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  1. While waiting for the OK on rebrickable, I show you what I have built since the rotator: I have updated my light truck, the design is inspired by the Lego Set Truck 60214: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter box wagon, long wheel base, Generation VS30 in scale nearly 1:41: Modified version of de-marco's Suzuki Jimny with the mudguards from the Mini Cooper set: By getting the turquoise round corner bricks I had the idea to build a circle bench. To put it somewhere the result was this little modular corner square.It was a bit empty, so with the plant tubs it's now a place for urban gardening: My actual building project is still in design stage, so this will take some time (also to get all the bricks).
  2. Hi @slurm23, thank you for the interest. I don't have more pictures than in the album. I have to look for the parts list, but I think it isn't the newest as I made some changes while building. Rebrickable could be an option for the parts list, but I will not make an instruction, it would cost me too much time and effort. Give me a few days. Kind regards, Stefan
  3. Nightfall

    [MOC] Service Station

    Nice MOD of the gas station. I did also a modification 3 years ago of this set. What "illegal" techniques did you use? I built also the double sign and the only thing I had to do was cutting a hose.
  4. Nightfall

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Sadly I just have the pictures I made and the Mustang ist stored at the moment due to reorganizing my LEGO stuff.
  5. Nightfall

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Sorry for the late post. I am on vacation right now and don't have more pictures. Which parts do you exactly mean?
  6. Nightfall

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    I did also some Modification to build the Shelby GT500 "Eleanor": More pictures in the album.
  7. Thank you all! I could finally photograph the updated Rotator I built last year. It had some stability issues and now they are solved :-) More pictures in the Flickr album.
  8. At the moment I'm not very active with LEGO, but I have built some Zero Turn Mowers & attachements after seeing a version by Criga88. Consumer version with small tires, 4 wide moving deck and white/grey lever. Professional version with wider tires, 5 wide mowing deck, grey lever, hitch, different mudguards with bigger fuel tank: Additional Dethatcher for the mower & twin bag system: Tow-behind Lawn Sweeper: Tow-behind universal Cart:
  9. Nightfall

    [MOC] Where is my mail? My post office

    Amazing building! Both, interieur and exterieur, are nicely done. I cant't decide what I like the most.
  10. I have built a new elevator car for the Modern Office Building. The old car got stuck too often and fell apart, so I built one with technic liftarms and it runs smoothly now. Short video:
  11. @DazzzyThank you! Here's a small woodland which was part of my layout at the Bricking Bavaria convention this year. More pictures in the album.