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  1. Like other series, I doubt we ever will. One store here (Argos) has had them at 50% off for a few weeks, although their stocks seem to be almost gone now - none for delivery, and stock only in some stores. I bought ten at 50% off but stopped once I got the ones I wanted, and sold off the ones I didn't.
  2. The same could be said for just about any license. Given the price, especially for multiple purchases, they will need to appeal to a license with a lot of (rich) adult collectors.
  3. With paypal they can also change the amount. LEGO pre-authorises with one charge, then charges again for the order at the time of dispatch, then refunds the original pre-authorisation. So if you place an order for £50, you have to make sure you have £100 (or some other form of payment) as otherwise the second charge can fail before they refund the pre-authorisation. As to the gold parts, same here. I got 10 of the bananas as they might be useful for decorative items on the ridges of a roof. Whereas the tiles, I got 200 as I have a specific use for them now.
  4. It is possible to recover over-discharged batteries by first charging them with a low current if they have not been left too long, see here: PS. do it outside! I've never done it on LEGO ones, as I've never bought them (way overpriced).
  5. You won't be allowed to buy 201 of them. Maximum is 200.
  6. MAB

    So, what are Leaf, IP-2 and Zebra?

    Yes, they do. Will people buy one Beatles one and continuously rebuild it to make all four Beatles, or will they go for 4x sets and display all four. Displaying one Beatle at a time looks a bit crap to me, but maybe people will. My point was to do with the ease of removal. Removing four plates at a time is going to be significantly quicker than using an ice-scraper type implement to remove six tiles.
  7. MAB

    How do you ship large Lego flattened boxes?

    I wouldn't mail one flat. If the outer box is flat, there is a good chance it will get folded or creased. As above, use a regular LEGO shipping box for the outer protection.
  8. Funny enough, I did The Starry Night earlier, this is 48 pixels wide (31 high) but before changing to LEGO colour palette. I think most people would recognize it as van Gogh, but would anyone want it on their wall? I'd prefer a much cheaper poster than this.
  9. I doubt they would pass a modular, as they already sell modulars under their own range. They have their own designers and don't need other people to design sets for their own modulars range. However, they have shown they will accept modular-style but stand-alone, one-off sets.
  10. MAB

    So, what are Leaf, IP-2 and Zebra?

    It is because the SW and Marvel ones have alternate building instructions so you can build the three designs, then repurpose them into the combination display. Whereas The Beatles and Warhol ones don't have an alternative combined build so have no reason to be taken apart again.
  11. Are they compilation albums? As The Beatles split in 1970. Maybe they should do a special collectors edition White Album cover to go with these. A set of about 2300 white round tiles plus a plate with the name on it. I'm not sure they would. Digitize a van Gogh painting to 48x48 pixels, then use only LEGO's palette and see if you like it. It works fine for bold paintings with blocks of colour but so much detail is lost when going to a low resolution. Mondrian style would look good.
  12. More likely that LEGO will remove them when they realize they have let some licensed parts though and people start buying them.
  13. MAB

    Missed opportunities

    Presumably because they already have a number of Classic box sets on the shelves and this would be just another one of those. Plus it may tempt people to spend £85 / $85 / 85 Eur with LEGO instead of them spending it elsewhere.
  14. I think it is the anticipation that he will be valuable, since before the series was released. Everyone knows what happened to the value of other army building warriors, so the pricing of the viking has started high and remained there.
  15. Although LEGO owns BL, they are separate companies. I don't think it is legal for LEGO to use BL data to match to its own database. BL have to tell their customers why they are collecting certain data and they do not state that they share personal data with the wider LEGO group. Similarly LEGO cannot pass on a customer's personal information to BL as they need to tell customers what they will use personal information for, and this is not one of the reasons they give. If they do suspect someone of buying to sell on, all they can do is cancel the order (and future orders). I don't believe they can pass the customers' data to another company (bricklink) in a fishing exercise to insist that users are banned if they match details. Why not buy then on BL? They are currently 50-60p each - one UK seller has 4 @ 55p each. They have had similar printed armour on B+P in the past and they tend to cost in the region of £1.50 each. Even if LEGO was selling them, BL prices will almost certainly win out for such a common printed CMF part. And if buying multiples, postage per part will be relatively small compared to the £1 or so price difference per part when comparing with LEGO's prices.