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  1. His name is Larry, he's on vacation ;) Thank you
  2. Mirror1810

    Boeing B-17G

    Very cool. I have a third party one myself and looks like you really got all the details for the scale. Love the little twin Mg's in the back, good execution on that one.
  3. Below the Deland Republics countryside, miles upon miles of tunnels and bunkers, rocket silos and submarine bays lie. This is where most of the military organisation, like troop allocation and officer meetings take place. Far away from the tightly crammed cities where most of the population resides, these are a maze of rooms and hallways manned by an army of office and maitenance workers. While the existance of these sites are pretty common knowledge among the general population, their true extent is unknown, even to members of the millitary. Note: Hey there. I was bored and wanted to build something, so I made this little thingamadoodle. Doesn't need to be scored, I just wanted to do something. Hopefully the game will continue soon. Until then, goodbye :)
  4. Mirror1810

    Modular Tunnel

    Very cool. Its so colourful and detailed, you don't know where to look first. Truly impressive. Also, I feel like I've seen that waterfall before somewhere. Can't quite put my finger on it
  5. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Huh, thats sad. I was just getting excited for advancement in the Storyline. Probably a good idea though. What kind of future are we talking, like a month or two?
  6. Mirror1810

    GBW HC - ParmBrick - E4 - Aftermath

    I don't know any softwares from the top of my head right now, but there's a way to do it in paint too. Download a .png of an empty speech bubble (Make sure its a real png and doesn't have the squares in the background) and insert it into the image. Also I'll probably pass on this build. Its Christmas, I've got family over and don't really have time. I'm just happy that a conflict is finally popping up and I'll be happy do some builds once the stress is over.
  7. Mirror1810

    GBW HC - ParmBrick - E4 - Aftermath

    Certainly not a bad build. The crashed plane is extremly detailed, but I had to read this multiple times to understand it fully, because I didn't always know who was talking to who. Maybe instead of speech bubbles freely floating in the air, do the thing that comics do and have the bubble come from someone. Also maybe for things spoken over radiao, a jagged outline to the bubbles, in order to distinguish it further. Overall, great build.
  8. Mirror1810

    GBW HC - Feuer Zug - D6 - Radioactives Recovery

    Finally, Parachutes! Feuer, you're a genius. I have just spent ten minutes just looking at those beautiful brick-built bastards. Everything else is also very cool, I especially like the ice cream for the watersplashing. I rate it ten parachutes out of ten.
  9. Mirror1810

    GBW HC - Scorcher43 - D4 - Might Makes Right

    Very very nice. A nice refreshment in the holiday stagnancy. First of all, 69th Airborne Brigade, Nice. Second, I love everything about this. The trail in the nuclear materials fall, the castle everything. I am very excited for your future builds.
  10. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Free Build - Deland Republic - AMATV

    Huh, I guess you're right. Forget planes existed there for a minute. Well, now its done.
  11. The Deland Republic is proud to present its newest addition to its armoured forces, the AMATV. (Armoured Multipurpose All Terrain Vehicle) A reliable Vehicle with a multitude of uses, including, but not limited to: Mine clearing, towing, infantry support, ammunition transport, scouting, aquatic landings, patroling and more. Rumors also say, that there is a rocket platform, AA and AT Version currently being worked on, though those are unconfirmed. Its frontal armour measures 90mm, though the slope multiplies that thickness. The AMATV has a crew of two, a driver and a radio officer and spotter, who also operates the remote controlled machine gun on the front. It is amphibic, but its interior is unable to carry troops, due to its height.
  12. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Mission - PDSRE - Fulkasho Gun Runners

    Very Cool. The way you made it seem like there's a whole submarine is lovely and I really like the look of it. One Question though. Some of the rocks on the left cliff look greenish, is that on purpose or does it have something to do with the lighting?
  13. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Mission - Deland Republic - Juores Intel

    Thank you. Yeah, there isn't really a way to do them, especially not digitally, so I tried to at least give them dynamic poses.
  14. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Mission - Deland Republic - Juores Intel

    Thanks. The Helicopter is not finished yet, that's why only showed part of it. You will see it in a future build, once its done.
  15. Juores 07:55 PM A Helicopter flies through the night sky, that is slowly torn up by the rising sun. Over an isolated patch of jungle four figures jump out from the low flying aircraft. Opening their parachutes the Operatives land in the jungle softly. The next village is about five Kilometres from the dropoff point, so the men immediatly start making their way towards it. As the sun finally appears on the horizon fully, the Operatives reach the Village, being greeted by an old man who quickly leads them into his house. The man is an Undercover Agent that has been living there for a few years now. He and the Squad Leader exchange a few words, then they enter the house and close the door. The agent informs them about the plan from now on. They will pose as his nephiew and his friends, who are going to stay there for a while. The old man opens a hatch in the floor and leads them into the basement. The Basement will serve as their base of operations while they collect the intel for the BoN. The Operatives send a message to HQ, confirming their success.