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  1. 1) I want to say we started getting a list of set numbers and prices around late November/early December and we got a proper set list sometime around when TBOBF was wrapping up. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten January set pictures yet but those will be coming any day now. 2) Nope, no clue.
  2. I’m essentially trying to collect every CMF now (that’s the long term goal anyway) so no real “skips” or “wants” for me. I’ve really enjoyed just about every CMF series since the change to 12 figs a series and this one is no different. Not as strong as 21 or 22 in my opinion, but there’s a lot to like here. The newspaper boy is probably my favorite figure. The hat piece is cool, I like the silly facial expression and the Series 18 Classic Police Man reference is a nice touch. I’d say I like the Conservationist about the same though because of that adorable Koala, plus I like seeing that curly hair/hat combo being used more. The brown spaceman is fantastic as well of course, though my one nitpick is Baby Benny having pupils in his eyes instead of just plain black dots. I’ll have to get a second one to go with my classic space display. The not-Marie Antoinette is charming enough and the T-Rex guy is one of the better costume figures in my opinion. Gundam Boba Fett looks rad and the Potter is fairly unique. Though it’s not super interesting or unique, I do kinda like the ref lady for some reason. The rest are ones I would skip if I wasn’t trying to complete all the CMFs. The goblin dude and carrot costume guy are just fine to me. The most interesting part of the Black Falcon lady to me is the falcon accessory itself. The “Rockin’ Horse Rider” is one of my least favorite CMFs in quite some time. The trope of generic kids with neat accessories annoys me more than the costume figures, as those are at least unique. This figure uses a massively overused face print (for some reason), a hairpiece that’s a similar color to the Series 18 party girl and the detailing on the torso and legs are no better than an average City figure. The rocking horse itself is neat but overall, very weak inclusion here. Overall, this is another solid series for me. Nothing really blows me away but I still like a lot here. I look forward to looking for these, I’ll probably buy a couple packs at the Lego Store on January 1st and then hunt for the rest. It does kinda bum me out that this will be the second to last series I “hunt” for. I’m buying complete sets online henceforth once they change to boxes.
  3. The Stud

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’m late to the discussion but I’m excited to see how this turns out. I’ve wanted some sort of Pizzeria Modular Building forever, and pairing it with a Jazz Club should be really fun. I think this will be a cool one.
  4. The Stud

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    Which is a shame because that Water Dragon is one of my favorite (non-Movie) Lego dragons and Ninjago sets in general. The build is just so well done and the figures included are pretty fantastic, but it just didn’t catch on for some reason. The Fire Dragon Attack was a solid set too, just kinda uninteresting. The Legacy Ultra Sonic Raider deserves to flop though, it’s one of the few Lego sets I straight up regret buying.
  5. The Stud

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just hope they don’t skip out on a Mads Mikkelson figure here like they did for Star Wars, Marvel and Wizarding World. I’m really looking forward to the movie, and in a weird way, I’m almost more excited to see what those Indy 5 sets look like even though I’m more excited for the classic remakes. They could be anything, whereas we kinda have a general idea of how these original trilogy remakes will look. Ideally, I’ll be going to the Lego Store on April 1st to pick them up but we’ll see. (I’ll possibly get the GOTG sets then too, I’m pretty sure they come out that day as well.)
  6. The Stud

    Disney Properties 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Damn, next year is going to be an expensive one for me, particularly when it comes to Lego. Retired and new Star Wars sets, Marvel stuff, collecting all the CMFs, getting caught up on some D2Cs, the return of Lego Indiana Jones and this Disney 100th Anniversary thing. Finally getting the Up house is very exciting for me, thought the rumored price and piece count worries me. I’m guessing it’ll either be at a similar scale as the mini-Disney Castle or Haunted Mansion, or it’s going to be a somewhat small playset, comparable to something like Emmet’s House. As long as we get some versions of Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin, I’m content. The Peter Pan book isn’t super interesting to me but I might get it since it’s so cheap. This is of course assuming that it comes with minifigs, not minidolls.
  7. The Stud

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Saw Wakanda Forever the other day and really enjoyed it! Besides No Way Home and Loki, this was easily the strongest thing Marvel has put out for Phase Four in my opinion. Still, I’m not especially interested in any of the Lego sets. A lot of the figures feel underdetailed or inaccurate or both, and though the builds for Namor’s Throne and Shuri’s Sunbird are neat, I just don’t really have any interest in actually owning them. I also watched the GOTG Holiday Special last night and enjoyed that as well. Kinda ironic that Marvel’s two big Christmas-themed releases (not including Iron Man 3, which was also set around Christmas, but wasn’t really a Christmas movie), the GOTG Holiday Special and Hawkeye, came out exactly a year apart from each other. It got me even more excited for Volume 3 and its Lego sets. The sets for the previous GOTG were mostly all pretty solid but I wasn’t really into Marvel until around Spider-Man Homecoming came out, so I don’t own any of them. As for the NWH set discussion, I still think Lego will do something for it next summer, especially without a new MCU Spider-Man movie coming next year. I’m a lot less worried about it at this point though. I recently bought a custom Andrew Garfield Spider-Man figure and am considering getting some of Firestar’s custom versions of the villains. Getting figures of some of the characters was the big thing I was worried about. Side note, but I did go to the Lego Store last weekend and I was somewhat impressed by the size of both the Hulkbuster and Black Panther bust. They’re both still bad, overpriced sets in my opinion, but they’re a *marginally* better value than I thought they would be.
  8. Oh yeah, I forget about the possibility if getting a large buildable B2-EMO. That’s definitely an option on the table as well. Lola from OWK too.
  9. Here are the two most likely Andor sets I can see Lego making: Imperial Ferrix Patrol Battle Pack ($20): The build would be that new Imperial speeder with the cannon that showed up in the finale. They could also do some crates or Ferrix scenery as side builds if necessary. Figures would be one Stormtrooper, one Imperial Officer in black uniform with the cape (New!) and two Imperial Army Troopers with riot batons and shields (New!). Luthen Rael’s Haulcraft ($170): The build would include all of the details and bells and whistles you’d expect. I imagine the model would be comparable in size to Cad Bane’s Justifier. Minifigures could include Luthen Rael, Cassian in another outfit (New!), Mon Mothma (New!), Kleya (New!), Bix (New!), Dedra Meero (New!) and a build for B2-EMO. Unless Lego has another battle pack in 2023, we could potentially see this hypothetical one in early 2024 and Luthen’s Ship could be a set anytime in the next two years.
  10. As much as I’d like for this to be indirect confirmation of at least one more Andor set, I’d guess the actress is either referring to the Skywaker Saga DLC or a custom minifigure. Unless there’s a surprise set along the way, possibly a store exclusive even, I don’t know how likely it’d be for her to already see a minifigure that’ll come out in summer 2023 at the earliest. Overall, I really liked Andor season one. When it comes to Lego, I still only see Luthen’s Ship being made, and possibly also that new Imperial Speeder thing from the finale as a battle pack build. Whereas a lot of the previous Star Wars Disney+ shows had a lot of set material, this follows along the lines of the Marvel shows where there isn’t much they could release as a desirable set aside from the figures.
  11. Picked up another 75337 AT-TE and 40577 Defense of Hoth (my fifth one) for double VIP weekend to help reach the threshold for both of the promo sets.
  12. Count me in for wanting Luthen’s Ship. The Fondor is just so cool and Lego could incorporate so many cool play features into that thing. If they can do something like The Justifier, why not this ship too? I also would really like to see Saw (finally) and Two Tubes in Lego form, and I think this would be the best set to include other characters like Mon Mothma and Vel too. Hell, I wouldn’t mind a model of the Arrestor Cruiser, especially because of the history behind that design, but that’s admittedly far less likely.
  13. I saw a really great MOC of Ventress's Starfighter on the Lego Star Wars subreddit, though that did use a cloth piece. That's one of the few Clone Wars '03 sets I'd be especially interested in. I don't think a Jedi Shuttle would cost quite that much either, I think it would be comparable in size and price to last year's Mandalorian Starfighter. I also think a Jango Fett Slave 1 is unlikely in the near future, since Boba's isn't retiring until next December. I'd imagine that a new Jango model would probably just be a recolor of that set anyway, rather than a $110 set. Some of my predictions for next year are as follows: Ahsoka's T-6 Jedi Shuttle, with new Ahsoka, Sabine Wren, Huyang and one additional minifigure. ($60-80ish) The Mantis, either from Fallen Order or Survivor. It'd probably come with a reuse of the new BD-1 figure and new figures for Cal Kestis, Merrin, Cere, Greez and maybe Second Sister/Trilla. ($120) I also think a $160 Republic Gunship, possibly with some Siege of Mandalore figures, is fairly likely. If Rex doesn't end up coming in the Gunship, I could absolutely see Lego doing Captain Rex's Y-Wing as a Bad Batch set. Speaking of The Bad Batch, I expect it to get at least one more set next year since the Bad Batch themselves are getting new outfits. If we don't get the whole crew, I'd at least expect Season 2 versions of Hunter and Omega with that new Avatar bow piece. I could see Lego doing an Imperial Commander Cody as an enemy figure as well. Speaking of Cody, I think we could very well see a new Phase One Cody figure at some point next year. We're getting a Phase One Cody helmet in the spring and it would be weird if that was the one helmet set that didn't have a corresponding minifigure available somewhat close to the same time. I could see us getting one more Andor set as well, probably Luthen's ship. It'd ideally give us some of the noteworthy characters we're missing, like Mon, Bix and Dedra. One of the D2Cs will be ROTJ based.
  14. I just assumed that the aliens were kept in a separate location. You can see other prisons on the horizon on Narkina 5, so maybe they have different locations for different groups. The one Cassian went to was obviously the one for human males. Same here, especially with there being so much demand for army building in general these days. It's like Lego got scared off from doing multiple battle packs in one year because they made some questionable decisions with some of the recent ones they were making (Jedi/Clone battle pack, Tatooine battle pack, etc.) that probably resulted in them not selling too well.
  15. That’s exactly what they should be used for, packs of characters you only really need one or two of. Let the wide release battle packs be the army builders. The fact that Lego threw away so much money by not making that Phase One Clone pack a normal battle pack continues to astound me, especially since it’s retiring this December and apparently isn’t getting replaced by another accessory set in 1HY 2023.