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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new hippodrome of Elizabethville! Today we present to you a competition between four factions. In lane 1 Fabio Montinelli starts on behalf of Eslandola! In lane 2 I present to you Fabrice Dubois the forward man for Oleon! In lane 3 is starts on behalf of Corrington, Sir Peter Nash, Knight in the Order of Corrington! A highly skilled horseman. And finally in lane 4, Cromwell Huckabee will defend the honor of the Sea Rats!"

*Cheering Audience*

"Are all participants ready?! In 3, 2, 1, start!"
And there they go! Cromwell Huckabee takes charge! At the first corner he distances himself more and more from the other three participants. Fabio Montilelli and Sir Peter Nash follow, followed by Fabrice Dubois!"

*Screaming and cheering men and women*

*Sea Rats supporters of Cromwell Huckabee go quiet... very quiet...*


BoBS - Hippodrome, Elizabethville

"Oh no! What's going on here...!! Summer Flower, Cromwell's horse comes to an abrupt halt! With a thump, Cromwell Huckabee falls to the ground. Summer Flower is leisurely nibbling on a juicy dandelion! Trying with all his might Cromwell still trying to push Huckabee into motion, but to no avail..."

*Cursing Sea Rats in the stands*


BoBS - Hippodrome, Elizabethville

"Fabio Montinelli and Sir Peter Nash approach in the background, with Fabrice Dubois in tow. They pass Cromwell Huckabee, who pushes against the horse's bum, sighing and puffing. But to no avail..."

*Unintelligible chants by angry Sea Rats*

"Sir Peter Nash comes alongside Fabio Montinelli with the finish line already in sight! Peter encouraged his horse again and with a last effort he squeezed out another powerful final sprint."

*A frenzied crowd of Corrington supporters*

BoBS - Hippodrome, Elizabethville

"And after a spectacular race, Sir Peter Nash, on behalf of Corrington, is finally the first to cross the finish line! Followed by Fabio Montinelli (Eslandola) and shortly behind him, Fabrice Dubois (Oleon). Cromwell Huckabee (Sea Rats) finally finished a few minutes later, when his horse Summer Flower trudged across the finish line satisfied."

BoBS - Hippodrome, ElizabethvilleBoBS - Hippodrome, ElizabethvilleBoBS - Hippodrome, ElizabethvilleBoBS - Hippodrome, Elizabethville


Will be licensed as a Royal Art & Culture in Elizabethville, by @SilentWolf
The build will be purchased by @SilentWolf

Completing GoC task 9.2 Equines for Elizabethville with this build. 

Property type: Royal Art & Culture
Dimensions: 142 x 111 studs
Total parts: ~14,000

- None


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This is a great horse racing track and a funny story:pir-love:I like the tribune with the fabric roofs. It's Interesting to see the spectators of the different factions. The funniest is Cromwell Huckabee trying to push the horse. :pir_laugh2:

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:pir-laugh:  Go Montilelli!  Very funny.  I love the parts use for the awnings too.

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Wonderful build, and a fun story! I've been waiting to see something sports themed other than soccer. Very appropriate! :thumbup:

On 3/12/2023 at 8:40 AM, Bricksbypidy said:

Will be licensed as Royal (or Large) Art & Culture (or Commerce)

Art & Culture would be the appropriate category.

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Amazing hippodrome! And fine race story too. :pir-laugh:

How many of those creations are you producing per day?

I seem to be finding a new entry of yours every time I open my browser...



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This is gorgeous and I like that the horses are in action. The varied foliage is a nice touch as well is the flags for each cheering section. 

@Bregir @Ayrlego as this is intended as a Royal I wasn't sure who to talk to make sure it receives its charter. Bricksbypidy and I have reached an agreement where I will license it for Elizabethville, but I think it needs court approval first if my memory serves me right. 

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