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  1. I'd prefer they didn't go down that route. There are a couple of things I don't like about the SW dioramas. First, they are different scales - so Luke on Dagobah and the Trash Compactor are minifig based, whereas the Trench Run is microscale. But more importantly, they are so expensive for their size mainly due to parts lost to the bases. £26 (2018-19) vs £80 (2022). For the same price, I think I'd prefer three different small sets to one (more set (more detailed, with a base) on the same scale. Especially with the number of characters in LOTR, if they are going to do a full theme then getting smaller less expensive sets with 3-4 characters in each is preferable to me. The SW dioramas cost £220 for three, which gives you 3 locations and 9 minifigures. Alternatively you can buy 3 playsets with 3-4 figures in each for £100-120.
  2. In the old bricks and pieces system there was a work around to order more in one order. You could order 200 by typing in the part number / ID. You could then enter a set number containing the part and order another 200 in the same order. If it was in another set, you could enter that set number, and order another 200 of the same part. It wasn't that big a deal for expensive parts (25p or more), since ordering 200 got you over the £50 postage threshold and adding a 6p part from PAB got you free shipping, so it was just as easy to place multiple orders. But when they did the gold parts from Monkie Kid for 2p it was very useful, since you could buy 400 of each part in one order.
  3. It doesn't matter. It is also in historic because builds are similar to those of Castle type builds. The contents of the forum beneath the name even mention it. There is no need or benefit to split the discussion of LOTR across multiple threads and definitely not in different threads in different forum sections.
  4. I consider myself a LOTR fan (I have all the previous sets, including extra sealed boxes of most of them) and want to see minifig based LOTR sets return but I probably won't be buying the brickheadz, at least not until i see them. I buy sets I want and not because of an assumption that if I buy something I don't want they might make something very different that I do want.
  5. You know why there isn't a thread on it here. LOTR belongs in historic, and you posted on it before starting this thread.
  6. As I mentioned earlier, I think a lot of gunk is down to sweets that have dropped into a box and slowly turned to a sticky gunk that attracts dirt, hair, and gets into ever crevice in a LEGO brick.
  7. If there is a D2C set based on the movies, I'd hope for Minas Tirith either with a Witch King or a coronation of Aragorn. Although without a theme I cannot really see how they'd do even the main characters again that they have already done in the past, let alone introduce new ones they missed. As for the brickheadz, no interest from me.
  8. I don't think LEGO is meant for anything, aside trom making money for the LEGO group. If you buy basic bricks and MOC, it is not wrong. If you buy sets and assemble and display them and never take them apart, it is not wrong. If you buy expensive sets, don't build what it is supposed to be but MOC with the parts, it is not wrong. If you buy a set and leave it in a sealed box, it is not wrong. Some LEGO sets appear to be made to inspire creativity but then others appear to be made as a display item. If you use the 'wrong' set for the 'wrong' purpose, it doesn't matter so long as you enjoy it.
  9. MAB

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    It looks like BL was wrong to suspend the store that had all the C-3POs and Jokers after one poster on BL claimed they were selling faked prints on real parts and/or stolen parts, as that seller is back selling on BL and selling Jokers and C-3POs again just not in the same numbers as before. Presumably they have learnt to just replenish once sold, rather than listing 1000 at once. That seller even posted pictures of the pallet loads of the sets the figures came in but BL still suspended them.
  10. MAB

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    Are you referring to this part? If so, the ones on BL will be genuine. The German sellers with 1000s of them will have bought them very cheap in 2012 from the warehouse store and these were also available to purchase from the old replacement parts service at least as late as 2014 (I know as I bought some). Some stores think nothing of keeping stock for a decade or more as parts go out of fashion but come back in later. If you don't buy anything on BL if it exists on Ali, presumably you never buy anything from BL.
  11. Sorting out 50+ sets even if they are the same era is a nightmare. If you mix in older or different condition parts it will of course be harder still. Why mix them all in one go? Why not mix just a few similar sets for MOC parts then it is much easier to sort them back again.
  12. There are two big things that are worse - it is easier to search and better advertised. This means people can find it and use it. Which ultimately means that it is not as easy for someone that knows how to use it to buy in-demand parts and charge high prices for them on bricklink! :-)
  13. Even if (and it is a big if) they did sets for the Amazon series, I doubt they would be allowed to cover material done in the theatrical LOTR and Hobbit movies and also not material covered in books. Middle Earth licensing seems to be highly controlled and the Tolkien estate is not going to let the world's biggest toy company make toys based on its property without hefty royalties.
  14. MAB

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    They haven't always been that way. Many random parts, often including previous CMF parts but not the whole figures, have shown up over the years the BAM have been operating.