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Entry #1: 1930s Waterfront


The warehouse is the key element of the waterfront.


Every waterfront needs a dive; a bar for the refreshment of the dock workers and ship's crews. This back view shows an addition to the building in a different style.


Two tractor trailer trucks serve deliver and remove items from the warehouse. While the tractor is the same for both trucks, the trailers are different. The dark red one is longer and taller than the named trailer.


Not normally seen at all waterfronts, this passenger flying boat would have been visible in Miami, FL, USA and some South American cities.


Total number of bricks for these models is 3798. I have a tramp steamer for this theme, but the number of bricks for it exceeds the total for these five models.

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Entry #2: The Crew

Meet The Crew :

Willis - if it moves, he can break it

Irena - if it stops moving, she can repair it

Cortez - when the only way left is to kill it with fire

Pierre - an android. Programmed for pacifism. Mostly brings food.

Baddies have infiltrated their ship, will they survive?






I mostly do mechs, so I have several other MOCs that complete this theme, however they all have been seen, only these 3 are new.

I've nearly built 2 of them (using some extra parts not allowed in the LDD, like minifig hands or lever bases), they went well.

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My attempt to recapture the spirit of previous Castle/Fantasy themes with the goal to revitalise it AND encourage TLG to invest some time and effort into redeveloping it further. This is especially with regards to building large forces of war for play and tactical battles. My IDEAS dream would be to see a whole line of Castle/Fantasy sets that will allow all ages of fans of LEGO and tabletop gaming to come together, in order to help everyone learn strategic thinking, teamwork and planning, basic arithmetic, tactical awareness and simple probability.

The goal behind my sets follow an existing theme of sets on my LegoIDEAS project page... (indeed some are present on IDEAS now) ...however none of these appeared first anywhere other than here:

Dates of first appearing here (in case anyone wants to check with date of posting on Lego Ideas)

27.03.16 : Elf Lion Chariot

11.04.16 : 2x High Elf Repeating Ballistae

22.04.16 : High Elf Sky Reamer

22.04.16 : Orc Ballista

25.04.16 : "Slasher" - Troll War Machine (Variant 1) from a 3-in-1 set

25.04.16 : "Basher" (Troll War Machine (Variant 2) from a 3-in-1 set

25.04.16 : "Masher" (Troll War Machine (Variant 3) from a 3-in-1 set

plus WORLD EXCLUSIVE (Not currently on LegoIDEAS on date of this final edit)

Dwarf Organ Gun + Dwarf Rocket Cannon

Theme Design Notes:

Following the letter of the original rules (as well the spirit of the them particulalry) I wanted to try and...

keep digital building somehow connected to the challenges you face with physical building

...and keep the focus on models themselves so no minifigures, no price points, no "set" names and no razzmatazz. Additional info to confirm viability of these sets can be found here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=131075 and include videos of some sets working.

Models 1 - 3 : High Elf Lion Chariot and 2x "Eagle's Claw" : High Elf Repeating Balistae



Still suffering (perhaps) from an abundance of white in the chariot frame, this is a noble variant on an existing build, The Elf Battle Chariot. It has a giant white lion to pull it along, as opposed to a pair of horses. What this chariot misses out on, in terms of sword reach compared to the battle chariot, it more than makes up with in tooth and claw. I know what I'd prefer coming straight at me!

The Eagle's Claw takes inspiration from my friend Wardancer to really confirm the look of the design and has two spring loaded shooters (shown in red bricks) Nicely hidden underneath the ballista, you'd miss them if you weren't looking carefully for them which is what I was hoping for. In that way, the Claw is still useful whether you are actively using the shooters or if you are just including it in a MOC or on the battlefield.

Proof of the Eagle's Claw ballista shooting can be seen here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=131075 however the video is NOT part of the submission - just proof that the submission works IRL so please do not consider the video as part of the submission when it comes to voting.

PIECE COUNT : 200 Lion Chariot / 36 "Eagle's Claw" Ballista

Models 4 - 5 : High Elf Sky Reamer + Orc Ballista



The Sky Reamer is pulled by two great eagles from the LOTR range (not included as I didn't make them) and is both "swooshable" as well solid enough to stay on it's stand without falling over. It also echo's the Eagle's Claw with Wardancer's Eagle head design. The Orc Ballista also has two spring shooters included (the red technic bricks present) and is a counterpart to the Eagle's Claw the above model.

Proof of the Orc ballista working can be seen here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=131075 however the video is NOT part of the submission - just proof that the submission works IRL so please do not consider the video as part of the submission when it comes to voting.

PIECE COUNT : 148 Sky Reamer / 62 Orc Ballista

Models 6-8 : TROLL WAR MACHINES (3-in-1 set)



This 3-in-1 set has 3 variants and have been designed to be pushed by Trolls on the battlefield (not included in the photos here as, like the great eagles from the Sky Reamer, they are fully moulded by TLG and are not brick-built by myself). As a different type of 3-in-1 set compared to those that TLG make, they are built from the same framework (although the Slasher and Basher are more similar) and IF this was a real set, only one of these could be built in its entirety at the same time.

To be used anti-personnel weapons, used to be rammed into the enemy lines, the Slasher (left) has 4 swords rotating, the Basher (middle) has 2 hammers rotating whereas the Masher (right) has 2 hammers moving up and down.

Proof of these 3 LDD designs are fully working can be seen here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=131075 however the video is NOT part of the submission - just proof that the submission works IRL so please do not consider the video as part of the submission when it comes to voting.

PIECE COUNT : 169 IN TOTAL - (left) Slasher = 105 / (central) Basher = 104 / (right) Masher = 115

Models 9 - 10: Dwarf Organ Gun and Rocket Cannon (to be submitted on LegoIDEAS soon)



Put together to introduce some heavy artillery for the Dwarf faction (as thus far everything has been Elven or Greenskin) the Organ Gun on the left is a rear-loading 10 shot anti personnel weapon, whereas the Rocket Cannon is a front-loading 16 shot rocket launcher, much less accurate but with a much longer range and a much bigger BANG!

As these have been designed (but unseen) for nearly 2 years, there is less functionality to them (in the sense of no spring shooters etc) so no videos of them in action.

PIECE COUNT: Organ Gun 173 / Rocket Cannon 145


Thanks to the Admins for putting up the competition - Thanks to TLG for the prizes - Good luck everyone


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Entry #4: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Late in 2015, the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 became the most successful crowd-funded video project ever!

Tens of thousands of fans contributed to raise millions of dollars to start production of a full season of MST3K.

I'd like to thank and pay tribute to the MST3K crew for all the laughs through the years with these pieces of fan art.

Let's celebrate the new season with...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Brick Built Bots Busts

Robot Roll Call...





Tom Servo! (featuring sport/buzz haircut)




Altogether now!


I did check that these bricks and elements are available in these colors. That's why Gypsy is dark blue, rather than purple. (Let's just say she fell asleep on the tanning table, eh?)

The currently unavailable-in-real-life parts used:

1) The dragon egg used for Tom Servo's head is a new element, and isn't available in transparent-clear. The real brick model will sport the buzz-cut version of Tom Servo's head.

2) The eighth-of-a-donut pieces used in the bases is a tricky color to render accurately (flat silver), so I just made them dark bley for the render; The real build will use flat silver.

3) For Cambot, I will use 50747pb01 for the real build. It's listed as trans-black in Bricklink, but is mostly covered with an opaque light-bley print, that's why I set it to render light-bley.

Otherwise, the real-brick builds should look just like these digital renders.

I do plan to make all of these in real brick, hopefully sooner, rather than later. I used LDD and BlueRender to make these images (on a low powered Atom processor tablet, no less!).

Thank you, LEGO and msx80 for the digital tools; thank you Superkalle, Legolijntje & Eurobricks for a wonderful contest; and thank you reader/viewer for the visit.

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Entry #5: Crappy Creations

A bricky kiss from postmodern art

As some of you already know my love for postmodern art, I here present my new theme project: "Crappy Creations", consisting (by now) of three models -- each representing a different color scheme for a wonderful piece of art in bricks, designed with Lego LDD. If you are interested in the original LDD-files, please message me. I did not use any non-existing color combinations, even though this would have made my project even more unique.

And here we go:

Red Rubbish


Green Garbage


White Waste


I hope you enjoy my buildings and I want to thank the organisers for a wonderful digital design contest!

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Entry #6: Tomb Raider theme.

There are so many Lara custom minifig out there already. So I try to make something new and learn UV texture mapping at the same time.


Cave with light brick.


Tomb raider anniversary yacht.



Egypt. The sticker with chrome gold material and paper thickness rendering tricks.


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Entry #7: Vigili Del Fuoco

Hello guys! This 3 set are my first Lego moc's ever. One of them (the turntable ladder) is also already builded, without the sticker that you guys can see in the rendered image. I design more and more time the Mercedes Benz truck, and this one is the final version. It's planned to build in the future. The fire station haven't the internal part of the office, because i prefer to build first the external part and then taste with hands the result, as i said it's my first moc and i've no idea which things can be out from this.

The idea for this set went to my passion for Firefighter truck, i'm in possession of a quantity of official set but i haven't buy a Firefighter House yet, due to in primis for the huge cost of official set, and in second because i really do not love how official set are made. So... why cannot build my own FF House?

I try to do a replica of a building near my home, located in Turin, Italy. Starting from aerial view from Google Maps, i early noticed that the area was too big for being represented in a smallest set as possible, so the idea was abandoned for one that can match multiple targets (space in the showcase, cost of materials are the most important).

I try to put togheter multiple departments, the garage, the office, an helipad and a communication room.

For the trucks, the first one is a IVECO Eurocargo 160E with bodywork by german company Magirus as a turntable ladder, are the most common ladder used by Italian Firefighter (called in italian Vigili del Fuoco). It can reach a rescue height of 39m, and the cage can accomodate up to 3 firefghters.

I've build this moc 1 months ago, and now i effort some small modify for this contest, such the sticker (i've no idea for the moment how to print them, i must google it).

The second truck are a Mercedes Benz Actros 1841 2nd series with bodywork by italian company BAI, modern veichle used as Fire Engine (APS -Auto Pompa Serbatoio in italian) and they replaced the oldest IVECO CityEuroFire.

Total Bricks used 2989, 288 for Iveco truck, 286 for Mercedes Benz truck, 2415 for firefighter house, model are created with LDD, rendered with Blurender.


Fire Brigade by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr


Fire Station by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr


Mercedes Benz Actros 1841 BAI by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr


Mercedes Benz Actros 1841 BAI by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr


Iveco EuroCargo Magirus M39L by Ario Gaviore, su Flickr

On my flickr more image for a best resolution.

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Every country and every generation has its own trucks with national flavor. Lets watch what do we know about it. world%2Bof%2Btrucks.lxf.png

The first is the USA.Best American truck of course is Kenworth W900. Real legend, transporting hundreds of tons on thousands of miles throw deserts and mountains

. Kenwort3h%2Bw900.lxf.png

The second coutry is Russia famous for its forests and mud. Thats why I chose Ural 43204 logging truck, which can carry huge logs throw all dirty obstacles of russian forests

. ural%2B43204.lxf.png

The third country ... mm ... countries are European Union. French Renault Magnum became one of the most quality eu trucks. Magnum IV is the last generation of this legend.

And the fourth is India with TATA 1613. This truck is very good choise for jungles or mountains. Indians like this simple and hardworking machine very much.

` RENAULT%2Band%2BTATA.jpg

The fifth is ... Antarctiсa!! If you want to drive in antarctical circumstances you need this russian creature - Harkovchanka-2. The only truck got to the South Pole.

And The last truck came from the beginnig of the twentieth century. Ford model AA - one of the first world famous trucks.


thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed these models. At all 4652 parts.

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Entry # 9: The Great Space Race

I present these models designed in LDD as my entry. It is a classic motif in science fiction not previously represented in the Space theme. I see this theme as an opportunity to offer new models as well as updates on classic themes and expansions of more recent themes. Because of the nature of the space race, it allows for the introduction of new and interesting characters.


Open to all ship classes and species. The main feature of the theme is the removable and customizable engine cores. Presented are four contestants at the starting gate ready to test their ships against the challenges on the space race course.


The Crimson Dart and the Asteroid Obstacle

Featuring Vik Brickerson

-Modular wing design

-Flick-fire missiles

Pieces: 333

NOTE New Color/Piece Combo: Space Helmet in Dark Red


The Stellar Phaeton BT and the Assault Drone Obstacle

Featuring Bee Droid and Tee Droid

-Concealed shield generator

-Flick-fire missiles

-Assault Drones with flick-fire missiles

Pieces: 684


The Dragon Flyter

Featuring The Buggie Brothers

-Storage bay

-Flick-fire missiles

Pieces: 632


The Sequester

Featuring the Fugitive Recovery Strike Team (FRST): Neil and Chance Zaphery in red and green, Doc Parto in blue, and Hjall with his pet cat Scuffles

-Four retractable landing skids

-Rear cargo hold for storing the Skiptracer speeder

-Removable stasis pod for fugitive transport

-Opening nacelles for engine access

-Interior storage for crew

Pieces 952

NOTE New Color/Piece Combos:

Plane fuselage tail, curved 4x4x2, curved 8x8x2, and nosecone w/ translucent yellow windscreen in blue

I hope you enjoy my entry! Thanks for viewing, and thanks Superkalle and the other LDD Mods for offering such a great contest!

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Hi guys, i am new here....I am Gerald from Peru and I discovered LDD two weeks ago and I love the software, i will participate in the contest with these two models, i hope they are ok ....if not you can remove the post! thanksss!!


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Entry #11: WIP - Fast and Furious

Sets representing the best scenes of the saga.Tiny turbos' scale.

First set:

1/4 mile train race.


Toyota Supra Mk4


Dodge Charger 1970




430 bricks


2.Fast five - vault chase


Includes :

  • Two chargers
  • Three police chargers
  • Two police cars
  • Bus stop

Bus stop specially designed to be demolished by the vault

The vault is openable to reveal the $100 millions.






564 bricks


More to come!

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Entry #12: Mayan Architecture

This set contains two buildings (two Mayan pyramids) and another set. Each building seems ruined and contains some minifigures (guards and other characters).

1. The Temple’s Prison

26527533772_9ffa26708f_c.jpgLa Prison (EB-Version)1 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr

-Contains a temple house a three-floor prison in addition to the main room (the altar room)

-The Entrance of the prison is by the altar (secret passage)

-The Building is divided into 6 parts to access the inside

-many furnished cells (with four prisoners)

-contains nine minifigures,

-includes beds as well as various accessories for guards (there are four guards)

-it is possible to modulate the building (because of its separable parts)

-measures about 25cm wide and 37 long

-contains approximately 1300 pieces

26346984260_c85318cce9_c.jpgLa Prison (EB-Version)3 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr

2. The Temple of the Sun

26594263096_fea2d1c6d3_c.jpgLe Temple du Soleil (EB-Version) by Marc Irion, sur Flickr

-It's the main building.

-The Temple has a room with an altar with a sun

-The Pyramid is composed of 11 separable parts to access to the interior.

-A Large door allows access to the interior room, which has a disc on the ground, and 4 large columns

-Contains 4 minifigures and a horse

-The Structure is solid (using Lego Technic pieces to build the temple).

-It is possible to change the structure of the pyramid since it separates into several parts

-measures approximately 75cm x 75 cm

-contains about 3500 pieces

26527493782_dbdffc0e0b_c.jpgLe Temple du Soleil (EB-Version)3 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr

3. The Fight

26659772491_39cd582dd4_c.jpgLe Combat1 by Marc Irion, sur Flickr

-Contains one large tree

-Includes 6 Minifigures (including King)

-two horses

-some weapons

The "Mayan city" therefore contains a total of no less than 4900 pieces and is quite friendly due to its modular construction.

If some photos are of poor quality, I'm sorry. I invite you to see more photos of these two buildings :wink: (to see "HD" pictures), and other pictures of my Mayan City

Thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy my entry :wink::laugh:

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Entry #13: LucasArts theme

Three vignettes reproduce in-game scenarios of three great LucasArts adventures from the past.

Grim Fandango (1998), with Manuel "Manny" Calavera:


Full Throttle (1995), with Ben:


The Dig (1995), with Commander Boston Low:




I hope you like them all, cheers!


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Entry# 14: Europa

Based off of the original idea, the theme involves a Empire ruled by Emperor Victor the Great, his consort Empress Alberta, and their four sons, Princes Karl, Louis, Frederick, and George. However, the corrupt magistrate Lord Carnor wants the power for himself. Using his skills in alchemy and sorcery, Cornar puts a fit of lunacy under the Emperor, imprisons the Empress, and sends the four princes into hiding, with his secret cronies of highwaymen, rogues, pirates, and scoundrels wreaking havoc across the Empire of Europa. However, Cornar cannot obtain full power until he obtains all four gems of the Crown Jewels, hidden in the Colours of the four main army regiments: the Royal Grenadiers, the Royal Dragoons, the Royal Forest Rangers, and the Royal Fusiliers. Now it is up for the four princes to put a stop to his malignant plans, with Prince Karl in charge of the Northern Mountains and the Royal Grenadiers, Prince Louis in charge of the Eastern Plains and the Royal Dragoons, Prince Frederick in charge of the Western Forests and the Royal Forest Rangers, and Prince George in charge of the Southern Port and the Royal Fusiliers.


1. Royal Court



- 2099 bricks total.

- Rooms inside include dungeon, Lord Carnor's study, throne room, and vault for the Crown Jewels.

- Roof and back open up for more play features.

- Dungeon wall can be removed by grenade.

- Includes 8 minifigs: Prince Karl, Prince Louis, Prince Frederick, Prince George, Emperor Victor, Empress Alberta, Lord Carnor, and Justice Herrick.

2. Tavern Brawl



- 404 bricks total.

- Interior of tavern reveals bar and seating, plus upper room.

- Includes 7 minifigs: Prince George, Tavern keeper, Tavern keeper's son, Lord Carnor (disguised), pirate, and 2 Royal Fusiliers.

3. Mountain Fortress Siege



- 274 bricks total.

- Interior of mountain fortress has supply cave and collapsing floor with dungeon underneath.

- Catapults can be used to fling snowballs or flaming grenades.

- Includes 5 minifigs: Prince Karl, 2 Royal Grenadiers, and 2 Rogues.

4. Supply Train



- 91 bricks total.

- Includes 4 minifigs: Prince Louis, Highwayman, and 2 Royal Dragoons.

4. Forest Hideout & 5. Army Barracks


Features (Forest Hideout):

- 160 bricks total.

- Remove rocks to reveal hidden treasure stash.

- Includes 6 minifigs: Prince Frederick, Peddler, Justice Herrick (disguised), Forest Rogue, and 2 Royal Forest Rangers.

Features (Army Barracks):

- 64 bricks total.

- Accessories include 2 muskets, 1 carbine, 1 rifle, 4 knapsacks, food, and drinks.

- Includes 4 minifigs: Royal Fusilier, Royal Grenadier, Royal Dragoon, and Royal Forest Ranger.

New part color combos:

- Dual-molded legs: white top w/black bottom, red top w/black bottom, sand blue top w/ black bottom.

- Minfig cutlass: flat silver.

- Minifig flintlock pistol: Pearl dark grey.

More pictures can be found in the Flickr folder here.

Edit: The LDD file can be found here.

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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Entry # 15: Lego CITY Farm Theme

The total build is 2163 bricks and includes 1 barn, 1 grain elevator, 1 silo, 1 tractor, 1 pig pen, 1 garden, 1 minifigure, 2 pigs, and 2 horses. The roof detaches from the barn for better playability and has 4 horse stalls.

-The barn is 1044 pieces, including the 2 horses and 1 farmer minifigure. The classic barn design is built with red bricks with white accents on the doors. All 4 doors open. All 4 horse stalls have gates that open.

-The grain elevator is 638 pieces. It is built with white and earth green bricks. The grain elevator has a basic yellow wheat stalk on each side.

-The silo is 89 pieces, consisting of medium stone grey and dark stone grey pieces.

-The tractor is 79 pieces. Bright yellow and medium stone grey parts.

-The pig pen is 82 pieces including 2 pigs. Pieces used include reddish brown, brick yellow, medium stone grey, and dark stone grey.

-The garden has corn and carrots growing in it. 231 pieces

I'm still new at using LDD but I attached the design.

26392678990_f7e52fdde8_b.jpgfarm by Jen Rolfson, on Flickr

25930565103_b6537e25ca_b.jpgElevator Silo Tractor by Jen Rolfson, on Flickr

26392678920_fde33fb057_b.jpggarden by Jen Rolfson, on Flickr26260596530_678ef46c82_b.jpgRoof Off by Jen Rolfson, on Flickr

26061979883_2f9af5492b_b.jpgbgp by Jen Rolfson, on Flickr


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Entry # 16: The Micro Classics


Popular Lego characters from the 80s and 90s are back in this theme heavily inspired by the new MicroFighters and Mighty Micros themes.


Just like Mighty Micros, each set would include two (deformed) vehicles with one (short) driver each. I made sure each vehicle would suit each character's own theme and personality. All vehicles draw inspiration from an actual classic set one way or another.

Set 1: Red Astronaut VS Commander Cold

Now that the researchers from Ice Planet have mastered the ultimate popsicle recipe, spacefarers across the galaxy can't have enough of the stuff. Races to the nearest ice scream parlor are slowly becoming a new sport!


Loosely based on: 487 Space Cruiser & 6814 Ice Tunnelator

Set 2: Johnny Thunder VS King Kahuka

As soon as King Kahuka saw Johnny Thunder exploring the jungles nearby, he knew he had to hurry - He forgot to lock the door of his ancestor's Temple, which is full of treasure... and he forgot where he put the keys, too!


Here's Johnny! But with a shovel this time.

Loosely based on: 5918 Scorpion Tracker


I had to include the front and back views for these, as I thought some of the details were pretty nifty. King Kahuka can't leave his house without his portable sacred scary stone statue!

Loosely based on: 6262 King Kahuka's Throne

Set 3: Captain Brickbeard VS Basil the Bat Lord

Finally, Captain Brickbeard has found the location of the Fright Knights' lost treasure cache. But be careful, Captain! The Bat Lord never sleeps... during the night, at least.


Loosely based on: 6285 Black Seas Barracuda & 2539 Batwing Flyer. Also, the boats from Spongebob. Unintentionally.

Final Notes

And that's all for now! I had a lot of fun building these. I intend to publish them soon on my Flickr account along with other renders.

Also, you can download the LDD file of this project here.

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Entry #17: Polar Explorers

Introducing the newest LEGO action theme...


This brand new theme is a mixture of Power Miners and Ice Planet 2002! A team of arctic explorers heads to the north to explore and discover the ancient Ice Crystals. On their journey they encounter an ancient army of ice people! It's up to the team and their futuristic gear to defeat the monsters and collect the crystals!

Sets 1 and 2 - 74000 Glacier Beast Ambush and 74001 Snowmobile Battle


74000 includes Explorer Alice Summer and an ice enemy on a Glacier Beast - you can use the tail as a sword for the ice soldier!

74001 includes Explorer Chase Flame and an ice enemy - fire the catapult or fire the stud shooters - take off and use as weapons!

Set 3 - 74002 Crystal Golem Attack


74002 includes Explorer Nick Blaze and Bladia with her Crystal Golem - shoot studs at him, but be careful, he'll shoot the disc out of his mouth right at you!

Sets 4 and 5 - 74003 Drill Plane Pursuit and 74004 Polar Team Drill


74003 includes Explorer Alice Summer, Explorer Arthur Scorch, an ice enemy, and the Shard Serpent - spin the drill as you move the vehicle! - hold the ice crystal and use the controls in the back! - take out tools from underneath!

74004 includes Explorer Chase Flame and an ice enemy with a snow spider - use the knob in the back to spin the drill as you knock down the tower to collect the ice crystal! - fire the stud shooters!

Set 6 - 74005 Lord Frigidus's Ice Fortress


75005 includes Explorers Alice Summer, Nick Blaze, and Snowbot along with Lord Frigidus, Iceburg, and an ice enemy - spin the bridge to avoid enemy explorers! - shoot the disc out of the gate's mouth! - fire the catapults above the towers! - shoot the studs on the left side of the watchtower! - shoot the flick-fires out of each watchtower! - inside is a bedroom for the king, a prison with explodable door, a dining hall, a weapons rack, and a secret cave with the hidden ice crystals, and more! Save Snowbot from the top tower above the throne room!

These sets were really challenging yet fun to make, especially with the existing color rule.

The only 3 pieces in non-existing colors are the parka hood, the white conch shell headpiece,

and the blue plate with a tooth on it, which is used a lot! I'm pretty sure everything else

exists in their colors, I had to look on Bricklink pretty often.

At some point I might make a 75006 Mobile Team Base for the good guys but for now, I won't

as the contest is just about over!

Thanks for looking at my entry! :laugh:

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Entry # 18: LEGO Movie Studio

Lights! Camera! Action! Welcome everyone to Bricksburg's newest film studio! There's movies to be made, films to edit, and actors to take care of. Come and check out the inner workings of Hollywood.


Here, you can see all of the sets, from left to right: Film Crew Builders Pack, The Bricksburg Studio, The Compact Trailer, The Starlet's Trailer, and the Western Backdrop.

Set #1: Film Crew Builder's Pack


Pieces: 143

Here, you can build up your film crew and equipment. We have a Boom Operator, our hardworking Director of Photography, the First Assistant Camera, and our Grip. We have a typical tweenie-softie kit for three-pont lighting. Two Ice lights can also be found. There is a dolly and dolly track, an applebox, and a jib for those expensive, sweeping wideshots. Finally, we have a tripod for the camera, and a steadicam rig.

Set #2: The Bricksburg Studio


Pieces: 567

This is where the magic happens. Included in this set are the executive producer, his secretary, a man in a greenscreen suit, the laidback editor, and a production assistant. The studio has a large greenscreen, an office for the executive producer, and an edit lab to put those finishing touches on the film before being sent off to the theaters.

Sets #3 and #4: The Compact Trailer and The Starlet's Trailer


Pieces: 315 and 206, respectively

The Compact Trailer is used for those shots on the road and you don't want to put your actor in danger. Load the car up on the trailer and drive down the road. Now your actor can focus on giving the best performance, and not sitting in traffic. Set includes a truck and detachable trailer, a car, and three minifigures: A driver, a director, and our action hero movie star.

The Starlet's Trailer comes with all the amenities an actress would want when she's not filming. It's quiet and there's a cappuccino waiting on her desk for her. And look! Her talent agent is coming to make sure the starlet knows all of her lines. Set includes Talent Agent and Starlet. The trailer can also be attached to the truck from The compact Trailer set to bring on location shoots.

Set #5: Western Backdrop


Pieces: 358

Ever wanted to make a western? Now you can! This set is just like a really movie set: no interiors! We have a camera operator, a director, and two actors to make that sequel to that obscure spaghetti western you saw when you were 10. Two lights are there for when the sun goes down and you need to keep filming. It also includes a giant bounce board to make sure your lighting is perfect. Combine it with the Film Crew Builders Pack and the shots you could have are endless!

Total piece count: 1589


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Entry # 19: Star builders

My theme is Star Builders. This theme is space construction; these are the vehicles they use to build those asteroid cities we saw in Space Police. I had always wondered how those cities got there, so I figured I'd make a theme out of the heavy equipment used to make them.

Total parts in theme:1277


Set 1: Planetoid Hauler, 308 pieces. The back of it dumps sideways and the cover opens on hinges. This dump truck is used to transport rock and raw materials to and from work sites in the asteroid belt.

.mpd file (I sorta messed up the file types on this one): http://www.brickshel...ineersship1.mpd


Set 2: Asteroid Crawler, 672 pieces. This excavator is used to do the heavy digging in space job sites. Its four legs are good for moving around on all terrains, and its clawed feet can hold on to even the most extreme terrain.

.ldr file: http://www.brickshel...cavatormech.ldr


Set 3: Comet Crane, 305 pieces. This crane is used to transport rocks, building materials, and other large items around job sites. The ship's thrusters can rotate 180 degrees to provide downward thrust to help move heavy items.

.ldr file: http://www.brickshel.../spacecrane.ldr


Edit 1: Added links to the files

Edit 2: Added overview, more descriptions, and third model

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the year is 40XX. earth is getting invaded by terestial cybernetic species, which is referred as "Borg". the borg are a cybernetic beings, with thier body made of mostly machine, consisted of unknown materials. they are so powerful, and normal military technology can't harm them at all. human race are enslaved, and living in fear, until a group of survivors find a mysterious temple underground. inside there, they found a new technology, that surpasses human knowledge and logics. using their newfound resource, humans then develop new machines and weapons, that becomes the new hope of human race: earth guardian project.

1) Sky Striker


Sky striker is the first unit born from EG project. consist of 2 units, red eagle and blue falcon, Sky striker units are specialized in aerial combat. both vehicles are armed with photon laser shooters that can blast through borg's body, and when combined into sky striker, becomes a very agile mecha, with very quick responses to its surrounding, making him able to evade any attack that the borg launched at it. sky striker also armed with phantasium energy blades, that can cut through borg's armor like a butter.


-combining feature

-9 points of articulations

-adjustable wings

-4 stud shooters

more pictures and transforming/combining process can be found on my blog post.

2) Ground Buster


ground buster units are designed to fight the land based borgs. unlike sky striker units, ground buster units, yellow lion and green tiger don't have much in term of speed. however, they make it up with a very sturdy build, that can withstand even atomic explosions. yellow lion is armed with photon shooter, while green tiger is armed with phantasium claw, made from phantasium, a new material developed through EG project that can pierce through borg's armor with ease. when combined, the power of green tiger will be rerouted to yellow lion, and make the photon shooter on its arm becomes more powerful.


-combining feature

-9 points of articulations

-rolling wheels

-4 stud shooters

more pictures and transforming/combining process can be found on my blog post.

3) Land Borg


with a huge size and unpenetrable armor, land borg caught human race by a surprise, and destroy lots of lives on earth. in tank mode, this borg rolls through cities and villages, using its threads and huge wheels to flatten out any buildings and creatures. when it sense danger, land borg will transform into battle mode, popping out a lot of armanents to destroy any threats in sight.


-transforming features

-11 points of articulations

-3 missile launchers

-16 stud shooters

(more pictures and explanations coming soon)

4) Sky borg


sky borg was the first kind of borg that invades earth. compared to land borg, they are quite small, but they usually comes in numbers, which makes them hard to deal with. sky borgs are very agile both in vehicle and robot mode. they usually comes from the sky, swoop some human on the ground, then fly away, which makes it impossible to attack them from the ground.


-transforming feature

-12 points of articulations

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Entry # 21: A Brief History of Toilets

Thinking about an original LEGO Theme for this contest, I somehow managed to come up with minifig scale toilet models (they're a big part of our life so why not), then I thought about making more models for a single theme and this idea was born.

With this theme I aim mainly at humour, playability and overall fun. The sets are very small which means they would come at a very low price and could serve as add-on sets for different themes and also as display pieces demonstrating the evolution of these indispensable appliances.

First I'd like to bring up the castle toilet and the space toilet. These two sets are not only based on real toilets but are also made to fit in with the LEGO Castle theme and the LEGO Classic Space theme, which I know to be the most popular. With that said I will show all the sets in the correct order, that is from the most primitive to the most sophisticated.

1. A Hole

The most primitive of all. It is nothing but a hole in the ground. With this set, you get a basic landscape with a hole in the ground, a pile of what was in the hole before the hole was made and a bearded man holding a shovel used to dig the hole and a few leaves know what for.


2. The Pit Latrine

Still very primitive, the only thing better about it is that the hole is prepared for you. In this case the faeces drop through the floor of the cabin. These are still used in some places. It comes with a man holding toilet paper, a cabin, suspended over a pile of "what people left there" and a bit of trans. green smell coming out of it.


3. The Castle Toilet

The Castle toilet is exactly like the one used in medievel castles. It is like the pit latrine with more style. It has a primitive wooden seat, connected to a shaft which leads to the moat. I've also added a knight, who sits on the toilet with a frightened shy expression, trying to cover "that which none should see" with his shield and sword.


4. The Flushing Toilet

This is the one we use today. It is very sophisticated with a flushing mechanism that washes the bowl after every visitor. The set comes with a modular washroom with a model toilet, sink, toilet paper holder and a plunger. The minifig has the air of one pushing very hard and holds a newspaper to keep busy.


5. The Space Toilet

This is a model of the toilet used on the ISS (International Space Station). It includes a toilet with compressed-air tanks used to push out the contents of the toilet bowl before they float away in zero-gravity. It also has a dedicated hose for liquids which make a very big mess without gravity.


There are many more possibilities for this theme like the prehistoric plumbing toilet used by the Minoans on Crete but I've decided to only make these five sets because I couldn't fit more into five photos.(rules)

Thank you.

I used a new colour/piece combo: Part#: 64230 Name: SPIRAL TUBE W. TUBE STUD Color: 24 - Bright Yellow, 26 - Black

Vote now!!!

Please, also check out my projects on LEGO Ideas

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Entry # 22: Twentieth Century Ocean Liners

This theme is dedicated to the Passenger Ships that crossed the Seven Seas during the Twentieth Century. Several million people travelled through the Oceans for leisure or for need and these big boats - a sort of floating cities - were an important symbol of the economical and social history of that Age.

I loved the "Ferries" theme that Lego released from 1977 to 1999 and I was inspired by those fascinating models and by their plain and classic building style. At first I meant to build the biggest and most famous Twentieth Century Liners but in the Internet I found that many outstanding models - of Titanic, Queen Mary, France, etc. - had been built in real or virtual Lego bricks. So I decided to concentrate on Italian ships - or better ships that were Italian for a while - because they were the ones I knew better and I was told many stories about them.

I am not adding historical or technical notes, as anyone can easily search the Internet about them. The boats have been freely interpreted in some details because the photoes sometimes were not so clear, or because I wanted to keep a "theme style". However the proportions have almost been respected. The scale is approx. 1:480. Anyone who wants to build them can serenely expose them on the same shelf.

As some of these ships changed company, name, aspect, nationality and usage (Ocean Liners, hospital ships, cruise ships) during their lives, for some sets I found it natural to make another model with the same structure but some visible difference in colour or shape. The nationality is different too. I counted such models as new sets but they may be considered alternative models, as most parts are in common.

MS Enrico C

ex Provence, then known as Enrico C, Enrico Costa, Symphony, Aegean Spirit, Ocean Glory I


Enrico C (Genoa) and Provence (Marseilles)

LDD files:



TS Eugenio C

known as Eugenio C, Eugenio Costa, Edinburgh Castle, The Big Red Boat II


Eugenio C (Genoa) and The Big Red Boat II (Nassau)

LDD files:



MS Achille Lauro

ex Willem Ruys


Achille Lauro (Naples) and Willem Ruys (Rotterdam)

LDD files:



MS Angelina Lauro

ex Oranje


Angelina Lauro (Naples) and Oranje (Amsterdam)

LDD files:



TS Michelangelo

or her twin sister Raffaello


Michelangelo (Genoa) or Raffaello (Genoa)

LDD file:



In total we have 9 models

Total number of parts: approx. 3800

The models contain the following non-existing parts:

- 24299 LEFT PLATE 2x2 27 DEG.....................................WHITE

- 24307 RIGHT PLATE 2x2 27 DEG....................................WHITE

- 15070 PLADE 1x1 M. 1 LOD. TAND...................................RED


- 30340 LIFEBUOY WITH KNOB.............................................BLUE

Building software: LDD 4.3.9

Rendering software: Bluerender

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Entry # 24: Welcome to the Lego Zoo!

First: Please excuse my poor English. I want to share some thoughts about my models, explain the ideas behind them and write about the playability aspects.

I understood this competition as task to build a theme like Lego-Designer would do it. I have some small sets, medium and big ones. Every model should have some kind of playability function, telling a story and let children play with a set. Have of the minifigs are female, the same ratio of modern Lego models.

The colour scheme (green and yellow as the zoos colours, dark grey and medium dark flesh for walls, dark red for roofs) is shared by (nearly) all models, there are bricks, which are used as franchise-bricks (flat roof-bricks in dark red, profile bricks in medium dark flesh or white lampposts), coming up in several models and supporting the colour scheme. The number of sets is limited, also the number of bricks or minifigs.

So I build several sets, using LDD and POVRAY (for the medium and smaller sets) and Bluerender (for the big sets like the great zoo set or the night creatures house). Thanks for these great tools!

In total, I designed 10 sets with a total of 4644 bricks, 29 minifigs and over 70 animals. First I will show you the Lego Zoo!


This is an overview picture, showing you all ten sets as big playground. The parents had to pay around 450,- € and the kids can play a lot. In the upper left corner you see the great zoo set, right to it in the middle of the upper row someone build the house of the veterinarian. Next to this set in the background stands the night creatures house, where is also a small garage, a little garden and the zoo shop, where all the small visitors can buy their own plastic animals. On the left side of middle is the scariest scenery – the outbreak! The small truck with the special trailer stands in the middle of the picture, preparing to transport a bear. Right to this lays the children’s zoo, down to this the crocodile ranch. In the lower left corner you see the bear area, next to this the small zoo cart and in the lower right corner the birds house.

After this overview, let’s have a closer look to all these models.


Zoo Cart – 1 minifig (zookeeper), 1 monkey, 42 bricks, 7 €

Let’s start with the smallest set – the zoo car, shown in the upper right corner. Dan the zookeeper loves to drive around in his little cart and Doctor Bob, the only monkey living outside an enclosure, loves it as well. But sometimes, Doctor Bob loves to steal a banana much more and Dan has to chase him all around the zoo.

This set would cost around 7,- € and is the small start, which parents buy in supermarkets on their way to the checkstand.

The Children’s Zoo – 4 minifigs (female zookeeper, iceman, 2 children), 7 animals (cow, horse, cat, 2 pigs, 2 goats), 410 bricks, 40 €

One task for me was to find enough animals. In the end I had too much, for example wolves are not part of the zoo, but first I looked in the animal list of LDD and found all these farm animals – and thought about the time, when I was a small boy and went to the zoo. The best place for me was the children’s zoo – and the ice cream parlour… This model (upper left corner) combines both places, also a small barn and a small children’s playground.

The Crocodile Ranch – 3 minifigs (zookeeper, woman, girl), 8 animals (2 crocodiles, 2 birds, 4 frogs), 318 bricks, 30 €

The picture in the upper left corner shows the crocodile ranch. On the right side, behind the green door lays the crocodile’s territory. Only brids, frogs and ranger Mike don’t fear them, so the visitors are well-advised to stay on the path, where they can have a look from above.

The Bear Enclosures – 4 minifigs (zookeeper, camera man, female reporter, visitor), 5 animals (2 grizzlies, 2 fishes, polar bear), 461 bricks, 50 €

Last year was Lego’s bear year, so decided to build a bear enclosure model. To separate ice and brown bears, the model contains of two enclosures. The baseplates are not connected, so the playability is increased. Because nobody will go in to the bears and play with them – although zookeeper Will is more afraid of the water and wears a lifejacket, because he cannot swim – there had to be another play element. I wanted to include a tv-team and was heavily inspired by an old Lego set released in 1989: the Mobile TV Studio. No. 6661 Both sets share the same camera-construction, but the new car is 6-wide instead of the old 4-wide version. The picture in the middle of the right side shows the complete set, the smaller picture is a close-up of the grizzly enclosure.


The Outbreak – 3 minifigs (zookeeper, scared woman, cool boy), 11 small animals (4 spiders, 5 snakes, 2 scorpions), 267 bricks, 30 €

On the upper side you can the great outbreak. Joey, the scatterbrained zookeeper, had forgotten to lock the doors, so some of the snakes and a scorpion run free on the outside of their house. To play in the inside of the buildings, the walls can be opened, like you can see on smaller picture on the right side.

The Birds House – 3 minifigs (female zookeeper, grandpa with camera, girl), 10 birds, 281 bricks, 30 €

The birdhouse is full of birds in all kind of colours. I was very surprised, when I realised how many birds where produced by Lego in different colours. The house can be opened (big picture in the lower left corner) and closed (smaller picture in the lower right corner) to fit in a larger zoo.


Bear Transport – 2 minifigs (zookeeper, female zookeeper), 1 grizzly, 213 bricks, 20 €

Nick and Laura are the most fearless zookeepers, transporting all the animals around the zoo. This model shows them while they are preparing to transport a giant grizzly. The trailer (in the upper left picture) fits to the truck and can be opened in two ways: the back door and the roof can be opened. You can put away the roof, so bigger animals like horses or Arabian camels can be driven around as well. The rifle is a tranquilliser gun, just for safety reasons – even Nick and Laura do not know everything… One aspect of this set was to include a bear, because he appears in the more expansive sets. The same idea stood behind Doctor Bob, who is part of the zoo cart and …

The Vet Building – 3 minifigs (female vet, assistant and zookeeper), 9 animals (spider, bird, 2 cats, scorpion, owl, dog, monkey, polar bear), 642 bricks, 70 €

Doctor Monica is the vet of the zoo and she knows everything about all the animals. The vet building contains of three areas: the enclosure for smaller animals (which can be separated from the main building), the house with the surgery and the enclosures for bigger animals (from left to right on the upper left picture). Like newer creator houses the rear wall was designed (lower smaller picture) and can be opened, to play within the surgery or the office (upper right picture). There are nine animals on included – can you find them all? One of these animals is Doctor Bod, who grabbed a banana and flew to the roof.


The Great Zoo – 6 minifigs (zoo director, his assistent, female zookeeper, iceman, visitor, girl), 12 animals (4 monkeys, 3 Arabian camels, 3 birds, 2 American cows), 1459 bricks, 120 €

This is the biggest zoo set, including three enclosures, the entrance, a small ice wagon, another zoo cart with trailer and fork lift and lots of animals. The largest enclosure is the monkey island (yes – I love the first two videogames), where Doctor Bobs brothers and sisters live. It can be entered behind the big skull. A stairway on the backside leads directly inside the skull. The most exotic enclosure is the Arabian one, reminding the visitor of the Arabian fairytales and the Afols of the prince of Persia sets. The last enclosure was constructed as a mixture of a big western barn and the top of native American bird symbol. The entrance area with two counters is connected to the small office of the zoo director, where the safe is located. (Do not share this information with the Lego burglars: Lego will build the Zoo Police theme next year…) It is a big set, not a small gift for children, but Afols want to spend lots of cash and children keep their fingers crossed for Christmas.

The Night Creature Building – 4 minifigs (caretaker, female gardener, salesman, girl), 9 “real” animals (3 bats, 3 rats, 2 owls, skunk), 7 toy animals (2 lambs, 2 cats, 2 monkeys, spider), 2 statues (bat, rat) 551 bricks, 70 €

This building contains a zoo shop and the enclosure of the night creatures like bats, rats and a skunk. The house is a massive construction, but it can be opened on two sides, so children can play inside the building. You can visit the night creatures or go shopping and buy toy animals. Additionally there is a small shed on the outside, where a workshop and a small garden centre are located.

I hope you like the Lego Zoo. Thanks for reading that much text and thanks for this brilliant competition!

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