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  1. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Straight couples are not controversial. That's literally how humanity has populated the earth for thousands of years. All I'm saying is don't Dylan Mulvaney Lego. If your worldview is so fragile that it requires validation from others, especially businesses whose goal is to make money not coddle peoples preferences then perhaps you should reconsider your worldview. Why does sexual preference have to have any significance in Lego. Why couldn't the couple be close friends or siblings or coworkers on a business trip enjoying a night out on the company dime.
  2. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    No. Just no. Include some cool minifigures and let each fan tell their own story in their own setup. If you prefer LGBTQ stories you're free to make your own. If you want to make religious, political, even a Darwinian storyline, or any other personal interest go for it. But Lego should not dictate storyline issues that could be controversial. Part of the joy of Lego is how unique it is for each person. Make yours unique without asking Lego to choose a viewpoint and dictate it to the whole community.
  3. fordtruckin

    What is your favorite Modular Buildling?

    1. Detective's Office 2. Downtown Diner 3. Assembly Square
  4. fordtruckin

    Ultimate City layout

    It's nothing fancy or unusual. I took the top off and added a 2nd floor to equal the height of the Lego store in set 60097. Kept the flags on top and added a small HVAC unit on the roof. The additional floor just has "stock" cardboard type boxes. I don't have any pics at the moment and it is at the back corner of my display, not easy to get to. When I got into the Modular Buildings I moved away from most of the smaller city builds. And now my layout is mostly Modulars, but I do have GBHQ, Retro Bowling Alley, a hospital modular made from a few of city set 60204, and a slightly modified gas station from 60132.
  5. fordtruckin

    Modular Wishlist

    I agree. A lot of people say the never will but I still hope they do. I began collecting with Detective's Office and I have them all now except Corner Cafe, Market Street, and Green Grocer. I will never spend the amount of money the secondary market demands for those. I already spent more than I would have preferred to acquire Town Hall and Fire Brigade. With how ridiculous the prices are for the earliest modulars I would seriously consider buying knockoff brand models if I ever came across them. It's stupid for Lego not to bring some of those older sets back because I would gladly spend my money with Lego and I am certain a lot of other fans who were late to the collection would too, but I won't spend that much on the secondary market.
  6. fordtruckin

    Ultimate City layout

    I have 60097, 7641, 8404, 7848, 3221(x3), 3180, 3177, 3179, and 7747. All good sets. 60097 and 3221 are my favorites of those. I really like 7848 as well. Added another floor to the Toys r Us building to match the height of the Lego store in 60097. I mostly collect modular buildings now. I find them more satisfying. I have all but the first 3.
  7. fordtruckin

    Modular Wishlist

    Hard pass for me, and honestly a poor choice if Lego were to make this. There is already a wedding venue in the Town Hall. It could easily house the Judge from CMF series 9 and there are plenty of minifigures available to use as clerks, lawyers, criminals, bride and groom, etc. With only one modular building released per year I would rather see some commercial or industrial buildings with different uses like the main ones people always ask for such as a traditional post office, hospital/clinic, museum, school (or trade school), a factory (especially one making different Lego sets), an old warehouse turned into an arcade, or a unique style of restaurant like Chinese or Mexican.
  8. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    @jonahtron thank you for taking the time to make these images. I like how it looks between Fire Brigade and Detective's Office.
  9. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Anyone have an image of the Jazz Club next to Fire Brigade or GBHQ?
  10. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well you have ruined this set for me....not really, but I didn't have any complaints about the color until you posted this rendering. This is incomparably better than the official set colors. Thanks for sharing though. I wish I knew how to do these kinds of renderings. I could spend hours seeing buildings next to other ones and swapping out colors, etc. I will still buy the set at some point because I love the Modular Buildings.
  11. fordtruckin

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have most of the DC sets. I stopped collecting DC sets last year and I don't see myself collecting them anymore. This theme has totally gone to crap. Aside from the 2006-2008 range of Batman sets the 1966 classic tv series Batcave is my favorite set. I have been thinking about getting rid of my DC Lego collection but if I kept any it would be the 3 DC CMF series (counting LBM) and the 1966 Batcave.
  12. fordtruckin

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    Thank you for being a voice of reason. I completely agree with your assessment. The Titanic would make a neat display piece. I would love to see it in person at a Lego store if they do make it, but my collection is based almost entirely around a city setup but I don't have enough room for a harbor, airport or spaceport so the Titanic would be a pass for me.
  13. fordtruckin

    10278 Police Station

    I have only built bags 1 thru 6 so far. Bag 6 was one bag. 1 thru 5 had 2 bags each if I remember correctly
  14. fordtruckin

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    You can have justice league sets that have nothing to do with the live action movies. Lego's complete disregard to explore DC's vast universe just shows what Lego thinks about DC at this point in time.
  15. fordtruckin

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    DC's theme has sucked bad enough the last 2 years. Dont need to turn this thread into a Marvel one also. DC brought me out of my Lego dark age back in 2012. Its really unfortunate that for whatever reason Lego has decided to abandon it. I get that there were a couple small sets, a CMF series and 2 USC sets but as a kids toy which is the primary market that isnt enough to sustain interest in my opinion. I got every retail DC set from 2012 thru 2018 except for the brickheadz. I have also acquired most of the 2006 thru 2008 sets in the aftermarket. Lego's lack of enthusiasm for decent DC sets is inexcusable in my opinion because of the vast universe of characters at their fingertips. Im sure I am not the only fan that has diverted Lego spending to other hobbies because of this.