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  1. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I doubt they care if they lose the AFOL customisers. They sell in huge quantities, and will probably keep selling huge quantities through ali and ebay, etc even if the quality drops. Although I recently got some fake CMF for my kids to play with, the prints are perfectly fine. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between fake and real torsos without looking for the logo or comparing side to side. The hands are the giveaway for me, they don't feel quite right. But for customisers, these are easy to replace.
  2. Sauron Renovates: The New Black Gate

    I doubt his gas bill is very much anyway. Not with all that free heat from Mount Doom.
  3. You were also given the answer last time too. You can sell your own instructions. If the company whose IP you are infringing objects to the use of their name, they are likely to ask you to stop in the first instance.
  4. I had a look at the previews of this. I like the way they have split the body colour parts from the rest, so it is easy to replicate the design in different colours without working out what is in the body and what is not. Simple, but great idea.
  5. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    For Voltron, they knew there was a business case, but couldn't approve a licensed project without the license. So the delay is getting the licensing sorted. I don't know what you mean by 2nd and 3rd choice projects, as they don't rank them. They approve or reject, and occassionally delay decision when they want to approve but need to get licenses sorted.
  6. Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Yes, there are loads of parts available, especially torsos, for building purist custom armies. And don't forget the CMF line, some recent ones (such as Frightening Knight, Rogue, possibly Gladiator, Faun, Winged Warrior, etc depending on your era) have been great. They (the reddish brown, moveable legs ones) appeared on PAB walls in the UK, about 2 years ago. Maybe not a good sign as it can mean getting rid of stock, which might be why they haven't been seen since 2014 sets.
  7. If it is bringing back an original lego figure, or copying the torso of an existing one, then it is making a fake. For personal use, it is fine. If you sell it though, then you are selling a fake. Even if you state this upfront, you are still selling a fake. That fake may also then be sold on as genuine, especially if printed on original lego parts. What torso is it that is so hard to find?
  8. You don't assemble the ship inside a bottle. You assemble it outside, just with the masts bent forwards and have the masts pull up after you poke it in through the neck. With the hinges lego has available, I would imagine it is possible to do something similar.
  9. It would need to be different to Peter Jackson's version. I'd be happy with a recolour of the Forest Maiden's shield. This one, with a white print on either a grey or silver shield.
  10. And to add to the answer above, it would be best not to include graphics or stickers showing, for example, the Mercedes logos.
  11. There are enough hinges in the lego portfolio that this could have been made with masts that get pulled up through the neck of the bottle, so that there is a surprise in the set that it is built like a real ship in a bottle. It is a cheat, as anything can be made to fit into a bottle if the bottle is built around it. The point of a ship in a bottle is the question "how did you get that big thing in there?" Of course, if the bottle has to be assembled anyway, then the answer is obvious. To me, it is a not very good ship in a not very good bottle. Made out of lego.
  12. Those inclines look pretty good, although I'm sure I've seen similar purist solutions using pillars and technic bricks with pins, although the incline is probably not as steep. If those double switches are selling, I wonder if there is a market for new genuine lego ones. They could do with some new track packs (if they sell).
  13. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    It looks like they are ripping off Brickwarriors bird wings for the Nighthawk figure.
  14. [MOC] Amsterdam Canal Houses

    And then lots of dog poo.
  15. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I don't see the point. They already know that there are 10,000 people that voted for it. What would it mean if another 5,000 voted for it again? The votes are just there to get it to the review board. They then use their expertise to decide whether or not there is a business case for the set. If there wasn't a business case for it first time around, then there won't be second time around. Another 5000 votes is meaningless - they already know the submission is popular as it got in first time.