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  1. a truck I made a long time ago, the transport and the fender are quite painted
  2. surely I spray-painted the parts that weren't there, or everything, but I really like it that way, It is prohibited by the rule of the Lego god but I do not care yes total what does it matter the first ones I did are also painted With this I am not saying that you do it, if it can be avoided better it has more merit I think, but this moc is one of my favorites
  3. I don't know if I can write here again in this post, if not remove it, I have changed the colors, the blue seemed very toy and blue tanks I think they don't exist I have put a more real color, and I have changed the links for wheels, the wheels are part 2573 . The blue I have used is sand blue. At the moment it is made by studio and LDD. And when I have it finished I will make a video because with the links it was very slow and I didn't like it so slow
  4. If it is that I did not give much importance to the back part, since it cannot be seen it did not guide me, so I used the one with the Aventador, I think it was, but it did not turn out well... in the end I did it randomly, yes I I think it's the ugliest part of this car.
  5. I don't know its name, I copied it from an image that I show you below, I just used that image as a reference, but from what I see of this it is like a Futuristic Lamborghini right? Later on I will show it with a rear spoiler, the chassis is the same as the Lamborghini Aventador I made. What it does is little, the front wheels turn but hardly, it has 4 cylinders unlike the fan that only had 2, the driver's doors open, it has no suspension and it has 4 seats I copied it from this: And that later I will show it with a spoiler.
  6. Cheer up Jorge,The project is going well.
  7. Very cool, one question, what is part 46834 and 46835, used for to force the shaft?
  8. Bony_em

    [MOC][WIP] Steelix

    maybe I'll give it a chance, my head turned out well and I've already made another different pokemon and it's horrible and this one turned out well... now I wouldn't know how to hook the body balls without the pokemon collapsing, is something wrong?
  9. Bony_em

    [MOC][WIP] Steelix

    I did this because among other things it is one of my favorites pokemon, right now it is totally disassembled I have nothing of this, I left the project because it was too big and to fit every part of the body omg, but before disassembling it I took these photos. As you can see from the front, you cannot see your eyes, that is also a failure that had to improve
  10. Ok, this was the reason why I installed all the LDD 4_3_10, 12 etz minus 11 I think that was the problem, now I'm going to be prefect, thank you! One thing, with which you install the last update that puts in LDD new parts, you already install all or there to go one by one?
  11. Hello, I recently bought a new pc and it comes with windows 10, with the previous pc that I had used windows 7, and the problem is that the LDD is not installed correctly and I do not know what the change log file is for. I did as it says in the LDD New Parts post, I used the extractor for the db file and for LDD.lif and LDDExtended.lif and I downloaded almost all the new parts files and I only changed Primitives for the old one, so with all of them, what I do Wrong? I think this post goes here if not change it, and also after having put it, the LDD is removed please help
  12. mmmmm ... it will look very similar to this
  13. Thanks! ... I also like the command conquer and the tiberium wars the most, and on versions of this for me the coolest is the first version, it looks smaller and not as big as the other versions and not if with this I make a mixture of both
  14. I have made some changes, I have removed the fenders and put the gray links, I took them from the old