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    City, Modulars and Winter Village, mainly. Official, MOCs by others and designing my own. Also minifigs, as long as they add to our displays.


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  1. Withacee

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    Same here, only our rule is "City, modulars, China sets, Fairground, creator cars and WV only, (okay, and 71043, and some architecture...)" ! We just could not pass on this one. We built it this weekend, and it really is an absolutely lovely set.
  2. We (my wife and I) missed the first three modulars (CC, MS, GG), but got the rest. Over the years, we bought the parts for the first three (as close as we could get, >99% original parts), just because we wanted to get them all. Like @crowe-k, we're "completists" where modulars are concerned, so skipping one was no option, but the prices for the originals were way too high, so we took the BrickLink road. MS, albeit not the greatest modular, looks absolutely okay with the two sections split into different locations in our city as far as we are concerned. The market part just becomes an autonomous small market stand in the city.
  3. Withacee

    Best town layout software

    We use google Sheets (it's like Excel, only better ) and we also dabbled with BlueBrick, which is especially created for this purpose. It has a lot of predefined modules, like road plates, train tracks and modulars, and it is a bit easier to work "outside the grid". BlueBrick Home page
  4. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We put one layer of plates on the base plate before we build the set. Wherever the plates are visible, we choose the required colour (colour of the base plate), for the other plates we just use random colours we have handy. Once the plates are on, we leave them on the base plate (sticker on the back with the set number, since they are not interchangeable) whenever we disassemble the set.
  5. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmm, an interesting observation, no connecting pins. Like @Fuppylodderssays, with the technic bricks, it makes no sense. Maybe LEGO are just trying to confuse us We never use the pins anyway. Ever tried to reorder a row of 12 modulars in a city with the pins in? Interesting to see this develop; the theory of the new road plates as well. Our modulars are already lifted by one plate to ensure a raised walkway against the normal "old" road plates, but we have no intention of switching to the new system at all.
  6. Withacee

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    Great stuff, this one! We will definitely buy it. Very happy the colour is a classy white, and not something hysterical, like the beetle . (Loved the beetle, but hated that colour choice. We still bought it, of course...) PS Not sure that pic above is allowed here.
  7. Withacee

    [MOC] Police Station 10278 - Mini Modular

    Yes, as far as I remember, it contained the first 5 modulars MS GG CC FB and GE. Indeed a tremendous pityh that was not continued. We bricklinked the MOCs found online for all the others, since we liked them som much. And this mini modular of Police Station looks great as well! Will definitely compile this one or similar at some point. Will follow your BrickSafe page, shellshock, well done!
  8. Withacee

    REVIEW: 60250 Mail Plane

    Cheers for the review. I agree with your conclusion; I really like this little set, especially the minifig. It also fits perfectly in our Winter Village, due to the white panels on top of the plane. Nitpicking: We will replace the blue technic pins with black ones, since the axel is black as well
  9. Withacee

    [MOC] The House of Chocolate

    Absolutely smashing! Supported. Great details, and what a lovely atmosphere you created. Add some snow on the roofs and it will fit in my Winter Village, as well! Keep clicking those bricks together.
  10. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sand red. Yes. Sand red. Must have sand red. Definitely. Gimme.
  11. Withacee

    [MOC] Train Station Modular

    It's in the description of the original Youtube video, like he says. http://ge.tt/498NPKi2
  12. Withacee

    [MOC] 3D Mini Art Gallery

    These are really cool! Some great parts usage as well. Very creative, congratulations!
  13. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wondered about that as well; from the inside it looks like some sort of heating radiator, but it seems to slide out of the back.. Maybe a foldable ladder to get to the upper floor?
  14. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They be here: https://itlug.org/forum/topic/9428-novità-2020-creator-expert/?tab=comments#comment-81227
  15. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes! Did not recognise it, thanks!