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  1. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    This time I present a modded version of the 31064 seaplane. It reminds me of the seaduck from TaleSpin which I liked very much. Modifications: - mount of the wing (I didn't like the pins) - beveled rear end - more interior space
  2. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    Next model is a pickup based on my Full-size SUV and some ideas taken from Ben's VW Amarok: The "Competition" model is inspired by Ford F150/Ranger Raptor:
  3. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Nice modifications! The working low rider in this scale is a funny idea, I'm waiting for a video.
  4. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    @LegoModularFan Thank you! I am looking for the parts for the modern building at the moment (this will take time), building it is planned in autumn. One more 4 wide and the whole collection:
  5. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    Here are some cars I built lately, more pictures in the flickr album. I will add some more new cars in the next days.
  6. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Thank you for mentioning me. I always use LDD for planning buildings, because I don't have much space and Lego parts in my apartment and I can use as much parts as I want. So I can order the parts I need at the end of the building progress. For modding like the Heartlake Pizzeria I start with the pieces I want to keep and then taking apart the rest of it. You can see HERE (German forum) on the following pages how I get there.
  7. Homemade Road Plates

    Wow! The new road design is awesome.
  8. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Nice progress on the gas station and the cars!
  9. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Looks good Allan. I would lower the sink, for me it seems a bit off like this.
  10. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Sounds interesting. Do you have some WIP pictures already?
  11. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    I needed a truck for towing one of my trailers and modded the 60121 Volcano Exploration Truck (I used as many parts from the set as possible) to fit better in my city and the Bricking Bavaria layout. It's 4 plates lower than the set. 60121 - Vulkan-Forschungstruck MOD 01 60121 - Vulkan-Forschungstruck MOD 02