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  1. Thanks ! The design has been a huge part of the process, I have started by that over the chassis. The idea was to replicate the wide body look, without being too bulky because of the 80's style, so everything is in the nuance and the details. Of course the chassis has to follow that with many iterations, especially to place each elements at the correct place, which results in a lot of half stud everywhere (I usual). Thanks ! I wanted at the beginning that the motorization was not mandatory because honestly at this scale, I like both. So you can build the manual version and add motor then, of vice versa, they are not part of the chassis nor the design. The servo motor just blocking the HOG, but on the manual one you can choose if you want a HOG or not (which any was can be store in the trunk under the rear glass). That is why the bill of material for the motorized and manual are close.
  2. After month of work, here my new creation ! The model :Gran Turismo’s Fans here ? This is a replica of the Nissan Skyline KDR30 Super Silhouette, buildable in two versions : motorized or manual. With rear wheel drive, steering with steering wheel, detailed working L4 engine, openable and removable elements. Packed in this widebody monster look with custom stickers and 3D printed wheel covers. Quick Functions Showcase :Specs : Nissan Skyline KDR30 RS Turbo Super Silhouette (1982 Version) Dimensions : 34.5 x 15.5 x 10cm, Scale : 1/13.5, Wheels : Ø43/49mm, Weight : 975gr (motorized version) Rear wheel drive with differential (gearing : 16/8/16, 20/12, 20/28 diff) Detailed and detachable LZ20B Turbo, working 4-piston engine Steering with rack and pinion with working steering wheel (both version) Detachable Hand of god on the roof for the manual version Removable hood in one piece Removable trunk, to access the Battery Box in place of the reservoir Openable doors With custom sticker and 3D printed wheel covers Available in two versions : Motorized (BuWizz/Cada) or Manual (both in one purchase) Both models are upgradable, you can build the manual, and add motor, or build the motorized one, remove the motor to add the Hand of God assembly Original Model History :The Nissan KDR30 Super Silhouette was based on the R30 Skyline with its particular black / red tone. Equipped with LZ20B Turbo charged with 570 hp, it complied with the Super Silhouette Group 5 Rules, which stated the racing car must not modify the bonnet, roof, rails panels and doors, to keep the “Silhouette” intact. Of course, Japan engineer modified the rest and gave its particular wide body monster look.The Japan silhouette Series started in 1979 till 1983 with this Skyline, but also the Silvia and Bluebird from Nissan, as well as car from other manufacturer like Toyota, Mazda, or BMW. Its race debut was in May 1982 and it did extremely well, chalking up 2 wins in 1982 and 5 wins in 1983 with the Hasemi team.Links : 📲 More pictures, review, preview instructions []🎥 Video presentation [, 1min34]🔰 Custom Sticker Sheet made by []🧰 3D Printed Rim Covers made by []🛒Additional LEGO parts provided by Alpine Bricks Store : large stock, fair price, no handling fees, fast shipping []🎁 Available at Buildamoc (Lego Parts + PDF Instructions, RC or Manual with sticker / Wheel covers) [] 🧩Rebrickable inventory (Motorized Version) [1270 parts,]🧩 Rebrickable inventory (Manual Version) [1288 parts,] Thanks to all who contributed to this project ! For sure, one of the biggest I have ever done ! Video : The instructions : Instructions are step by step high resolution computer generated instructions (300DPI, 2x166 pages) with partlists, flexible parts, highlighted parts for each step (preview on my website) The sticker sheet to print is not included in the instructions, and need to be acquired separately from UltimateCollectorStickers. A PDF guide for applying the sticker is included (visuals and numbers) The wheels covers are not included and they need to be acquired separately from GtCreaCars, then paint (pay attention, rear and front are different with corresponding offset-hole for the rims, fragile item, only push on the center, never on the side) The BuWizz Control Profile (zip file) is included, as well as PDF tutorial to install it (12 pages) Both instructions for the Manual and Motorized Version are included in one purchase, both are upgradable without dismantling al the model The main Rebrickable page presents the motorized version. If you want to build only the manual version, you can see the Rebrickable Inventory here, or remove the motor, and add only the parts in this list (for the Hand of God only, so you can skip it but you will only have steering controls on the steering wheel). This creation required months of work, with particular attention to detail, which included the development of two specific versions, compatible and upgradable, but also a custom designed sticker sheet as well as 3D printed rims. I think this is the pinnacle of what I can make, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing it ! Let me know what do you think about it 👍
  3. Very nice creation ! The level of detailed is very good at this scale. I though initially it was bigger indeed. Great use of the "new" small panel. LegendOfLeo actually built a bigger version of the articulated 6x6 :
  4. Thanks ! It was more here a function created by opportunity rather than purpose. Thanks ! It was not very fast, I have worked on the set prior the official release with the picture from LEGO and then the partlist I have some day before the release, when I get the set, I finalize the model, but as always this is all the non-LEGO stuff which is longer, 3D model, instructions, pictures, video, editing, posting etc.
  5. Thanks ! If people are interested into this B model, check this topic 👍
  6. Thanks ! No this type of transversal displacement for the axle doesn't exist in the real world because of the needed ripping of the tire at zero speed. This is only use here to place the center wheel on the same curved path forms by the outer wheels to have equal radius to the center of rotation which limits the difference of ripping on each wheels during the corner. As you told, as soon as all axle share the same center of rotation, the ackermann gerometry is fine and the vehicle will rotate arround this point (more or less). The fact the wheels do not follow the same path can be a problem, on large vehicle or with heavy weight (to keep the wheels in the tracks form by the first wheels) but it was not the case here in LEGO, just a fun function, that's all.
  7. Small update on the Warthog M12 : After many demands, I have released the specific instruction for the motorized turret. It is available for free on Rebrickable and Nico71. The guide for installing in the warthog is included in the instruction, basically removing some panel on the beds to attach the assembly which is compatible with the news positioning of the IR receiver but may require adaptation if you use third party electronics. ------------------------------------------ Then, here is my new creation ! An alternate model of the new released set 42180 Mars Crew Exploration, as a space garbage truck : The Creation : In the year 2180, we have now Mars Colonies, but we still have waste to collect to recycle. Here is the answer : the Space Garbage Truck, with its front loaded grabber, rear bin with tailgate and sliding blade, it is the perfect vehicle to collect the waste to to drop them off at the waste reprocessing plant. It is equipped with two steering axles plus a central sliding one to operate with a minimum turning radius, ensuring a quick and easy access in the polluted colonies.So, Space Trucker, take the lead and help the Mars Colony to handle the waste logistics ! Quick Functions Showcase : Specs : 🧩 1028 parts, 📐 Dimensions : 39cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 17cm (H) Only made with the parts of the LEGO Technic Set 42180 – Mars Crew Exploration Rover Front loaded grabber with one lever and adjustable claws Rear bin with manual tailgate and two-way winch operated sliding blade Two steering axles plus a central sliding one to operate with a minimum turning radius Packed with many details and accessories to play with No spare part used, no flexible parts cut, can be build with the sticker applied Links :📲 More pictures, review, preview instructions [] 🧩Online Bill of Material [] (spoiler, if you own the 42180, you have everything you need) 🎥 Video presentation [] 📕 Bundle discount can be found on my website (-15% for 2 instructions, -20% for 3 on the whole cart)The story behind this model :I am a space lover, so when I see the new Technic Space Lineup, I wanted to make something with it. I imagined a revival of the 8479 BarCode Truck with its particular decoupled claw / arm movement so I reproduce it using lever and connecting rods instead. I do not want to create an articulated dump at the rear so I fix the bin and create a sliding mechanism to push the waste, using the string to make a loop which is wound on a drum.The last function was about the steering. When designing the dual steering without gearing, I use a moving frame inside the chassis, and by connecting this element to the middle axle, it makes it slide to create the perfect Ackerman geometry avoiding the central tire ripping (despite it obviously rips when operated at stop). A pretty fun function, surely totally useless on low gravity planet !To finish, despite the quick release of this creation after the official release of the LEGO set, I have to mention that I had access to the inventory beforehand and started working on it before the official release, so this is not a rushed some-day works, but more some-weeks. Video [1min20] : Let me know what you think about it ! Nico
  8. I did not post this but I have release the instructons for the Warthog (without the turret) : The Creation :In 2017, I create this LEGO Version of the legendary Warthog M12 LRV, being fan of the Halo franchise. But I did not made proper building instructions. Now it is done ! With the helps of a fan and ForelockMocs.It features all wheels drive, all wheel steered, double wishbone suspensions, lockable differential and opening element. Presented here in the Scout Version (M12B FAV Scout), without the motorized turret and with closed bed.Quick Functions Showcase : (LRV version with turret made in 2017)Original Model :The M12 Force Application Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, nicknamed Warthog, is a fictional armoured fighting vehicle that appears in the Halo video game franchise. An anti-infantry military light utility vehicle with a rear-mounted weapon turret, it appears in most major Halo titles as a drivable vehicle. [wikipedia](LRV config, image courtesy of FR Halo wiki)Specs (LEGO Version) : Halo 4 Warthog M12B Scout Replica (107mm wheel, 50x26x19cm) Powered by Power Functions System (2 IR Receiver, 1 emitter) 4x4 drive with differentials by 2x XL motors Locking differentials using a M motor and lever linkage mechanism Steering on both axles with a Servo Motor Double wishbone suspensions on each wheel Openable elements (engine cover, battery cover) Links : 📲 More pictures, review, preview instructions [] 🧩 Rebrickable inventory, 1607pcs [] 🎥 2017 Video presentation [] 🎬 2023 Design Secrets Video (English Spoken, 8min) [] 📕 Bundle discount can be found on my website (-15% for 2 instructions, -20% for 3 on the whole cart). Videos :(LRV version with turret made in 2017) 2023 Scout Version (M12B), design secrets video [English spoken 8min]
  9. New (small) creation to celebrate the one year anniversary of my Switchless Machine, which gains 2.5 millions views on Youtube. So I wanted to propose a simpler version of this machine without set up. The model : A simple LEGO Technic Pneumatic Switchless Engine with one cylinder, custom valves, no set up and building instructions.How it works :This engine is built around a single double acting pneumatic cylinder, with air distribution using custom valves. These custom valves are composed of 2-hose loops by cylinder chambers (one for intake, one for exhaust), which are operated by pushers on sliding mechanism, connected to a rod mechanism, enabling to pinch the hose to restrict the air flow. It drives also a inertia wheel with a 5:1 gear ratio to provide momentum to the engine.It is based on a modified version of the one I did 3 year ago and extensively a simpler version of my Switchless Machine, with less parts, fixed ignition offset and modified actuation to use the widespread 11l / 88mm hose instead of rare 11.25l / 90mm that I used before. Links :📲 More pictures, review, preview instructions []🎥 Video presentation []Please note that you need to have you own source or air (2 bar with constant flow). You can use : 4x pump LEGO like this one Use a LEGO compressor according to the specs Use a electrical compressor like automotive compressor, industrial or electrical pump, you will need to put the air in the LEGO hose with . You can use a ball needle. Use a hand pump with ball needle. The hose for the timing assembly have to be carefully chosen (4x 88-92mm lenght). They have to be soft enough to have an easy pinching and strong enough to handle the pressure. For instance, the last hoses in the 42100 are glossy and hard to pinch, the very old pneumatic hoses from 90's is too soft and do not handle well the pressure.The ideal hoses are those which come from the sets from some year like the 8436, or the 8455, you can use also the hose from the 8110, 42043 or 42157 if they are not the glossy version. The white hoses I use in the video are from Blokbricks which are very similar to the LEGO one and can be purchased at meter.You can use other hoses but you will need to increase the pressure if the hoses are too hard to pinch (like the glossy one) and reduce if it is too soft (like the very old hose). Regarding the dimensions, with the new design, I have tested 88mm, 90mm and 92mm successfully. I have not seen any wear on the hose, even if they tend to keep the shape of the loop some time after dismantling, they recover their original shape without any leak or damage after some time. But I think it can be damage if they rest for a long time on sun-display with no pressure. So if you display this creation, remove the two gray pegs, to remove the two yellow liftarm and so the grey fork assembly on the loop.
  10. Thanks for your comment ! I find also (with all the honesty I can have) that the kodiak is well design, as well as the foremost or the Citroen traction, it packs several idea and building techniques which make the difference for me. Even if they do not meet the success, I am happy with the result and think that near 2017-2021 my building style change to finally become what it is now. The alternate model is more a compromise between the parts I have and the level of details / polishing I can do.
  11. Thanks ! Indeed the locking doors on the container is based on the mack anthem system. Very well designed. On the container lock device, this is simply axle which goes up and secure horizontally the container. I added this functions at the end because when the container was on the platform, if you drive forward and backward, the container move and I did not like it. The container is centered on the side by end stop which are bigger and bigger over the travel. For the container arm, it is mostly due to the design itself to be thin as possible (because many thing underneath the arm, like motor, hub, drivetrain, LA etc) and because I had to deal with the giant linear actuator for the second part of the arm, which have to be mostly parallel to the arm and ensuring a 0+90° rotation, plus the motor to embed. So not many available position which lead to a thin design. But the function work great and you can see on the video that the perpendicular beam of the arm is not bending too much (that is why I film laterally without video cut).I also do not fulfill the container with things to avoid adding more weight. Thanks ! The ladder is indeed very cool, very simple at the end but work flawlessly (my favorite function with the tilting cab). I have made more complicated prototype with sliding ladder under the cabin with linkage but as the tracks can pivoted due to the steering, I have problem of collision and play in the linkages. So I decide to use this type of self unloading ladder by attaching directly on the interior of the doors. The only downside is that the length of the ladder is functions of the size of the cabin and so I found the ladder is a bit small. The 42100 set was a very good set at this time to have control+ parts, overpriced for sure as it start the tendency for LEGO to raise the price a lot over and over but when I see the cost of the set with control+ motor now, I am happy to get one. Thanks Mikdun and Lego Tom for your comments, happy that you like the model !
  12. Hi ! After some month without news, I come back with a new creation, a big one ! The Creation : The third alternate I did with the 42100 LEGO Technic set – Liebherr R 9800 ! This time, as a Container Handling Vehicle with motorized and manual functions. The creation uses 6 motors for 5 motorized functions which are : All Track Drive with articulated tracks, steering with working steering wheel, 2-section container arm and locking container device (removable locking pins). Here the container unloading sequence : It features also some manual functions like a tilting cabin, openable hood, container doors, and cabin doors with automatic ladders. And as usual, many details such as seats, dashboard, exhaust, air cooler, remote, tanks, lights etc. The model is remote controlled with the PoweredUp App with custom profil (tutorial available in the purchase, example), is sticker friendly (built with in a way to enhance the design and details) and have all the hubs removable (not part of the structure) for easy battery changing (battery can also be changed without disconnecting the cable). Better than words, see in action : Detailed Specs : Only made with the parts of the LEGO Technic Set 42100 (no spare part used) Dimensions : 54cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 22cm(H) / (3kg), Scale 1/20 Motorized Tracks with two XL motors (one by axle) Articulated Tracks with mini turntables Steering on the front axle with a L motor with mini linear actuator and return to the steering wheel Two-section articulated arm for handling the container : 1/ a XL motor with two long linear actuators for the first section 2/ a L motor with a long linear actuator for the second section Rear Locking pins on the platform with a L motor to secure the container Two lockable doors on the container Two Control+ Hubs for a total of 12 AA batteries, accessible freely (not part of the structure) Openable elements : tilting cabin, rear hood (hub access), doors with automatic ladders Detailed interior and exterior : seats, dashboard, exhaust, air cooler, remote, tanks, lights etc. Sticker friendly (built with applied sticker with guide into the instructions) More info : 📸 As usual, more pictures and preview instructions can be found on my website []. 🧩 Rebrickable inventory 1697 pcs (a bit useless as if you have the 42100, you have everything already) 📕 I propose also on my website automatic bundle discounts for other creations including the 42100 alternates that I have made (-15% for two instructions, -20% for 3 on the entire cart). See : [alternate shop page -] For reminder, here is the complete list of the 42100 alternate I did : 42100 Model B - Vibroseis Truck 42100 Model C - Tracked Carrier 42100 Model D - Container Handling Vehicle That's start to be quite a lot with this one ! So folk, what do you think of this creation ? The 42100 Set as a lot to offer, even if it lack some parts in white, but I am very happy with the result for this one, not too much compromise and lot of playability !
  13. New creation (small one) with free instructions : A 1/8 scale replica of a Pallet Jack. Initially built as a part of a bigger commissioned project. I added then a pallet and make the building instructions. Function : Steer wheels with handle, but no lifting function due to the low profile requirements to keep the scale correct. Ideal for 1/8 car dioramas. Dimensions : 17cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 15cm (H) Short demo video : Free instructions :
  14. Oh ! I personally like the look of the original Kodiak but I can understand that not all people like 🙃 (For snowrunner, the kodiak is a beast fully upgraded, just limit by its wheel in some deep snow/mud but I keep even for Kola Peninsula). Thanks ! Unfortunately no, as the model use the thinner version of 43mm tire, the 30x14 So what you can gain with the offset rims, you will lose with tire width and so the tire will stick out the mudguard.