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  1. MAB

    Monochrome Minifigures

    LEGO are bricking back "nude" yellow hips, so I guess there is a chance they would do fleshie (light flesh) ones, although working out why an official minifigure would need them is another matter.
  2. Get some SNOT bricks (bricks with side studs) and use these in the tower to build a section where you can place your clock face.
  3. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Luckily, not this drama ...
  4. MAB

    Monochrome Minifigures

    I'll believe it when I see it! Where is the image above from? There are off brand fleshie ones available that are a very good match to LEGO's light flesh, so if anyone buys them, check for the LOGO.
  5. It is because you are a new member that hadn't posted anything prior to the raffle. You need to make (I think) 10 posts before you can PM other members.
  6. MAB

    Lego vs Zuru

    As already noted, some LEGO parts come from China and not all of them can be inspected, just like other clone brands being sold in the US and UK/EU. So if other brands that pass safety tests should be banned, then so should LEGO.
  7. MAB

    Lego vs Zuru

    I hope lego lose this case. I don't have a problem with them going after knock-offs of their patents, but these are different. I don't see why these are any different to the characters sold by Block Tech like these, for example: They are crap, but cheap. I imagine Zuru might need to change “Lego Blocks Compatible” to "Compatible with other brands" but other than that, I don't see where the confusion is. It's fair enough that LEGO wants to protect it's patents, but it should not be allowed to stop other companies making figurines that are compatible. So I hope LEGO lose.
  8. Nobody knows yet. It is usually 3-5 themed minifigures or similar but it depends what LEGO supplies. I'm sure copmike will post once he knows, hopefully with a few partial reveals first as a teaser.
  9. I was just in time, I got an order in yesterday at 11.33 GMT.
  10. MAB

    The Fellowship of the Ring

    Have you tried dipping the legs into paint to coat the feet? That way, you can coat the inner sides of the feet, so you don't see the base colour showing through.
  11. This is probably one of the most realistic - takes 600 men. Multiple decks and gunports and decent rigging and sail formations.
  12. MAB

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    There is also the Winter Village Market that contains a number of small booths, including some food stalls. We get little bits of food in many sets, but I don't think City sets tend to be dominated by food shops as boys tend not to play cafes. As you say, Friends sets have lots of food shops and cafes, presumably girls tend to like playing cafes more than boys. And for adults and older teens, there have been sets such as the Parisian Restaurant, the Downtown Diner, etc, so adults are covered.
  13. MAB

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    I'm the opposite. To me, the food stands just look like a City set should. While they are better than many normal City sets, that is probably due to the part count given to each of the builds.
  14. MAB

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    Although that still might be a decent parts set.