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  1. I guess that depends on how many Voldemorts we get. :-)
  2. The answer is simple. They just include him in that set too. Popular / important characters appear again and again in sets. For example, out of the 12 boxed retail sets for LOTR, the same Gimli minifigure appeared in four of them, Aragorn in three with another variant in a fourth. Prepare yourself for a lot of Harrys.
  3. These are leaks. Figures put together from new parts and photographed by the leaker. Leaks often miss off pieces like capes. How do you know it is not the one with the curved back? Like the Moloch / Barriss Offee ones in SW.
  4. Building it is definitely my trigger, especially on any set with more than 100 pieces.
  5. You might pay £600 for Diagon Alley, but I doubt many would. I cannot see a casual HP fan spending £600 on such a set when there are already going to be many other smaller sets plus presumably Hogwarts. And I cannot see parents spending £600 on it for kids either.
  6. Diagon Alley doesn't need to be done to modular standards. If they make it $600 they won't sell many at all. These need to be playsets - essentially facades of doll houses with little depth so fingers can get inside easily. They could release a set similar to the last Diagon Alley for less than half the cost of three modulars. There would be just as much playability (if not more) than three modulars. If AFOLs want modular standards, they could easily take the facades and convert them into full buildings.
  7. Exactly, she could go with many characters if they wanted to get her in somehow. Others could be Sprout, a suit of armour, ... Will there be new threads to discuss the actual sets? Now this one has become mainly a list of wishlists, rather than rumours.
  8. Why? There are no such rules in the CMF series. They could easily put Mrs Norris in the CMF series without duplicating Filch. They'd never do, for example, Buzz without Woody, would they ...?
  9. By fact, do you mean you assume? In the past, certain figures were predicted to be coming in other themes (LOTR especially) and never appeared.
  10. So they can just put them in regular sets and get sales all year round. No need for a Christmas set. They have to be careful not to over-saturate the market with minifigures. If this line is going to last multiple years, they need to keep things back or there will be complaints later on about repetition. As it is, key characters will have to be in every set, or it won't sell to the general public (as opposed to people collecting the whle range). Notice which one I didn't include! :-)
  11. That has been the point of them, they are meant to be out of the ordinary. They take something that isn't Christmassy and give you something that is ... Whereas this year they seem to have stopped doing the Christmas tradition, and there appears little in the calendar that is Christmassy.
  12. Unikitty Stuff is Pricey!

    They are a retailer exclusive in the UK (tesco) so they will probably get away with charging a little more since there is no competition.
  13. They have already announced the 2018 ones. They could of course do a 2019 one but the key would be to make enough small builds that are meaningful for HP. They need about 18 interesting builds that are not minfiigures. They could take inspiration from here: And do the Quidditch pitch over 6 days and another 2 days for the train. Also bear in mind that the SW one this year is rather un-Christmassy when it comes to minifigures. They look like just be regular set figures. And with the HP CMF series as well, there will probably be enough variants of figures as it is.
  14. I imagine it was designed with both characters in mind, it is generic enough.