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  1. Finally I managed to try out that modification to the black 'fins' as well. I changed it slightly from my previous rendering and it's very robust now (the Bionicle tooth can't rotate anymore). Compared to TLG's solution, this mod is 1M less tall and 1M longer. I'll add instructions for it to my Rebrickable page as soon as I find the time...
  2. I'll admit that the modded instructions will be more challenging to follow. As (co-)author I cannot objectively judge how much more challenging. For buying parts, also compare with Lego Bricks & Pieces, which has low shipping costs (at least in my country) and typically lower prices for parts that have been released recently. There are several such parts in my mods at least.
  3. astyanax

    General Part Discussion

    I don't recall seeing this here yet, but I just found out today this part seems to have been "reinforced". 32039 became 42135.
  4. astyanax

    [MOC] Ferrari 365GT4 BB

    @ralphie Just link your photos here! It's totally normal to show off & discuss tweaks to other people's designs.
  5. Regarding IP/brands, my first thought was Festo, to co-develop some robotic animals in technic!
  6. A very similar discussion is now raging on Brickset. Seems like TLG wants to listen?! They published their own survey... === EDIT: ah I now see there's already a topic dedicated to that survey, can't believe I missed that... sorry for bumping it in this thread!
  7. Looks great in reality, I think! You're very welcome.
  8. astyanax

    8868 Air Claw Redux

    Delightful project! @Cardboy have you considered putting two actual white air tanks on the sides? It's probably overkill, but I'd be soooo tempted to make those white cylinders actually functional!
  9. astyanax

    lego Oloid kinetic sculpture

    I love it! Did you have a photo album showing the construction in detail?
  10. Indeed that's the plan! But I need to shoot it outside, obviously. For which I need to wait for the alpine weather to improve a bit... In the mean time, the Sian has been marked for demolition, as I plan to re-use its parts to give the 488 Pista a new friend: @T Lego's Centenario, in lime haha! (Yes I have a plan for substituting some parts...)
  11. astyanax

    BuWizz Motor

    Exciting news! Any chance of combined offers like 1x brick + 2x motor and/or 2x brick + 4x motor?
  12. What can I say that hasn't already been said? She's a stunner, period. And FAST! With 4x PF L motors, geared UP as suggested by @brunojj1 a couple pages back. Very dangerous to drive in the home...! Built with 'real' Lego, except for the rims. As if anyone still cares though... More photos in the spoiler:
  13. No, just hacked the Chinese, easy. ===== But we had a discussion about sharing building instructions or model many pages ago. At the time it was considered 'not done'. But now CaDA has published building instructions themselves. So one could reopen this discussion... Anyhow, the virtual model I have now is not the "original build": it contains many tweaks to suit my idiosyncratic taste. These include 4x PF L motor drive, no LEDs, brick-built alternatives to stickers, and making many connections less wobbly or less illegal. Overall shaping has barely been affected though. BTW I just finished my built -- finally! I'll post pics later today.
  14. Bonus points for this! I ordered a couple of those 2 years ago, but I have yet to use them, even in a non-meaningful way haha!
  15. astyanax

    General Part Discussion

    And we know that TLG has been needing that piece too! For example, in the virtual pivot steering system of the big Batmobile (set 76139), they used 4x the 120-degree 3-axle connector when they really only needed 1 axle...