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  1. Entirely predictable. These stadiums’ release schedule clearly show they have been in development at the same time, just at different stages. Next up, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Juventus etc. When you realise that these are the biggest clubs in the world, both commercially and in terms of support, with adult fans easily spending €350 for a single ticket and travel without a second’s hesitation, then the market seems obvious to LEGO. Only problem is these things are so large (and incredibly boring to build) that they are almost impossible to display as usual, unless you have a very understanding wife or a dedicated LEGO room.
  2. Like everything else in Singapore! Can see this choice being true, I have the standalone MBS set so no interest in a Skyline, but if this is all that’s on the horizon for 2022, then LEGO may as well put the theme out of its misery and retire it altogether.
  3. It’ll either be a rebuild small scale Eiffel Tower or an uninspired choice of Skyline (like Chicago) at that price.
  4. Beg to differ. The latest shrunken Taj looks meh. As for sports stadiums, they are often described as modern-day cathedrals for loyal supporters. .
  5. Not a hoax. Fantastic timing given the financial disaster Barcelona are currently embroiled in (and deservedly so).
  6. Lucarex

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    Promobricks confirms its not a GWP but will cost 34.99€
  7. Did the mid-hinge mod swapout last night. So elegant and simple giving the perfect seamless look. It does beg the question who signed off on the original? Bad day at the office whoever.
  8. It’s a standout FLAW, is what it is! Really enjoyed the build but that middle hinge was sloppy.
  9. Exactly my point! That’s what typifies Japanese architecture. Let’s be honest, Tokyo tower is just a red and white Eiffel, the Skytree another Space/Needle CN Tower. Shibuya has no architectural merit whatsoever, just a traffic crossing as “touristy” as it comes. What next, the Abbey Road zebra? I’ll give you Edo but hey, it’s a castle and we know how precious LEGO are about those. Hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since Imperial Hotel. Aware of that fact but it gives them free reign to include more traditional “religious” buildings and the like. Look at TOA, TLNM-TOUUW, NC, NG.
  10. Sure, if “interesting” is a euphemism for boring, unimaginative etc. Such as? It’s a country full of architectural wonders but unfortunately most are traditional and temples and shrines. Anyway, you can’t really beat Ninjago City & Gardens
  11. Lucarex

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    No worries, sorry to be that guy who spots the one anomaly. Thanks for the great comparison list anyway.
  12. Lucarex

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    What about Water Dragon Nya’s tailpiece recoloured from Hidden Side’s Nehmaar Reem?
  13. Petra would look amazing in sand red, it’s the perfect match in early evening to sunset. These days with commercialisation much more accessible via YT etc. I’d imagine student projects aren’t given any exemptions. But then that’s French bureaucracy for you. My advice? Easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission
  14. That’s because they wanted to use it for commercial purposes and use footage of the actual building. I seriously doubt it was be a no-go, just they probably didn’t want to or couldn’t pay the associated fee and complete the necessary permissions and wait time. There’s lots of red tape and costs involved when it comes to filming locations, not just in Paris.
  15. It’s technically owned by the city and they can only effectively enforce copyright when it’s lit up as that’s considered an art installation. It was a very prominent part of the 2019 Skyline so it’s extremely unlikely there’s any ongoing license issues.