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  1. Is there any appetite to see if there's a way to fit glow-in-the-dark bars as headlights? (As seemed to be suggested -- for a fleeting moment -- in the reveal video.) Problem of course is that this color only comes in 4L bars so it may be hard to mount them without having them look too short.
  2. astyanax

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Ha! Today in town I saw a lime green Fiat 500 Abarth looking very mean, and had the exact same thought...
  3. 100% disagreed. I find disassembly very relaxing, and the OCDer in me loves sorting the bricks...!
  4. I've been concerned this would happen ever since I saw cracks in Sariel's monowheel video (2:35)...
  5. Yeah, definitely find a flat open pedestrian-only area, like a basketball court. A (low-traffic) car road is not advised: often has lots of small stones that'll badly scratch the bottom of a low-clearance Lego model.
  6. First of all I have to admit your thoughts go way deeper than mine ever went! Case in point: your comments made me realize, for the first time, that the front suspension's top and bottom arms are of unequal length... Anyway, although this thread has become a bit disorganized, the Rebrickable entry clearly explains the model's history, and that its design isn't mine. I made several "improvements" to it, but only insofar as I realized improvements could be made. The original front suspension worked fine for me, so I just left it like that... Note that the front suspension is also really really stiff (alternative viewpoint: the weight of the model on the front is very low), so not much "stroking" is happening... Regarding the rear driveshafts: indeed the idea is that the axles slide in the wheel hub. I did have some problems with the axle sliding out of the 12-tooth gear inside the differential instead, but only on one side. I guess some gears have a firmer "grasp" than others. I solved it by adding a small white rubber band on the rear axle to prevent any sliding: So I built the drivetrain to withstand full-on acceleration from 2x BuWizz in Ludicrous mode... assuming 4 stock PF Large motors. I'm morbidly curious to know what happens when you use instead your Chinese "+30%" motors.... Just promise me you'll test it OUTSIDE...
  7. I once saw a video demonstrating how to do this using a butter knife. I successfully used the same trick a couple of times, no damage. But for the life of me I can't find the video any more... Found it:
  8. astyanax

    [MOC] Rock-Bouncer

    Saw this on Rebrickable quite a while ago, and hit the Like button. Great "old-school" shaping with the ribbed hoses!
  9. astyanax

    [MOC] Azure Kamikaze

    Oh boy, he looks ANGRY! Awesome!
  10. Awesome work, following it with great interest! Those gear rack limiters could've just been 1x1 round plates pushed with stud into pin hole, right? Saves 2 pieces, wow my contributions are so valuable... Edit: well here's an actual bug report: in the gearbox, between the 8-tooth gear and blue 20-tooth gear, there's a rogue 1L beam.
  11. Also bought mine new in 1994, wheels are still pretty white. My most discolored part is that special plate holding the gearshift. Looks a bit out of place now...
  12. astyanax

    Grohl's Creations

    ... from the times when those red panels were still affordable... Anyway, I love this kind of frugal design!
  13. What kind of prototype parts? Just curious. Did TLG ask this after acquiring BL?
  14. No good without backstory!!