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    At the moment, landscape - city layouts and moonbase - classic space<br /><br />and of course the odd interresting new sets comming to us all the time.


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  1. Hi all Anybody comming to LEGOWORLD in Bella Center, Copenhagen? it is thursday - sunday in week 7. Maybe a small gathering for hello folks sometime during opening? I will be there, with some stuff in the FAN zone. so fell free to come by a say hi. All the Best Henning M.
  2. Hi all As stated in the sign up thread. I will bring the reincarnated old trusty. So I do not need accomodation. I will reserve a spot in the camping area. all the best merry x-mas and a happy brick year to you all Henning M.
  3. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    I will participate and I am bringing old trusty in a reincarnated form so no more brown spots : and no need for a place in one of the huts all the best Henning M.
  4. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Looking forward to see you all here. Dates are now in the calendar All the best Henning M.
  5. [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Wow, Simply a great idea. It reminds me of the cardboard stage I had as a kid. Where different plays could be enacted. The figures were on a stick and I think there were fig for quite a few different plays. You have my vote indeed. And more it is not "just" an IP set in bricks. All the best Henning M.
  6. Hi all Unfortunately we have a family gathering in the weekend. And my wife grounded me All the best to you all - have a great time Henning M.
  7. Billund '16 trading post

    Hi all I am looking for the old Fabuland antenna BL fabbd5 http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?P=fabbd5&idColor=3#T=C&C=3 If one of you have one you would be ok to sell or swap, I would be very happy All the best Henning M.
  8. Hi all The commitee behind SkaerBaek Fan Weekend have opened for registration today. http://www.fanweekend.dk/ All the best Henning M.
  9. Hi Are there any restrictions regarding the height?? All the best Henning M.
  10. Billund '16 trading post

    I just signed up for the event (I know I'm late) and will bring some older stuff (parts) mostly from the Indy era, for swapping (sorry I do not sell), but we can surely work something out All the best Henning M.
  11. Eurobricks Event 2016 - Sign-Up Topic

    Hi all A bit late for signing up, but I will only participate in some of the things anyway If possible share a cabin or else the old (t)rusty have been upgraded to a newer model All the best Henning M.
  12. Eurobricks special event shirts

    Hi Are you making a list here, so we can see that the "order did go through? I sent a pm with an order for a xl polo But no confirmation (yet) Al the best Henning M.
  13. Hi I (and old (t)rusty) can manage 4 passengers. But I would like to know a little while in advance as I have to "convert" from camper to "mini"bus each time. All the best Henning M.
  14. If there are any TC-14 polybags left I would be very happy to get one. I have some different polybags laying around and will bring them and my trusty swapbox to the event. So we can do a bit of trading/swapping. But please remember that I only swap, I do not sell parts So pick up you surplus parts and bring some. It would be a fun thing to have an informal swap night - thursday?? All the best Henning M.
  15. Hi all LEGO World is held for the 6. time in a row in Copenhagen (Bella Center) february 13.- 16. Should we make an informal get together, say saturday morning for those attending and visiting?? more info for visitors at http://www.legoworld.dk/ All the best Henning M.