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    At the moment, landscape - city layouts and moonbase - classic space<br /><br />and of course the odd interresting new sets comming to us all the time.


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  1. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Looking forward to see you all here. Dates are now in the calendar All the best Henning M.
  2. [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Wow, Simply a great idea. It reminds me of the cardboard stage I had as a kid. Where different plays could be enacted. The figures were on a stick and I think there were fig for quite a few different plays. You have my vote indeed. And more it is not "just" an IP set in bricks. All the best Henning M.
  3. Hi all Unfortunately we have a family gathering in the weekend. And my wife grounded me All the best to you all - have a great time Henning M.
  4. Billund '16 trading post

    Hi all I am looking for the old Fabuland antenna BL fabbd5 http://alpha.bricklink.com/pages/clone/catalogitem.page?P=fabbd5&idColor=3#T=C&C=3 If one of you have one you would be ok to sell or swap, I would be very happy All the best Henning M.
  5. Hi all The commitee behind SkaerBaek Fan Weekend have opened for registration today. http://www.fanweekend.dk/ All the best Henning M.
  6. Hi Are there any restrictions regarding the height?? All the best Henning M.
  7. Billund '16 trading post

    I just signed up for the event (I know I'm late) and will bring some older stuff (parts) mostly from the Indy era, for swapping (sorry I do not sell), but we can surely work something out All the best Henning M.
  8. Eurobricks Event 2016 - Sign-Up Topic

    Hi all A bit late for signing up, but I will only participate in some of the things anyway If possible share a cabin or else the old (t)rusty have been upgraded to a newer model All the best Henning M.
  9. Eurobricks special event shirts

    Hi Are you making a list here, so we can see that the "order did go through? I sent a pm with an order for a xl polo But no confirmation (yet) Al the best Henning M.
  10. Hi I (and old (t)rusty) can manage 4 passengers. But I would like to know a little while in advance as I have to "convert" from camper to "mini"bus each time. All the best Henning M.
  11. If there are any TC-14 polybags left I would be very happy to get one. I have some different polybags laying around and will bring them and my trusty swapbox to the event. So we can do a bit of trading/swapping. But please remember that I only swap, I do not sell parts So pick up you surplus parts and bring some. It would be a fun thing to have an informal swap night - thursday?? All the best Henning M.
  12. Hi all LEGO World is held for the 6. time in a row in Copenhagen (Bella Center) february 13.- 16. Should we make an informal get together, say saturday morning for those attending and visiting?? more info for visitors at http://www.legoworld.dk/ All the best Henning M.
  13. Eurobricks Event 2014 - Sign-up Topic

    Hi Bonaparte I will come on my own. My wife is not really in to LEGO bricks And all the best x-mas wishes and a happy new year for you all. Henning M.
  14. Eurobricks Event 2014 - Sign-up Topic

    Hi, will (as usual) come in old (t)rusty. Yes it is still roadworthy (somewhat) So I will camp out at one of the campgrounds. no space is needed for me at the chalets. All the best Henning M.
  15. Dear all The event is still more than 4 months avay. But we are unfortunately already completely overwhelmed with registrations and are fully booked. Information will now go out to the participants with confirmation on booked cabins. We are quite a bit sorry for the early all occupied. But we hope to find even more space for participants next year. For you that are comming. I can only say that you are in for a blast of an event. more that 300 participants from 23 countries. If you have questions, please send it to signup@fanweekend.dk On behalf of LEGO Fan Weekend Henning M.