scale with the 2019 Falcon. Figures would include Blind Kanan Jarrus [slightly updated from the 2017 figure], General Hera Syndulla [New!], Season 3 or 4 Sabine Wren with Darksaber [New!], Season 3/4 Zeb Orellios [New!] and Season 4 Captain Rex [New!]. The Phantom II ($30): A remake of the 2017 Phantom to go with the newly scaled Ghost. This time around, figures would include Seasons 3/4 Ezra Bridger [New!], Grand Admiral Thrawn [New!] and Chopper [slightly updated from his last appearance]. Twilight of the Apprentice ($20): A small duel set in line with the Starkiller Base, Mustafar and soon Mandalore sets put out in the last few years. This one would recreate a small portion of the Malachor temple and include the coveted Sith Holocron. The minifigures would include Darth Vader [New!] and an updated Rebels Ahsoka Tano [New!] Resistance: The Fireball ($50): A build of The Fireball around the same size as the 2021 X-Wing. Figures would include Kaz Xiono [same figure from 2019 but with new helmet piece], Jerec Yeager [New!], Commander Pyre [New!] and CB-23 [New!] The Bad Batch: It’s a little hard to think of any ideas right now. We’re only one episode in right now and by the time my hypothetical wave would be designed, Season 2 will already be done. So I guess I’ll just go with this: V-Wing Starfighter ($30): The set would be an updated version of the 2014 set. Figures would include Bad Batch Crosshair [New!], an Imperial Clone Pilot [New!] and an astromech droid [New!]
  6. Lego can’t avoid making a Saw figure forever. Unlike other missing characters like Commander Cody or Boss Nass, Saw’s had the benefit of being very relevant these last couple years. On top of his debut arc in TCW, he’s shown up in just about every major on-screen story in between ROTS and ANH with the one exception being Solo, and even then, he showed up in the novelization for that movie haha. Plus...
  7. I actually like that the BARC build is mostly the same as the one from the 501st set. I appreciate the consistency between the two; my problem is more so with the fact that I think the two speeders could/should have been their own set. Also... Of course, I’m also someone who isn’t bothered by the oversized build from the 501st to begin with, so feel free to ignore me.
  8. I think it’s somewhat amusing that we’re getting Cobb Vanth’s speeder in the Advent Calendar but not as a set. Fingers crossed for that and in the winter wave, though I’m keeping my expectations low. I have a feeling that next year’s sets will follow the pattern of this year and last year where we get the more interesting stuff in the summer wave. (I’m personally expecting more OT and maybe some PT/ST remakes in this new scale come January.)
  9. This Mandalorian Forge rumor is exciting! I really did not expect the retail exclusive to be something from Mando or TCW, but here we are. It’s something that I had on my wishlist for Mandalorian sets and here we are. I hope they don’t put in another Stormtrooper/Death Trooper in place of Paz Vizla though. I’ve been dying to get him as a figure. The Armorer is practically locked in and I think one of the two Din figures is likely. If we get Paz and The Armorer, then the only figures left from Season One that I would want are Kuiil, an Offworld Jawa and an Incinerator Stormtrooper.
  10. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Eh, unlike the Black Panther helmet or new Thor hairpiece “rumors”, Promobricks have actually vouched for this one. I know some of these figure leaks have disappointed people, but let’s have a little faith here.
  11. The Stud

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don’t really get these large vehicle builds, but the 1989 Batmobile has been tempting me the last few months and the rumors of a Delorean and now a Tumbler remake are making me rethink that. At the very least, I’m excited to see what figures come with this set. Batman and Joker are guaranteed, but assuming that this follows a similar pattern to the two ‘89 sets, there will probably be a third one included. I’m guessing either Harvey Dent/Two Face or Commissioner Gordon. I think The Bat is very likely for 2022 now, and I could see that coming with a new Batman, Bane and Catwoman.
  12. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    “My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.”
  13. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m not seeing any new pictures either.
  14. The Stud

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don’t think I posted my thoughts on the HD pictures from the last couple days, so I’ll go ahead and do that now. -Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane genuinely looks like a great little set, in spite of its 4+ simplicity. I love the colors on it and the exclusive Aviator Mickey prints. -Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop is an okay little set. It has some useful pieces I could use and I like the Minnie and Daisy variants. -Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket has an awful title, but it’s a cute little set. It gives me big Tomorrowland vibes. Again, it has some useful parts I could use in my collection and I like the space suits for Mickey and Minnie. -Mickey and Friends Fire Truck and Station is probably the set that me and a lot of other people are most excited for. The last set gave me Tomorrowland vibes and now this one is reminding me of Toontown (which I wish they kept around at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom). It’s obviously not a great or detailed build, but I like the look of it. I love that they made new headmolds for Mickey and Minnie’s fire helmets and their uniforms both look super detailed. I like getting Goofy in a smaller set, since I still haven’t got the Disney Train yet, though I’m disappointed that his legs are unprinted. And lastly, that Pluto figure looks amazing! I’ve been waiting for him since this minifigure Disney theme started in 2016 and I’m not disappointed! And now we have a couple more sets that were revealed today: -Donald Duck’s Farm is a cool little set. I think it’s weird that they put Donald Duck in a store exclusive set, but I like the set itself. Getting three new animals (or new for me anyway) in this set is great and it goes without saying that I like the character variants we’re getting in this set. -We also got some more Brickheadz revealed. Daisy Duck looks good; I love how her bow looks. Scrooge with the Triplets looks nice as well, though I think Scrooge’s glasses and the boys’ arms look a bit off. These will go perfectly with the Goofy, Pluto and Donald Brickheadz I got at Disney Springs last December; I just hope Lego makes new Mickey and Minnie ones since I never had the chance to pick up the 2018 versions and they go for a lot now. Overall, I love how we’re getting all these different versions of Mickey and the gang in these sets. For 4+ sets, the builds look good enough and I look forward to picking all of them up.
  15. I ordered the 2021 Imperial Shuttle and two more 501st Legion Clone Trooper sets for my May the 4th shopping. Will hopefully be getting those sets and the Tatooine Homestead very soon!