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  1. "Did you build B-models when sets had those?" As a kid yes, as an adult no. Nowadays, with Technic, I don't even build A-models anymore. Just MOCing. Only with the occasional System set I build the A-model (I'll admit that TLG's play on nostalgia with sets like 1989 Batmobile and BTTF DeLorean does work on me...)
  2. I love that you even tried part 18969! That would've been so baffling if that had worked out! Cheers mate!
  3. @LegoHoops Great stuff! The exhausts would look a bit better if you can get your hands on a pair of 4864b. It's the old mold without side supports, and it leaves a bigger opening.
  4. Better late than never: I've dropped free building instructions for all my modification on Rebrickable: You can find a list of my modifications at the Rebrickable entry (I say modifications, not improvements -- that's up to you to judge). Let me write here instead a bit of background. So I was patiently waited for set 42143 to drop significantly in price, knowing it might take 1-1.5y until I'd buy it. Recently the price was indeed crossing my threshold, but by that time, I had already been playing around with @jb70's virtual model of the pimped version so much, that I realized there were many parts in the box that I'd never ever use (looking at you )..... including the paper manual. So I went on BrickLink and saw that I could get a set of 4 wheels for 20€ -- and the rest of the parts I already had in my collection (I had already been ordering new panel types earlier, to play around with). So I ordered the wheels from BrickLink and just started building from my collection. I think set 42143 looks amazing in many places, but then in other places TLG completely dropped the ball. Very strange, they were so close to greatness, but then lost their sense of perfection. Fortunately I was able to fix all issues to my personal satisfaction. I'm especially proud of the highly detailed engine bay, see video above. It's modeled after this beauty in the spoiler: Finally let me tag @Jeroen Ottens who asked me about my planned mods some time ago.
  5. Actually, the bottom of my box has a sticker from the importer which literally says: "14+ This is not a toy."
  6. Glazed transparent quarter-dome panels coming without print:
  7. So is the Blue half-pin being phased out? It hasn't appeared in any 2023 set. It would make sense to drop this color, given that for other pin types, Blue means friction. In exchange, we got the half-pin back in White. So for half-pins and 3L axle-pins, we now have the pattern that Red and DBG mean friction, while White and LBG mean frictions-less. The pattern-busting 3/4 pin in DBG also hasn't been seen since 2020.
  8. It seems recently Rebrickable renamed that color to Pearl Titanium.
  9. Is it possible to use 2 hooks on opposite sides of 1 driving ring, for a more firm hold?
  10. Any thoughts on how the choice between 2WD and 4WD affects accelerating and top speed?
  11. Thanks @amorti, I binged both vids over lunch, very well done!
  12. Thanks for sharing this look into the kitchen! Though that leaves me wondering, how you had originally planned to give shape to the intake over the roof?
  13. I tried with part 15100, which is the old mold and has very high friction. Indeed there seems to be some 'snapping' feeling when rotation it in a pinhole -- not just in part 71708, although it's stronger there (maybe because 71708 is made from different plastic).
  14. Aha how delicious, now I have TWO people to prove wrong! Hehe I'm just joking around Anyway I'm eagerly awaiting presentations and reviews!