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  1. Both airplanes were designed in LDD so I knew exactly what parts I needed. Purchasing needed parts from Bricklink took about 3-4 weeks for each aircraft. The build time for each was about five hours. While the Wibault has a row of seats and cockpit, I have no photographs of the interior, yet. The seaplane has no interior at all. The H-242 has about 580 parts, while the Wibault 283 has about 650 parts. Both have removable wings so I can pack them into a paper box and transport them to shows. This causes a very noticeable drop in the wings of the seaplane.
  2. Sometimes Johnny Thunder and the other adventurers had to fly commercial. Below is my moc of the Wibault 283, an Air France airliner of the 1930s. For trips around the Mediterranean Sea, they may have flown on the Lioré et Olivier LeO H-242, an Air France flying boat.
  3. MOC Lighthouse

    Where does the lighthouse keeper live?
  4. #9 - 2 points #14 - 1 point #16 - 2 points
  5. Both Bluerender and paint.net are PC applications while I own a Apple laptop. The learning curve for installing and using render software on my laptop exceeds the amount of time remaining in the contest.
  6. 1930s Waterfront - my entry can be found here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=125535entry2510405 I belong to a Lego train club and have been designing buildings for a 1930s theme. I have been scouring Flickr and using Google to find LDD files of 1930s vehicles and aircraft. The models in the contest are, of course, original creations. Someday they'll all be brick built models.
  7. How do I add a link to my contest entry in the comment thread? I'm new here and haven't seen a FAQ on this topic.
  8. Entry #1: 1930s Waterfront The warehouse is the key element of the waterfront. Every waterfront needs a dive; a bar for the refreshment of the dock workers and ship's crews. This back view shows an addition to the building in a different style. Two tractor trailer trucks serve deliver and remove items from the warehouse. While the tractor is the same for both trucks, the trailers are different. The dark red one is longer and taller than the named trailer. Not normally seen at all waterfronts, this passenger flying boat would have been visible in Miami, FL, USA and some South American cities. Total number of bricks for these models is 3798. I have a tramp steamer for this theme, but the number of bricks for it exceeds the total for these five models.