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Found 2 results

  1. bradleybrand

    100% Custom Layouts?

    I understand the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection is impressive and gorgeous, but it seems that every LEGO town/city is filled with these. I search on YouTube for "100% custom LEGO town" without any luck. Growing up throughout the early 2000s, my LEGO collection consisted of 90s and 2000s. As a kid, with not so much LEGOs, my creations were simple but nice. The same goes for LEGO sets, in 2005 we saw set 7240 of the Fire Station. LEGO towns/cities don't have to look as impressive as the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection to gain my interest, even more simple MOCs catch my eye. Does anyone have any mostly custom towns/cities? Or know of any?
  2. LEGO Family


    I have been working on this for quite some time now. I do not have much to show right now. ( edit, and especially after i accidentally deleted all the pictures of the first house i had just photoshopped :/ ). I got bored with building castle and had promised myself after having found all my childhood LEGO i wanted to build, first, Classic space ( my stepson voted for that. ) then castle, and then city. I had this idea for a city diorama when i saw the first trailer for the LEGO movie and that was what i wanted to build. However when i started on making the build i got in a LEGO state of mind i had never experienced before. City ( i thought ) have always bored me, and i got this idea that it was all about raising 4 walls adding a roof ... Job done. But i got pulled in and decided to make it modular because it really took me to a dimension of thinking in between putting bricks together of how i wanted it all to come together. Well, i bet all you city dudes know what im talking about. And now im so glad that i got this idea for the LEGO movie diorama. But that will not be finished quite yet. Now, first of all i want my city to take shape build by build as a lot of you guys do in this forum. ( Edit: Again, im so sorry for posting only one picture but i have to wait till tomorrow to make my whole light setup and once again edit the pictures). Some dudes came with this construction worker to a really abandoned part of Denmark shooting for a new movie. It was all about assembling the biggest event in history catching it on HB cameras to take it to the big screen. Offcourse exactly at that moment the dudes with the power and funds in the small community took advantage of this and almost immediately started to lay a ground plan for a new city. It was to be called Allbrickcity. And nothing should be spared ( except for what i can afford of new bricks each month :P ). Finally after several months of plannig and having the roadsystem functioning, building materials have started to arive at the center. And boy the workers look happy to finally being able to begin working on what will make the city attractive for newcomers. ( They got bored with making that first building. All it got for now is: First floor - BricksAreUs. Second floor - Two apartments. Top floor - Skyline buffet) ( Edit: These were all the pictures i was stupid enough to get deleted somehow ). 1. The exterior of this modular build is "finished" but ive been looking so much at all of the textures that im afraid ive gone blind with it and wanted some advice from you all of what to change and what looks good. That will have to wait for now till i get new shots. :/ Anyhow. I still wanted to start the topic. First of all my road system, im not quite happy with yet. Every module here ( Which offcourse is hard to differentiate from one picture only :P ) is diffrent. As i builded them i got new ideas and changed my design for the next and so on. Mostly the problems is with making the bricks add up in ratio to make them fit on a larger scale. I will add pictures again once i get them shot and put the rest of the text in here. I also want to keep a ratio for builds to a 8 - 16 - 32 studs. But since that wasnt my intention at first since i started all this to make the LEGO movie diorama, i will keep my "town square" a bit of ratio since i do love the building a lot. But who knows, i might rebuild it in the future. So the roadsystem as it is for now is an assurance for myself. Building bigger i would need more bricks. I just wanted to make sure that i didnt "overkill" myself thinking i got enough bricks to make it bigger. But i also wanted to have a layout since i mostly build on several ideas at once. Making it this way i both restrain myself and make sure i wont get to a hold not knowing what to do next. Ive noticed that building city really eats up bricks. I thought i had made some massive builds in the past, but i think that my first modular build is the heaviest ive ever made ( size compared) and i havent even added a lot of interior yet. But, next up for the first modular build for my Allbrickcity is interior and a whole lot of labels and decals. Ive just ordered the printing paper and i still need to photoshop a lot more of the decals before they are ready. Ive begun on the interior and also wanted some advice on design for the skyline buffet resturant. But no photos no advices i guess. :P Other builds ive planned for my city: The low left corner is the only base i havent build yet. Im in doubt of where to make an entrance to the beach im plannig. All the bases to the right will have houses and shops. Again. Since im not entirely sure where to place the beach i dont know where to place a hotel and swimmingpool design. But it could be placed on the right here, extending the baseplates already there. Otherwise the harbour will be located here along the whole lenght of the roadsytem. Im gonna incoporate my crypt from my castle build to fit in my city also ( Chronicle of dragon dent ). I offcourse have a lot of ideas to fill up remaining baseplates. But im trying to take it slow and only build when i get what i think is an awesome idea. Once again sorry for that lonely picture, but i had written so much text around all the pictures i was gonna upload and then screwed. So im posting this anyways. Good thing is that at least i get to start my city post. Ive been looking forward to this. So much more to come. Please do comment, ask questions, give advices and so on. Thanks in advance. :)