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  1. Indeed! I was surprised to find 2 of them when building the big Batmobile. First time I got new ones since the Battrax in 1987...
  2. Happy to join the chorus and say congratulations! Besides the excellent content, I think your voice is very soothing as well. You could start another channel narrating paint drying and still get tons of subscribers!
  3. A bunch of parts got re-colored to dark/light bluish gray, including 11L flip-flop beams.
  4. Maybe try instead a 1x1 round plate with open stud?
  5. My original idea for the rear wheel arches wasn't good enough in reality. After letting it simmer for a week I had another go and now I'm satisfied. The #13 panel between the door and the rear wheel had to go. It was sticking outward too high, making it impossible to create a smooth continuous line from the door to the wheel arch. My solution is to put a small #2 panel at a half-module offset; now the flow is good: As you can see here, the long #5 panel in the door collides with the new construction, making the door close not so well. However, I was able to bring that #5 panel forward very slightly -- all solved. All in all, the rear wheel arch was quite tricky, as there are half-module offsets all over the place to make it look right. Consequently, the part count increased by almost 100... The root problem, I think, is that the new 'mudguard' (71689) does not taper inward at the bottom, so to simulate such tapering, it has to be placed at half-module offset. Grmpf. I've updated the Rebrickable entry; check it out if you want to see how it's constructed! That's it from me. Over and out. I'm really taking her apart now.
  6. But according to you do get a whopping 38'880 parts for that sum! The included BuWizz electronics themselves add up to €1285 when bought individually from their store. I guess it could cost you around €2000 for plastic and electronics together. I don't think €5000 is 'nuts'. From a branding perspective, that is. You have to see this as a brand posting a big flag. Everything about it must make you go "oomph!". Looks, specs, performance, price, everything.
  7. astyanax

    Technic Clones

    Yeah according to site rules (which I don't make up nor enforce) this thread belongs in or on a different host altogether. This Mork product rips off both the model and the brick ecosystem. It's a package of zero creativity, only sadness.
  8. @Maaboo35 Looking great! I'm very happy to have been able to get one second hand at reasonable price like 2 years ago. I didn't have the time to assemble it so I gave the parts to a friend who was just waking up to become an AFOL. A little while later, I got back the model, neatly assembled and functioning perfectly, but my friend was looking sad... Turns out, his wife had confiscated the parts and instruction book and built it all by herself.....
  9. I know I know.... In fact I was already pillaging the model -- there's a reason I took the photo from that angle and in the dark! Never! Whenever there are collisions that I can't resolve 'in system', I at least make sure that one of the colliders is mounted on a rubber axle connector (45590) to gracefully move out of the way! In this case, the upper headlights (with the 8 trans-clear bits) are on rubber. Yeah I know this is a controversial technique around here... But in this case I think it's okay because the flex axle is bent only slightly, so no hideous gaps appear between the 1L beams.
  10. From the video I understand it's because the real car is a V10...
  11. No worries, it's firmly held. If and when I finish verifying and tweaking the rear wheel arches, I'll share the virtual model so y'all can see.
  12. So is the virtual model a GWP with an order of 10 BuWizz motors and 5 BuWizz 3.0 Pro bricks?
  13. What's that silence? Oh, it's everyone watching a friggin' one-hour movie! Seriously though, this was my exact first reaction: "DUDE WTF?!" Okay I'm still processing this, I'll return after putting back together the blown-out pieces of my mind...
  14. Yeah I was wondering about that: why didn't they do it? It took me just a few evenings of tinkering in LDCad, then 1 evening to verify and tweak in reality (okay I need another evening to implement the rear arches). And I'm no genius, nor particularly experienced: I only started building 1:8 supercars since 1 year ago and have never designed one from scratch myself... So what gives?
  15. Yup. There are no parts in places where there weren't any before. Like in the original design, margins are null. I implemented the wheel arch on the front left last night, all great!