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  1. This thread encompasses all builds within Elizabethville and on the Corrington claimed island of Lacryma. Name: Elizabethville Ownership: Crown Location: Lacryma Mayor: Tom Mercer (SilentWolf) Trade Value: See account sheet Who can own property in Elizabethville: Anyone Who can freebuild in Elizabethville: Anyone Map: To be released someday About the settlement of Elizabethville: Elizabethville is founded on the island of Lacryma which was discovered by Micah and the other members of the WETEC while searching for new islands to the East. They found there a friendly local tribe, and were informed that the island had many other tribes as well. The partners founded a horse ranch in the area near there discovery of a cave. This was the beginning of the settlement that is growing as new settlers arrive from all parts of Corrington and the brickworld. The geography of Lacryma is mostly pedestrian looking plains with plenty of trees scattered about along with a few small forests. There is no great harbor on the island, but several places to anchor a ship safely. Builds in Elizabethville, a Large Town: Properties to reach City Residences: 0 Factories: 4 Artisans: 0 Commerce: 0 Education: 0 Art & Culture: 0 Royal Properties 0 Other Licensed Builds: 0 Licensed properties (91): 1. Residence (28) Chief's Longhouse S-Licensed Captain's Residence S-Licensed On the Frontier S-Licensed Cole Family Residence S-Licensed Mayor Tom Mercer's Residence S-Licensed A First Meeting with the Onondaga S - Licensed An Odorific Homecoming M - Licensed Natural Growth Residence - 20? 2. Factory (4) From all over they have come M-Licensed Micro Mill M-Licensed 3. Plantation (9+3?) Horse Ranch (Includes these two builds: Defending Horses against Pirates and Unexpected Attack) M-Licensed Ahoy, Fishermen! S-Licensed To Make Ends Meet S-Licensed On Lacryma M-Licensed Horse Farm, Elizabethville L - Licensed 4. Mine (2) Mercury Mine (Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!) - Licensed 5. Artisan (12) Preservation of Food S-Licensed The Bittersweet Mug M-Licensed Tomahawk Makers Longhouse S-Licensed Small Inn S-Licensed Stables L-Licensed Merrymas punch stall in Elizabethville S - Licensed Horse logging, Elizabethville L - Licensed 6. Commerce (10+1?) Trading with the Whole Village L-Licensed Founding a Colony M-Licensed Primitive Accommodations, Elizabethville M - Licensed Horse Breeding, Elizabethville L - Licensed 7. Education (6) The Present Will Be History L-Licensed Elizabethville Observatory L - Licensed 8. Art and Culture(14) The Art of Horses and War M-Licensed A Fountain S-Licensed Thanksgiving in Elizabethville S-Licensed Hippodrome Elizabethville R - Licensed 9. Forts (2) Fort di Legno M-Licensed Other Mocs (15) Where Only the Strange Men Go... The First Election We have found gold! Letters to be written Arrival At Elizabethville A Seventeen Point Plan An Afternoon Shipwreck A Day Trip to the Interior Same Stars, Different Names First Snow in Elizabethville Training the Elizabethville Militia Mysterious Bones A Farewell In Elizabethville Hawarden Regiment Encampment Queen's Birthday Parade (Please help me out by posting a link to your Elizabethville builds in this thread as well as what category they are licensed as.) Last Edited 4/19/2023
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    [COR - FB - GOC] Hippodrome Elizabethville

    This is gorgeous and I like that the horses are in action. The varied foliage is a nice touch as well is the flags for each cheering section. @Bregir @Ayrlego as this is intended as a Royal I wasn't sure who to talk to make sure it receives its charter. Bricksbypidy and I have reached an agreement where I will license it for Elizabethville, but I think it needs court approval first if my memory serves me right.
  3. The WETEC (Wolf's Equine Trading and Expedition Company) quickly expanded in the early days of exploration but has settled into a steady rhythm since then. They have the settlement and ranch on Elizabethville to take care of and trading to oversee. However, the merger with ETTC and the busyness of life has slowed the aggressive expansion they initially started with. However, their goal is always the expansion and protection of her Majesty's empire and to accomplish this they pledged and have now provided a Class 5 ship funded and built by the WETEC. This is a GOC build for the Oaken Shield task. It is also a completion of a commitment I made when the Cruisers of Terra Nova was first initiated. Life got in the way and I actually forgot about it. Unfortunately it is not the class 6 that still sits unfinished but hopefully a worthy class 5.
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    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    [COR - GOC] Class 5 HMS Midgard - Cruisers of Terra Nova My submission
  5. Oaken Shield - Task 3 Cruisers of Terra Nova [COR - GOC] Class 5 HMS Midgard - Cruisers of Terra Nova
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    Account Summary

    Thank you!
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    Account Summary

    Why do I have a ship upkeep cost?
  8. 9 - 1 point 10 - 1 point 12 - 1 point
  9. from me. Very nice battery and figure posing. I like that you changed the figures with the story.
  10. In the early days of the exploration and settlement beyond Terraversa, pirates were plentiful as the lack of armed warships made explorers and merchants easy targets. Her Majesty requested that any individuals and trade companies who would help outfit warships for protection of these new colonies would be rewarded with command of the ship given to a qualified individual of their choosing, and right of first capture of other ships. Since Micah and WETEC had stumbled upon a pirate treasure early in their travels they used these funds to outfit a ship for her majesty. [/url HMS El Bellos was outfitted and set sail in April of 616. The Captaincy was granted to one of the WETEC owners, George Knight. He still captains that ship and has served Corrington well in that position. The ship defended merchants admirably and in February of 617, it was patrolling with 3 other warships, when it set upon four pirate ships. The ships captured the Octavia, and sank the other three pirates. As her majesty promised the Octavia was granted to WETEC as its capture and with some retrofitting it has sailed as the flagship of WETEC. It has been the primary ship used by Micah and Elizabeth when sailing between the WETEC's holdings. However, with a new stronger flagship being produced for the WETEC, and the WETEC merging more under the banner of the ETTC, the Octavia is being handed over to focus more on merchant endeavors. However, Micah has heard that her majesty has need of a ship to move some troops so he is sending her for that purpose. OOC: It has been a while since I have finished anything and this digital build has been a multi year project. I hope to get back to building quicker again, as I enjoy building these stories.
  11. from me. Gorgeous build. That fountain, and the stonework. Wow, wow, wow. Keep up the great work.
  12. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Customs Post, Hussar's Isle

    from me. This is a very pretty build, and I love the classic LEGO Pirate look.
  13. SilentWolf

    [GOC-FB-COR] Hussar's Isle Semaphore

    from me. Great idea for a build, and nice usage of bricks to convey the scene.
  14. from me. Beautiful build. Really catches the eye.
  15. from me. A nice rendition of this ship and great posing and scene photos. I like the way you tell the story, in addition to the build.
  16. SilentWolf

    [GOC-FB-COR] Parade Preparation

    from me. Love the minifigures and the story. I am curious where the commanding officers hair and hat come from.
  17. SilentWolf

    [GOC-FB-COR] Archery Lessons

    from me. Love the posing and details added (ex. the tree stump, backpack). Glad to see the new troops getting along with the natives so well.
  18. SilentWolf

    [COR - TROOP] Arrival At Elizabethville

    Nice to see Elizabethville getting some love and nice job incorporating previous storylines.
  19. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Stables, Elizabethville

    from me. This is a great build, and I like that your story and build keep a lot of the history and lore done before, including the white trees and the soldier uniforms. Thanks for the inclusion of Micah in this build! I had been wanting to do a build like this but just haven't had time for any building for a while. I also like the inclusion of both old and new horse molds in various colors. It adds so much diversity to the horses.
  20. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Cavalry Stables, Port Woodhouse

    This is a great build that obviously fits into the Port Woodhouse style. I am impressed with the building and of course you have done a great job on your figure posing. I am intrigued on the way you assembled the officers hat though I don't have those parts so I won't be replicating it. I do notice that the horse stalls are about 1 stud too short so you had to get creative in fitting them in there with there feed troughs. However, great work overall and I love the build. from me.
  21. SilentWolf

    [GoC] Amanteca Workshop, Myzectlan

    from me. The build looks great, and great use of the various feather pieces from over the years. I am sad you didn't get a lower angle shot with the parrots, as I obviously prefer seeing and placing animals in scenes.
  22. from me and sorry for taking so long to look at this. The animals are well placed and hard to spot, which would be expected in a jungle. Love the posing of the soldiers.