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  1. bacem

    Transformers: Transforming Lego

    Yes, hero factory and bionicle pieces works just fine. In fact there is an moc theme called bioformer, where people building legoformers using such parts. You can try checking drscorpionx's channel on youtube, for example. As for building with normal lego, i can't deny that hinges and balljoints are essential, so if you plan to build a legoformer, do try to stock them up. While building a functioning legoformer without using much hinges and joints is still possible, big compromize will be needed, like what i made here. And also, like what the librarian above me said, while reverse engineer a transformers toy works, there are also some parts that are really hard to do, especially when it comes to movie toys. From my experience, i have learned that simple transformation actually works better for legoformers, especially for smaller scale. And simple doesn't always means boring. You can still come up with interesting transformation while keeping it simple, the librarian's flickr gallery shows some example of that. So my advice, look around the creations of legoformer builders, and try to come up with your own idea. I'm sure you can do it.
  2. bacem

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Considering this ninjago toyline is part of lego movie franchise, i think that rather than transforming feature, it will be more like a case of 2 in 1 set, where you have 2 model to choose to build in one set.
  3. bacem

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    Awesome as usual! I like both siren and prowl here, they look clean. And, instruction? Wow i need to check it out later
  4. I never realized headquarters was a pun on that name until now.
  5. Wait wha, centaur? Awesome! Did you plan to get lance mech? Would like to see the centaur.
  6. bacem

    [MOC] Spider

    Oh my god, is that g2 fikou? Love it!
  7. bacem

    [MOC] Justice Gundam ZGMF-X09A

    Stunning and beautiful! Mind if i ask, which pieces did you use to form the face?
  8. Wow that looks cool! I'm also curious on the back side of the box, because i get a feeling, this is the set that combines with aaaron's battle suit.
  9. bacem

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    That bludgeon is freakin' badass! Good job incorporating working tank tread on there also. And, is that machine wars starscream? Oh wow. I never saw a machine wars legoformers before, so seeing it now is a very pleasant surprise.
  10. Brickset still has them i think, just look on backside pics the vehicles
  11. Hopefully they will use the new hand on the summer sets. i would welcome that part on a more neutral color, in a more affordable set like these battle suits
  12. bacem

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    Just did. whisper is my new favourite now. love the way you make the wing into arms. is it inspired from prime soudwave?
  13. bacem

    Transformers: Generation Brick

    For some reason, whisper can't be viewed.
  14. Interesting. that piece has been around on kreo sets for a long time, so i hope hasbro won't use this opportunity against lego.
  15. Brickset has more pics for the already revealed sets. And if we see on the corner of the back side of the box for lance's twin jouster, as well as clay's falcon fighter blaster, we can see a glimpse of finalized action set and their combining feature with the said sets.