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  1. MAB

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I cannot see the M&Ms making it, partly due to the safety issue of little kids accidentally eating a piece of lego, but also as the lego itself is not declared as food safe. If food is going to be stored in the container, then for some countries it is likely that all the parts will need to be declared food safe.
  2. It depends on the cape you want. When I phoned, I just told them the set number and they looked up the part number for me. It depends which capes are in the box you buy. I think I paid about £1.80 GBP per box from 76056, which included the normal green cape, the neck cape, a Batman cape and a Robin cape.
  3. MAB

    James Bond 2018

    They could, but then it wouldn't be James Bond's DB5 without the gadgets. And without that badge on the box, they would lose the James Bond fans.
  4. There is of course another competitor here, and that is the NASA angle. Saturn V, Mars Rover, Women of NASA, various Shuttles. They are competing with Space sets too, just as SW is. There is always a complication that any future sets should not be too close to current / recent technology as they would look like the real ones.
  5. Yes. The downside is if it comes in a box with others, then they will only sell you the whole box.
  6. MAB

    James Bond 2018

    They'd get sued by the one that was.
  7. I don't think TLG do know that. They know it is popular amongst adults of a certain age, the ones that do displays at conventions and post on flickr. But that Classic Space IDEAS don't get voted to 10,000 indicates that this is a fairly small hard core of fans and not a wider fanbase. If people want classic space, space police, Blacktron, M-Tron, etc, that's great, the sets and parts exist, so buy them on BL. I'd prefer a new space theme over a resurrection of an old one. I wouldn't mind a few Easter Eggs in there with logos and so on (like the green futuron figure they did in the City set) but I'd prefer a modern day view of the future / space, rather than a 40 year old view of the future.
  8. MAB

    ideas up house (wip)

    The UP house is probably one of the most over-done ideas on LEGO Ideas. Check out what is already on there or been on there. It appears to have been done at just about every scale possible.
  9. MAB

    James Bond 2018

    The Trabant was a joke, based on the colour. I nearly called it a Star Wars extension pack instead ... If it was an unlicensed and unlabelled creator set would it sell? I don't think it would. So it makes sense to slap a 007 label on it and sell to those fans. I imagine it was the license that drove the design of the model, rather than the model needing to find a license but it does seem a bit of a waste of a tie-in if there are no further James Bond sets.
  10. MAB

    Jangbricks new channel?

    It is not his second, as he has quite a few others, including other lego ones. Plus GNAJBricks too. I'm not really sure what the point of splitting all the lego stuff is (maybe to quote the sum of the subscribers?), but I'm sure he will get more subscribers for the new channel.
  11. MAB

    James Bond 2018

    All that grey. You just need to straighten up the headlights and remove the sloped back and you have a Trabant!
  12. MAB

    Purist Green Lantern Mod

    There was also the version in the Big Bang Theory set, but the new HP one is clearly a better solution and has been anticipated since those early leaks.
  13. MAB

    James Bond 2018

    Pass for me. I'm not really sure what it is meant to be. They seem to have done a display style model but with some play features. They could have done a decent display model, concentrating on the aesthetics and not the play features, or they could have done a smaller play version in minifigure scale, but they ended up taking the worst of both. There is no James Bond to drive it and it doesn't look great for display. And that cheat using the stickers to emphasise the curves on the rear side windows is bad. It is an admission of failure to get the shape anywhere near like what it should be. It didn't work, so cover it up with a sticker.
  14. You can get some reasonable quality vinyl sticker "paper" for inkjet printers, such as ... This is not as good quality as getting stickers printed on proper vinyl sheets and will need sealing if you like to get your figures wet, but OK if you want to play around designing your own stickers quite cheaply. You'll also need to hand cut them.
  15. The long dresses are why it is traditional for ladies to ride side-saddle. Although this could be brick built.