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  1. Thanks both! Assume the rest of the schedule for these micros stays as is? April, August, October…
  2. Apologies if this has been discussed already but what’s the deal with 40703 Ninjago City Micro? The January GWP release timeline came and went and there’s only the “not available” with price crossed out on S&H. Did I somehow blink and miss the GWP offer? I see the eBay sellers have started selling it at 4x value.
  3. Lucarex

    10318 Concorde

    As long as you love it, that’s all that matters. I’ve been a massive Concorde fan since living under its flight path (Richmond, UK) in the 90s. Never failed to crane necks. Even own a few collectible bits off the old bird. Sadly though, I haven’t bought this, partly due to the size/display options (ideally I would wall mount it, banked not vertical) but also feel LEGO cheaped out in not paying the license fee from BA and AF. The Airbus livery is just disappointing.
  4. Can't lie, it's a bit underwhelming both in terms of side buildings and of course, the relative lack of animals. No amount of hi-res photos or internals will change that unfortunately. Guess that's what happens when you conduct market research and focus on budget. Such a missed opportunity.
  5. The restoration cost is approx 850m euro. All of it has come from private donations.
  6. There’s a much more recent example of St Mark’s Basilica in the Venice skyline set.
  7. Errr, the Taj Mahal? Christianity isn’t exactly “modern”, and the GP was built as a tomb not as a place of religious worship.
  8. One that actually may sell, you mean?
  9. That skyline set released exactly 5 years ago. Definitely time for a significantly larger more intricate set. Which is exactly what they did years ago with 10253 Big Ben which incidentally also had just over 4000 pieces.
  10. I reckon it’s the GGB in the new and more accurate dark orange, with a partial diorama of the strait and bay, including a microscale Alcatraz (the “tourist attraction” designers at LEGO won’t pass that up) which means a lot of 1x1 water tiles which would account for the high piece count.
  11. Never happening. ART with Atom Brick has a partnership with the FLW foundation. Speaking of which, they have just announced FallingWater for October release (preorders now). It looks decent (apart from the trees) with interior floors but it’s very pricey at 349.99 USD .
  12. Better late than never! So easy that it’s hard to think they looked at it from QC aspect, so must have been an oversight, maybe distracted by the Hubble build going into the cargo bay. Not their finest hour for sure. In fact, the entire model, whilst so many positive aspects, I found to be fragile to such an extent I actually had to glue large sections of it. I’ve never had to do with any set, before or since.
  13. Within this theme, there is a sense (finally) after a period of stagnation, of really expanding into new territory and going beyond the typical “tourist sights”. Yes TLG have done reissues lately, such as Taj and the Eiffel Tower, but both of those were after a significant period of time had elapsed and offered something at a different scale (smaller and much larger respectively). I’m not sure where they could go after 10253 that would offer anything new. Trafalgar Square (I wasn’t that guy when correcting “Trafford”, but twice? not sure where you get that from unless you’re a casual Manchester United follower from the US?) has architectural, historical and cultural merits that Times Square, well it’s just not even a conversation. It didn’t even make the NYC Skyline (and why would it?) yet Shibuya crossing (your other example) did, albeit in the form of 4 1x1 tiles, which kind of sums up where Times Square would feature in any LEGO model. As for Stonehenge, maybe we’re blurring the lines about Architecture and 18+ themes, I do accept it may not have enough detail but then you see a directly analogous subject like the Great Pyramid, which nailed what could have been a disappointing simplistic set. As for “screaming architecture” though, I have to take issue with that as it’s generally regarded as the most architecturally sophisticated (of its time) and historically important structure, and consequently an iconic world famous site. I’m certain TLG could do it justice. Leaving out a recreation of the main traffic-jammed road that runs right alongside it might help 😆
  14. Don’t mean to be that guy but they’ve done “Big Ben” several times, just released the gorgeous Himeji Castle, and Times Square has literally zero architectural merit or interest, unlike Trafalgar Square. Personally, I’d like to see some ancient sites like Angkor Wat or Macchu Pichu, or Stonehenge. Would have to be detailed “expert” sets not like GWOC approximations.
  15. Lucarex

    10318 Concorde

    It it was me, I’d wall mount it vertically or banking, like the Shuttle. There will be 3D printed options soon enough.