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  1. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You would have to think so, lets hope they are white when released but would be happy with a range of colours. I foresee a swathe of fairground layouts if the coaster becomes available.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree with a couple of posts above.Move to a larger Modular as per RogerSmith suggestion with a detailed interior, move the price up to allow for this. While Mid year release a 16 wide cheaper version but fits the modular standard as per Sir Stig. I disagree with the moving of footpaths or the open backs idea though. This would allow more flexibility in price and selection and give an entry level to building a modular system. The timing of Mid year also means collectors are not waiting a year and we could have 6-8 buildings available at one time with the 3-4 year life cycle.
  3. Big box on Lego Facebook?

    Unfortunately if it is the millennium falcon which i hope it is ,will open my UCS account. As a massive star wars fan i have resisted buying star wars lego sets and sticking to Town / Train as i can't buy everything, as i am quite obsessive compulsive about completing sets so would more than likely feel the need to acquire all of them. I have seriously considered building one of the Large MOCs plans available in the star wars forum and bricklinking the parts to have one awesome star wars set. This would tip me over the edge. Even if the set was at the $800 to $1000 mark.
  4. Assembling Bricksburg

    Makes complete sense to me and don't see why he needs to give any reasons. I can think of a couple reasons he would not want share his work without jumping to the conclusion he is lying Maybe he loves lego as a brand and does not want to see Lepin knock offs of his work being sold on eBay. Maybe he wants to keep the IP and sell instructions at a later date. I personally have enjoyed reading this thread and appreciate the pictures he has shared.
  5. REVIEW: 10257 Carousel

    Nice review , i got to see this on the weekend and i got to say it was bigger than i thought it would be , a really nice set.
  6. Great Job on the alternative build. Posting to Youtube is no different to Flickr or just posting images here, all you are trying to do is show off your art/hobby in a medium of your choice. Pictorial content is they way old farts like myself have consumed content for years and probably prefer whereas my kids and the younger generation prefer video content i would say. Horses for courses and as long as it is not blatant advertising AKA like people do for ideas content i think it well deserves it place here along with all the pictorial content on this site. Keep building and keep sharing.
  7. MOC Modular Construction Site

    Thanks Ryan for the instructions. I can see why it did not get up now. While a very good build a chunk of the 4000 parts are large and would have brought the set in quite expensive retail wise. I do love the build so i see myself accumulating the parts.
  8. Opens on the 28th of January :-)
  9. Yes the car park was half full the other day which was not normal. Given that most of the large rides are not going still will be a factor to this. I think the only thing that will cure the problems is time and financial investment in renewal of the park. I think the lego store will be a major attraction regardless of park numbers as you can access it from the outside without entry to the park and it is unique to Australia, and yes the investors would not be happy but they are most likely the owners of Dreamworld. I don't think Dreamworld is too far gone but i think they have a road to travel to get consumers back. My wife for instance says she feels nervous now going to any of the parks and i would say a few people feel the same way.
  10. Unfortunately this was delayed due to the sad circumstances that occurred at Dreamworld. Luckily it will open this month. My wife said she had read rumours that it would not open so i had to find out for myself. We took a drive past and you can see a large store has been built and branded. I then contacted Dreamworld to ask the question and the response came back that the store will definitely open in January. I think my first purchase from there will be assembly square .
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have no problem with upping the price. Where are the rules in business prices need to be static. I also don't think it will be be the minority purchasing. I will guess it will be around 75 to 80% of AFOLs that collect modulars will buy it regardless of price but there will be less multiple set purchases as well. They could sell 40% less sets and it still be profitable as the smaller set due to the larger sell price. Lego is a toy but it is also a business. If they think the can make more profit from releasing a larger set while selling less volume (its only natural they will sell less volume as it is less affordable) then they will go for it. I think lego will be using this to test the market as there is a lot of call from AFOLs for large modular sets and we all know this will come at a higher price.Simple economics. if it is as profitable or more profitable then it will continue in the larger format. It also opens the door to two tiers of modular buildings or even more than one release a year if there is enough demand. People have to make there own decisions as to wether the value is appropriate for them and wether they will spend on the building. Value is different for everyone. I brick linked all the early ones at about 4 times the cost of RRP on release and thought it was appropriate. I am another who did not purchase Ghostbusters as i deemed it not appropriate value for me.
  12. Ideas for making a Lego Government building

    get a picture of the building you want to replicate. decide scale and base plate size Decide colour. Start building in LDD or similar or if you are like me and prefer bricks, get yourself a heap of bricks in the colour and type you like and start building. Get the main structure in place and then i will normally order more bricks for the finer details as i have better idea of what i need.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Because someone internally would not care if it was the latest ,yes it would be available but people on internal presentations care less about that sort of stuff than something released externally which would be done by the marketing team. I think if someone was trying to make something fake then they would go for the three latest. Read what you want into it
  14. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    To me the page looks like its from an internal powerpoint presentation. Hence why no brick bank. I think the info combined with the Brickset listing and timing make it the best lead so far. Excitement is building. BRING IT ON