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  1. Bony_em

    Battleship with cannon

    The design is a bit sloppy, I did it quickly and the shaft that supports the three stabilizers twists too much, the barrel goes with an elastic rubber because if it doesn't, it won't go up.
  2. The vehicle is copied from one I saw on the internet. What I invented was to put the barrel and stabilizers, it uses 3 V2 receivers and a V1, it is fully motorized. I already tried to make a similar one a while ago but it did not convince me When I can I upload a video
  3. Bony_em

    [MOC] Mini Off-Road Crane

    It is very successful, and that I do not have the big one
  4. is this piece in the LDD? LEGO Bionicle Rahkshi Head (44807)
  5. Bony_em

    [MOC] Truck with trailer

    Thank you, when I can I will take a photo of the suspension, but I already told you that in LDD I did not put the shock absorbers on the truck, I put it on when I had it, here is the video
  6. It is a mix of two trucks, it is a Sinotruk HOWO A7 10 and one that I saw on the Internet that had no name but I leave the image of it below. I wanted to make a heavy vehicle, I tried to make a Fire Prism, Grav Tank from warhammer 40K but it did not convince me (I only did the cockpit). I wanted it to be a house trailer, I mean like a caravan, but I stopped doing the interior It is fully motorized, it even has lights
  7. Bony_em

    [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador

    Final photo, that's how it stays, what to change the back will be done, some day
  8. Bony_em

    [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador

    I will give you the instructions, free or not, I don't know, but first I want to improve the model, because I don't like the back part (the one with the roof)
  9. Bony_em

    [MOC] Motorcycle 600cc

    this motorcycle in police version.
  10. I have already solved it,
  11. I am using LDD 4.3. 11 and I download the files that Stephan puts, well I only downloaded the ones from the last post, but when I open the LDD all the bricks of my construction disappear, and I had to delete everything from the LEGO Digital Designer folder and reinstall the LDD that am I wrong?
  12. Now it happens to me that after the update, when opening any project it starts to load the pieces but the screen is all blank, nothing is seen and some pieces are not seen in the menu.
  13. Thank you! is that in black it was very dark. More or less you can find the color that LDD, uses is like a gray
  14. The question is ... you can change the construction background of to white or blank with grids (similar to lego digital designer)