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  1. 31054 - Blue Express (Model A) - Creator LXF file (LDD 4.3.10) Errors: none 31054 - Blue Express (Model B) - Creator LXF file (LDD 4.3.10) Errors: none 31054 - Blue Express (Model C) - Creator LXF file (LDD 4.3.10) Errors: none
  2. 31054 - Blue Express - Creator (Model A) 31504_blue_express_a.ldr 31054 - Blue Express - Creator (Model B) 31504_blue_express_b.ldr 31054 - Blue Express - Creator (Model C) 31504_blue_express_c.ldr
  3. Hello Philo, I modified the models according to your suggestions, even though I am quite worried about deleting or modifying existing parts in my database. That may affect my old models and I am not able to maintenance all of them. Maybe there's some different and more convenient procedure to be used. I will be more careful about the models I submit but I hope there are not too many cases like that. Thank you for your help.
  4. 5221 - Motorised Base Pack - Theme: Technic 5221_motorised_base_pack.ldr 5221 - Motorised Base Pack - Theme: Technic (B Model) 5221_b.ldr
  5. 3057 - Create'n'Race - Technic 3057_a_scrambler.ldr 3057_b_trike.ldr 3057_c_hotrod.ldr 3057_d_rallycar.ldr 3057_e_touringcar.ldr 3057_f_dragster.ldr 3057_g_formula1.ldr 3057_h_monstertruck.ldr 3057_i_dumptruck.ldr 3057_j_racingtruck.ldr 3057_k_towtruck.ldr 3057_l_jeep.ldr 3057_m_tractortrailer.mpd Decals and rubber belts missing. For some models I could not find the istruction scans, thus a couple of them may not be 100% coherent to the project.
  6. 8839 - Supply Ship (B Model) - Technic 8839_B.mpd
  7. marco9999

    Building a dome roof

    I had sort of the same problem in this building: and I had to give up trying to make a round dome: finally my roof is a basically a square with round corners. Octagonal builds are quite troublesome in Lego. In a regular octagone (135°) with a 8-stud side the distance between two opposite sides is roughly 21,2 studs, so if you want to connect your building to the ground you'll just have one side connected and seven sides laying on tiles. The model is quite fragile then. Differently you may vary a little the corners and fit the front and back sides at exactly 21 studs one from the other. At least you have two sides connected and you get an acceptable stiffness in your model. That should also help you to create a base for your roof. Your dome is not bad though. On a bigger scale you may be able to fill the empty spaces using proper wing plates.
  8. marco9999

    [MOD] Death Star II Housewarming Party!

    Very nice creation. You combine SF and humour. The turkey laser-cutting is unbelievable!
  9. 8500 - Torch / Fire - Technic - subtheme Slizer 8500_torch_fire.ldr 8501 - Ski / Ice - Technic - subtheme Slizer 8501_ski_ice.ldr 8502 - Turbo / City - Technic - subtheme Slizer 8502_scuba_city.ldr 8503 - Scuba / Sub - Technic - subtheme Slizer 8503_sub.ldr Errors for all models Visor x209 and Disc throwing arm 32168 not in ldraw library Decorations and stickers not available
  10. 8836 - Sky Ranger (Model B) - Technic 8836_b.mpd 8857 - Street Chopper 8857_b.mpd
  11. 8818 - Dune Buggy (Model B) - Technic 8818_b.mpd 8824 _ Hovercraft (Model B) - Technic 8824_b.mpd Stickers missing.
  12. 8824 - Hovercraft - Technic 8824_a_hovercraft.lxf 8824 - Hovercraft (Model B) - Technic 8824_b.lxf Errors for both models: 70961, 70962, 2989, 2991 not in LDD - replaced by brick-built solution 4265 not in LDD - replaced by 32123 3074 not in LDD - replaced by 32062 3651 not in LDD - replaced by 32013 4273 not in LDD - replaced by 32126 4143 not in LDD - replaced by 6589 Stickers missing.
  13. marco9999

    MOC Daimler's Motorkutsche

    Thank you! There are a few more to post. I hope some day I get what I need to build them in real bricks, although some parts do not exist in that color.
  14. #7 - 1 point #14 - 1 point #16 - 1 point #28 - 1 point #33 - 1 point
  15. marco9999

    MOC Daimler's Motorkutsche

    Portable Steam Engine This model represents a portable steam engine, here represented with his chimney folded down, preserved at the museum in Blankenhain Castle in Germany. Source: Wikipedia