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  1. weeble1688


    "Hi, my name is weeble1688 and I play with Lego trains" ... Wow, I don't know how I missed introducing myself here - I've only been on EB for 8 years or so! I am in my 40s and I work at a school as well as working part-time at my local Lego Brand Retail Store. I am a confirmed town & train maniac (train-iac?), although I'll raid freely from nearly every theme Lego has ever made. I modify existing sets to my liking especially the Modular buildings, have many more ideas than time to make them all , and usually build MOCs very slowly (though I once created a modular building in less than 8 hours while at an event - we needed 1 more for the display!). Usually my train cars are way too heavy and/or need more accuracy the first time I build them, but hopefully I will get over these bumps one day. I grew up playing with Classic Space and some Town sets - my dad had the train thing cornered with O-gauge. I didn't get into Lego trains until I was an AFOL; my first set was #4561 which I picked up on clearance - wonder why? But it gave me the starter stuff I needed to start making other train cars, etc. Now I am part of a LUG and contribute buildings, 9V & PF trains, vehicles and other stuff to the group displays at exhibitions & conventions. I also play with the Star Wars theme, including making stuff for the LUG's SW collaborative work too. I love all the inspiration and innovation I find here in this forum - so many wonderful MOCs, new ideas for continuing 9V track, expanding radii & switches, and motorization/lighting of trackside stuff. Thank you all for these great ideas and techniques!
  2. weeble1688

    Old/New Train compatability

    One more obvious thing to state, but as an employee of a Lego Store I have found that I must belabor this point on occasion. Duplo train track is NOT compatible with regular Lego System train track. I have had purchasers return Duplo or Lego track saying they "weren't told that the two types are incompatible". Just FYI ...
  3. weeble1688

    Please help to get these bricks in red :-)

    Well, Bricklink lists the parts as #29119 Slope Curved 2x1 with No Studs with Stud Notch Right and #24151 Vehicle, Mudguard 4x4x1-1/3 Double, respectively. Each is available in red, either by buying on BL or by finding the sets from which those parts come. Buying from Bricklink is probably your best bet, as the second piece is from a 2016 set. Best of luck in finding your elements!
  4. weeble1688

    When Should City be Cancelled?

    Though I've learned "never say never", I highly doubt that The Lego Group would outright cancel the Town/World City/City theme as TLG regards it as an 'evergreen' theme, meaning it will continue onward. The name of the theme may change at some point in the future (as has happened in the past), but the idea of a kid-friendly theme related to life around them is the 'evergreen' part. Just my two cents!
  5. weeble1688

    [MOC] "Steam Orange" Express

    I have to ask - is the front headlight a trans-yellow "ingot" piece? It sure looks like, but Bricklink doesn't show any translucent colors having been produced for that element AFAIK. Looks beautiful by the way - like what would have pulled the Tropicana juice train if that existed when streamlined steam engines did!
  6. weeble1688

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    I too used to call my feline friend "Catzilla" for traipsing through my town setup in a former apartment, toppling traffic lights and trampling trucks. Hang on to that video though ... I wish I had more than memories of my cat romping through my Lego MOCs. Eventually I'll get another cat (possibly to be named Catzilla) depending on her/his propensity for wandering through Lego builds! - weeble
  7. weeble1688

    [MOC] Ă˜sterlars Church

    What, no grave site for Galidor?!?All kidding aside, this is a wonderful creation - very true to the original church, and all that cylindrical building - beautiful! (deepens voice) "Impressive. Most impressive."
  8. weeble1688


    Another possibility is that they are indeed slightly different shades of dark stone grey. If you plug those 7-digit codes into Brickset.com, you get two different entries for the same type of part, one spanning 2005-6 and the next 2004-2018, with no sets in common between the two. Though it is uncommon it does happen in my local Lego store, usually in the Pick-A-Brick wall contents - two boxes of the same color piece but varying slightly in shade or color density, like Johnny 1360 noticed above. I have also seen it in pieces that are from either different countries of origin or from different years (but still being the same type of color - i.e. that part only exists post-2004 and therefore must be dark stone grey rather than dark grey). I hope this helps you somewhat and does not lead to more confusion!
  9. I agree with what you are saying Zephyr, but man it hurts to have been one of the original KS supporters only to have never gotten anything from them, other than one email over a year ago looking for more orders - which I declined to do, since I had not seen anything since they took my money during the KS in May 2014. Personally, I think it stinks that they were more than happy to sell track on their website, but not fulfill their original KS orders! PS - Coaster, I hope your venture succeeds - I still have need of larger-radius track!
  10. weeble1688

    Lego Re-releases - What would you like to see?

    Unfortunately, the likelihood of cypress trees returning is slim to nonexistent. AFAIK the old mold was destroyed, so a new one would need to be created which is very expensive. I was lucky enough to get a couple bags from the last run of the old mold, and the trees tend to be slightly bent or twisted. To me, they look more like real trees that way, but I doubt they would be to everyone's taste. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the deciduous and coniferous trees available though - it has to be a few years since I last saw a "circle" tree in a set!
  11. weeble1688

    [MOC] Scarif by ChtiLUG

    This project is mind-bending - simply awesome!! I love the all the detail work put into this - scenery, buildings, spaceships and everything! I wish your expo was in the United States so I could come see this behemoth, but France is way out of my travel reach. Good luck and I can't wait for more pictures!
  12. weeble1688

    The Metroliner rebuild

    Nicely done BrickWolf! I am lucky enough to own the re-release of the Metroliner & Club Car, and you did quite well getting the feel of the engine - only thing I see missing is the pantograph. I built another standard car that only lacks the light grey trainbase - instead I used what I had available, dark grey. It looks good but is noticeably different to discerning onlookers. Eventually I may acquire the light grey to swap it in! Enjoy your new Metroliner!
  13. weeble1688

    [MOC] Friends at the Cinema

    Very well executed! I love the Tehcnic figures, the popcorn bucket, and of course the movie playing on-screen! I've been toying with building a giant Palace Cinema - now thanks to your inspiration, I might even go for a brick-built screen!
  14. weeble1688

    Body Battlers: A "New LEGO Theme" of MOCs

    I've been reading this set/theme thread since it first got put in the sidebar as a new item - really cool stuff! Very 1950's/Fantastic Voyage feel to it, and I love all the little call-outs to the era, from the Chevrolac to the diner's payphone. Please make another wave of these - or pitch it/them to Lego Ideas! This theme could even be a fun way to teach kids about germs and the body's defenses against them - who knows? Anyway, great ideas and I would buy the whole theme if it came out in-store!
  15. weeble1688

    [MOC] Classic Spaceheadz

    Wow, these are great! How hard would it be to make instructions for them? I'd love to make my own. Looking forward to seeing more pics once the other airtanks come in!