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  1. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    Hello, first of all many thank for your words, we are happy that you like it. To answer to some questions, the idea was to build an contraption machine using 25 cranes. All modules/ movement are driven either by gravity or motor, and all module starts an other module step by step. There is not remote control. So yes we have made many try to obtain a cool layout and nice finish with the trebuchet. The 650h is the total hours to build, assemble, test, rebuild, set up and so on. Each crane take 12hours to build, + modifications (like motorised function, triggers and so on). Some other module take more time to create. But I think we take 80% to build and 20% to set up. Regarding the video, lego technic has published a one shot video on youtube, with some speed up in it, and other video which show a bit more about the module and trigger : I plan to make some video about the building and how it works, especially my module. But feel free to ask for questions :)
  2. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    Neither of the two, you can see this project like the Bugatti one (in different of courser) ;-)
  3. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    Sorry, not understand the question :)
  4. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    It will be released world wide :)
  5. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    as soon lego has done the official release, I will show you here :)
  6. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    It involves in fact the 42082 model :-)
  7. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    Yes as soon the official release I will post here :)
  8. nico71

    Build The Impossible

    Hello, sorry for that, indeed it is hard to wait even for us ! For the description, I have edited, I hope with better understanding :-)
  9. Hello, I am proud today to present you a teaser of a big project we have done with Lego brand ! We can not reveal details before the official release in mid-october but I would just say it was months of works and that we are exciting to show you ! :-) From Left to right : Alban and Maxime (two afol friends), Me, Scott and Alan from Lego brand, and Regis (Anio) from techlug.
  10. Thank you Jim ! And for those for ask about the quality of picture for the C model, yes Jim give me good advice and I use it for my picture with nex setup, lens, and editing software :)
  11. I have build the A model, then B model (with only dismantling the turret), and then decide to take apart the whole set to build a proper C model. I have chosen a wheel loader because this is an interesting vehicle to have fun functions manual like steering, drives, opening elements, and other bored function to motorized like the raising and tilting of the fork independetely. Therefore, the playbility of this is very good for me and it used the limited stock of red color pretty fine. Your C model of the 42054 has been an inspiration despite the dimensions and the design approach which is different.
  12. Just few words to say thanks to Jim to featured my model C (still not published yet), and many thanks for those for like it. Juste few clarification about designing process. It do not used any elements / sub assembly of the 42082, this is not the same chassis or other because totally different. This is closer from the volvo wheel loader than the 42082. And regarding the time to deisgn it, I do nto make it in a couple of day but more, I have th opportunity to have the set a bit in advance so I did that after building the B model :)
  13. nico71

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Hello, the wheel loader alternate of 42082 is not yet published, I hope in the next week, you can take apart the whole 42082 because everything is new on it.
  14. nico71

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    No this is completely different regarding the chassis (also different from the big volvo loader) :-)
  15. nico71

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Thank you for warm comment, yes I find also the designer for B model a bit lazy, there is many thing to do with a motor, 4 wheel, gearbox and 4000 parts. Here is my result after many weeks of work. I will publish it as soon as I have the instructions done. And regarding the 42080, sorry I do not have one :)