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  1. Guess I'll have to resort to Bricklink if I want to purchase the new Darth Vader helmet piece.
  2. I must thank every Eurobricks member who voted - this was indeed a fun contest. I must also congratulate everyone who participated, you all did well! I've witnessed lots of talent in these builds, and the only thing left for me to say is: keep on building! It's always such a great feeling to come up with a Lego creation, isn't it? Let's hope we can all have fun again in the next contest. Cheers!
  3. Unijob

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Two blind bags, same minifig, same bump code, same serial code.
  4. Unijob

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Joachim Loew (the coach) is the easiest one to find (and the most sought one, if I might add) - he's the only minifig without a ball. Once you feel the 2x2 tile you'll know you have a Joachim in your hands.
  5. Unijob

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    These bump codes are kinda useless - Each batch has a different set of bump codes. That's what I believe, at least. Just bought two blind bags at Müller (the store had a ton of those blind bags in stock) and they had completely different bump codes.
  6. Unijob

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    I just hope they don't run out of minifigs before the 14th. Considering there are so many people selling complete boxes before the official launch date, it might be a legitimate concern. I just want to snag a Joachim Löw for a reasonable price.
  7. Hmm, are people voting according to the post number or the number that was added to each post? Because I think there's two entries #5 and that's messing things up. Nevermind, there were two entries #5 before, it's fixed now.
  8. Fourlord's cars look so comfy. Now I want one in Lego System form.
  9. Unijob

    Bricks & Pieces

    I was happy that I finally found the code for the black cat from the CMF Witch (it's 22378), until I realized it's out of stock! Many pieces are out of stock, in fact. I have the impression the service seldom restocks. It feels bad that I found out about this service so late.
  10. Welcome! Your entry is one of my favorites so far. Are you going to make more models? I'm a fan of "space colonization" themes, that Crawler is really impressive.
  11. Unijob

    Arm and leg switching.

    This is a very interesting topic to me, as I happen to own many torsos with little cracks on the side, and now I'm starting to believe some arm removals might have been the culprits. Is there any fool-proof way of removing arms, leaving no cracks at all? For some reason this sounds like it would apply a lot of stress in the torso somehow. Is it the best arm removal procedure?
  12. Hello, can I post the pictures from my entry on Flickr or should I only do that after the end of the contest? I had so much fun building those tiny vehicles from my entry that I may actually build more and expand upon the theme after the competition is over.
  13. Thank you! No, I haven't even considered posting this on LEGO Ideas? Should I? I don't think it would be that successful. I'll think about it after this contest... Great entry, that drill plane is just fantastic! That's winning material right there.
  14. Thank you! I'm quite happy with how they turned out as well. Thanks, but are you perhaps referring to another entry entirely? I didn't list any color combos, in fact all the characters in my entry use short legs.
  15. All right, thanks guys. Just published my entry and I'm sharing my LDD file as well! Post #18. May I publish the renders on my Flickr page or should I wait until the end of the contest?