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  1. Best And Worst Of 2017

    Because I don't think they are very good for the most part. Not all the sets are bad, but the cars are particularly bad for me. The Joker lowrider looks terrible to me and the Batmobiles just plain awful. Whereas the Penguin's arctic roller is a really nice car. And the choice for the minifigure, it is all down to Robin's glasses. The torsos he has are not too bad, but the stupid glasses wreck the figures. I know they are movie accurate, and that is the problem.
  2. LOTR/Hobbit/TMTN are all modern ranges, not classics. "Classics" tend to be 1970-90s sets.
  3. [MOC] Nativity Scene

    The true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Santa.
  4. I don't think it is that copmike is so busy right now, but because lego haven't sent the parts which of course means that he cannot advertise the prizes or start to sort them into individual prizes. I know it took up to three months last year, but that is still pretty good considering all the work he has to do once he receives the parts.
  5. I guess so, what with all the manatees. I also remember the year The Flash had to have a Santa style hood as a placeholder.
  6. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    I'd be up for a Brothers Grimm style fairytale set. I'm not sure if the kids would though!
  7. There is a new dress piece that has been used for the Queen in the CMF range, but it is still quite rare. They could do with a new one that is shorter, and also has longer studs / pins on it, like a regular torso so the female minifigs don't keep falling apart at the waist.
  8. Medieval Windmill

    Lovely details. Who is the king meeting under the tree?
  9. Red Sonja Bust

    Brilliant! Was there a key part that gave you the inspiration to build it?
  10. On the other thread copmike said 203 entries.
  11. Lego have won ... but against Bela for copying Friends sets / figures. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-lego-china-copyright/toymaker-lego-wins-chinese-copyright-case-against-brick-imitators-idUSKBN1E1157?utm_source=applenews https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-07/lego-wins-its-first-copyright-court-case-in-china-against-bela
  12. Yes, I'd much prefer re-releases of Kingdoms compared to Classic Castle. Although I'd prefer no re-releases at all, and for them to move on to something called maybe Castle Eras ... a historic range spanning the centuries.
  13. It's manatee C for me! Thanks copmike. Now for the fun of waiting to find out what it is. Normally winning early could be a bit boring for the rest of advent, but at least there is a twist this year in not knowing.