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  1. [MOC] Plants vs Zombies

    K'nex did both blind bags and a series. They look like those, just with the bodies replaced with lego ones.
  2. Bricklink and shipping costs

    You'll get a non paying buyer warning. Ask the seller for a cancellation due to shipping costs. In future, ask first.
  3. Future Castle Sets?

    I imagine it will. Look at modulars now and modulars in 2010. The number of new parts and their use has increased quite dramatically, especially decorative type pieces. It makes sense that Lego reuses them in multiple colours. However, I still see any future castle as likely to using mainly panels, flat or part cylinder, for the bulk of the build.
  4. I don't think they are, and they would never succeed anyway. This new system will probably need to be in place for 10 years for compatibility. At best they are only just catching up with the likes of S-brick. Third party products will improve on this new offering very quickly. Third party products will adapt to go beyond what LEGO is doing now. Even if LEGO patents the designs, third party parts will still be designed to be compatible without infringing the patent. Although at those suggested prices, I feel sorry for purists that will only use LEGO parts and not modify them. While third party solutions are expensive they are not as bad as LEGO. But it is relatively straightforward to build your own transmitter / receiver with a couple of cheap arduinos and supplies from China and that way you get to choose everything - functions, sound, power source, etc. Pricing for official wall-wart / AC adapters is just crazy considering how many most people have at home. Anything not being charged or powered via micro-USB these days seems so wasteful. Everyone has loads of the chargers and shouldn't need to be forced into buying more specialist ones that can only be used for one product. But definitely looking forward to seeing the specs.
  5. I can see the headlines now. Professor X from University of Somewhere complaining about the incorrect plot line in new LEGO theme.
  6. Yes, but that's good as I want a fleshie Arthur, not yellow. :-)
  7. Future Castle Sets?

    But what do you mean by design the sets in a classic way? After all, most Classic Castle castle sets were fairly "square" castles, with towers and a gateway. That is actually what the last King's Castle looked like, just modernised. So they were giving us modern versions of Classic Castle but AFOLs didn't want them.
  8. The problem with that is that they will miss out minifigures that people want if they just do a small part of a (known) saga. Get Arthur and Lancelot and Guinevere, hopefully Merlin and Mordred, but probably no Uther Pendragon or Morgan la Fay. Or maybe just a small set, containing Arthur and Lancelot.
  9. Lack of original themes

    I didn't mind Helm's Deep so much, especially considering many people buy licensed sets for the minifigures. If the figures were included in smaller sets too (even if variants), then I would probably have skipped any big Helm's Deep set due to cost as no matter how big they do it, it needs to be bigger (just like their Orthanc) and if I am buying the bricks independently, I might as well do the whole thing myself anyway. I also though the wall pack was fine - make your army as big as you want, the more you have the more wall you defend. I also thought Black Gate was fine as it is as a set. Those wanting a full display could buy two or get the extra parts, those wanting the figures just got one. I don't think they could have justified a much larger Black Gate (justified the cost, that is), as the same argument could also apply to every other set - bigger Weathertop, bigger Mines of Moria, etc. But that is for sets aimed at older kids / adults. We know what we are getting into. Whereas if a parent / grandparent buys a set for a kid and it turns out that you only get a fraction of what you really need to complete a model, then it is worse.
  10. Defective arch pieces in new set?

    Presumably they just take it as the same part even though there is a change of mold. It has happened before with the arches above, also jumpers. I've had sets with the two types of jumpers in (grooved and without grooves).
  11. Lack of original themes

    Yet it was similar in style to the 2010 one, and that was better received. And had more red than the blue one had blue. What was too junior about it, the use of panels? I think it is very unrealistic to think we would get a castle this size and for it to be brick built instead of panels. I imagine the cost would be at least 2.5 times larger if it used bricks instead.
  12. Bricks & Pieces Stock.

    There is more to it than weight. Identical parts in different colours can vary wildly in price.
  13. Future Castle Sets?

    LOTR is hardly kid friendly though, it is just as violent as the others but without boobies.
  14. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    I guess that is the only way to get them sold at those prizes. Make them very limited and make sure people know they are very limited.
  15. Future Castle Sets?

    There is the new 2*6*6 Gothic arch panel which is only in pastels for now which I would expect to appear in LBG and DBG at some stage. Presumably it will appear in more than Disney sets. I imagine any new castle to feature that as a gateway or maybe as some feature windows along with the existing wall panels.