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  1. Yzalirk

    Mount Up! The Lesser Rustwing

    That is an amazing creature!
  2. Yzalirk

    [MOC] Wolfpack Leader's Retreat

    Damn vitreolum, as always, another great build!
  3. Yzalirk

    Friðsælt Falls

    This is amazing! I love the color, the layout, the water,the trees, and the terrain, great work!
  4. Yzalirk

    Decal Wish List

    Could someone make my two requests that are above? Thanks.
  5. Yzalirk

    "House of Chaos"

    That's a sophisticated MOC, well done!
  6. Yzalirk

    Masa hires Khajiit mercs.

    I like the Elder Scrolls reference.
  7. Yzalirk

    MOC Glen Orduin

    Beautiful MOC!
  8. Yzalirk

    [MOC] Fire ant Water

    Awesome MOC!
  9. Yzalirk

    All possible 2CVs!

    These are some nice looking cars, fantastic job!
  10. Yzalirk

    Persistent MOCiverse for Sci-Fi?

    I think it would be really awesome to do something like this for the Sci-Fi section and I would be very interested in it.
  11. So I want to build a good tug boat yet give it a little post-apocalyptic feel like this tugboat, but how would I make one?
  12. Yzalirk

    Avatar - Hallelujah Mountains

    That's a really good MOC!
  13. Yzalirk

    How would you make a good Tugboat?

    That's awesome but I'm not looking to make something too big, almost a replica of this is what I'm aiming to make but I'd like to know all the parts I'd use and maybe a few tips on how the hull of it would be made.
  14. Yzalirk

    Problems with decal application

    I haven't applied any custom decals yet but to fix your problem, you may want to rub your finger on the decal when it's on the torso to get rid of any air pockets and apply a bit of pressure to it so it dries properly to the torso. It could also be doing that because you may have added too much water to it if you are using the Water Slide Decals method.
  15. Yzalirk

    [MOC] JSF-60 "Banshee"

    This looks awesome!
  16. Yzalirk

    MOC: Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six

    Amazing MOC, I love it!
  17. Yzalirk

    MOD - Grand Emporium billboard

    The Darth Vader billboard looks nice.
  18. Yzalirk

    MOC - Godwins Hollow City Hall

    The building is awesome and has tons of detailing in it, excellent work!
  19. Yzalirk


    Great display, the mountain and tree looks awesome! Though, grass pieces could have been placed around.
  20. Yzalirk

    How would you make a good Tugboat?

    You mind posting the links for the parts you think are necessary for this build? Anything else I should know?
  21. Yzalirk

    MOC: WIP Harbour Scene

    I like the crane a lot and it's pretty cool how you gave it an old LEGO look.
  22. Yzalirk

    [MOC] The Gilded Crow

    Beautiful ship!
  23. Yzalirk

    Discussion Should LEGO make a Military Theme?

    I don't think there should be a military them but if it's something completely made up like a space themed military, why not? Some people just may find it offensive if there were sets dedicated to modern day military.
  24. Yzalirk

    How would you make a good Tugboat?

    Alright, but how would you recommend me making a Tugboat with SNOT building like this along with what pieces I should use?
  25. Yzalirk

    [SoNE Freebuild] Mission Endor complete

    This is awesome! I also love how you made it with the little minifigure pictures with what they're say. Out of curiosity, how did you make those little pictures like that?