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  1. MAB

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Interesting, thanks I had never seen that page. So that makes me wonder why they don't use subthemes on the boxes or on the shop website. It seems strange to define them but not actually use them on product boxes or as filters for when people are shopping. I guess I am not the only one, as looking at that they do put all the police under one subtheme so this question here is somewhat irrelevant. They are not separate subthemes, they are one subtheme called Police. Not in all countries. Ambulance and Fire are completely different services in the UK and most of Europe.
  2. MAB

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    YOU label it, not LEGO. BL do the same, Brickset does the same. It is convenient to have labels for similar sets from different years. It is the same with modern sets, there are no labels to say that Police is a separate subtheme from Fire, or that Mountain Police is a separate subtheme from Arctic. It is because one City set can be played with alongside another City set. For example, what subtheme is set 60225? Brickset files it under City > Space BL files it under Town > City > Space Port LEGO files it under City If there is an officially defined sub-theme, then why do two different fan sites catalogue it in different ways, and different again to LEGO who do not classify it as anything other than City.
  3. MAB

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    I don't get how they are separated. They are all labelled as LEGO City sets. Where do these subthemes come from though? Take a look at one of the "Turbo Wheels" sets, 60255: Nowhere on LEGO's web page is the term Turbo Wheels used. Lots of retailers (but not LEGO) use it in the title of the set, so this is presumably just a way of indicating where to put them on shelves. I cannot see anything on the box or official descriptions that indicates that they are a distinct subtheme though.
  4. MAB

    What's the best place to contact TLG?

    The webchat is fine. Also they reply by email, but they are busy now due to fallout from the Christmas period, I think it is something like a 5-6 day wait for a reply to an email about orders. I think it probably depends on what you are emailing them about. If it is an order, then it is important to them. If it is about an idea you have, then they have IDEAS for that. And so on.
  5. If it was a regular build, you can use the 10 US cents / 10 p / 10 Euro cents per part. However, trains use a number of non-regular parts in the wheels, bogies, etc. Windows can also be costly, depending on what you go for.
  6. That looks great. Can it collect bricks as well or do they just slide instead. I imagine sports balls / Zamor spheres would be quite difficult to collect.
  7. Very nice. Could you not have used a brickforge helmet or sticker just to make it six! A record surely. :-) Is the crossbow from the Koruit Orcs range? I have some on order but am still waiting for them.
  8. MAB

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    There is no Police theme, so they cannot go under Police. And if you look at the boxes, the police sets are not subthemed either. They are all just City. I don't think City has subthemes. You cannot filter based on subthemes on the website for example. Many have the location in the title but that is not a subtheme. For example, a number are called things like Swamp Police Station. The "Swamp" in the name is just describing where the Police work. It is not a subtheme. This one came out at the same time as other "Swamp" sets but it is not called "Swamp Police Crooks' Hideout", it is just "Crooks' Hideout". There is no Swamp Police subtheme branding on it. There is no formal subtheme. Of course, people tend to lump together similar things that came out at similar times and so talk of subthemes. But these are all just City sets. Swamp Police sets can be played with alongside Sky Police sets and alongside standard Police sets and alongside all other City sets.
  9. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yeah, but you cannot exclude Jack Sparrow and still do POTC! It seems to me that LEGO will make something if they will make money from it. Modern weapons bad, unless they are in a licensed theme. I've seen where the "rule" is, it is on the IDEAS website. But then, when LEGO themselves do the waiter with his bottle of wine grape juice: then surely any depiction of a bottle or can in a modern context can be explained away by saying it contains non-alcoholic contents, so long as there are not other elements to the set design that would highlight alcohol use.
  10. MAB

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Plus they did the wine cellar in Barrel Escape from The Hobbit. Plenty of wine barrels, bottles and even the drunk chief elf who has his keys stolen by Bilbo.
  11. I also cannot really see why they would do it, as they use figures to sell sets. That said, they are also doing the DC Superheroes line (in addition to the HP series) and almost half of those are characters that are new to LEGO, with variants on existing characters for the other half. I imagine they would need a similar ratio for SW. If they were all essentially unknown to kids, then the series would not sell well. They need the well known characters to sell blind packs. And one problem is that there are not that many outfits they can be done with. Vader is Vader, Luke, Leia and Han have been done so many times there are no screen outfits they do not come in. Of course, it would be interesting if Hasbro do stop making figures, and LEGO suddenly starts, as it would show if the Hasbro deal has stopped LEGO producing individual minifigures for sale all this time.
  12. Brickset logins are usually fine if you allow cookies. I typically need to login once every 20-30 days or so.
  13. The thing I thought was really attractive about that hall at first is the pattern on the side. I nearly voted for it. But looking closer, it is impossible to achieve. The parts that form the design are overlapping with each other so this is impossible unless the design is no longer flat or the parts are cut. The render from the sides shows them clearly overlapping in a flat design. The roof also looks a bit weak (big gaps in the sides). It is strange how some parts of the wall have the masonry brick pointing brick side out, other parts brick side in. The seats inside are also a bit strange. They have used the Friends feet holders, but I wonder how the minifigures sit at the very low tables. Yeah, I use brickforge ones. Much nicer!
  14. I assumed this was to build and display as a set rather than the dimensions of the box.
  15. MAB

    How big is the LEGO community?

    I agree with it being a moot point, as you don't have to buy it to be a fan of something or be part of a community. If gets get LEGO as presents and talk about it, or if they attend LEGO fan days, etc they are still part of the LEGO community.