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  1. Many subtleties remain though... For example: Do you account for mold differences in functionally equivalent parts? Do you account for exchangeable colors (e.g., LBG and DBG liftarms used on the inside of a model)?
  2. Are those 2L pin connectors (JH3021) chromed? And if they sell those, why not also chromed elbow pieces? That would allow some cool tubing!
  3. I don't know the answer to this, but surely the Porsche must've been less 'crowded'. Funny how its part count (2704) seems 'low' by now...!
  4. Going through my 'weird Technic-ish parts' bin today, I found a similar existing part. It has anti-studs instead of studs, but still...
  5. You mean other than inside the set box? Try BrickLink or BrickOwl...
  6. Sorry to hear that guys! My PaB order with March wave parts has just been confirmed.
  7. The 3x19 frame is available, and so are the 12 and 20 tooth spur gears. And new panels from the McLaren. Perhaps mileage varies per country...
  8. Technic parts from the March 2022 wave appear to be available on PaB.
  9. Does there need to be a point? I love seeing silly/crazy stuff like this. Just because!
  10. Your first design is interesting and I think I needed something like that a few times. But what I need very often is the quoted part with 2 pinholes. Or from another perspective, that's without the protruding bottom. Equally great would be again without the protruding bottom. Just a stud mountable on a pin or axle! Edit: for reference: there was a discussion about the contest in the General Part Discussion thread:
  11. For the next update: step 690: the leftmost (blue) pin should be one hole further left.
  12. I love it, thanks for sharing!
  13. @Toastie Thanks for that rant on patents, I enjoyed it!
  14. @thekoRngear somewhere deep down in this thread is another idea by @amorti (iirc) to secure the hood itself using 3L axles with stud. There's a photo of how to do it. I also used this trick in my version on Rebrickable.