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  1. Nico71's Creations

    Nice to heard that ! Next episode about x-ray, this time to find air bubbles in lego axle : More pictures and details :
  2. Nico71's Creations

    Hey guy, the honda NSX is now available in white edition, and also on mochub ! ;)
  3. Nico71's Creations

    A new vlog : about my current creations, why there will be ot lego creations from me until 6 months, and some featured channel about clock. Me and kevin williams are currenlty working on the new instructions for the NSX enable it to be in white edition. It will not change many things regrading the parts except the flex because many people complains about the price of the 16L soft axle.
  4. Nico71's Creations

    The building Instructions for the Honda NSX are available ! Soon on rebrickable.
  5. Nico71's Creations

    Yes the wire are broken, due to 10 year of use, but the rubber is clean so assuming it is a fatigue fracture. I will dissassemble the connector, cut wire, replace and reassemble. But it is easy to fix comparing to my servo motor wich has the same problem but on the other side (so need tin sodler)
  6. Nice ! Use ldcad for the pneumatic hose (and for all also), with the nested mode it is very easy to generate soft axle and hose !
  7. Nico71's Creations

    Hello guy, sorry for the dealy, yes the part list will be soon available and also the pro building instruction made by Kevin willians ! I will post here when it is published. thank you for the comment on the small loader, it has huge success on rebrickable. Here is some view of a problem on a XL motor I have, it doesn't work, so a bit of Xray imaging, and I find the problem. Do you understand what it is ? (easy)
  8. Nico71's Creations

    Hi Guy, did you see my last creations ? and the unboxing of a moc from mochub : do not hesitate to comment and ask questions :)
  9. Totally inspired me for building a articulated vehicle, thank you erik and good building !
  10. That is a really good thing. even on galileo, if not set correctly, can affect the pendulum. I will check stats. 72cm (with pulley) for 48h is defenitively a good autonomy, but with weight ? Mine at its best is 750gr / 140cm (no pulley, total lenght), 24h which is good for a start.
  11. Yes 40t is one of the best because of angle between two tooth. With one rotation of the escapment wheel, you have 40x1.5s so good autonomy. But requires good adjustement of torque and friction (with a knife edge solution, the pendulum need a very low force to be keep moving). On the escapement of this topic, with one rotation of the escapement wheel, you have only one period of autnomy but need less adjustement. But as you notice, the torque on the escapment wheel has a huge impact of the pendulum. That is why it has to keep moving, not accelerate this. Not easy ot do. But original. Never do a remontoir but I assume it would be easy with motor. I prefer build a 24h clock with 2m string, this is a nice goal.
  12. This is very nice ! I follow the topic and see that you discover many thing about clock. In dead it is a looooong way to have a escapement which works fine with a good Q-factor, also not enought friction and of course small power consumption. From my experience about clock, I recommand weight instead of spring / rubber band / pull back motor - > more constant in time (of coursed on this contect you have not the choice) pendulum of 1.5s, 40tooth as primary anchor gear (better autonomy : 1 tooth = 1.5s) galileo escapment, need some adjustement but very constant and power consuption You can check the channel youtube on kevronista or mine for works about clock. In any way, congrats for your work !
  13. Nico71's Creations

    I think it is about branding because mochub team has contact many builder, and I give them more, but to be honest, I do not know very well your work. I sell your rebrickable account but I think this is because you do not make many moc. You are active from 2013 with 8 mocs on your blog. I am active from 2007 (year 10 years now !) with 100 of moc. That is to say when people search something about lego on internet, they found more easily my content because I have more moc. To find you, we have to search dedicated thing like audi car etc. So I assume that is why mochub did not contact you (despite the fact that you make awesome moc). Even for me, I am affraid to not know everything happen in lego technic regarding moc. That is why I have many subscribving on youtube and follow many blog and forum. But for instance I discover a large panel of user who only post on dedicated facebook page. So I have start to watch it but it is a mess for me. So best I can said is contact them, uplaod a moc and that is all. Mochub is open to everyone :) Ah ok, the charleston blakc red is one of the cheapest. But I do the same with rebrickable and it give me more money that you said. But as you said, the price on mochub is decent and I can not do more for that, I have already a small comission to enables more sale (not for me, but for people).
  14. Nico71's Creations

    Are you sure of the price sou said ? Because I have checked and if I order all parts with multibuy, I come to acording to rebrickable. 70-80€ With mochub, there is 9.95$ of packaging and the comission for mocer which is low for this type of moc because smaller. So for 50€, you already have some part in your collection ? (because wheel, spring, bent liftarm and soft axle are not cheap). The rebrickable link are on : :)
  15. Nico71's Creations

    Personnally, I like a lot mochub, they contact me month ago and they are very open to the comment in order to improve their system. They are 7 to work in this company I they are very proffessionnal. I have the chance to visit the warehouse via skype with the person in charge of the talent managing (Lili Juhasz) and it was really good and safe. I do not know if the price of your moc will be in phase of the expectation but you can try, in order to have a report and price and you will see :)