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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I'm waiting for the pictures
  2. Nice trailer. What did you use for the lighting?
  3. MOC - Modular Gas Station

    Nice little gas station.
  4. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    I have finished the Friends Heartlake Pizzeria MOD/MOC. I used nearly all parts of the set. More pictures in the album. [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 01 [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 03 [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 04 [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 05 [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 10 [MOD] [MOC] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 12 Modified Scooter: [MOD] 41311 - Heartlake Pizzeria 1.0 Scooter 01
  5. I'm looking forward to the brick built versions. I think you saw this boat, I have built it (I use the same name here and on the german forum):
  6. Nice SUV and boat. I know that color scheme and shaping for the boat from somewhere ;-) Sadly the 4x6 wedge doesn't exist in brown, so I had to change that.
  7. [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    This a very nice building. I like your modern and clean styled buildings a lot. Keep up the great work!
  8. Cupcake Cafe Modular Moc

    Nice. I'm also planning to modularise the Café. Now I have some inspiration.
  9. Speed Champions layout at the Taupo Hobby Expo

    Very nice layout, so many great details to see. My favorites are the hoist and the car wash.
  10. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    @Admiral QuackbarThank you. Trains above the Modulars could be an option in the future, but at the moment I concentrate on the cars and buildings (expensive enough with the Heartlake Pizzeria MOD I'm planning right now and the coming Ninjago city & Fishing store).
  11. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    @roadstermatt Thank you. I wanted to build all pillars in blue like the rest of the SUV, but the part 47905 isn't available in blue, so it got black and I like it quite well. And it look more dynamic :)
  12. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    Thank you. The water tank is on the green one already
  13. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    The municipal service of Steinbruck got its new snow blower for the winter services with the Vario K400:
  14. MOC: The Sideways Building

    Very nice building. The colours are great, the front facade is my favorite, I will keep this in my mind.