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  1. Las Vegas was a poor choice IMO and for me, the epitome of “LEGO Tourist Traps” theme that Architecture has become. It should have been canned after the Mandalay Bay delay.
  2. St Mark’s basilica in the Venice Skyline set. As for large sets, the reissued Taj Mahal may have been Creator Expert themed but it’s an Architecture set in all but name.
  3. They’ve crossed it before and recently too.
  4. Lucarex

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Two S15 sets leaked accidentally on Amazon, decent if not hi-res pics... 71750 Lloyd’s Hydro Mech 71752 Ninja Sub Speeder
  5. Lucarex

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Excitement really building for the Temple set now. Only 7 weeks to go!
  6. Lucarex

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Only wanted RR and WEC, but the former is completely ruined. I may get anyway and see if I can surgically modify those ridiculous legs. Agree, I’d probably sell the fig itself just to get the cheese.
  7. Risky. By the time the (seriously meh) probe is ready, the Shuttle might be backordered for a while. That’s annoying 😒. Didn’t show up in Europe S@Hs and I really wanted to pick up the Rocket Ride last year. The space coin sold out in less than an hour.
  8. Lucarex

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Love them all Robert, with the standout exception of the bullfighter (*cough* animal cruelty). Jeez, really? The narwhal girl is a painful reminder of the one TLNM shark army warrior we never got. As for the “Olympian warrior” (I don’t think Nike and Hermes will sue 😄) you should think about doing a Myths & Legends series. I still want that Nessie of yours!!!
  9. Here’s one of my favourite arch MOCs and not just of last year. Stunning. Puts the Colosseum to shame, doesn’t it?
  10. Anyone else still fence-sitting uncomfortably as to whether or not to pick up the Shuttle in an hour’s time? The worry is it’ll be back ordered until May/June within a few hours. With Lego these days “this is the way”.
  11. I also hoped in vain that the Great Wall of China may possibly lead to other similar sets like Angkor Wat or Machu Picchu, but LEGO are a bit weird about religious links (especially since the furore around Jabba’s Palace) despite the Taj Mahal reissue and St Marks basilica in the Venice Skyline (suggesting it’s not a strict official policy).
  12. Nope, they don’t and so you haven’t.
  13. Well Ulysses is a big fat disappointment, so basic and bland. What a waste of bricks and VIP points.
  14. Appreciate you accepting my apology, we’re all good. If you haven’t already, make yourself a coffee and read the mental Colosseum thread and see just how polarising this theme has become. I always welcome new sets/subjects even if I don’t personally feel them. I loved the Trevi Fountain and hoped for more releases in this vein (such as Notre-Dame or Sagrada Familia), alongside more modern architecture but I’ve long since given up any hope of this. An updated (with newer elements and more refined building techniques) FallingWater would be fantastic but zero chance, especially since ART left LEGO and took his relationship with the FLW Foundation. He subsequently agreed a license for his own new company (Atom Bricks - Tom Alphin a EB member here did a great review here) Even recent sets which have been impressive (Trafalgar Square springs to mind) have had very questionable (I’m being kind) architectural merit and have focused more on “tourist sightseeing”. So at this point, I don’t really know what to expect anymore. The Forbidden City guess seems to make a lot of sense. Don’t think anyone had even mentioned Seattle before you raised it, but if I’m being honest, it’d still be a typically lazy set for LEGO to dial in, just as an updated standalone Eiffel Tower would be. I’m surprised they didn’t already go down this route after Statue of Liberty. Iconic landmarks are easier as there’s only so many Skylines you can do. That said, there’s still a number of interesting and even iconic skylines still to me made. Personally I’d like to see Rio de Janiero and Liverpool amongst others.