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  1. For giving my opinion about BuWizz I have to say that it is a 12 out of 10, it is fantastic, the new engine and the battery is perfect, one of my legos is wearing it and I even have fun driving it, I am making a video about the moc with the buwizz And when I finish it, I'll show it to you.
  2. Cheer up with this project! The truck looks good.
  3. In blueI ,don't like the photo, I'm going to redo it
  4. I'm going to make some adjustments before I show you the new one. (only change colors)
  5. Yes, it looks good with the flexible cables, but the original is incredible... New photo with black wheels
  6. new color, I haven't found a good windscreen yet
  7. Bony_em

    [MOC] Dragapult

    There are some things that I don't like about this one I did, for example the body, I think it could be done better, and the hands are very gimmicky...I still don't know how it would be in real life, I haven't tried it, but just so you know hold on...I see it bad it has the false eye, that would put a sticker on it and that's it but what can be done better, that's why I didn't post it on the internet to see if I could improve it
  8. I have modified the windscreen, it still does not convince me but I have tried all the windscreens that exist from lego in LDD and this is the best I have found as you see from the front it's horrible but I don't know how to improve it so with colors that exist what do you think? I'm going to leave it as it was before, but I'm going to put this color.
  9. I already have the buwizz battery installed in the moc and I already programmed it to my liking, but when I put it at fast speed (there slow, normal, fast and Ludicrous) it collapses and stops working, why? I use 2 buwizz motors in 1 buwizz battery, the moc is very heavy, I was thinking of buying another buwizz battery and connecting a motor to each battery but I don't know if it is the solution, I use buwizz 2.0
  10. Thanks for the video it will be good for the next moc that I do with buwizz battery that I have pending, I have already solved what I asked in this post, when I finish it you will see it
  11. Bony_em

    Web LEGO

    but cookie I think it's just remove ads
  12. So how do i do it? I put an xl motor in each wheel, that is, in the 4 wheels? buwizz 2.0 can come in handy for another moc that I will do later...or in this if you tell me how, because I need a minimum of 5 channels
  13. I've changed my mind, what I'm going to do (the vehicle weighs a lot for now I don't know if it's because of the buwizz motors or not) is to put a motor in each receiver using only two buwizz motors. As you can see, the buwizz motor starts with an 8-tooth gear and goes to a 24-tooth gear and then again from an 8-tooth gear to a 24-tooth gear, and this last 24-tooth gear is the one that carries the wheel. what you say that the batteries can be turned off has happened to me several times, is it due to overload? and the gears from 8 to 24 were already like this at the beginning. i bought the buwizz 2.0
  14. The question is that I just bought a buwizz battery, because they no longer sell 8878 batteries, and what I wanted to know is if you can connect 4 buwizz motors to the buwizz battery and have them work at the same time and also work on the remote as 2 motors on one lever and another 2 on another lever, if it is not possible I will settle for them to work in 2 v2 receivers and in each v2 receiver two motors and that 1 of those receivers go to the buwizz one battery and the other to battery functions In the image I think it is better understood. This post that I just made is not going away, so if the moderators see it badly, they should change it.
  15. Bony_em

    Web LEGO

    I wanted you to help me reject the privacy policy of the lego website, I want to know how to reject it. Thanks