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  1. weeble1688

    [MOC] Space Champions - Xenon X2-Craft

    Ooh, I like this concept, combining speed champions & classic space? Wonderful thought and great first execution of it! I like the speed champions shaping and love the perpendicular winglets too. Only thing I can think to add would be the classic bumblebee striping somewhere Beautifully done!
  2. Looking great so far - can't wait to see it ready for use! Best of luck getting the paint to dry nicely; here on the east coast of America, it's so humid I doubt anything would dry properly
  3. The current set #60237 Curve and Crossroad plates are the dimensions stated by Aanchir, with a studded surface of 6 studs inward from edges/corners. This is the same size as the green or blue 32x32 stud baseplates, but smaller than the extra-large grey 48x48 studded one. Indeed, most road baseplates are 32x32 studs, though the width of flat non-studded surface varies depending on the age of the mould used to manufacture the road baseplate. I hope this helps!
  4. I would not say it is an unpopular opinion, merely a different one. I have mostly 9V and PF trains, and recently acquired a PUP train too. As I only got into Lego Trains as an adult & near the end of the 9V era, I usually run my PF trains at LUG events. This is mostly because we haven't enough 9V track to make multiple loops, and my train cohorts have mostly 9V trains. whereas I have both types. Because plastic track is what is currently produced, it is obviously easier to buy and also maintain - our LUG has recently run only battery-operated trains because something is wrong with the electrical connections of the 9V track. I am most looking forward to the PFx Power System components, because they are items that need eventual replacement in the 9V trains community. Alternate 9V track lengths, radii & switches will be useful, but if 9V trains cannot run due to dead motors or dead wires, there's no point in getting more track - just my opinion. One other item I might suggest - someone bring back the 9V-style magnets & coupler parts? These are another combo that needs doing without being attached to the buffer beam part. Although Lego makes new sealed-magnet versions which are safer for children (no eating the magnets!), the fact that they are permanently attached to the European-style buffer beams makes them unsuitable for U.S. trans at the least. I've seen coaster's knuckle coupler prototype posts & they look promising, but everything in its time - he's got lots on his plate! All this being said, I always look forward to more "stuff" coming out for the 9V trains community - because more options meas more 9V trains out there being built, displayed, and just plain enjoyed!
  5. weeble1688

    [MOC] Motorized Free Fall Tower

    Amazing - and supported! Best of luck with the Ideas submission!
  6. weeble1688

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Yesterday I finally got one each of the new battepacks, #75225 Elite Praetorian Guard & #75226 Inferno Squad. Looking forward to building them today!
  7. weeble1688

    questions about minifigures

    If you have a Lego Store nearby, also check out the sale item What Am I? - a game like Guess Who, but also a decent min8fg pack. You do get 2 of each character though. I hope this helps!
  8. weeble1688

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Well, a couple of days ago I bought a #75217 Imerpial Conveyex Transport, and today also purchased #75216 Snoke's Throne Room and #41627 Luke & Yoda sets. You have to love birthday money!
  9. weeble1688

    Beginner questions

    LXF files are Lego Digital Designer (LDD) files and LDR files are LDraw files. Both are Lego-specific CAD (computer-aided design) programs for making virtual Lego creations. LDD is The Lego Group's official program, which is fairly easy to use but not well-supported or -updated anymore, and the native directions are a nightmare. LDraw is fan-run, which means part updates get done when people have time to design them (not a slam - people have busy lives!) and may be slightly more challenging to learn, but has an entire host of related programs to assist with making directions, etc. As to buying Technic pieces, my guess is probably either Pick-A-Brick on shop.lego.com or Bricklink.com, depending on what pieces you would need. Not playing much with Technic parts, I am not the best person for this question. I can say that most Lego Brand Retail Stores probably will not have Technic pieces on the Pick-A-Brick wall. Hope this info helps you!
  10. weeble1688

    A Bunch of Digital ACL-Themed Things

    I like your steamers and your alteration of the BMR boxcar - well done! I am wondering about the yellow clips on your caboose though - I am assuming that the typical curved |_ & _| handrails are supposed to attach to them, but the clip positions seem reversed to my eyes. I do love the well-appointed interior of it, though I hope your conductors get to use the restrooms at various station stops en route!
  11. weeble1688

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    The original colors of the #497 include light gray, blue, yellow, black, translucent-yellow, trans-red & trans-green. If one puts medium stone grey next to light gray, light gray tends to look slightly yellowish in comparison to medium stone grey. Medium stone grey only began started occurring around 2004, which is when light gray died a slow death. Nowadays, light gray is no longer manufactured as far as I am aware. To accurately complete the set, you should look for the original pieces in light gray, not medium stone grey. And if you are truly looking to recreate the set, you should also ascertain the original mold variations of certain pieces as needed - i.e. #3597 light gray antenna 1x4 (with rounded top) vs. #3597b, which has a flat top & only comes in medium stone grey. It is a fantastic set, one of my first childhood wonders - you have a worthy (if potentially expensive) task ahead of you to collect the original parts to complete the Galaxy Explorer! Best of luck in your search for the best parts at the best prices!!
  12. weeble1688

    Brick separators

    Well, I have a few around the house for use without having to search for one. The rest I collect in a baggie and when I have enough, I give them away at shows at which my LUG exhibits. That way, I'm not overrun with them and they act as little goodwill gestures for younger fans, especially if they like our MOCs
  13. weeble1688

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    I like the concept of a hybrid 9V/PF system, since I've been playing with both systems since my dark ages ended. If it is possible to add in PUP once more has become available (components available separately, more information & innovation from TLG & others willing to experiment), then all the better. With the exception of Duplo track, Lego has used the same gauge track for over 50 years, regardless of which system runs on it - 4.5V, 12V, 9V, PF, PUP. I know I'm beyond optimistic, but in theory isn't it possible for all those systems to work together, track-wise at least? Then let interested parties develop things that tie into the tracks, like 12V center rails (if desire is strong enough), 9V power pickup wheels/wheelsets (coaster), etc. Just my thoughts ... but I am definitely interested in larger radius curves & switches as well as power pickup wheels/wheelsets. Keep it up, coaster!
  14. weeble1688

    7777 meets 6000

    I suspect that replies will depend on whether one grew up in the "4-wide cars" era or afterward. I personally love the juxtaposition of Bill & Mary meeting up with the handcar operator! I remember being continually enthralled with my copy of #6000, wishing I had the amount of bricks to set up displays like that when I was young. True, it doesn't compare to today's more complex trains, cars, etc. - but really, should it? I see it as a celebration of 1980s building and nostalgia for the simpler stuff back then, which I wholeheartedly appreciate having grown up in that era. I say bravo for building this scene - let it spark imaginations today like the books did nearly 40 years ago!
  15. weeble1688

    2018 Lego Trains

    I really hope so! Originally I used #88000 AAA battery boxes in my PF locos because I could use rechargeable AAA batteries (& keep a few disposables around for emergencies). Then I got a #8878 rechargeable battery and I was hooked - no going slower as the batteries weakened, just build the box into the loco & plug in to recharge ... loved it! (It helped that I got it & the cord for less-than-retail though.) Now I have 3 locos set up with #8878 and when I build a fourth I'll be building it into that one too, assuming I can still get it then. I still have the #88000 boxes, so I could use that in a pinch - but I've been spoiled by the convenience of just plugging in a loco when it depletes its charge at a show & swapping for another. Much easier than having to take pieces off, pull out the battery box, take out old batteries, put in fresh batteries, reassemble the loco and return it to service - all while kids are waiting & saying "Where's the train?". So I really hope that TLG decides to make a PUP rechargeable battery box!