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  1. I can only speak for myself, but when I want historical sets I don't really care about the building or design. I can do that myself using parts from other themes. It's the minifigures that I want, plus any new historic parts. So in that sense, a castle in a licensed set is no different to a spaceship or a vehicle if the colour and part types are similar.
  2. MAB

    Lego's chemistry?

    I doubt LEGO would ever use recycled ABS to make toys. All it takes is a small piece of glass or metal contaminant and a child chewing on a brick and they have a huge legal bill and compensation to pay. And just imagine sorting it. To many people, LEGO means just the class of building brick, so they'll chuck in mega construx, cobi, lepin and so on. They will all have different compositions and dyes, and that's even for the ones made of ABS, so would degrade the recycled product. That's fine if you are making a bucket or cheap consumer item but not something that needs high quality. Even some BL sellers cannot sort out the crap from the LEGO.
  3. How are you placing an order for parts that are not on bricks and pieces?
  4. MAB

    Lego's chemistry?

    It depends what you mean by recyclable. You can melt and recast ABS if you sort it very well. It should not contain other plastics, dirt, metal, paper, stickers and of course the colour will be a dirty dark colour due to mixed colours. It is probably not financially viable to sort for recasting.
  5. Right, but I was talking about a Castle set, rather than a castle that happens to come as part of a license that probably won't please Castle fans.
  6. MAB

    Lego's chemistry?

    Indeed. It will also have a similar lifetime. Often when people see reports that LEGO is trying to move towards sustainable sources and bio-plastics they complain that they want their LEGO to last and not decompose, completely missing this point. When it comes to parts they are going to the source to make it greener but not the end product. Whereas when it comes to (single use) packaging, they are getting rid of plastic in favour of paper and so they are thinking about the end of life but not so much about the source.
  7. It has been on the missing parts section for years. Maybe they did an update and were sloppy when cutting and pasting code.
  8. MAB

    Lego's chemistry?

    Well they started as wood so there was a fairly big change when moving to the first plastic parts. There have no doubt been many changes of plastic too. Hands, for example, are different to most other parts, and obviously the softer parts are more rubberised. We think of lego being made from ABS, but that isn't a single formulation, and it is likely that different sources have slightly different compositions.
  9. It wouldn't be little, it would need to be large. Otherwise you'd need loads of them, or the baseplates would sag if too many gaps.
  10. MAB

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I don't think the $250000 was for the mould but the full costs of designing the piece, including testing many different materials and getting the shape right. It may be that they use cheaper moulds for CMF accessory parts. Tolerance for minifigure parts does not need to be as good as for building parts. It doesn't matter if an accessory is slightly out, so long as it can be held, or fits on a a head, or whatever it needs to do, it is fine. Whereas a brick has to be perfect width, length, height, stud sizes, etc or it will be noticed. There was a problem with the CMF Princess headgear, as many had very weak clutch.
  11. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I look at the Disney Castle, and I see Disney rather than a castle. It is partly the same with HP, I see bricks for making old buildings with minifigures I'd need to sell off, but not a castle. For me, there is more of an overlap between Star Wars and castles, simply because I tend to build in greys when I build castles. Same here. In fact, I hope no castles make it through IDEAS. I'd prefer LEGO to just do their own if they are going to do one, rather than accept one of many through IDEAS.
  12. MAB

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    The UK price (RRP) is £17.99, which converts as $25 USD and over $32 AUD! No wonder most stores except LEGO themselves slashed them to about £12 on release.
  13. From the opening post ... If you are intending to collect these hard-to-find minifigures through the touch and feel method, I could not advise you doing so. This method will not work well since the only easiest minifigure to identify could be Coach Joachim Löw since he is the only minifigure without a football in it. It is practically impossible and is best to just buy the whole series through opened packets or a mint box. If you want to sort them, open them.
  14. Yeah, thanks, I'd seen the new sets images but haven't had a chance to look closely at them all yet.
  15. MAB

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Maybe that is LEGO's reasoning for not doing sci-fi space ranges so often these days, with the assumption that kids want something new and don't want spaceships that look like the ones their parents and grandparents would have known in their childhoods. Although it could also be why kids of AFOLs might want modern tech toys more than they want to play with LEGO.