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  1. MAB

    Removing gender bias

    I'm not sure I do know what you mean by dolls in this context. To me dolls are humanoid characters in toy form. Minidolls are humans with somewhat realistic body shapes. Minifigures are humans with a more blocky shape. They are all forms of doll. Which of these are dolls ... All have somewhat realistic body shapes and depict human(oid)s. To me they are all dolls. Of course boys would call the last one an action figure as they don't want to play with dolls, as they are for girls. But it is still a doll. How many boys would play with Ken in the middle? Is he an action figure or a doll? Call Ken a doll and he is for girls. Call him an action figure and a boy would probably play with him. And that is partly what the article was about. It is OK if a boy wants to play with a minidoll. They might not be primarily aimed at boys, but it is still OK if a boy wants to play with it. And their is no need to call the inhabitants of Heartlake min action figures or similar to try to change the appeal.
  2. MAB

    Classic Castle Parts?

    The price really depends on what the pieces are. Sometimes it can be reasonably cheap to buy wall panels and trapdoors, especially as many adults don't want them. As to creativity, it again depends what you mean by creativity. If kids are moving on from duplo castles then large wall panels (with or without windows), BURPs and so on are great, as they can be built into a castle relatively quickly so the kid does not lose interest. A big pile of small bricks may lead to a more creative build if they are skilled enough but you don't want to put a young kid off, especially if they want to build fast then creatively play.
  3. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yeah, the same person got it to 10K three times!
  4. MAB

    Removing gender bias

    So what do you mean by get rid of minidolls? Do you mean actually get rid of them, or just rename them. Plenty of dolls are bought for boys. They just have the name action figure.
  5. MAB

    Removing gender bias

    That doesn't make sense. To get people to buy Friends for boys they should cancel Friends? Friends are minidolls. Get rid of them and you get rid of Friends and you end up with just a pinkish City line.
  6. My point was it used to be 3 series of 16 generic unlicensed characters. Now we get just one lot of 12 per year, so there is very little discussion throughout the year about what they might be. The licensed series might have the odd part that is interesting, but typically very little as they tend to be highly licensed character specific.
  7. MAB

    New themes in 2022?

    What does that mean? As they frequently "cancel" Ninjago in "the current form". Storylines change, locations and villains change. One person's "cancelling the current form" is another person's "new series". Changing storylines is different to cancelling the entire theme. LEGO games - especially ones without LEGO pieces in them - seemed to fail miserably. They also cancelled the games line (the ones with real pieces). Cards and board games might be relatively cheap to produce compared to LEGO parts, but if they go down the route of cheap cost, the games will fail again. If a game has little thought in gameplay, it will be a dud. If they don't invest in producing a decent game (using LEGO parts or not), the fact that a crummy game costs little to produce is not that important. If there are no actual pieces, it won't even be bought as a parts pack when they need to slash prices to clear them.
  8. MAB

    Removing gender bias

    Why would they phase out the minidoll, when their own research indicated that they were filling a missing area in their product portfolio? Why does Friends need to be cohesive with City? They are different themes aimed at different groups. All the bricks already are cohesive, just that the figures have a different style. No.
  9. Yeah. In the past it was 3x a year for 16 figures each time. Now, once a year for 12 figures.
  10. MAB

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    The length of time it ran for is probably less important than what was in the approved submission. If a UK The Office set got to 10K and was approved, it would be outrageous if they later changed it to the US version. Not that there is that much difference between the characters by the time you have minifigurised them. And decorations around the office can easily be changed if they use US graphics (Froggy 101, etc)
  11. MAB

    Removing gender bias

    That's fine, of course people will buy what they can use. But to say Friends and other minidoll themes and Minecraft has failed because you don't use them is incredibly short sighted. Why do you think these themes still exist? It is not because they fail when it comes to sales. Personally, I find Minecraft sets a good way to get 2x4 and 2x2 bricks in greens, greys, browns and so on.
  12. MAB

    [MOC] V saves Eve
  13. MAB

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    Although they will represent specific characters in the set, the figures are likely to look rather generic in that you probably wouldn't recognize them outside of The Office branding. Michael Scott is someone in a suit. So is David Brent. So just get a head with a beard, then you can switch Michael Scott to David Brent. A head without glasses turns Dwight into Gareth. Blonde hair and Pam becomes Dawn. Jim won't need changing to become Tim.
  14. MAB

    New themes in 2022?

    Why not? Elves worked very well, and was both minidoll and action.
  15. MAB

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    When BAM were new, some stores used to put the minifig parts from broken down store displays in there. I remember buying some expensive SW complete minifigs on one visit.