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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A gas station/garage/mechanic's shop would be very welcome. This would go very well with the DD style, in my opinion. Other than that, a doctor's practice or chemist's or apothecary would be great. In any style, really. The first modulars were pretty standard, PR marked the beginning of a new style (more detail, smaller buildings, more interior), and maybe DD is another land mark. If I look at cities all over Europe, most businesses would fit nicely in with any of these styles. Hotels, museums and the likes would fit perfectly in the DD art deco style. Exciting!
  2. [WIP] "Midiopolis" [Midi Scale Lego Modulars]

    Ah, I see what you are trying to do now; reading the topic might be a last resort, but it does help That would make an interesting project. I saw agadoijo had a topic in which he shrunk the standard modulars to a 16x16 base, but they're still more or less minifig scale. Micro scale is too small for any figs, so your proposed scale would be nicely in the middle. I see no examples online. Nice building challenge! A lot of building on a small surface. The three base plates you have on your flickr page look very logical. One could argue about a 3-wide or 4-wide pavement. I might have to put this on our "future projects" list. So many projects, so little time... Good luck! Hope it gets off the ground.
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, DD has a tendency to provoke a lot of different reactions, as we have seen in the DD topic. Personally, I think it's great. Very nice to build and it looks terrific. It's not my favourite modular, but definitely in the top half. We just put it in our city, and it looks fine. In our experience, it does look better next to the newer buildings (PR and up), though. Can't wait for the 2019 modular. It will be very interesting to see if LEGO will continue this new design line.
  4. [WIP] "Midiopolis" [Midi Scale Lego Modulars]

    I think there are two major standards. There's the official LEGO modulars (like set 10230) and a lot of MOCs in that standard. They're all 8x8. Search for lego mini modular on flickr. And then there's the Micropolis standard (and derivatives). That looks a lot like the one you suggested in your topic. See here And here And some great examples here Also, search for lego micropolis on flickr. We've been contemplating starting a Micropolis project for ages. Loads of fun, and it takes a lot less space to put on display!
  5. [MOC] Science Museum

    Ooh, shiny! Brilliantly designed structure and perfectly thought-out details on the inside, too. No idea if this is buildable in real bricks, but I'd love to see it. Keep clicking those bricks together!
  6. New Century City Block II

    Smashing! Great design and colours overall, and I love the fact that this is actually a 360 degree model, with something to see on all sides. The 45 degree Olofslott façade is a real beauty. Keep clicking those bricks together!

    This is a lovely design! I think the façade is great, especially the ground floor, and the interior is perfect, with some nice details. The first and second floor and the roof look very good too, slightly reminiscent of Assembly Square. Brilliant! I'd love to see this built, although you might have used some parts in colours that are not available. It's funny how a pub always seems to have an old-fashioned phone booth in front of it Keep clicking those bricks together!
  8. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Missed that one, thanks! @Kjellevirus Indeed, apparently that is a 2x2. Great parts, both of them. The 1x1 looks more to scale with the minifigs. We could do with a few dozen of these in our city
  9. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Terrific set, this new people pack! Multiples required. Looks like a new round 1x1 tile with a "sunny-side-upp-egg" pattern! Hope it is not a sticker. Assuming the pics are not prelims, I'll post it here. Please remove if this is out of order.
  10. Well, I hate to rub it in, but I live in luxury, because my wife is at least as mad about LEGO as I am On average, I'd say we spend about 75 Euros per month.
  11. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well, two possibilities: Either this person is a complete fraud, who just got their hands on the preliminary images, or they actually got their hands on five of the sets (how?) and are trying to take advantage of the gullability of ill-informed customers, while it lasts. Either way, I'd advise to just ignore this seller. This set will come out very soon, and for a lot less than $ 500, that's for sure...
  12. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Same here. One has to, it's a given. There are no other options
  13. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well, this is exactly what we were contemplating for our city. The monorail parts are pretty much unattainable, so this would be a great alternative. That's why we were very happy to see the part packs for the rollercoaster rails in lbg. And hopefully, the new rail parts (like the 45 degree angle straight rails in the new rollercoaster, now in red) will also be issued in lbg, at some point. Yes, it might be, but it could also be multiple parts 2440. The colour is new for this part, though. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2440
  14. Cutting baseplates?

    A friend of mine uses a flat-bed hatchet paper cutter for base plates; perfect results. Personally, I wouldn't dream of butchering any LEGO part in any way whatsoever, but I understand your question. Makes sense. Remember what the purists say: Every time you cut up a LEGO part, a hamster dies Best of luck, and keep clicking those bricks together!
  15. Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    And PS, is that a pigeon I see before me? Sitting on the cotton candy? Or is that the seagull? Can't see the spread wings from this angle, but it might be the existing seagull.