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  1. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    [COR - FB] ETTCS Earl of Abergavany

    ETTCS Earl of Abergavany The rapide expanse of the ETTC fleet has shown no signs of slowing down. In only a few months time, it has gone from a handful of small ships, to a fleet dominated by large Terramen.But the increase of hostile activity has led to the need for bigger and more heavily armed merchant vessels. The newest addition to the fleet is the biggest one yet. A 2 decker, class 9 terraman, armed with 52 guns and a crew of 300.This floating fortresses will protect and deliver its cargo, no matter who or what comes after it. -28 x18lb longgun-2 x 12 lb caronade-2 x 9lb longgun
  2. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    This is my mortar boat which I would like to offer. If it dosen´t belong here can you tell me the right place.
  3. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    [COR - FB] HMS Meteor

    In preparation for Corrington's invasion of the Lotii territories, the Parker Shipyards have designed and built Bomb Vessels on begalf of the Crown. The ships are equipped with ... designed to destroy everything and everyone unlucky enough to find themselves under it's blast.These Bomb Vessels will leave every enemy forts and coastal settlements, under the mercy of Corrington Rule. HMS Meteor mortar boat 120 man crew Armament: 12 x 6lb longgun 2 x 12lb caronades 1 x 10 inch mortar Top speed 8 knots
  4. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HTTCS Royal George

    HTTCS Royal George East Indiaman 36 guns 26 x 12lb longgun 10 x 9lb longguns Crew: 230 Man Max. Speed: 9 knots It was formerly HMS Canoniere, a 4th rank ship of the line with 52 guns. Due to its advanced age, overhauling was no longer worthwhile. Therefore, the ship was decommissioned by the Royal Navy and should then be scrapped. The ship was purchased by Parker Dockyards to be converted into an East Indiaman. For the rigging was renewed. Also, some 6 and 9 pounders were removed from the deck to make room for the passenger cabins. The 18 lb main armament was exchanged for 12 lb to generate more loading capacity. Now the ship will be handed over to the ETTC. HMS Cannoniere before being overhauled
  5. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HETCS Pallace and HETCS Endomyion

    Shortly after becoming a shareholder in the ETTC, William Parker received a letter from Edward Scarver. “ Dear William Parker, I was most delighted to hear that your application had been accepted. Your shipyard is legendary and the ships that come out of it are some of the finest I’ve seen. On that note, I am hoping that you’ll be willing to offer us your resources and help reform the ETTC fleet. Despite being one of the largest and most profitable trade companies in the brick seas, our fleet has long been neglected and over the years, has fallen to a pitiful state. We had until now relied on the Royal Navy to escort the fleets safely from port to port. But with the Crown on the verge of bankruptcy and the Royal Navy engaged in the war, it’s about time the ETTC manages its own escorts. On behalf of the company I ask the construction of two frigates. These frigates will be used as escorts on future voyages and would need to be strong and well armed. But also versatile enough that we could use them for the transport of cargo when needed. Naturally, all expenses will be paid for by the company. We ask only for your time and skills. Yours truly, Mayor Edward Scarver “ Without wasting a second, William Parker ran to his office and started drawing. After 4 and a half months of construction, the citizens of Belson gathered around the harbour to watch the launch of the two brand new 5th rate frigates, ETTC Endymion and ETTC Palace. The Endymion, armed with 24x 18lbs long guns, 16x 9lbs long guns and 4x 12lbs carronades, holds a crew of up to 350 men, making her the strongest in the fleet. The Palace has 22x 12lbs long guns, 6x 9lbs long guns, 4x 12lbs carronades, 2 swivel breams and a crew of up to 200 men. Its cargo holds were built so that the ship could carry more cargo than an ordinary frigate, making her well suited for the transportation of valuable cargo. Together these ships signify the dawn of a new era for the ETTC’s presence on the Brick Seas.
  6. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HETCS Sussex
  7. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HETCS Sussex

    you have only to look after flickr frank mäurer there are more pictures. I wasn't sure which abbreviation to use. So I just used that of a real British East Indiaman East India Company.
  8. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HETCS Sussex

    The HETCS Sussex is an East Indiaman built at Parker Dockyards. The ship is armed with 34 guns (22 x 12lb and 12 x 6lb). It requires a crew of 120 men. The ship will be donated to the ETTC to strengthen the fleet.
  9. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HMS Indefatigable

    HMS Indefatigable is a 5th rate frigate of corrington. She is armed with 24 18lb longguns, 22 18lb caronades. She has a crew of 350 men. She was build in "Parker Dockyards". The building time was 2,5 years. The ship is ready to serve in the Navy.
  10. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    This is my frigate that I would like to offer.
  11. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    HMS Superpe

    HMS Superpe is a 5th rate frigate of corrington. She is armed with 24 18lb longguns, 22 18lb caronades and 4 swivel breams. She has a crew of 330 men. She was build in "Parker Dockyards". The building time was 3 years. The ship is currently in the port of Belson and is being equipped. The ship still needs a captain.
  12. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    I don't know which subforum you mean, but maybe you can send me the relevant link.
  13. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    Cruisers of Terra Nova

    If I have a 46 gun frigate should I post it here?
  14. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    this is my character William Parker was born in Corrington. Grew up in poor circumstances. At the age of 12 he went to sea for the first time on a warship. He fought bravely in many battles and soon attained the rank of lieutenant. In a bloody battle he lost his leg and was captured. After returning from captivity, he resigned from the Royal Navy for health reasons. Then he started a career at a royal shipyard. He worked his way up the ranks fairly quickly and earned a substantial sum. He opened his own shipyard and from now on builds ships for the Royal Navy. What do I have to do if I have several ships and want to give them to other players?
  15. boeing_787_8_dreamliner

    [WIP] HMS LIVELY 38 Gun Frigate (Step 3)