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    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks, grey beard! I'd say a picture would be welcome! TLC indeed never produced a tan technic brick as far as I know. Here you find a link to the colors the 1x6 technic brick was made in. So if it really was tan it would not be LEGO. Than again the print on the studs make this unlinkely again... You can describe it like you did above, my first idea was indeed it would be a 'sun burned' (yellowed) white. But to be more exact a photo of the brick - best would be compared to a white and tan brick - would help a lot.
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    info on lego shop in Munich

    Thank you for trying to help... BUT you noted that you just revived an 8 (eight!) year old topic? @all: Please refrain from digging up old topics like this. There might be a minimal chance that the topic starter reads it, all other members didn't seem to bother. At least the last eight years.
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    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    WOW! Thanks for sharing!
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    REVIEW | 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer

    Thanks for the great review, VBBN. One thing I'd love to see is a photo of both copies old and new next to each other.
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    Review: modular marble run

    Sadly, the brickshelf folder does only contain four pics of the instructions. @seejay You can still send me a PM...
  6. Set Name: Modular marble run Set number: none – it’s a MOC Pieces: >1700 (according to the description – once again I didn’t count them) Year of Release: 2009 Price: 124 € Where to buy? – available only at Polegons Bricklink shop *click here* Description (taken off Polegons website): “The offered set is an own creation of the seller. It is not available at the LEGO Group. Through the modular system of the marble run different runs can be built with the Set. The set contains:over 1700 new LEGO® bricks 10 glass marbles a building instruction a paper with exemplary marble runs in the form of pictograms table of contents and precautions The bricks for the different modules are prepacked in zip bags<LI>You have to build the modules by your own using the building instruction<LI>The building instruction comprises 48 pages in DIN A5<LI>The building instruction was printed in a professional printing company (offset)<LI>Because the run is built with modules you can convert it quickly<LI>Optionally you can enlarge the run with own modules<LI>For every different module an unique pictogram is assigned in the building instruction<LI>The marble run on the instruction cover can't be built with the Set. This is because I didn't intend to offer a set at the moment I created the instruction.<LI>I can't give any age advice for the set. Children under 10 years need surely help (not building the modules but building runs especially using the pictograms). For children under 3 years the set is not suitable!“ Link to the set at BL. This is a custom ‘set’ I came across when I attended 1000steine land 2008 in Frechen, Germany. Somewhere in a silent corner someone had built a remarkable marble run. It was almost always surrounded by kids, making it very hard to take pictures. Later on at 1000steine.de I realized there was a member who created this fantastic modular marble run: Polegon or Jan Zensen in real life. I saw him writing about the single modules in the forum and always thought: I have to try this at home with my own bricks. The only problem: You always lack the bricks! (I think you know what I’m talking about ) Then, in late 2009 Jan offered a “starter pack” with 68 modules and bridges to build your own creation. Fantastic! I immediately was hooked again and bought the set. It consists of more than 1700 brand new original Lego parts. And with 124€ It is absolutely fairly priced – try to get the bricks one by one off Bricklink or any other source. You will pay more than the actual price tag of the starter set! This is what I got: The carton A first look inside. The set consists of 45 plastic zip bags with LEGO bricks, a solid 48 page paper building instructions, a “how-to-stack-modules” instruction, a table of contents and 10 marbles. My goodness! The bags sorted by module number. The result after quite some time of building. I didn’t take the time, but it was around 2 hours of building. No. 5 shows the bridges to connect two modules. The very clever pictogram to show how to stack the modules to get a certain track. (second photo taken from Polegons website) The building instructions. One more word about it: The instructions are absolutely up-to-date. It’s like you have original ones, the paper is even thicker than the original. A parts list of each module in the upper corner, step by step instructions and you can easily determine what colour is what. (Easy, the parts consist of light bley and black bricks). The modules: Note that there are (almost always) two types of each module: One on top of the building without “roof”, so you cannot stack anything on top and the regular one in the middle of the building with a tiled roof. The quantity is shown in brackets. Starting module (inlet) [2] Crossing [4/4] Crossing with center hole [4/4] Curve [4/4] Speed up module [4] One ‘cut through’ to see how the module is working External speed up (this is how the marble gains speed whilst going outside the modules) [2] Two-way-junction (180°) [2] Two-way-junction (90°) [2] Three-way-junction [1] Four-way-junction [1] Bridge [24] Collector at the end [4] Big 270° curve (not part of this set (!), but the building instructions were included, so this is made of my own bricks). There are two problems with this module: It severly takes speed from the marbles, you have to use a speed up module right afterwards to keep the marbles rolling. If you use a lot of marbles at the same time - and my kids tend to do so - the marbles can hit each other at the crossing part. Traffic jam will be the result. So now onder this module isn't part of the most tracks (see below). There is one more secret module which is not part of this starter set, but included in the instructions. As I was asked to keep it secret I can only tell you, that this is the most ingenious module Jan created. Three examples of what you can build with the set. Of course you cannot build all the runs at the same time. Building instructions show ideas for 9 different tracks, but as usual with LEGO only your imagination is the limit. The modules I made myself with my own bricks, before buying the starter set. Yeah I know, it’s disgusting… The chosen colour sheme is so much better than mixing it all up. But my runs worked with these colours. The one module in front is a special “design by me”: It’s a staircase. I have to admit though it’s one of the worse modules: It leads one floor down without increasing the speed, but decreasing it. No good idea. The marble run needs the different floors to gain speed again when going one floor down. Otherwise the marbles may get stuck on their way. One last note: Jan asked me to point out that the marble run shown on the frontpage of the instructions can NOT be built from the set! But with all your bricks laying around at your place you might be able to do so. The instructions for this run ARE part of the booklet. Final Conclusions: Parts: Okay, its bley and black only. But in this case I can’t imagine a better colour selection. Price: I wrote it above and I stand to it: You won’t get the bricks cheaper elsewhere. For those interested: A fairly good price per piece ratio: 7c per brick. But I don’t think this information is too important. Playability: If you can’t get children to play with this set, you will never get them to play with any other Lego. Overall Rating: A perfect 10/10! And please don’t say it doesn’t come with minifigs. I hope you enjoyed reading this review . It would be my personal pleasure (and I know Jan thinks so as well), if you are inspired by this review and the clever idea behind it and start to build your own marble runs or even new modules. Think of a green marble run for example, or even a rainbow coloured one? If you did so, please post photos of them here!
  7. I've been waiting for this review for days - now I bought the figs I liked in absence of your review. A nice but not really outstanding series IMHO. I really was surprised to see the Dog Sitter comes with two dogs! Very welcome! And the torso of the programmer!!! Very poor IMHO are the Mummy Queen (I accidently got one by mis-feeling the Gardener ) and the Fire Fighter. I'm also not into Rugby, so that figure didn't do anything for me as well. So that's what I got: just for the creaturejust for the torso and wanted sign If I our someone else can help out with a box or certain bags, let me know!
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    Monochrome Minifigures

    When you have been hurt once, the pain decreases every time you do it - trust me! Honestly I don't mind at all to have chosen this way. It's still genuine LEGO after all.
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    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    mmmh... I checked BL with the phrase "blue torso belt" and all that came up were these torsos: click! I didn't find anything similar. Looking very closely it seems that the print isn't as crisp/sharp as the TLC prints. So in my opninion it's not genuine LEGO.
  10. Wow - fantastic bunch of different engines you have accumulated! Thanks for sharing the video!
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    Making Eurobricks More Active

    @KotZ Thank you for the reply here. We deeply appreciate any feedback on our website! Especially when it is positive... What we really would need is a "good spirit" in staff being able to focus on news on a regular meaning daily, or even more than daily basis. So we could do better with more staff - I am faced with work issues myself in the last months, so I can't be active as I would like to.
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    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Nice review of a perfect HP set! I was looking for a set to fill my 85€ shopping bag at S@H to get the small rocket man for free - and your review guided me the way to do it. The stag is really extraoridnary - besides new Patronus/Patroni/Patronusses I'd like to see a minifigure all in transparent parts, but that propably will never come true due to articulation problems with the kind of plastic used. Welcome to the new medium articulated legs in 2019!
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    Review: 30452 Iron Man and Dum-E Polybag

    Any news on this? I'm still looking...
  14. Impressive train monorail station! So many nice details on that crowdy place. I always wanted to do domething similar for my trains. The roof technique is brilliant - I might copy that... Thanks for the link to the clock tower!
  15. Name: 75894 - 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy Theme: Speed Champions Year: 2019 Parts: 481 Minifigs: 4 RRP: 44.99 GBP, 49.99 USD or 49.99€ Brickset / Bricklink / Shop@Home Speed Champions have reached the fourth year of existence with the new collection of 5 new sets in 2019. This one being the biggest and most expensive of them all. TLC’s official notes to this set: “Stage a classic vs. modern rally race with these cool LEGO® Speed Champions 75894 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy car toys! The 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally features a roof rack with 2 spare tires, just like the original car, while the 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy has suspension to drive over rough terrain. Play out exciting rally racing scenarios with 4 LEGO minifigures and a fully equipped pit stop station, including a buildable car jack stand, a mechanic's creeper, tool racks, assorted tools and computer screen elements. Includes 4 minifigures: Mini Cooper S Rally driver, MINI John Cooper Works Buggy rally driver, race marshal and a mechanic. The race-ready, buildable 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally features a minifigure cockpit, removable windshield, wheels with rubber tires, roof rack with 2 spare tires, racing colors, race-graphics stickers, translucent light-style elements and authentic design details. The speedy, buildable 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy features a minifigure cockpit, removable windshield, wheels with rubber tires, suspension, racing colors, race-graphics stickers, translucent light-style elements and authentic design details. Remove the windshields to place a minifigure in each car. Pit stop station features tool racks, a buildable car jack stand, 2 mobile opening tool cabinets, a mechanic's creeper with wheels and assorted elements including 2 TV screens, a ‘MINI' sign, trophy, gas can, camera, flag and various tools. Place a car on the jack stand and use the mechanic's creeper to check underneath. Accessory elements include a helmet for each driver and the race marshal’s cap and checkered flag. 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally toy car for kids measures over 2” (6cm) high, 3” (9cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide. 2018 MINI John Cooper Works Buggy measures over 2” (7cm) high, 5” (13cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide. Pit stop station measures over 5” (13cm) high, 11” (30cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.” I always wonder when reading the official information about sets, if less (words) wouldn’t be more (fun to read). It's a nice set, no doubt, but almost everything is highlighted, from a mechanic’s creeper (consisting of three parts exactly) to a checkered flag (which is stickered…). Now, is that set worth all the words? Read on… The first thought which came to my mind when seeing this set, was “Yay, a cute Mini!” The second thought was: “What in all the world is this big ugly green thing?” And why are both of them in one set? The answer to the first question was easy: A car I have never heard of before: “Mini John Cooper Works buggy”. A type of car that wasn’t part of the speed champions family until last year, when 75885 Ford Fiesta M.Sport WRC marked the first release of a rally car. Now the answer to the second question was easy, too: This set is about rally cars! You may not have noticed, but the red Mini isn’t an every-day streets car, but also a rally rendition! The green … thing… somehow still is different to all the other cars within the speed champions range: It combines the rally car exception of the Ford Fiesta with the width exception and rubberband suspension of the Ford F-150 Raptor. Nevertheless while building this beast it grew on me and finally I’m happy to call it my own. The package: 38,2 x 26,2 x 7,1 cm are the measures of the box which comes in the stylish Speed Champions outfit in Black. The front shows the complete set in a rally surrounding, the back has got two detail images of each of the cars along with two photos of each real model. The Mini S seems prefers a snowy surrounding while the Cooper Works buggy is desert oriented. The contents: The set comes with 3 numbered plastic bags, a hefty sticker sheet and the instructions. Bag 1 contains the parts for the Mini S, bag 2 the dark green buggy and bag 3 the parts for the pit stop station. The sticker sheet consists of 35 (thirty-five!) stickers! Yikes! 11 will be used for the red car, 19 for the green one and 5 for the pit stop/flag. I mostly abstain from using the stickers – especially in the Speed Champions range. The cars really work well without! Of course they look a bit better with the stickers and are more detailed, but if have you ever had (like me) problems with older stickers crumbling from the bricks like here: or with the removal of older stickers on LEGO parts, you know the reason why I keep my models naked. And for me it’s somehow more ‘original’ LEGO, the way it should be: Made from bricks only. If you prefer to see images from the set with stickers on, follow the above links to Brickset or S@H. The parts: Bag 1 The most interesting parts in the whole set are included in bag no. 1. Here we see 3 unique black parts: A brand new mudgear, a small bracket and an ax. In red we have the new 1x2 plate with rounded corners (okay, not really rare, now in 13 sets) and the even newer 1x2 rounded brick (can only be found in Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box 70825). The 1x3 panel (new in 2017) in dark orange is quite rare (3 other sets), so is the white bar (only found in Daredevils stunt plane 31076). The so called double jumper, 1x3 plate with 2 knobs from 2018 is still rare (5 other sets), too. The unique windscreen is printed with a small red/silver stripe to indicate the a- and c-pillar. Bag 2 More interesting bricks: Here we find the new red rounded car roof, one of them is printed and unique. The 1x1 brick with side bar can be found in 8 other sets, we see a unique 1x1 half circled tile in black and a lot of rare dark green elements shown in the photo and one unique one: The inverted double baby bow (slope, curved 2x2 inverted). To my big surprise the light blueish gray plate 1x4 with two knobs is also unique! I would have expected this part to be far more widespread, but it’s the first time we see this part in lbg! Bag 3 Finally bag 3 contains some rare elements like the new rollercoaster rail piece, the vertical support 2x2x10, the bar from 1980(!) which - to my surprise - still occurs in less than 10 sets in this color and the dark tan curved slope 2x2. The minifigs: This set comes with four minifigs, three of them being unique (the torso at least), just the photographer is more widespread. I appreciate it's female drivers along with the dirty face on the mechanic. The female figures also sportan alternative faceprint on the back. (But I don't think this is telling us a complete different story in times of 'me-too') The build: Quite enjoyable! We are used to SNOT-building nowadays and these models are no different. With the new 1x1 brackets we can build even narrower! Perfect for a model as small as the Mini! The new mudguards are attached with an offset of a jumper plate. Curved slopes on the sides – Perfect! Note that the Mini is the first Speed Champion with a width of 5 studs! Including the mudguards it’s a bit wider though, it's fits snuggly between a gap of 6 studs. Isn’t it a beauty! Especially when compared with TLC’s first attempt to render a Mini in LEGO, the 40109 Creator car from 2014. Pimp guide: If you want to use the Mini without the wheels on top, just remove some parts and add some and voilá! And here's a quick try to MOD the Mini to a complete street version: I'm sure you can do better. On with the John Cooper Works Buggy. Again a lot SNOT building is used. It shares the same suspension technique with the Ford Raptor using the red rubber band and T-shape technic beams. The steering is located on an absurd height though. The steering wheel is right before the driver’s face. I doubt the original shares the same construction. Very clever is the solution for the front: Here upside down building creates the nose of the car. Note that the studs of the to-be-plugged submodel face downwards already, it's a 2x4 tile underneath. Here they go. The final car is full of power: Every detail breathes muscles and energy. This beast is more than 9 studs wide. It’s a nice build, but I have to say I'm a bit unsure what to say about the comparison to the original – which has 340 hp and 800 nm of torque by the way: The car to the left is the real Cooper Works buggy. Obviously TLC chose not to use the dark red color to have a better contrast to the 1967 Mini. But they could have also used dark green for the old rally car and dark red for the new one. That would have been a lot closer. The sides are well done, but the front is looking a bit weird, especially with those green bow parts facing to each other with the whole. I know those shapes are really a pain to build in LEGO, yet that may be no excuse. Both cars next to each other: Not taking into account the lack to original colors they look gorgeous and in LEGO the color selection works. Red and dark green/black look fantastic next to each other! The pit stop There is really not much to say about bag #3. No one will buy the set for this particular bricks, we all know it’s just an add-on to the cars. Yet with the hinge parts you can place it in different positions: Straight, angled or boxed. You can work on the underside of the cars, if you manage to somehow lift your car on the two poles - here with the hand of God of course, as there is no lifting mechanism. The obvious tools and some possibilities to store them complete the pit stop. Comparison to other Speed Champions I have written that the cars don’t fit to the usual size of Speed Champions: The red Mini is smaller and the John Cooper Works Buggy is wider that the ‘usual’ Speed Champions car. Is that a bad thing? NO! It transports the real thing into LEGO size. Compared to each other there is nothing wrong in either the Ford (which is indeed looking extremely weird without the front stickers), the buggy, the MCLaren nor the Mini. They all look wonderful next to each other, each one a close to perfect rendition of the original. Final verdict Design: - with a 10 for the red Mini, an 8 for the green one. The cars are simply wonderful. You may have to get used to the buggy, but the Mini more than makes up for it. The pit stop (6 points) adds nothing. Build: Enjoyable, non-repetitive, clever detail solutions. Playability: you get 2 cars, 4 minifigures and a pit stop = perfect playability! Price: You may reconsider to buy this at rrp - which is simply too much for my taste. Everything below 40€ is an instant buy recommendation. And you should easily be able to find someone selling it for this price. Btw. I strongly believe if they sold just the red Mini for the usual 14,99€ it would fly off the shelves! Overall: That’s always the question: Is it worth the money? It’s a ‘yes, but’. You have to be into cars to love this set. I bet almost no one knew the original Cooper Works buggy before it was made a LEGO set. So it’s hard to convince yourself to buy a 50€ set if you actually wanted just the red Mini. But rest assured: Both cars are great and a very nice addition to your car collection. The red Mini easily fits in every City layout, for the buggy it’s a bit more complicated. This set was kindly provided by the LEGO CEE team. I myself don’t have any dependencies on TLC, so I was able to build my mind on this set without any influence.
  16. Hello and (still) happy new year, everybody! It's 2019 already and we haven't been talking about this year's event. According to our normal schedule, it will be held in lovely Windsor this year! EDIT: For a few reasons we are plannig differently this year: The event will be moved to 11th -14th of April and will be held in Günzburg/Germany once more. That's one day shorter than what we usually do: Thursday - Sunday. EDIT: changed the picture from LEGOLAND Windsor to LEGOLAND Germany We had some behind the scenes talking about the date and we finally came to the conclusion to set the dates 12-16th of June. (Wendesday - Sunday) We do know that this date interferes with Brickworld in Chicago which will beheld exactly at the same time. So if that is an issue with you and you would like to attend to both dates, please raise your voice here! Experience tells us, that there are just a few people going to both events and we valued other dates of course as well, but these period seemed to fit best. The core of the event will be Thursday - Saturday. The program isn't fixed yet, but this could include - visit of Legoland Windsor (almost obligatory) - visit of LEGO Consumer Services, Slough - visit of Harry Potter Studios (on public demand ) - visit the City of London - visit Windsor Castle and of course a lot of fun stuff, like games, contests and so on... So if you are interested and would like to join and have a special interest in something other might like as well, please tell us here! We are an open community and the event is what the eventees make out of it. Your input is needed and appreciated! Copmike and me are the ones to put all the interests together and knit a nice program out of it. We would love to see a local Englishman/-woman work with us on special issues that are easier manageable from the UK than from abroad. This may count for the accomodation for example. We had two very friendly and cosy places to stay four and eight years ago. The latter doesn't do hotel any more and the Oakley Court Hotel from last time was considered a bit too expensive from some eventees. (although I really liked it!!! ) So please give feedback here and sign up in the according sign-up topic, which will be opened soon when we are sure about the date! EDIT: please scroll down to take part in a doodle survey to find a date for the event!
  17. Oh, besides extinguishing the fire first we (the N-SLO-D team) still had plenty of time to also take pictures. (evidence above). Yep, one of the best times in the year!
  18. I moved the pictures to this new topic. Feel free to add your photos/ideas/stories here. Aah - Bavaria! The event group - and the reason we are here. From left to right: Holodoc, Copmike, Peppermint_M, Eiker86, Ellena, MstrOfPppts, Aredhel, RC 1136, Vaionaut, Lasse D, Redhead 1982, Skalldyr. obviously after the Fabrik. Very nice to see that they still take care of the miniland! Some buildings/scenes were brand new. And the ferry (in Netherland) was working! refreshments in the Dino Grill Star Grill. Wait! There is a kid browsing the big boxes??? A gigantic diorama of Apocalypseburg (next to the theatre that showed the complete (!) movie - in German ) and the obvious shopping mall for the movie sets! Still we had fun and were eagerly waiting for... ...this name to pop up at the end. Who? (He is member of Eurobricks - better known as Rolli! ) The contest All entries together Some of the presenters The end of the world (as we know it). You can find the topic with all of the entries here. Munich LEGO store Pasing The task: Grab as many flower elements as you can! Königlicher Hirschgarten München! Note: Copmike is the only one to present a proper drink! After AFOL shopping day. at the end of the day. Why is Copmike filling LEGo bricks in beer cans?
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    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 3 - 9 - 10 B: 3 - 6 - 8
  20. Thanks for the info! Registered. The first page I found was this incredible LDD database.
  21. ... moved my photos to this new topic (on special request...)
  22. Obviously me. If you have another picture upload possibility, please let me know. I used to use Flickr in the past years, but I'm done with their 1000 images limitation. And I'm not going to pay 25$ per year to upload my photos to show them on the web. Call me old. Who needs more resolution than 640x480? (If it's not a group shot which I uploaded in max. resolution btw.) I know saving bandwith is sadly not common sense nowadays. Still the photos give a nive impression what we did. If someone really needs bigger photos just drop me a note. (I don't expect too many requests...) @Redhead1982 What I proposed on the event was, that someone opens a new topic and starts whith posting photos of the original of his/her entry and I'll add the photos of the sets. (I can edit every single post ) Apparently everyone is waiting for the starter's gun.