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  1. If official photos wont appear this week, I will be angry. I want to see 42136 and 42130.
  2. I dont think that we would get a bigger scale Tow Truck in near future since we got 42128 this year.
  3. Where I can check these images?
  4. Its pretty sad that we getting licensed polybag set, lol
  5. Lol I literally bought it in my nearest market
  6. Ohh, thanks for information, I dont hear anywhere about that
  7. Where you got any information about this?
  8. I Think Audi R8 is very possible
  9. Im waiting for images now, not official ones, I think maybe they will appear at the end of month
  10. It would be pretty cool, but I think they will use tires beside tracks
  11. I think next UCS supercar will be Yellow so, next 1:16 car will be yellow too
  12. Thats exactly how I imagine this set. Im not very hyped for that at all but I still would buy this. I have 42093, 42122, 42123 and they are very fun sets, especially 42123
  13. I'm waiting for more informations about 42136. If this would be John Deere 9R, this $30 price seems very good for this model. I hope it will be maybe a Jeep Wrangler Scale. Also 42139 seems interesting for me, fan of the cheap sets. We dont get quadbike as a A Model from 2015, its good time for it definetly.
  14. Sadly its possible; but I hope not. We probably would see summer set list on January or February, then we would know
  15. This set should can have a Pullback motor, but you can easily take off this from the model and make it manual, it would be much more interesting