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  1. I'll book my accommodation with my husband, to be determined where yet.
  2. Hm, the week before Brickworld. Going to be a bit challenging to make both happen, but I will try. Sign me (and ace) up.
  3. I will look into it, but I fear those dates are no-go for me as well, due to a project at work I can't be away as many days in a row as I could before, and since Easter falls the week after where I have other plans this might be difficult.
  4. Ace and I will be staying at Hotel Svanen.
  5. Ace and I will join We'll take care of our own accomodation.
  6. I prefer my trees to be edible, working on decorating my gingerbread cookie trees! Gingerbread cookies by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr
  7. Cecilie

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Quite close to June, this is going to be a hectic Lego-spring... With Brickworld and I am considering going to Japan Brickfest too. That's going to be 3 events back to back!
  8. Cecilie

    [Flick] Shuttle Exploration

    Really fun way to show some alternate builds! Especially when he smashes the spaceship to bits
  9. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    Only bragging rights
  10. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    I was actually up this morning, but once again I didn't get the email notification from the forum, so I didn't see it until it was too late.
  11. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    I am starting my journey towards Germany tomorrow, so won't be able to pay much attention throughout the day, so Skalldyr should have a fair chance
  12. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    The emails from Eurobricks don't always arrive, for some weird reason. Sadly I was at my mom's for her birthday this afternoon so I missed it But normally I am just as online in the afternoon as during the day
  13. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    I clearly need to practice this art too if I am to beat you
  14. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    Well, you beat me by like a second, might as well beat me right
  15. Cecilie

    Event countdown 2017

    40172 - Brick Calendar - Miscellaneous/Desk accessory Wrong set number there?