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  1. Thanks Paul B technic! In the new lego blue, I like it better that way Police motorcycle, I don't like the back of the police motorcycle, it is tilted downwards and should be straight
  2. Thanks all! the wheels are a little bad, on the other side they are hollow The pink color is painted I think with spray but I don't know what color it is exactly.
  3. It's the one I have in my Flickr gallery but I've added some details to it, which I think has improved a lot, the bad thing is the turning, it doesn't turn with the handlebars, and it doesn't turn very well to the left, the back wheel rolls normally, but The one in front is not very good, I mean yes, but those small balls are a bit annoying, we would have to change that piece, I will show you it in more colors, total is to change 9 pieces. And this time I only painted the dome (the glass) The paw The saved paw This is the old one
  4. Bony_em

    Lego pieces in metallic colors

    okay, thanks
  5. Does anyone know of a store where they make metallic colored pieces? I remember seeing one a long time ago, but I don't remember it anymore, I've also seen mocs in metallic colors. thank you.
  6. This is the light blue of the 7. Putting light blue on this one and making it look good has been a challenge haha, it doesn't look much like archaon, the original is a thousand times better but well let's say it's another style or I don't know, I chose this one because the original's armor has stripes sky blue that you can hardly see, I had to make the eyes like that, if they don't look too bad they are two balls of putty, I have used the same body as the gray knight and the hero of nurgle, which is a little taller, ah and the sky blue color is painted. If you want I can put an image of the sword because you can't see much in the image...
  7. Bony_em

    [MOC] Mewtwo

    thank you
  8. Bony_em

    [MOC] Mewtwo

    I did this in an hour and a half/2 hours in LDD. I did it thinking that with armor it would be easier to do but without armor it's also pretty, how do you see, did it turn out well? is Everything is 100% Lego, only it is painted, it has 7 or 8 painted pieces that are not in Lego in that color, the rest do exist, more than anything it is the tail, the painted pieces that are not in that color. Mewtwo is white I know, but it looks better in this color, right? the white would not be distinguished against the white background
  9. Bony_em

    [MOC] Robot girl

    I don't know what name to put... It's a version of the trickster that I did a long time ago, look I've been trying to make a pink robot a few times and none of it turned out the way I wanted, and I finally found the right one. It is a head shorter than the technic figure, the arms are customized (and even so they are a bit long) the rest is all lego ahh and it is painted pink
  10. Of the 3 that I have taught, this is one of my favorites. The fact that it is not in the flickr gallery is because I want to post them when they have all of them, I have 4 left... and I have almost finished them, I still have some details. Unlike the original Calibretto, this one doesn't wear shoulder pads and has a sword (I don't know much about this either, I haven't played the game, I want to play it). What covers the eyes a little is painted and the grass. I am doing them according to this photo orange, green, yellow, pink, lilac, light blue and blue
  11. For giving my opinion about BuWizz I have to say that it is a 12 out of 10, it is fantastic, the new engine and the battery is perfect, one of my legos is wearing it and I even have fun driving it, I am making a video about the moc with the buwizz And when I finish it, I'll show it to you.
  12. Cheer up with this project! The truck looks good.
  13. In blueI ,don't like the photo, I'm going to redo it
  14. I'm going to make some adjustments before I show you the new one. (only change colors)