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  1. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

  2. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Free Build - PDSRE - Second gen fighter

    Looks very nice, love the little cloud stand you put it on, very creative.
  3. Mirror1810

    [GBW] - Free Build - Sørdfjordmoen - Cargo Down

    Looks good enough. The overall story is a little hard to follow, due to the compisiton of shots, but it looks good nonetheless :)
  4. Very Cool. Gives me hard MIG vibes, with the open snout and all, nice.
  5. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Very good idea. Hope to see your skills on display soon :)
  6. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Yeah, we'd just need confirmation from @TheBeeze and maybe from some of the others, than we could continue :)
  7. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    @TheBeeze What would you say?
  8. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Heyyyy, how's it looking? I just wanted to see if there'd be an interest in continuing the game :) It was always a lot of fun and we can't get new players if the game is on hiatus. Just curious :)
  9. Mirror1810

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    I'd also be up to build again. Hopefully we can continue soon.
  10. Mirror1810

    [MOC] IRA Raid, 1920s Ulster

    Thanks :)
  11. Ulster,1921 Members of the Irish Republican Army are raiding a British weapons storage, getting away with rifles and even a Lewis gun, valuable equipment that shall later aid them in their fight against the british forces, colloquially known as the Black and Tans. Will their fight for freedom be successful, or will the be crushed under the boots of the British Empire? Only time will show...
  12. Absolutly amazing. Everything about this is just fantastic. The minifigs look awesome, but every detail looks great. From the destroyed building, to the small stack of logs beside it. Very nice
  13. His name is Larry, he's on vacation ;) Thank you
  14. Mirror1810

    Boeing B-17G

    Very cool. I have a third party one myself and looks like you really got all the details for the scale. Love the little twin Mg's in the back, good execution on that one.
  15. Below the Deland Republics countryside, miles upon miles of tunnels and bunkers, rocket silos and submarine bays lie. This is where most of the military organisation, like troop allocation and officer meetings take place. Far away from the tightly crammed cities where most of the population resides, these are a maze of rooms and hallways manned by an army of office and maitenance workers. While the existance of these sites are pretty common knowledge among the general population, their true extent is unknown, even to members of the millitary. Note: Hey there. I was bored and wanted to build something, so I made this little thingamadoodle. Doesn't need to be scored, I just wanted to do something. Hopefully the game will continue soon. Until then, goodbye :)