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  1. To reiterate what everyone else is saying, just wow. I love that this is in Kobelco blue-green; as an American that also has a hobby of photographing heavy equipment (when I'm not building/photographing LEGOs), I have lamented the weird obsession American heavy equipment companies have with yellow/orange equipment. I love seeing photos of the real-life versions of these sorts of excavators and this is beyond a perfect model of one.
  2. blueshift12

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 7-2-3 B: 8-3-9
  3. blueshift12

    [BSBA] Cat A: Benny's Asteroid Grabber Truck

    I have no idea what is wrong with the photos; they somehow look fine on my end logged in and logged out on multiple devices, although given that I used brickshelf this doesn't surprise me. I was busy graduating from college so I just saw this message.
  4. blueshift12

    [BSBA] Cat A - Lighthouse, Lighthouse, Lighthouse!

    Everything about this is great. I love how you even went through the trouble of making the location for the lighthouse look more realistic.
  5. After Emmett made it through the crystal asteroid field, Benny realized that he could modify the 60059 logging truck to grab the crystals to use for decorations in the newly reunited Bricksburg. My entry to the Benny's Spaceship Building Academy contest is a bit simple, and was done using LDraw because I still don't have my full parts collection with me at college. Unfortunately, the only sets I have lying around are a space shuttle and a TIE fighter... Anyway, here's my rather zany-looking entry: Original set image (from Brickset): Main image: More images: Please let me know if the images I attached are too big or if the files are messed up; the post editor is different from what I last remembered The LDraw File will be in this Brickshelf gallery, when public:
  6. blueshift12

    My leg!

    I don't think I've ever seen a SpongeBob MOC that holds my attention like this. It captures the ridiculous spirit of the show so well, and, as others have already said, the part usage is incredible. Congrats on the front page, you deserve it!
  7. blueshift12

    [MOC] NCS Security Sentry

    That is an excellent solution for compact suspension and steering. I bet you could make the wheels spin freely by sticking a technic pin 1/2 on the end of those t-bars and using a wheel with a pin hole in it, but I feel like that may compromise the looks and posability, although I'm not sure and I'd be tempted to try it. Definitely worthy of being a display model though; I love your solution for the satellite dish as well, I don't think I've seen that before and it looks great!
  8. blueshift12

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    This is just amazing. I remember seeing some older MOCs of Serenity and its nice to see that you took advantage of some newer parts. That front shot is especially satisfying for some reason.
  9. blueshift12

    [MOC] Angel - Emerald golem

    This is beautiful! It has such clean lines, especially for a build with very few right angles to speak of, and your photography is amazing too!
  10. blueshift12

    [MOC] Tablescrap Hoverbike

    Thanks! That was the look I was going for, so I'm glad you agree.
  11. blueshift12

    [MOC] Tablescrap Hoverbike

    This is a small hoverbike I made while messing around with the classic tricycle chassis that is now mostly used on Star Wars speeder bikes. I had been messing around a little with it on and off for months, and finally decided to finish it off a couple of days ago. It's not much, but I feel like it has a different look from the Star Wars speeders while still retaining some of the design features.
  12. blueshift12

    [WIP] Transparent yellow turmeric dyed Lego windshield

    This is absolutely amazing. I've permanently stained a few of my clothes with turmeric, so I bet it lasts a while, but I would have never guessed it would stain legos so! I'd love to see if the stocking thing works, although I doubt I have any unscratched trans-clear pieces lying around to test it on.
  13. blueshift12

    [MOC] M-tron & Ice Planet FOXX mobile suits

    Great job on these; you did an excellent job balancing form and function with this design, as your shot of the Ice Planet one crouching illustrates so well.
  14. blueshift12

    LEGO Architecture Local Landmark Contest - Voting

    Entry A: 1 point Entry B: 1 point Entry D: 1 point
  15. blueshift12

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Here's a shot I took of my newly purchased Ghost set alongside two A-wings (I was trying to take a "Phoenix Squadron" shot): Lego photography actually got me out of a mini dark age a while back, so I'm sure I'll be posting more!