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  1. MAB

    Open questions

    If they look too LEGO like, then people won't buy them as they might as well buy the LEGO versions instead. For example, I have some of their tridents, and these have the 'wrapping' details on them. Of course, they could have made it look more like LEGO ones and left that detail off: But then what would the point of them be? Sometimes people want compatible parts that are a bit more detailed than LEGO make. Same with their helmets, for the most part they are more detailed than LEGO ones, and come in many more forms. So they are ideal for anyone that wants a bit more detail in their minifigures outfits. The Sarissa spear is meant to be long - 12-20 foot long, so 2-3 times the height of a minifigure. Same with the similar pike. These are not one handed weapons. Here is the picture of them from wikipedia: Of course, both these could be more lego like with a plain blade and longer shaft, so one of these but longer: However, I like that the detail makes the Sarissa one look a little more primitive whereas the pike looks like the spear end is nailed or riveted on.
  2. MAB

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    Paper, because their digitial instructions are still terrible when it comes to colour. I don't really see it as an environmental problem either, at least for owned sets. Although if they do want to cut back on paper, then they could make the steps slightly harder / involve more pieces per step so that there are less steps per model and also make boxes smaller.
  3. MAB

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    I think Simpsons S2 got through to the second round.
  4. The second hand side does being an interesting point. In another 5-10 years time, after the LEGO Movie peak in sales and those kids start getting rid of their old LEGO, will the price ratio of new to used LEGO remain about the same or will there be a glut of used parts/sets on the market. This could lead to used being significantly cheaper than new.
  5. MAB

    Which is the best CMF Series? Which is the WORST?

    Worst ever series has to be DFB. Outside of the boss, they are all dressed the same (obviously) with the same ball accessory (which doesn't attach to or fit on the stands) with just variations in heads and hair. At least TLNM provided some nice torsos and other parts. And the other regional exclusive CMF - Team GB - had a bit of variation in them in terms of kits and equipment.
  6. Depending on how you think Dr Kilroy would dress these days, these HP suits might do: The last one probably needs grey trousers. The first three with a pith helmet all strike me as the type of thing a European gentleman would wear in the hot desert and still look immaculate. Alternatively, with white trousers and pith helmet or with dark tan trousers and pith helmet or even
  7. Remember European prices include taxes, whereas US ones do not as they vary so much. A $100 price tag can end up costing $110 in some states. To make a fair comparison, you should really compare the ex-VAT price in European countries. So for UK, we'd divide the current £3 cost price for a CMF by 1.20 (VAT is 20%), to get £2.50 for the ex-VAT price, plus £0.50 in tax. The £2.50 GBP is currently about $3.12 USD, so we are getting a better deal than Americans paying $4 plus tax on their CMF. In fact, currently, we are paying less after our taxes (£3=$3.75) than Americans are paying before their taxes ($4). Of course, Europeans are paying 4 Euro after taxes, so about $4.40 USD. And Americans are also paying a similar amount after taxes. So buy in the UK!
  8. MAB

    Fake LEGO Minifigures and offbrand Parts

    I have a few clone brand figures and I don't think they are that bad. I bought 10 roman soldiers for my kids to play with and they have lasted three years with quite heavy play. It is easy to tell the difference between the torsos and legs when compared to a real one due to the colours being slightly off, but for the accessories it is very hard. Same with a Medusa. I actually glued these ones together to make sure we knew they are fake ones. I also have some figures that LEGO do not do, such as the Xenomorph from Alien and that is a great figure. Decent moulding for the head, and excellent print, probably superior to LEGO's printing as they print the torso and legs at the same time, so prints match across the body. I also have a lot of Gondor soldiers' armour. I bought the complete figures but I don't really like using non-LEGO parts when a decent LEGO alternative exists so I sold off the figures and kept the armour and helmets. They are superb parts. I also have genuine brickforge and brickwarriors parts but did also try out fakes of those that are available from China. I cannot really tell the difference between them.
  9. Isn't that what all luxury goods companies do? They charge as much as they can for their product whilst still ensuring they get decent sales figures to maximise their profit overall. There were two new pieces in Dragon Suit guy so not really that different to many CMFs. The tail might get used again if they do another lizard like character, although they have also never reused the lizard man headgear and tail either. I think one of the key things for CMFs is that they are easy to discount in different ways. Some retailers do "buy 5, get one free", some do "3 for 2", some do stamps on a loyalty card, some will sell off at 50% after the initial rush. So when setting the price, I imagine LEGO take this into account. They probably know some people will buy at $5, others that don't want to pay as much can wait and buy when reduced.
  10. I wouldn't bother de-yellowing white arms. They are so cheap, you might as well buy a new pair and replace them. Same with the head (if it is the male one). If the figure is worth $1 or so, it isn't really worth bothering with to repair it when it can be replaced instead.
  11. Hands are definitely a different composition. If you try RIT dying torso assemblies, the torso and arms take the dye whereas hands do not. I think also the airtanks and a number of other neck bracket molded pieces are different compositions, as they are flexible, as you say.
  12. Kids that like to build things will probably always like LEGO. Whereas those that were drawn in by a gimmick will probably not continue with it. But then they were never going to stay with it anyway.
  13. Yes, same here. Although gone are the days when you used to be able to get them frequently at £1.00-1.20 (thanks to the old WHSmiths privilege club) and occasionally at about 50p a pack on clearance.
  14. Not in the UK (or at least near me). Disney2 and TLM2 both seem to be hanging around near me. An independent store that never does discounts on LEGO has been doing a buy 5 get 6 promo on them for months. But also in other toy and grocery stores, they are still on the shelves. Plus have been discounting TLM2 for a few months now at 50% off, although not Disney2 yet - they are still RRP online.
  15. That is why a large section of the City population turns to crime.